Moonstone Birthstone: What You Should Know [2021]

Moonstone birthstone

A Moonstone Is One Of Nature’s Treasures.

With a seductive and sensual aura, a moonstone is one of Nature’s treasures. These stones are so named because of the bluish-white spots in them and when held up to any light, there is a silvery color play projected, very much like our moonlight. Simply move the stone forward and back and you’ll see a brilliantly silvery ray appear to move.
moonstone gemThis gemstone, a “pearly gem,” comes in many colors, such as grey, blue, pink, white, brown and green. They do look rather unprepossessing in their uncut state. The magical shimmer of light really doesn’t show until the cutter uses his or her art to bring it out. Classical ones are cut always as cabochons with the correct stone’s height as most important.

There is one weak point on this gemstone. That weak point is a low hardness on the Mohs scale of only 6. So, handle your moonstone carefully because they are quite sensitive.

Belonging to a family of minerals (“feldspars“), this stone is part of a group of silicate minerals which are formed commonly in rocks. Did you know that approximately 1/2 of our Earth’s crust is made up of feldspar? It is. The very best stones are found in Sri Lanka, but they can also be found in Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, India, Myanmar (Burma), Poland, Norway, and the Austrian Alps.

moonstone ringSri Lanka is the classical country of the moonstone‘s origin with its shimmering pale blue color on an almost transparent background. The stones from India show an interplay of shadow and light on a background of green, beige-brown, brown or orange as well as champagne, smoky, black and red.

Interesting facts
Moonstones have been used as jewelry for many centuries, including Roman and Greek civilizations. Where the Romans were known to admire the stone believing it was born from rays solidified from the moon, Greeks and Romans identified this stone with lunar goddesses and gods. Did you know that during the Art Nouveau period this gemstone became very popular? It did. Now it is currently known as the state gem of Florida.

This stone is surrounded by magic and mystique. In years past, it was generally believed that if the stone was held in a mouth when there was a full moon, that person would be able to see into his or her future.

In India, it’s a magical, holy stone often shown on a yellow cloth – yellow is a sacred color — and is thought to be a ‘dream stone,’ bringing to the wearer beautiful night visions. In the Arabic countries, the women there may wear these stones sewn in their garments out of sight because there this gemstone is known as a fertility symbol.

This gemstone is believed to enhance passion, balance yin and yang, protect children and women, and bring good fortune. It even has healing properties, such as protecting against epilepsy, promoting digestion, calming emotions, curing nosebleeds and headaches, and protecting against sunstroke.

The moonstone is more highly valued when it is larger, more transparent and more intense in color. A really fine blue specimen will display an almost unimaginable ‘three-dimensional‘ color depth only observed when the gemstone is moved about playfully. This specimen is highly esteemed because of its rarity and the price will correspondingly be higher.

Moonstone necklaceColorful Indian moonstones, however, aren’t in fashion these days; they are, however, more reasonably priced than the classical blue ones. So, you can select the gemstone to suit your pocket and taste.

There are three traditional June birthstones; the moonstone is second (the first is pearl; the third is Alexandrite). This stone is very strong and powerful. It can be used for many purposes, including lifting your confidence. Wear it and you will feel confident accomplishing any particular project that had you feeling scared or nervous about. You’ll feel within yourself a very strong power and a new freshness.

It symbolizes our being. It strengthens our subconscious and emotional aspects. This gemstone is often connected as a “lover’s stone” because when worn it evokes tender feelings and safeguards true love’s joy. And – let’s not forget – wearing one can strengthen your capacity to understand and your intuition.


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