James Allen Reviews l What to Know Before You Buy [2021]

James Allen Reviews

James Allen’s success story began in 1998 when James Allen Schultz and Michele Sigler created DirtCheapDiamonds, an online store whose goal is to provide engagement rings at cheaper prices. Its origin roots in James Allen’s frustration of not finding an affordable ring for her wife. 

However, the company rebranded in 2005 as JamesAllen.com with better and bolder features with Oded Edelman’s and Dean Elderman’s help. Their core mission is to ‘offer consumers online the highest quality diamonds and largest selection at the best price.’

With the combination of one’s passion for a diamond business, relentless knowledge for online innovation, and an unfortunate couple experience, James Allen is now the world’s top online jewelry shop. 

The company prides itself on the unique shopping experience that its patrons enjoy and appreciate. You can view a ring with HD quality and at a 360-degree angle with its Digital Display Technology. Comparing a ring’s size and the color is now possible, even if you do not go to a brick and mortar retail shop. 

Today, James Allen houses more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds handpicked by their expert jewelers. It also offers free shipping worldwide, 24/7 customer service hotlines, and a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

More importantly, educating customers is one of its top priorities. James Allen does not only want to give the best items for the most reasonable prices, but they also gear towards making their buyers become smart shoppers.

James Allen has various items to complete your proposal day essentials. Below are some of the best engagement rings that the brand offers to its clients. They come in various shapes, sizes, and prices, so you better buckle up and jot down some crucial details. 

Top 8 Best Engagement Rings From James Allen Reviewed

  1. 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring – Best Overall
  2. 14K White Gold Hand Engraved Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring – Best Value
  3. 14K White Gold Split Shank Princess Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – Editor’s Choice
  4. 14K White Gold Princess Shape Trio Diamond Engagement Ring
  5. 14K White Gold Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring
  6. 14K White Gold Pave Halo Trio Engagement Ring
  7. 14K Rose Gold Three Sided Pave Basket Engagement Ring (Round)
  8. 14K White Gold Double Twist Pave Engagement Ring

#1. 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring – Best Overall

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Women love to flaunt their engagement rings because they are symbols of a love that is bound to last long. Thus, getting a stylish and unique ring is a top priority, especially if you think of a diamond on white gold metal. James Allen has the best option for you in its 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring.

Your partner will love how large-looking this emerald-cut diamond is. It is available in various carat weight, specifically 2.09ct, 1.51ct, 1.00ct, and 0.8ct. 

This piece guarantees a sparkling glow since emerald-cuts have a reputation for emitting more brilliance than other diamond varieties. It also comes with baguettes on each side to compliment the centerpiece. 

The smaller stones in a halo setting complete its beautiful appearance, attracting other people’s attention. This frame also prevents the diamond from getting scratches and breakage as it adds protection to the main piece. The white gold metal is also popular for its durability and stylish finish. 

Thus, having this ring is a representation of your soon-to-be wedding will make your partner the luckiest person in the world. She will feel loved and proud as she wears this ring every day while sharing your proposal story to friends and family. 

James Allen indeed makes the best products for the most reasonable value. You can have this item at around $2,500 for its setting price, and the company offers an option to pay it in installment. 

#2. 14K White Gold Hand Engraved Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring – Best Value

14K White Gold Hand Engraved Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The second best-seller from James Allen is its 14K White Gold Hand Engraved Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring. There is more to love about this stone apart from its price because it has a quirky character that fits women with a larger-than-life personality and an active lifestyle. 

Design and stability are its best assets. Since round diamonds do not have corners, this piece does not snag on any garments and other sensitive materials. If your partner works in a hands-on environment, such as laboratories and factories, this engagement ring will suit their daily activities. 

Its uniqueness dawns from the channel setting that looks fancier than prong and bezel frames. It has smaller diamond side-stones arranged in a channel that extends over the diamond, highlighting the centerpiece. 

The advantage of choosing this setting is it emphasizes the diamond’s brilliance while holding it in place. No matter how strenuous the activity gets, James Allen guarantees that your partner would not lose this precious jewelry. 

Its price varies if you go lower or higher with the diamond’s carat weight. Nevertheless, it has some extraordinary flair since the stone has a colorless and near-flawless quality. This item only proves that you are willing to go the extra mile for your loved one’s happiness.

