June Birthstone: What You Should Know [2021]

june birthstones

Birthstones are precious gems that have highly acclaimed properties of healing, reducing negative energies, providing help in maintaining a perfect spiritual connection with your loved ones, giving inner strength, and proper insights into matters for better analysis. The gemologists suggest the connection of gems with the date or month of birth of a person. These gems are also termed as the birthstones. Every month has its special birthstone.

What are the June Birthstones?

June Birthstone

Stones are acquired from different sources in nature. Some from the remnants of trees others from the depth of oceans. A detailed story of stones may take one by surprise about their formations and whereabouts.

Those who are born in June are blessed with a variety of 3 gemstones. Pearl is the most prominent birthstone for this month. The other stones are Moonstone and Alexandrite. Individuals born in June can wear any of the three stones.

Pearls are special as they are taken from living creatures deep under the oceans. This natural gemstone has a pure luster. This gemstone is mostly preferred for jewelry needs. It also represents love, purity, positive energy and above all it represents wealth. Pearl also represents innocence, loyalty, and modesty. When we look back at history, we come to know the importance of this stone, particularly to the women to enhance their beauty and attraction.

Its alternative stone, Moonstone represents soothing, calmness, inner strength, peace, and healing power. The other stone Alexandrite represents positive feelings, inspiration, creative energy, and love.

Having known the different birthstones for June let us delve a little deeper to find out more about all these three fascinating gems.

Pearl- A Pure Stone with a Rich History

The most popularly used birthstones of June is Pearl. This is one of the most precious gifts of nature that you can offer to people for its purity, natural beauty, and long-lasting properties. One of the most important qualities of this stone is that it represents power and positive energy.  If the people born in June wear the pearl stone, they get the benefits of the properties of this stone. Pearl is the only stone that naturally occurs in a living creature. So its purity and sanctity are uncomparable. There are many amazing facts about this June birthstone- about its history, formation, benefits, and so on.

History of Pearls

Pearls have a rich and glorious history. It is believed that pearls are snowdrops in heaven which fall into the earth in seas and transform into a living creature. Irrespective of time and culture, pearls always had the most special place in the minds of human beings.

In ancient Indian history, the pearl is used to decorate the king’s sword, crown, and throne. They use different colors of pearls to decorate their empire.

The Wanderer is the most beautiful pearl ever discovered by a slave in the early 1500s that he used in buying his freedom.

In ancient Sanskrit text, Atharvaveda, it is said that those who wear the pearl get longevity and receive an abundance of positive energy.

Before the pearl was cultured by men it was harvested from the Persian Gulf, Srilankan water bodies, freshwater sources in China, and from rivers in Europe. After several years it was discovered by Christopher Colombus in South America.

Availability of Pearls

Pearl is a precious and clear living creature. It belongs to the mollusk family so it needs pure and freshwater, to survive. For this reason, it is mostly found away from civilization which is less polluted.

  • Mostly saltwater pearls are found everywhere.
    • They are found in Japan, China, the Southern coast of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, the Northern coast of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • China is the largest producer of freshwater pearls.
  • The availability of natural pearl stones has been in the Arabian Gulf for the past 5000 years.
    • The excavation for this pearl by divers started in 300 BC in the Red Sea.
  • During the beginning of the 16th century, large quantities of pearls were discovered in Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela. But due to increased human exploitation and pollution of the water bodies now the availability of pearls in these areas has reduced considerably.

Types of Pearls

Pearls are organic living creatures in the ocean and sea. It is a shelled mollusk mainly formed by Calcium Carbonate. There are 3 types of Pearl:

  • Natural
  • Cultured
  • Imitation

Natural pearls are precious, expensive, and comparatively small. So, many manufacturers develop the cultured pearl.

Cultured pearls are available in amazing sizes, shapes, and mind-blowing colors. Due to the continuous degradation of natural pearls, cultured pearls are now widely available in the market.

Imitation pearls are created by man using many different materials including glass material or plastic. Sometimes, even the real mollusk shell is also used in making the imitation pearl.

Types of Pearls Jewelry


The beautiful white or gray pearls are very elegant and attractive. In addition to the sophistication in appearance, this stone preserves a special astrological property that allures people to use this stone in large quantities.

Pearls occupy a special place among the girls. Almost all girls use pearls more than gold. This is because of its soothing quality, size, and beauty. They wear pearls in the form of bracelets, ear-rings, finger-rings, chains, and necklaces. Nowadays, most people prefer pearls as engagement rings, as well. Due to the dazzling beauty of pearls, it attracts the attention of all people. In almost all festivals and parties, girls prefer wearing pearls rather than gold and diamonds.

