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ritani reviews

While many are tying the knot with the most dazzling engagement rings, a large population of women does not fall into this category. Our happy-go-lucky sisters are more than thrilled to pick the quirkiest fashion accessories than walking down the aisle as wedding bells ring. 

Today, one’s overall look is not complete without a fashion ring. They are elegant, delicate, and less hassling to find than engagement rings. 

You can stack them all in a finger or spread their beauty on each of your fingers. Statement rings are even getting the attention of those who want a more personalized style. 

Ritani is the right place to be for premium quality fashion accessories. Its collection varies between minimalists, stacked, ornate, etc. They are trendy, glamorous, and most of them are not as expensive as proposal rings. 

We dedicate this article to Ritani and its top-selling items.

Your choice of fashion rings depends on your taste and style. With Ritani, you will never run out of viable options because of its wide array of collections. Below are some of its best-selling items that we find irresistible.

Top 10 Best Fashion Rings from Ritani Reviewed

  1. Diamond Leaf Bypass Ring – Best Overall
  2. Luna Stackable Diamond Ring – Best Value
  3. Ritani Signature Interlocking Ring – Editor’s Choice
  4. Ritani Signature Geometric Open Pavé Diamond Ring
  5. Dangle Ring
  6. Olivia Three Stone Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring
  7. Galaxy Collection Phases of the Moon Diamond Ring
  8. Elizabeth Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring
  9. Love Thread Collection Diamond Button Ring
  10. Carina Diamond Emerald Cocktail Ring

#1. Diamond Leaf Bypass Ring – Best Overall

Diamond Leaf Bypass Ring

Bypass engagement rings began to trend in the Victorian era. It may root in ancient times, but modern innovations were attached to its design. It is now one of the trendiest fashion accessories in town, and Ritani’s Diamond Leaf Bypass Ring is a perfect example of this jewelry.

Flatter yourself as you get mesmerized by the ring’s unique and classic beauty. Its smooth 14-karat yellow gold band coils around your fingers with ends resembling a leaf’s pattern. Each tip has five H-colored diamonds with a total of around 0.24-carat weight. The stones are quite small, making their blemishes less visible with an SI2 clarity grade. 

It can fall into the minimalist category because of its simple yet timeless design. The twisted band gives its wearer a contemporary look while keeping it in place as you party all night or go on a Sunday afternoon date with your circle of friends. 

The best part about this stunning jewelry piece is it is not as expensive as you think it would be. It might not be the most affordable, but a $900 price is reasonable enough for its stunning appearance with a legitimate gold band and diamond stones. 

Its versatile design makes it perfect for formal and casual attires.

#2. Luna Stackable Diamond Ring – Best Value

Luna Stackable Diamond Ring

Stackable rings are getting more attention these days as some women find comfort in setting their fashion rings on top of each other. There is no golden rule when stacking your accessories in one finger, but you have to keep them thin and matchy. Complete your set with Ritani’s beautiful Luna Stackable Diamond Ring.

It has an 18-karat rose gold band that goes well together with the small diamond stones lining from each side’s tip. Its shape looks like a minimal princess crown, and its glamour comes from the color G diamonds with VS1 clarity grade. They shine brilliantly with enough light, and the ring’s simple design matches with any other stackable rings and outfits. 

However, you may need to be extra careful with its band. An 18-karat rose gold metal easily gets damages because they are soft and malleable. Its color may wear off quickly, too. Thus, you will need to pay a few extra dollars for its maintenance. 

Nevertheless, this jewelry piece is best to pair with other gemstones that give off a vintage vibe. You can stack it along with white gold minimalist rings or others with small colored gemstones. 

You may want to check other stackable rings offered by Ritani. They all come with the same elegant-looking qualities.

#3. Ritani Signature Interlocking Ring – Editor’s Choice

Ritani Signature Interlocking Ring

Get away with the common obsession of diamonds as fashion accessories, and go down the line of simple and unconventional items. Ritani offers a more futuristic approach to its Signature Interlocking Ring. It may not have any stones, but its quality and price make it a best-selling jewelry piece. 