#3. 14K White Gold Split Shank Princess Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring – Editor’s Choice

14K White Gold Split Shank Princess Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Going for a more traditional piece is still a safe pick for most people because of their classic design and guaranteed brilliance. Thus, you will never go wrong with a princess-cut diamond since it excels well when it comes to quality and price reasonableness. 

Its primary example is James Allen’s 14K White Gold Split Shank Princess Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring.

A princess-cut diamond’s facets exude a kind of brilliance that can topple the round ones from the top spot, although the latter is still the crowd’s favorite. James Allen’s product has a classic look with a modern touch because of the split shank halo setting.

Blemishes on its interior and exterior walls become less noticeable because cuts like this hide flaw well. More than that, the stone has a colorless quality, and the white gold metal adds an accent to its overall look.  Thus, the ring appears whiter, more polished, and more fascinating. It would not be surprising if anyone who lays an eye on the ring will envy the wearer.

Moreover, this piece is not as expensive as you would expect it to be. Its setting price only costs around $2600, depending on your preferred carat weight. Choosing this piece as your proposal ring will leave your partner happy and speechless. 

However, you may still need to reconsider the ring’s corners because they tend to scratch on surfaces. It may damage the stone, especially if your partner has an active lifestyle.

#4. 14K White Gold Princess Shape Trio Diamond Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Princess Shape Trio Diamond Engagement Ring

If your goal is to make your woman stand out from the rest, you may need a few upgrades from the traditional princess-cut diamonds. 

What if we tell you that you can combine three diamonds in a single engagement ring? It may sound bizarre, but James Allen is here to make that idea come true with its 14K White Gold Princess Shape Trio Diamond Engagement Ring.

Surprisingly, this piece is a top-seller because its setting price is lower than the rest of the rings featured in this article. However, it does not mean that its qualities fall behind the other engagement rings. Like the rest of the princess-cut diamonds from James Allen, these trio pieces have exceptional proportions and polish. 

It also looks flashier since its fire and brilliance source comes from three well-cut stones by James Allen. The claw-like prong setting also secures their stability while maintaining a stylish appearance. Your partner can pair it with any formal attire, including dresses and gowns. 

We strongly recommend choosing a color H stone and at least an SI1 clarity rating for the ring’s best value. There is no need to go higher if you are on a tighter budget. Again, princess-cut diamonds excel at hiding blemishes and maintaining a brilliant translucent finish.

You may also prefer a round diamond, instead of a princess-cut. 

#5. 14K White Gold Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This next item from James Allen defines the infamous quotation ‘Simplicity is beauty.’ The 14K White Gold Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring goes away with ornamental jewelry pieces as it maintains a simple and more modest design.

Clean and well-polished are two words that best describe this ring. Its graceful arches look a lot like cathedral buildings that support the centerpiece. The shank has a smooth and metallic finish that adds beauty to the round-shaped diamond. 

The best thing about this item is the emphasis it gives to the center stone. Its coves increase the ring’s height and make the diamond’s crown appear larger and more brilliant. The four-prong setting also helps in making it look more radiant and eye-catching. 

If you search for a cost-saving ring, this one is the best choice since its setting price is around $1000 only. Plus, you do not need to shell out more money for extra stones since its design only requires a single astounding piece.  

It takes an expert’s skill to perfect the curved features of a cathedral solitaire diamond. Thanks to James Allen’s pool of cutters, you do not need to be wary about this concern because all of their pieces have the best quality among all jewelry shops in the market.

#6. 14K White Gold Pave Halo Trio Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Pave Halo Trio Engagement Ring

James Allen’s 14K White Gold Pave Halo Trio Engagement Ring is the complete opposite of the preceding piece. It resembles an extravagant demeanor with its triple round stones that flash a colorless and flawless appearance. 

Women who love ornate things will find it difficult to get off this diamond ring from their sight. The glamorous pave stones surrounding the three main diamonds add brilliance to its entire look. Moreover, its flashy character extends to the sides of each shank. 

If this piece has your vote, we strongly suggest going for a diamond with a heavier carat weight to emphasize the design. You may also want to consider your bride-to-be’s personality before checking this out because it is a head-turner item. She might get overwhelmed with the attention that this ring shows off. 