Pearls as Engagement Rings

The pearl looks magnificent when it is received in the form of an engagement ring. The attractive shaped pearl engagement ring adds to the beauty of a bride with its effective color and look. Astrologically pearls possess some positive vibes. This energy creates a beautiful life for the newly wedded couple and adds beauty to their life. If you want to gift or attract your loved ones pearl rings will be an effective option.

Pearls as Necklaces

Pearl is a lightweight gemstone. So, apart from wearing it as an engagement ring, it can also be worn in the form of necklaces. This will give a bright effect to the bride and increase her confidence.

Pearls as Earrings

Again due to its lightweight nature and also being available in multiple colors, pearls are also used as earrings.

Pearls as Bracelets

The pearl bracelet is one of the most breathtaking designs in jewelry. Due to its mesmerizing shine, the bracelet will be a dazzling one.

Pearls as Pendant

Apart from all these jewelry, pearls are also used as pendants. They come in extremely adorable and mesmerizing styles and designs. The color varieties give pendants a royal look and make them appear extraordinarily fashionable.

How to Take Care of Pearls?

Pearls are a comparatively softer and fragile gemstone. So it needs special care while cleaning and processing.

  • Take care of it by storing separately from other gemstones so that it will be free of scratches.
  • Do not keep it in a plastic bag, the plastic will produce a chemical which will damage the shining of your pearl.
  • Apply perfume, cosmetic items to make your pearl shiny and beautiful.
  • Clean it with soft cotton, after every use, and wrap it in a clean cloth to protect it from exposure to light and air.

Special Features to Look for When Selecting Pearl

As mentioned above three different types of pearls are available in the market viz. natural, cultured, and imitation. Of which natural pearl is rare, valuable, and precious.

  • To know the purity of the pearl rub it on your teeth and feel its smoothness. If you feel that it is smooth then it is an imitation pearl.
  • The price of a pearl depends on its purity and luster.
  • A round pearl costs more than an oval one.

Moonstone- The Soothing Gemstone of Love

The name itself represents its quality. This stone projects a moon-like light that is soothing to the mind and brings calmness. Let us learn more about this soothing gemstone for the fortunate ones born in June.

History of Moonstones

Moonstones are considered to be sacred and it is believed that wearing this stone will bring good fortune to those born in June. They will experience positive vibes on wearing the precious gem.

In ancient Roman mythology Diana, the goddess of the moon is believed to live inside the stone and the stone changes as the phase of the moon changes.

In Sanskrit, it is described as ‘Chandrakantha’ which means beloved of the moon.

Availability of Moonstones

Moonstone is found in many different parts of the world:

  • It is found in parts of the United States such as North Carolina, New Mexico, and Virginia.
  • India and Srilanka are the largest producers of Moonstone.
  • The Moonstone is also found in Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Tanzania.

Supposed Benefits of Moonstones

As the name suggests this stone possesses the features of the planet moon. It is an alternative stone for the pearl which can also be worn by those who are born in June. It possesses some mystical power that benefits the wearer. They are as follows:

  • It helps to maintain balance spiritually through meditation. It helps to stimulate the spiritual chakra inside the human to increase inner peace and strength.
  • It is believed that this is a women’s stone. It helps to correct the hormonal imbalance and increase bone strength. It is also helpful in regulating menstrual disorders and helps in reducing pain during the delivery time.
  • This is good for travelers because this gemstone protects them from accidents.
  • As a healing stone, it helps to reduce the issues related to the pancreas, spleen, liver, and stomach. It also helps to regulate the smooth functioning of the digestive system.
  • It brings good fortune for medical practitioners, businessmen, and health care professionals. This stone will help them achieve success in their respective fields and bring them profit.

Types of Moonstones

Moonstone is a type of feldspar which is composed of silica and aluminum which exists in the earth’s crust. The main types of moonstones include:

Rainbow Moonstones

It is a variety of Labradorite which shines or glitters like moonstone and feels like the same gemstone as moonstone.

Cat’s Eye or Star Moonstones

This stone appears like a thin band of light that reflects like the eye of a cat.

Types of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is mainly- available in two colors i.e. blue and white. It is a fragile stone but often used for jewelry purposes.

Moonstone as Finger-rings

The beautiful white and blue make the ring look gorgeous. It will give a pleasant feeling and add beauty to the wearer.

Moonstone as Pendant

Now it is a fashion of wearing a pendant among girls. All girls wear the pendant as a modern trend. Moonstone gives a marvelous look when it is used as a pendant. Its blue and white shades give a pleasant and soothing feel.

How to Take Care of Moonstone?

  • Moonstone is low in hardness. So, some special care is needed to preserve this stone. It will get damaged from exposure to heat. So we have to be very careful while cleaning this stone.
    • No ultrasonic or steam cleaning is recommended to clean the moonstone.
    • The only way of cleaning it is to use warm water, soap, and a soft brush.