This product’s signature design gives you two rings in one with a 14-karat round yellow gold ring interlocking with an octagonal silver piece. The golden ring has a cobblestone-like style that gives its bizarre character. We find this piece futuristic and special because a design like this is still rare in the market. 

This fancy accessory fits people who highly appreciate art and gives more meaning to the simplicity of life. What makes this piece a better option is that its price revolves around $500, and you can even pay it in installment through Ritani’s Special Financing program.

Indeed, this item is proof that accessories are not only those with grand and decorative designs. Beauty is also found in simple and less expensive ones without compromising its quality.

#4. Ritani Signature Geometric Open Pavé Diamond Ring

Ritani Signature Geometric Open Pavé Diamond Ring

If you want to be hip and in style, Ritani’s Signature Geometric Open Pavé Diamond Ring may spark your interest. As mathematical as this ring sounds, its unconventional appearance is not as complicated as its name implies. It even brings comfort to the wearer because of its open pave setting. 

Durability is one of this ring’s strongest assets because of the 14-karat white gold band. Scratching it on surfaces is less likely to happen, and the diamond stone is extremely secured in each tip because they do not protrude at all. The stones have color G grade and VS2 clarity levels for maximum brilliance.

However, appreciating its shimmer is less likely because its design hides the diamonds inside the tips. The best thing about this piece is the open pave setting that removes your worry if the ring does not fit you. You can easily adjust it because of its open frame. 

This item is one of the least expensive on this list despite it having premium quality diamonds. Since stones are less closely examined in fashion accessories, jewelers tend to give more value to style than a carat weight, color, cut, and clarity in engagement rings.

You can buy this simple but elegant Ritani ring for $500.

#5. Dangle Ring

Dangle Ring

Candid and sophisticated are two things that best describe the next item from Ritani. The brand’s Dangle Ring has a blue sapphire stone that complements its yellow gold band. Its structure makes it different from the rest, and there are more to love about this item. 

As its name suggests, the ring’s tiny and lovely centerpiece dangles and moves gracefully with your movements. The royal blue sapphire stone illuminates a certain spark that makes this item brilliant and eye-catching. Moreover, it has a smooth-looking band that resembles a minimalistic design. 

This fashion accessory is best for women who want to be in style but are not too fond of showing off their glamour. With this ring, your fancy look becomes more elegant and astonishing. It is best paired with dresses in black, white, and sky blue fabrics. 

However, as dreamy as it sounds, its dangling nature comes with some caveat. The stone’s frame may get entangled with sharp and tiny objects because of the tiny hoop that connects the stone to the band. 

Still, this Ritani is a great buy and is excellent for your everyday fashion.

#6. Olivia Three Stone Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring

Olivia Three Stone Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring

Take yourself back to the 1920s, a period where large and striking jewelry pieces, coupled with enormous stones, are the trend. These fashionable accessories leave a glamorous statement to the wearer, making it a go-to item for cocktail parties. There is no wonder why Ritani’s Olivia Three Stone Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring belongs to this fancy group. 

Drawing attention is a cocktail ring’s talent. Indeed, your focus will go directly to the blue sapphire stone of Ritani’s ring. It has a one of a kind glow complemented with smaller transparent and blue stones on each side. 

While cocktail rings are famous for their bold and commanding designs, this one has a subtler look. It could have been a less precious item centuries ago, but women today prefer fashion rings that are thinner, smaller, and not too overwhelming.

Nevertheless, it radiates a timeless beauty expected from this type of jewelry piece. The glossy finish on its white gold metal band makes the ring more flaring and brilliant. Plus, the stones have color H grade, signifying that the ring is more valuable. 

Overall, Ritani was able to give justice to this vintage-looking piece. However, cocktail rings are expected to be expensive. Thus, it is not surprising that this accessory costs almost $1,300.

#7. Galaxy Collection Phases of the Moon Diamond Ring

Galaxy Collection Phases Of The Moon Diamond Ring

You are like the moon. You undergo different phases in your life, and you come back stronger and more magnificent. If you are on a quest to find the best accessory to represent your life’s journey, Ritani’s Galaxy Collection Phases of the Moon Diamond Ring can do that part for you. 

