July Birthstone: What To Know About the Red Ruby

July Birthstone

Is it only the beauty of gems that appeals to you? Well, the gemstones have a far more intriguing effect on your life than you can probably think of. Every gemstone carries its unique history and significance. The implication of the term birthstones is quite deep-rooted. Since time immemorial, various ideas have predominated people’s mindsets, compelling them to believe that gemstones have a broad spectrum impact on individuals’ lives.

Now the biggest question is that, which is the birthstone for you? Not one universal birthstone can serve the individual needs of every other person. Birthstones have their energy spectrum and this energy wave of an articular stone matches with the energy of a particular month. The power of a month implies the celestial impacts according to the planets’ position during that month. These two energy spectrums give rise to the concept of birthstones. Your date and month of birth will indicate the perfect choice of gemstones for you that can induce positive effects on your life.

Ruby- The King of Gemstones

Ruby is the birthstone for the people born in July. It is an extremely precious gemstone considered to be the stone for health, passionate love, and wisdom. Ruby is quite an ancient discovered stone and was indeed the stone for royals for centuries. The elite society, especially the royals, believed that wearing ruby can invite immense luck.

The Red Color of the Stone

The red color of the gemstone is a result of the presence of chromium and iron. It is fundamentally an oxide of aluminum coupled with chromium. The darkness in the stones’ shade is directly dependent on the oxidation state and chromium content of the stones.

Since rubies are red and represent zeal and vitality, they are known as the stone of the Sun. Ruby is also known as the Surya Ratna. Hence wearing red-colored rubies reflects luck and prosperity.

Birthstones for July

It is a subject of continuous debate whether or not wearing your native birthstone can bring you any luck. But more than millions and millions of people pan globally believe that the lucky stones have immense sound effects on their lives.

Ruby is the primary birthstone for July. There are two secondary birthstones for people born in July, namely Onyx and Turquoise. Ruby is known as the king of gemstones and is known for its value and hardness. Spinel and rhodolites, both of which share similar hues with ruby, are often mistaken as Ruby. But there are various features of ruby such as impurities popularly called the rutile silk of ruby and different blemish marks or the hexagonal symmetrical crystalloid nature that distinguishes pure ruby from the rest. The carat, fineness, color shades, and weight of the rubies determine their worth.

Asia was probably the first country that realized the worth of rubies as mystically potent and attached massive importance to the stone. The royals of Asua believed strongly in the power and charisma of rubies.

The traditional Indian Astrology strongly believes in the essence of livelihood and longevity that are well represented with the color red because blood flow through the body is our central driving force for life. Based on this belief, Hindu astrologers give particular importance to the ruby as it is of the same color as blood. Wearing a ruby can bring back luck, wisdom, power, strength, will to live, and desire in your life that are the elemental motion force for people’s lives.

Ruby – Meaning and History

The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Rubor or Ruber, which implies Red. In almost every belief and social culture, red is considered the color of passion and love. Red also highlights the fury and courage. Hence the gemstone Ruby is inherently associated with all of these features.

Ruby was the ancient stone for desires and manifested ultimate power. For many years, the royals have been subject to use ruby because they are entitled to the state’s power state and maximum control.

In a nutshell, anything that has to do with passion and desire for power associates with Ruby. Even to this date, the color psychology focuses on the color red for anything that has to do with power and control. Fast cars are painted red, and so are romantic objects. Roses are red, and so is blood. Thus, it is evident that ruby is associated with almost every predominating sphere of life and significantly impacts human emotional and psychological plethora.

If we look back into the pages of History, Ruby is very much prevalent in its aura and significance. Ruby has been mentioned multiple times in the Bible. Not only the western traditions, the Indian and middle eastern ethical beliefs also prioritizes ruby as a very capable and probably one of the very first known gemstones. The Sanskrit literature even attributes ruby as the emperor of precious jewels. Many of you must have heard the other name of ruby: Ratnaraj or the king of gemstones.

In ancient India, there was a common belief that those who presented Lord Krishna with precious rubies were often granted the emperor’s title on almost every ensuing birth. This alone signifies the majestic vibes of this gemstone.

Plenty of Indian Mythological stories revolve around rubies. The presence of rubies were the core determinants of being at peace with enemies. The regions around Myanmar and Burma have bizarre stories regarding rubies. In these countries, the soldiers inserted rubies into their flesh and made them a body part to remain undefeated at the wars.

Ruby’s red color is metaphoric and implies a flame of inextinguishable life’s will and desires that keep us living and moving forward in life. Ruby signifies wealth and prosperity. Ruby has immense positive effects on the wearer’s life, such as bringing about wealth and money, prosperity in health and fitness, and keeping that untamable spirit of free will and livelihood unaltered. Ruby is one of those 12 precious stones that God had created to bring good luck and well-being among human beings’ lives.

Where is Ruby Found?