Special Features to Look for When Selecting Moonstone

Moonstone mostly comes transparent with a blue shade. This stone has many other varieties of colors, however, the cost of the above moonstone is comparatively cheaper. Blue and white is a rare combination of Moonstone color and hence it is more expensive than all the other varieties.

Alexandrite- The Hardest Gemstone

Alexandrite is the only stone that is harder than a diamond. Is this the only quality of this June birthstone or there are many more properties of Alexandrite that can change the fortunes of those born in the auspicious month of June for the good? Let us find out.

History of Alexandrite

The name Alexandrite was given to the stone in 1839 in Russia. They strongly believed that this gem brings victory, peace, and good luck. Not only this, the gem reflects the national color of Russia.

Availability of Alexandrite

Alexandrite was mostly found in the Ural mountains through mining, but now it is also found in Brazil, Srilanka, and East Africa. It is a scarce gemstone and therefore one of the most expensive gems available in the market.

Supposed Benefits of Alexandrite

This stone is discovered by Tsar Alexander II on his birthday. So, its name Alexandrite was given in the honor of its discoverer. The following are some of the benefits of Alexandrite:

  • It has the power to attract happiness and success and also helps in increasing the positive energy of our mind. The positive energy of the stone helps us to achieve our goals.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem are the two important things to succeed in life. It is recommended to wear this stone to boost up confidence.
  • This gemstone has the power to rejuvenate your mind. This will help you to bring positive vibes. Wearing the stone, you will start living life with a positive attitude.
  • There is a belief that if you wear this stone when you start doing something new, it will bring success. Besides, if you feel exhausted after doing hard work, this stone will give you energy and vibes to trigger your creativity.
  • This stone has amazing physical healing power. It has the power to heal the problem related to the pancreas, spleen, and lymph nodes.

Types of Alexandrite

Alexandrites originally occur in blue shade. It is a rare color and hence an expensive stone. There are many imitation stones for Alexandrite like color change garnet, spinel, and sapphire, but none of them can compete with the beauty of Alexandrite. The most popular varieties of Alexandrite include:

  • Chrysoberyl
  • Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye

Types of Alexandrite Jewelry


This gemstone is one of the rarest and amazing gemstones. It is considered the hardest gemstone- even harder than a diamond. In astrology, it is believed that this stone has the power to foresee the danger.

It is also known as a fun gemstone. It’s color becomes green in daylight and purple in incandescent lights.

Alexandrite as Bangles

It is used to make bangles. The changing color of these stones provides a dazzling beauty. Its specialty is that it can be worn for daily use, as well.

Alexandrite as Rings

The rare color of the gemstone makes the rings mind-blowingly beautiful. Its color-changing property adds beauty to the jewelry.

How to Take Care of Alexandrite?

Alexandrite has excellent rigidity but no splitting. It is good for making rings and can be used for daily wearing. It can be cleaned with warm soapy water, and can also be cleaned using the steam cleaner.

Special Features to Look for When Selecting Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the most expensive gemstones and even costlier than ruby, emerald, and diamond. The original stone will appear green in color in the daylight and the incandescent light, it appears to be red. This property of color-changing makes this stone precious and expensive.

Factors to Consider When Buying June Birthstones

Purchasing gems requires knowledge and experience. And hence it is a challenging task for everyone. Apart from the special features to select June birthstones, the following common factors should be considered before buying your chosen gem.

Check the Carat Weight

The quality of the stone is decided by the carat weight. Each stone possesses a different carat weight.

Check the Cutting Quality

The excellency, purity, and beauty of gemstones depend on the cutting quality of the stones. Always check the cutting pattern of the stone and ensure its purity before you purchase.

Confirm the Color of Stones

Gemstones reflect different colors in the natural daylight and the unnatural light. Check the colors in natural light to ensure your selected gemstone is correct.

Where to Buy June Birthstones?

Many retailers deal with the selling of birthstones. Most prominent retailers are James Allen, Blue Nile, Amazon, Whiteflash, Ritani, Zales, Kay, and Jared. They offer a wide collection of all birthstones. One of the biggest advantages of these retailers is their affordable price and the guarantee that they offer to the gems. They also endorse their quality by offering a 30 days return policy.

Final Words

The precious stones of June are a symbol of love, prettiness, and beauty. In ancient Rome culture, they wear these stones as jewelry as part of their tradition. They also believe these stones possess positive energy and healing power for many diseases. In ancient Egyptian culture also, they used to decorate their deceased pharaohs with precious stones and they cover their emperor sarcophagus with these gemstones.

It is advisable to wear birthstones after consulting the professional gemologists. Only birthstones may provide us with the aforesaid benefits. A wrong stone may not only fail to serve the purpose but also fetch negative results to the wearer.

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