Zircon Birthstone: What You Should Know [2020]

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The Astrological Significance And History Of Zircon As A December Birthstone
Embracing your Zodiac sign and birth month are deeply symbolic acts if you believe in Astrology. Wearing birthstone jewelry is a popular way to harness the power of significant gems, and December children are privileged with a choice of stones. One of the more uncommon varieties is Blue Zircon.

ZirconWhat is Zircon?
This beautiful stone is one which has amazing properties both in its rough state and as the gem. While it may be associated with the color blue thanks to its use as a December birthstone, the crystals can actually be found in a rainbow of colors from browns and reds to greens. The stone is sourced from sites across Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia and undergoes an impressive transformation into the intensely bright gems through heat treatments. The stone is often mistaken for zirconia – partially because of its status as the gem closest to diamond in terms of hardness – and its color means some consumers wrongly believe it to be Aquamarine or Topaz.

The history of the gem as a birthstone.
Despite its obvious appeal, the use of this gem as birthstone is actually quite uncommon in relation to other stones that signify December and the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Standardization of specific birthstones for different months of the year began in the US in 1912 and at this point, turquoise was the most common stone for the month, as it had been for centuries. One of the secondary stones was LapisZirconThe astrological implications of the December birthstones.however in 1952 an amendment was made to the list that replaced Lapis with Zircon. The gem is now widely used in jewelry and birthstone gifts in the US, but in other cultures, such as the UK, this is not the case and turquoise remains the number one choice.

This amendment means that American citizens who wish to commemorate the month of their birth have a greater choice in the stone they embrace. This choice means that many still choose turquoise – which is understandable given its unique appearance and supposed ability to increase the wearer’s powers of intuition – but the extraordinary intensity of its new rival is turning a lot of heads.

Zircon is closely related to Venus and has great power over all December children that choose to wear it. As well as providing an overall calming effect on its owner by protecting them from harm from other planetary influences, the stone is also said to have other health benefits such as aiding insomnia and improving happiness and general well being.

ZirconShould you switch from Turquoise to this new stone?
The birthstone you choose is down to personal preference. This is part of the beauty having a selection of stones per month; you can be drawn to the one to suits you best both in terms of its aesthetic appeal and its astrological significance. Just because this particular stone has gained a new status in the US does not mean that everyone should abandon their current choice. A birthstone can be a lifelong symbolic token, for some this will always be turquoise but for others, the beauty, shine, and power of Zircon will be something they will enjoy having as a symbol of their December birth.


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