There were four major countries in the world where rubies were mined from ancient times. These are Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Afghanistan. India, Japan, and multiple areas of Tanzania and Vietnam are also renowned for their rubies. In Europe, North Macedonia has a reserve of naturally occurring rubies. These rubies are of particular interest because Macedonian rubies have a typical color shade the same as raspberries, and hence these are unique.

Types of Ruby

Here are the various types of rubies categorized based on their place of origin:-

Burmese Ruby

The name of Burma is very closely associated with the world of Rubies. They are the best type of Rubies in the world. Myanmar is the hub of Burmese Rubies. The high chromium content of these rubies’ imparts a dark blood red color, making them highly attractive. These rubies have blemish or smudge marks on them, often considered a spot for purity check. Rubies from Myanmar are the costliest types of rubies in the world.

Thai Rubies

The southeastern part of Bangkok is very well known for its rubies. They are bright red and very precious. Thai rubies are famous across the globe for a strong impact, gorgeous looks, and immense attraction. These rubies are well distinguishing due to their bright red color resulting from the very high content of both chromium and iron.

African Rubies

These rubies come in a different tone and hue. They are dark purplish instead of being dark red. They are often a bit more obscure than the other types of Rubies. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes. African Rubies come in many qualities, and the price differs accordingly. They are dark in color and well known for their distinguishing impacts.

Madagascar Ruby

Madagascar rubies are relative novices in the world of gemstones. There are two chief mining zones in Madagascar for rubies- Vatomandry and Andilamena. The Rubies’ color and chemical composition vary enormously depending on the iron and chromium content in them. Some of the Madagascar rubies are even orange in color. You can observe a wide variety of shades and hues on these stones.

Tanzania Ruby

These are the cheapest forms of rubies. Many people especially choose these rubies due to their easy accessibility and affordability. Tanzania rubies have a very dynamic color tint. The color starts to fade away, especially when the stone size becomes smaller. They are highly variable in terms of shape, size, and color.

Afghanistan Ruby

Afghanistan is the home of two of the biggest ruby mines, namely Jagdalek and Badakshan. Afghanistan rubies are also the most primitive gemstones in the world. There are two unique features of Afghanistan rubies. Firstly, the color tint varies from faint red to dark red, and secondly, they have a typical chemical composition absent in any of the rubies found across the globe. These features and the ancient label of rubies make the Afghanistani rubies extremely unique.

How is Ruby Formed?

Ruby is a trigonal crystal and is an oxide mineral in nature. It is aluminum oxide coupled with chromium. It has a conchoidal fracture and brittle tenacity. Rubies measure 9.0 in Mohs scale hardness. It is uniaxial, with 3.97 as the specific gravity. It emits red ultraviolet fluorescence under longwave.

The finest quality of rubies is known as pigeon blood rubies because they exhibit a color tint exactly similar to pigeon’s blood. It may be quite similar to the pink garnet, but there are many differences between the two.

It is a cardinal gemstone, prescribed for multiple uses, and believed to exert extreme positive impacts on the wearer. Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones, topped only by diamond and moissanite. It is also one of the most stable compound forms in a pure corundum level. The fluorescence of the ruby gemstones and its emission at around 694 nm is why the inevitably alluring luster of rubies.

There are various imperfections in rubies, like inclusions of some impurities called rutile silk or various color impurities. The specific feature of naturally pure rubies is this very impurity. The synthetically treated rubies will not have these impurities. So it is often said that no ruby comes without a blemish.

A very particular type of crystal pattern in rubies is the six-point asterisk or star pattern in them. Each of the points in these nodes of stars reflects light and makes the rubies even more beautiful. If you pass a single source of light through the rubies and keep on tilting them in various directions, you can have a great glimpse of this asterism.

What are Treated Rubies?

Subjecting the gemstones to specific physicochemical treatments to improve their quality is known as a treatment, and it is general practice to do so. The most common treatment practice in the market is heat treatment. Various types of low-end gemstones are treated with immense heat. Heat acts as a physical agent that improves the color and tint of the gems. Rubies often have a naturally occurring purple tinge in them. Apart from Thai or Burmese rubies, no other ruby is perfectly blood-red in color. The inherent impurities and vague color tones in them can be well removed with heat treatment.

The second most common type of treatment is the lead filling treatment. The cracks and fractures within the ruby are filled with lead glass. This method is mainly practiced to improve the transparency of the rubies. Many rubies become unfit for jewelry carvings and fittings simply because of diminished clarity. All those stones can be made crystal clear with the lead glass filling treatment.

Both of these treatments are performed with ultimate care and precision.

Benefits of Ruby

Here are the top 10 benefits of wearing Ruby, and it is bound to be especially beneficial for you if your birth month is July.