It has an enormous full moon design with translucent diamonds, making its shape sparkle and shine. Unlike the previous best-selling Ritani products, its centerpiece is larger and may attract a significant amount of attention. If you prefer a white gold accessory, this one is a perfect choice. 

You can also change the metal band’s color if you prefer yellow gold over its white counterpart. A more valuable 18-karat option is also available. Like the rest of Ritani’s item, this moon diamond ring has a glossy finish and brilliantly cut proportions. 

If it has any downside, it can be the product’s price because it costs almost $1,500 for a fashion accessory. Its size is a great contributor to its expensive value. Moreover, the centerpiece’s height might discourage those with a daily active lifestyle and whose work involves hands-on services. 

The ring’s elevation is significantly higher than your finger, and it has large holes in between the moon’s outline. It might make its wearer feel less comfortable because it requires extra care and protection.

#8. Elizabeth Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring

Elizabeth Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring

Another cocktail ring hits the top spot in this product review. Ritani’s Elizabeth Diamond Amethyst Cocktail Ring is your best jewelry piece for fancy events due to its attention-seeking character. It has a bright and bold center stone that will captivate anyone who lays their eyes on its majestic design. 

There is a mystic belief surrounding amethyst stones. They say that this gemstone has a healing power that keeps the negative energy away from its wearer. Some also view it as the stone of peace and tranquility. 

No matter what meaning you attach to this accessory, one thing is certain about it. The ring has an absolute charm and elegance that will encourage you to wear it every day, although cocktail rings are meant for prestigious events. It even has a more striking finish than the first cocktail ring highlighted in this review. 

Most amethysts in fashion accessories are imitations, but this Ritani has a legitimate stone with a 0.23-carat weight, color G grade, and VS1 clarity rating. The small brilliant stones surrounding the centerpiece add accent to its entire look. 

Its intricate features make this fashion accessory expensive. Thus, you might want to prepare a little more than $1,000 for this piece.

#9. Love Thread Collection Diamond Button Ring

Love Thread Collection Diamond Button Ring

The next piece from Ritani has a bizarre look that trypophobic individuals will not adore. However, its classic and elegant style is irresistible to some fashion accessory fanatics because it looks different and surprisingly charming. 

Here are the things that you should know about the brand’s Love Thread Collection Diamond Button Ring.

This piece is a combination of a white gold band and a yellow gold setting. It has closely-packed small diamonds encircling within the frame and forms a button-like shape. It even has a vertical hole at the center that completes its unique design. 

This love thread ring comes with a significantly enormous centerpiece perfect for people who love to show off their accessories. Thus, you can expect it to catch somebody else’s attention, especially that it has an unconventional style. 

The minimum color and clarity grades of each stone are H and VS2, respectively. These are the safe threshold for colorless diamonds, and they also ensure maximum brilliance to your fashion ring. 

It may not be a crowd’s favorite, but we find this suitable with some retro look from the 70s and 80s.

#10. Carina Diamond Emerald Cocktail Ring

Carina Diamond Emerald Cocktail Ring

Splurging on a fashion piece is not bad as long as you have the budget to spend on it. Ritani’s Carina Diamond Emerald Cocktail Ring is not your ordinary accessory because it is the real-life definition of cocktail rings: grand, imposing, and expensive. What do you get from this $4,300 gem?

The most striking feature of this cocktail ring is the emerald stone in its centerpiece. It has that mossy, vivid, and deep green color that gives meaning to the word alluring. Moreover, emerald green stones represent balance, harmony, and nature, making this accessory a meaningful choice. 

The white gold band and halo setting that supports the stone also ensures the accessory’s long-lasting durability. However, those with sensitive skin might react to the ring’s shank because it is not hypoallergenic. 

You will love how it shows off its brilliance as you go to a fancy family event or an evening party. It allows the wearer to give off a sophisticated vibe that attracts others’ attention, and who knows? It might also charm your ultimate dream partner. 

Its size might overwhelm women who are not fond of flaunting their glamour and style. However, this piece is like a great catch in an ocean of precious stones for those who love everything that sparkles and shines.

Get to Know the Fashion Rings That Suits Your Style – A Buyer’s Guide

Fashion rings do not only add up to your glam look, but it is also a form of expression for some people. Having the right accessories will allow you to convey a statement and leave an extraordinary mark on others.