Nevertheless, it is one of the best pieces made by James Allen. Worrying about its polish, proportions, color, and clarity should be your least concern because you are in good hands. 

The company only wants the best for its clients, and this trio-diamond engagement ring is one of the many embodiments of James Allen’s vision.

#7. 14K Rose Gold Three Sided Pave Basket Engagement Ring (Round)

14K Rose Gold Three Sided Pave Basket Engagement Ring (Round)

Not all people who fancy engagement rings find comfort in white gold metals. Rose gold plates are getting more attention these days, and James Allen has an excellent contender in this department. Its 14K Rose Gold Three Sided Pave Basket Engagement Ring (Round) has all the right reasons for you to pick this unconventional item. 

The ring’s unique feature is the three-sided pave setting that makes it look gorgeous and glamorous. Moreover, its basket head assembly increases the sparkle of the jewelry’s entire appearance. You will love how the claw prongs give more protection to the main stone without compromising its brilliance and beauty.

While it does not have a shiny finish similar to white gold metals, rose gold has a more expensive setting price due to the band’s durability and the rarity of its availability. It is not also hypoallergenic because of the copper’s presence in the alloy, the band’s main component.

The ring’s round diamond stands along with James Allen’s best pieces. It has a consistent color quality with the rest of the rings in our recommendation list. We strongly suggest that you pick a stone with a higher color grade so that its beauty would complement the band’s tone. 

A vintage-themed proposal will not be complete without a ring that will pull-off the entire concept. Thus, this rose gold engagement ring is your go-to item making your special day a remarkable one.

#8. 14K White Gold Double Twist Pave Engagement Ring

14K White Gold Double Twist Pave Engagement Ring

An engagement ring’s intricacy makes it more valuable. The last item in this James Allen product review is its 14K White Gold Double Twist Pave Engagement Ring. Its knotty design gives its brilliance a personality that other engagement rings do not have. 

The round diamond, coupled with the pave stones enshrining the band, gives off a flashy and glowing appearance with enough light passing through it. Moreover, the cathedral frame goes over the centerpiece’s crown to give it more protection and security. 

This alluring engagement ring is not one to falter because the double shank adds some touch of modernity to its design. Any woman who will witness the ring’s glamour will immediately fall in love with it. Moreover, it has a durable white metal band that is long-lasting and does not require frequent maintenance. 

While there are no cheap prices for diamond engagement rings, some have lower costs than the rest. This item may have a complicated design, but its setting price is way lower than other James Allen products. 

Thus, it is safe to conclude that you will get an amazing and brilliantly cut piece without milking your bank accounts if you choose this jewelry piece. This item has a great value for money, and it comes from the world’s best online jewelry shop.

A Beginner’s Buying Guide When Shopping for an Engagement Ring at James Allen

If it is your first wedding proposal experience, getting an engagement ring may increase your anxiety level. You might even end up questioning if you do know your partner’s preference. Thus, it will help if you gather all the necessary information to avoid buying a ring blindly. 

Below are some tips to assist you in going through each item you find on James Allen’s website. 

#1. Set Your Preferred Budget

Before anything else, setting your budget is the first step when buying an engagement ring. Most men and women daydream to experience a remarkable engagement proposal. It would not be possible if you get a so-so ring for the love of your life. 

Despite having that ideal situation, it does not always mean that you will go for the most expensive and fanciest item only to prove your affection. Instead, you need to identify how much of your available funds you are willing to spend on a ring.

Reduce your financial stress by not going overboard with your budget. Getting married is a long and thoughtful process that requires a significant amount of money. You do not want to spend all of it while still building the momentum towards your wedding day. 

#2. Take Note of Your Partner’s Style and Preferences

Always remember that a proposal is not about you, but it is about your partner. You must always consider her style if you want to find an engagement ring that will satisfy her. 

Does she typically wear vintage dresses, or is she a fan of more modern and casual-looking attires? Does she have any other jewelry pieces that hint at what stone she likes or what metal she prefers? 

Taking note of these details will help you identify which engagement ring style will suit her. There are many market choices, and identifying her preference is key to narrowing down your options.