  1. If Sun’s position is weak in your birth chart, rubies are a great option to put things in place. Sun is the ultimate master of the universe, and Ruby is the king of the gems. Rubies attract positive vibes from the Sun.
  2. Wearing rubies can infuse your life with energy, positivity, and vitality.
  3. Ruby is fantastic for people who lack confidence in themselves. Rubies help to enhance self-belief and bring back motivation in life.
  4. Astrologers recommend Rubies for improving the economic conditions. If you are facing a financial crisis, ruby can be your savior.
  5. Ruby is ideal for improving the health status of individuals. Ruby helps to cure many diseases like jaundice, indigestion, and high blood pressure. Rubies also improve your mental health status.
  6. If you plan to enter into politics or assume an authoritative position in any domain, Rubies can help you.
  7. The bright red color is symbolic of positive vibes and keeps you away from negativity, bad luck. It helps to strengthen bonds and relationships.
  8. Rubies can enhance your emotional stability and give you the strength to fight with every sort of emotional chaos and trauma.
  9. Rubies have distinguished positive energy that helps you to think clearly and make better decisions.
  10. Lastly, Rubies can improve your relationship status to a great extent. Red is the color of passion and love. If there is a lack of any romanticism in your life, Rubies are your best friend.

Ruby Buying Guide

There is a popular code of 4cs that is the overall realm of purchasing rubies. It is the Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Colour.


Round and oval cushions are the most common cuts of ruby available in the market. These days, heart-shaped rubies are also in trend. The round-shaped rubies cost the maxim because of their high shelf life and great power. It is better to avoid rubies that are overly shallow or deep.


The tag for carat weight and price label is directly proportional to each other. You will have to pay more for large rubies.


Naturally, authentic rubies are never transparent. The pure ruby’s identity is the lightest silk of impurity that also desaturates the gem color. The blemish or silk makes the reflection better that adds to the beauty of rubies.


Pigeon blood red colored rubies are the best and the most expensive. Usually, the Thai and Burmese rubies come in this shade.

Suitable Jewelry for Ruby

In earlier days, people used to adorn their crowns, armlets, and other heavy jewelry pieces with rubies. In recent days, men and women prefer to wear smaller jewel pieces and stud the same with worthy rubies. You can incorporate rubies in pendants, finger rings, and bracelets. They look beautiful and adorn the wearer with a gorgeous look and good luck.

How to Differentiate Between Ruby and Other Red Stones?

Ruby is often confused with Pink sapphire, and many people across the globe still find it exceedingly difficult to distinguish between the two. There is a misnomer to attribute every gemstone in the shade of pink, purple, or red as a ruby. It is not so. Ruby has its chemical properties and electrochemical configuration that makes it distinguished from the others.

The United States Gemology department lays down a simple standard with a unique color saturation point as the mark. Any stone that has a color saturation below that is called a pink sapphire and not a ruby. This distinction was quite exclusionary. Later on, the International Colored Gemstone Association proposed that even the lighter shades with appropriate physicochemical properties and electronic configurations can be considered Ruby.

Another stone that closely resembles rubies and is even mistaken as rubies are Spinel. Red-colored spinel also shares the same natural habitat with red rubies. Miners cannot distinguish between spinel and ruby. Only expert gemologists can accomplish this task. However, spinel is much cheaper than rubies.

Ruby Birthstone Care

It is easy to invest in a ruby piece and acquire it, but like the most valuable things in life, you need to care for your birthstone to restore the gemstone’s vitality and good health.

To keep your birthstone in good condition, you have to follow strictly scheduled maintenance routines. You can clean your rubies twice or thrice a week by following a straightforward process.

Just immerse the ruby in lukewarm water. You can add a very mild soap solution to the water. This solution should not be chemically harsh, or it may be highly injurious to the health of your birthstone. Followed by the immersion, just scrub off the surface of the stone with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

There are some fascinating real-life treatments for rubies, but they are undoubtedly quite expensive and cumbersome. It is like pampering your rubies with a spa treatment once a month. Steam and ultrasonic cleaners are exceptionally well suited for thorough cleaning of the rubies. These are not feasible at home, and expert gemologists or gem cleaning institutions can help you. The pro tip is never to leave your stone uncatered under any circumstances.

Most people commit a colossal mistake by subjecting their cavity or fracture-filled stone to harsh chemical treatment. This is a strict no if you want to avoid the ill health of the rubies. You must use a moderately damp cloth to clean the fracture-filled or cavity-filled gemstones.

Where to Buy July Birthstones?

You can buy trusted rubies from many online retailers like Amazon, Ritani, James Allen, Whiteflash, Kay, Zales, Jared, Blue Nile, and so on. Each of these retailers has a distinguished name in the world of gems. They sell the best quality Rubies. The perk of buying precious gems like a ruby from acclaimed retailers are:- guaranteed quality is assured, and they also offer customer-friendly sales policies.

Final Words

Since time immemorial, rubies are considered the ultimate king of gemstones that brings passion and energy into your life while infusing your livelihood with immense positivity and power. Bravery and courage are closely associated with rubies. The Kings and queens used rubies in their crowns and breastplates for energy, desire, and good luck. Even to this date, beautiful jewelry pieces like pendants, rings, and bracelets feature rubies. Not only are rubies an excellent style quotient, but they are also the bearers of immense luck and good fortune.

If July is your birth month, then all you need is this shining red drop of luck, and you are all bestowed with good luck.

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