Mood Ring Colors and Meanings: A Way of Self-Expression

Mood Ring Colors

If you cannot say it in words, why not express it through an accessory? Some days are bad, while others are good. You can have more than ten moods in a day, which is a typical situation for everyone. However, some emotions are too overwhelming to put into words. 

Reading a mood color is not like reading the alphabet. We don’t learn it in school, so if you are here to educate yourself about this fun accessory, we’ve got some information to help you appreciate it.

Mood Ring Color Chart and Meanings

Before we go any further, we compiled the list of mood ring colors and meanings in one simple chart below!

mood ring color chart and meaning

Short History of Mood Rings

The mood ring craze began in 1975 by two New York inventors Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. They bonded liquid crystals and quartz stones before setting them on a ring. Its initial retail price was $45 for a silver band and $250 for a gold band. 

Marvin Wenrick claims that he created the idea of a color-changing ring a decade ago. However, he neither realized this concept nor patented it. Because of that, we remember Reynolds and Ambats as the parents of this bizarre accessory. 

Would it matter who the inventor is? The 1970s fashionistas do not mind as long as they have a mood ring on their jewelry box. The craze did not stop there because its fame never ceased until the 21st century. A hippie’s style is not complete without this signature ring.

How Do Mood Rings Work?

Marketers allege that these rings can read one’s thoughts and feelings. That is why the color changes from black to yellow or red to green. It does change its colors, but it is nowhere near a mind-reader.

The color changes you witness are highly dependent on your temperature. Its main component is typically quartz, but some use glass. The stone is filled with thermochromic liquid crystals that can read body heat. These crystals are organic polymers based on cholesterol.

It has two phases: nematic and smectic. The nematic phase signifies that the crystals catch warm temperatures, making them point in one direction without any order. On the other hand, Smectic means cool, indicating that the crystals are aligned and in order. Extreme temperatures can solidify the liquid or completely ruin it. 

I refuse to consider it as having a telepathic power, but the stone’s hue changes as your body temp shifts. What is your common feeling when you have cold hands? How about when your hands are too warm? 

While this accessory is not exactly what marketers label it to be, it still does work depending on how your body reacts to a specific emotion.

The Meaning of Mood Ring Colors

Mood rings have one huge problem. It lacks a standard color chart, unlike diamonds. Companies have the freedom to choose whichever mood they prefer to associate with a color. However, they are still relatively identical despite the differences in phraseology.

Below are the general meanings associated with each color in a mood ring.  

Black: Tense, Nervous, Harassed, Overworked


Stressed, overworked, and worried are three descriptors attached to this color. The turmoil within you makes your temperature a little too high for the ring to handle. I suggest that taking a break will help you unwind and collect your negative thoughts. 

However, a black stone may also mean that your mood ring has stopped working because it was exposed to an extreme temperature. 

Gray: Anxious, Nervous, Strained


This color is the stage before the stone turns to black. Gray signifies you are feeling overwhelmed negatively. Anxiety and stress are beginning to pile up within you, making you a little preoccupied. Zoning out can be an indicator of why the ring has turned gray. 



Brown is another color indicating that you are at the brink of your emotions. You are restless, stressed, or aggravated, and your mind is all over the place. You feel a little murky, and the day is not turning out the way you expect it to be. 

Amber: Nervous, Mixed Emotions, Unsettled, Cool


Amber has an orange to a yellow shade that bursts with color. Typically, you are in the mood of creating something new, and you feel excited about it. I do not think you want to sit on your couch all day in this mood. You are feeling unsettled, and you want to go somewhere, learn something new, or something surprising. 

Yellow: Mixed Emotions, Unsettled


Yellow is a happy color. While it does not necessarily indicate joy, this color reflects a feeling of excitement. It can also signify mixed emotions, like alertness, anxiety, and excitement. You are looking forward to something that will make you happy. 

It might be because your long-time crush is showing some hints that he likes you back, or it might be a phone call from an employer. That rush you feel inside makes your hands a little warmer, but in a good way.

Green: Active, Restless, Distressed


Green may not be a neutral color in fashion, but it is the default color of mood jewelry. You are neither happy nor sad. Nothing excites you at the moment, but you are not bored either. You are just breathing and keeps on going with your daily routines. 

Blue-Green: Inner Emotions Charged, Somewhat Relaxed


A combination of green and blue suggests that the wearer is in a calm state but with a tinge of alertness. I find people on this stage are feeling relaxed and recharged. It might be because they are on vacation during the weekends and are ready to face the challenges of Monday’s workload. 

Blue: Relaxed, Calm, Lovable


Colors can have a diverse intensity of color. It can be dark or light, depending on the energy and heat that the ring’s crystals detect. If you see dark blue on the ring, it can mean that you are optimistic and forward-looking. It is a happy color without that feeling of excitement. 

Light blue resembles calmness and tranquility. If you have a good night’s sleep, it means that you are well-rested, and negativities have no room in your life in that state. You might be enjoying a movie night with your family or enjoying a cup of coffee while thinking about what to paint. 

Red: Nervous


Like its fierce color, red can be a lot of things. Your temperature is quite warm because you are feeling too excited or too optimistic. However, it can also indicate that you are angry and aggressive. These overwhelming feelings make your body all heated up, and it takes one trigger to burst it all out.

Pink is also associated with red. 

Violet: Very Happy, Love, Passion, Romance


It shows that your body is in its warmest state. Your mood can be a little sensual, flirty, and romantic. There is a gush of intense feelings that run through your veins, and your heart is pounding heavily. These strong and intense feelings are closely related to love and relationship. 

Was it the first time you have seen your campus crush after a long break? Is your long-time boyfriend on your knees and popping an engagement ring? Whatever it is that makes you feel extremely excited also makes your ring turns to violet or purple. 

Trusted Retailers for Mood Rings

Buying online is a modern trend for fashion accessories. The number of retailers focusing on mood rings is not as great as those selling diamond engagement rings. It would be easier for me to suggest Amazon as the easiest way to find these pieces, but some are not confident on this platform. 

According to, here are the top three suggestions if you want premium quality mood rings at a less expensive cost. 


As its name suggests, its focus is on selling different kinds of jewelry with a mood stone. They range from rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You can buy a stunning item for as long as $12, although its default currency is the pound sterling (GBP). 

Its bands are sterling silver hallmarked by the British Assay Office. These pieces come in various hip styles and sizes. You will probably end up buying one, especially that the brand has a stellar collection and offers great discounts. 


You are not a hippie if you do not have a mood ring. Hippie Shop is now a popular name online from a small shop in concert tours and parking lots. Its main office is in New Jersey, with Christine and Anthony as its creators. 

Their goal is to remind people of the good times and how festivals and concerts make someone feel many things in a single event. Their mood pieces are also in different varieties. 


This store is not focused on mood rings alone. Its goal is to provide women with comfortable accessories while babysitting their children or going to it for a much-awaited wine party with friends. Mood rings are part of their collection because they help single ladies and mothers express their emotions through an accessory. 

Plus, they are in vintage designs that complement any evening dresses or casual outfits. 

The Verdict: Are Mood Ring’s Colors Accurate?

Everything about mood rings is part of an effective marketing scheme. It does change colors, but it is not because it can read your mind. Instead, the liquid crystals assess your temperature relative to the emotions you are feeling. 

Stress, anxiety, happiness, or excitement may make your hands feel a little warm or cold. As a result, the stone’s shade changes. This jewelry item may be fun, but it is not an accurate representation of what you truly feel. 

Still, it can guide you in assessing your current state. Plus, it is quite fashionable, so why not give it a try?

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