If it is a more practical move, you can talk with some of your close friends and relative about your planned proposal. A sister, cousin, or best friend might give you helpful insights on what to choose. 

#3. Familiarize the Basics of Diamonds

Getting an engagement ring is a rollercoaster experience. You will meet several terms that you do not come across daily. That is why it is helpful if you get familiar with basic terminologies about diamond engagement rings.

A diamond’s valuation depends on its carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. The golden rule for this precious stone is that a higher carat weight means a more expensive diamond. Thus, we strongly recommend sticking with half-carat to a carat for the best price and size. 

However, carat weight does not fully guarantee your diamond’s size. Some cuts are larger-looking than others. While round and princess-cut diamonds are women’s favorite items, you may also consider radiant, cushion, and Asscher diamonds for the main stone. 

As to color and clarity, each element has a standard grade set by a gemological institution, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The ideal color grades for transparent diamonds are D to F (colorless) and G to J (near-colorless) because of the absence of the yellow pigments that affect its brilliance. 

Clarity has a different grading system. It can be Included (I1, I2, and I3), Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2), Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2), Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2), Internally Flawless, and Flawless. The safest threshold for budget-friendly diamonds is SI1 to VVS2. You may opt for 100% blemish-free items, but they are costly and less efficient if the diamond hides flaws well. 

Apart from the main stone, researching about ring settings is essential. You might come across words such as prong, bezel, solitaire, cathedral, pave, and halo. All these settings have benefits and advantages, depending on the diamond’s shape.

However, James Allen’s best-sellers’ most common setting is prong, cathedral, and pave because they improve the ring’s style and brilliance. 

#4. Identify the Right Shape and Metal Band

The shape has a significant role in your engagement ring. Deciding on this aspect boils down to preference and priorities because they have various pros and cons. 

If your priority is a diamond with the most brilliance, round-shaped, princess-cut, emerald-cut, and radiant-cut are the best choices. If you prefer a large-looking diamond, marquise, Asscher, pear, and oval diamonds are in-demand. This aspect will dictate the setting style suitable for your choice. 

Once you are done picking the right shape, deciding on a metal band is your next big challenge. Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are your main selections. Her style is the key to picking the right metal band. If most of her jewelry pieces are silver, getting a white gold band is a practical decision. 

#5. Always Compare a Diamond Ring With Others

Deciding for an engagement ring does not happen overnight. The ideal time to begin your journey is two to three months before your planned date. It will give you ample time to decide and compare one ring to another until you land on an item with the best deal.

While James Allens stands as the most trusted online jewelry shop, other brands also offer premium and budget-friendly pieces. Thus, making comparisons will make the most out of your budget. 

#6. Choose the Right Size

This tip is quite self-explanatory but committing this mistake is quite common. The right size matters for engagement rings to keep the momentum going even after proposing to your partner. Apart from having that feeling that it is not the right ring, imagine the inconvenience it would cost once you send it for resizing. 

It would take a week or even months, especially if the ring’s size is quite complex. Thus, being certain of the size will help you avoid this scenario. 


Blindly shopping is the greatest fear of any individual who is looking for the best engagement ring. Now that you have learned more about James Allen and its best-selling pieces, we hope that you have finally discovered the piece that suits your taste and budget.

Pulling off a memorable proposal will make you and your partner happy. However, getting an engagement ring involves many considerations from the diamond, setting style, metal band, and price. If you lack the fortitude to go through this tedious process, the safest move is to pick from best-selling items, such as James Allen’s 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Emerald Halo Engagement Ring. 

James Allen is a hotspot for diamonds and gemstones. Trusting this brand means getting a wide array of choices, reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and other helpful advantages. 

Thus, choosing this company is the best step towards finding the right ring for your lifetime partner.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do James Allen provide insurance appraisals?

Yes, it does. James Allen’s offered programs provide a full insurance evaluation to finished engagement rings and other jewelry pieces with a minimum value of $1000.

What should you expect if you need to resize a ring?

James Allen offers free resizing of your ring within the first year of your purchase. It also includes free shipping returns for clients from the US and Canada. However, other international customers may need to pay a minimum of $50 for the shipping fee. 

Is shopping in James Allen secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure. Your details cannot be disclosed to external parties, and the website’s data are protected by 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

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