Your bold and stunning appearance can be an inspiration or a source of distraction for some, but what matters is that you could express yourself freely. Picking the right piece may not be a walk at the park, but having the right information will help you filter your options. 

However, details about fancy rings online are scanty because most articles focus on engagement and wedding rings. Worry no more because we will share with you the essential things you must know about fashion rings. 

Types of Fashion Rings

#1. Rhinestone Rings

Rhinestones are the budget-friendly versions of diamond crystals. They make fashion accessories and clothes livelier because of their various shapes, sizes, and colors, and they ensure a stylish look for a less expensive accessory. 

It originated from the sparkling Quartz found in the Rhine river during the 13th century. From then on, these crystals became popular alternatives of colorless and colored diamonds. Thus, finding rhinestone rings in the market is not difficult because they are everywhere. 

Rhinestone rings add some glamour and elegance to your outfit. You can wear them on fancy occasions, such as senior ball parties, reunions, and promenades. They fit rightly on any metal bands, and you may frame them on any setting as long as they do not compromise the rhinestone’s beauty. 

#2. Chain-Hand Piece

People innovated the way one can express fashion. Today, a bracelet attached to a ring is becoming a trend for most women. They are popularly called the chain-hand accessories that draw one’s focus to your hands.

Some call it a hand harness or a finger bracelet, but they all look the same. If you are fond of wearing more than a single ring, this chain-hand piece will add bling to your style. 

While this fashion trend is only starting, many women have jumped into the wagon already. They are light, fancy, and comfortable to wear. You may even do your daily activities without worrying if it will snag or scratch on any fabrics and other sensitive materials.

#3. Midi Rings

Midi rings are special because they are different than the traditional way of wearing rings. They can only go above the middle knuckles of your fingers, and they sit well with stackable pieces. Its trend may be limiting, but it promises a vogue-like fashion to the wearer. 

Most of the rings falling into this category look thin, simple, and classy. Their common metal bands are rose gold, but they are also available in white and yellow gold varieties. Midi rings with diamond stones are also rare. 

#4. Finger-claw Rings

Finger-claw rings are not your go-to pieces for daily wear. However, they are excellent in completing your masquerade ball and Halloween party costumes. Because of their pointy ends, you can only carry them up to the first knuckle of your fingers.

Its design may limit your private activities, such as eating, texting, and even going to the loo. Still, fashion accessory collectors find this ring an exquisite piece. 

#5. Ornate Rings

Rococo fashion began in the 1730s as a reaction to the geometric styles of King Louis XIV. It is the inspiration for ornate rings because this trend involves color, asymmetry, curves, pastel, and other bizarre figures unique during that time. 

This accessory is suitable for women who love to wear embroidered clothes, ruffles, flower prints, and other attire with vivid colors. They come in designs with unusual color combinations and abstract arrangements. 

#6. Faux Stone Rings

Faux stones or stone veneers were created to mimic the designs of natural stones for architectural purposes. They are commonly found on walls and other exterior facades. The color gradation of these stones makes them look visually appealing.

Faux stone rings have the same principle as faux stones for home use. People who engage in Zen life love to wear this piece because they attach nature’s meaning to it. 

You can have this ring along with any of your formal and casual attire, but the gigantic size of its gemstone may be a little overboard for some. 

#7. Minimalist Rings

A sleek minimalist ring is a must-have nowadays because many people are getting inclined into living a cost-effective and minimal life. You can express this advocacy by wearing some minimalist ring on your fingers.

Their simplicity radiates a kind of beauty that women adore so much. Mixing and matching them with your outfit and other jewelry piece is not even a problem because they go well with any materials and fashion statement. 

#8. Elongated Rings

Confidence is the vibe that elongated rings show off. They have larger sizes, and some of them even cover your entire finger. This piece is best for working ladies who want to show to the world who is the boss. 

Imagine how empowered you look while wearing an elongated ring along with your maxi dresses, office coats, and other formal attires. If that is the kind of woman you want to express, this accessory will help you attain that. 

#9. Wrap Rings

‘Wrap’ wrings are those with open metal bands that you can adjust depending on your finger’s size. It can also be those bypass rings that coil around your finger and leaves a remarkable and stunning look on your hands.  

This fashion ring is becoming more common nowadays because it is convenient for people who buy items online. Since their ends are not enclosed, worrying about ordering the wrong size is the least of your problems. 

#10. Geometrically-Shaped Rings

We highlighted one item from Ritani with a geometric shape. They have a modern and, sometimes, unconventional touch to their designs. They can have circular, rectangular, or square centerpieces in yellow and white gold bands. 

Some of them are even elongated, but with a more minimal design. These accessories will make your fashion statement distinct from the rest.

Deciding on what fashion ring to buy boils down to your preference. No one ring is a staple to all women because style is subjective. 

Now that you know the major classifications of fashion rings, it is high time to know more about a trusted company where you can buy these items. 

The History of Ritani

Ritani is a close competitor of James Allen and Blue Nile, two of the most successful online jewelry shops in the market. But unlike the latter, Ritani has a less dramatic beginning. It was not born out of a husband’s frustration finding the best engagement ring for his wife. 

The brand started as a brick and mortar jewelry shop in 1999 by a family of jewelers, and it took thirteen years before they launched their e-commerce website. Thus, Ritani is a relatively new kid on the block. 

It is based in New York, and it specializes in engagement and wedding rings. However, the company also offers jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, and fashion rings. It is the brainchild of Julius Klein Group, but Cantor Fitzgerald bought most of its stocks since its website commenced. 

Ritani aims to be different by providing affordable diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry to its customers. They want you to fall in love with items that will help you express yourself and your feelings towards a special someone.

It follows the same business model as James Allen’s and Blue Nile’s by removing the middleman and directly partnering with diamond suppliers. With this, they can sell their products at the least price. 

Moreover, Ritani envisions to make your dream proposals and weddings a reality by making over 90,000 rings and other fashion accessories available to the public. You can view their HD images online to guide you in your shopping journey. 

It also offers an option where you can request Ritani to send your chosen piece to the nearest jewelry shop in your area if you want to have a real-life inspection of the item. This setup is unique only to the company, making it impressive for some patrons. 

Indeed, Ritani revolutionized the traditional way of shopping for jewelry items. It might be a new competitor, but it is here to succeed and excel. Since its inception in 2012, it retains an increasing sales trend, signifying the company’s development.


The cycle of fashion trends rises and falls over time, but a ring’s beauty is timeless. You can wear them on any occasion and even on regular days. With the right set of fashion rings in your box, you will always be able to pull off any attire from your closet. 

Like engagement and wedding rings, the key to buying the best fashion accessories is finding a trustworthy jewelry shop. You do not want to fall into the trap of purchasing any luxurious items with illegitimate qualities. 

Nowadays, more people prefer to buy online instead of driving to the nearest brick and mortar shop. If you are one of them, we highly recommend Ritani to be your source of accessories. It offers a modern way of shopping through its e-commerce website. 

It has a wide variety of choices for different jewelry items, and that includes fashion rings. You will find products with world-class features at the least expensive price because it follows the ‘click and bricks’ business model. 

Two of its best-selling items are the Diamond Leaf Bypass Ring and Luna Stackable Diamond Ring. If you read the earlier part of this review, you have witnessed how visually appealing these pieces are. More importantly, they do not cost more than $1000. 

In conclusion, Ritani is one of the best all-around jewelry and fashion accessories shop in the market today. With its increasing popularity, its close competitors are keeping an eye on this flourishing business.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Ritani offers split payment options?

Yes, it does. Customers who cannot afford to pay for their chosen jewelry pieces through a one-time payment may opt for a monthly installment plan. The monthly amount for split payments are directly available on each item you click. 

Can you request to have personally check an item?

Yes, you can. You may go to Ritani’s showrooms located in New York and Philadelphia. If going to these places is inconvenient to you, you may also request the company, through their customer’s service, to send your chosen piece to the nearest jewelry shop near you for a closer examination.  

Does the warranty cover the fashion jewelry items?

No, they are not. The lifetime warranty program covers only engagement and wedding rings.

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