Hearts on Fire Review: The Truth Behind Its Fancy Branding

hearts on fire review

Among the long list of branded diamonds, Hearts on Fire is one of the names you will never forget. It exudes luxury and glamour along with its famous line ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.’ There is no wonder why Hollywood celebrities like Emma Roberts, Kortney Kardashian, and Naomi King are fond of wearing its fine jewelry. 

Its close competitors are Brian Gavins and Tiffany & Co. However, for average buyers looking for premium quality engagement rings, the question remains if buying from Hearts on Fire is worth the price. Some would ask if it were a better choice than James Allen or Blue Nile that do not sell branded diamonds and offer more affordable prices. 

If you are here to clear that bubble of confusion on your mind, this article will shed light on your inquiries. Keep on scrolling to learn more and find out if it’s the right choice.

Hearts on Fire Review: Are They Any Good? 

Now that you already know the milestones that Hearts on Fire achieved let us now break down its success components. These points will help you further understand the craze and the negative feedback about this luxurious brand. 

#1. Marketing Strategy

Businesses are still about profit, after all. If several enterprises offer similar products, how does one make a difference from the rest? The key is the right marketing strategy, and Hearts on Fire somehow mastered the art of winning its customers’ emotions. 

Diamond retailers’ marketing strategy typically involves emotional and rational components to catch buyers’ attention. When HOF decided to go with its current slogan, it became a tool to make people believe that it is home to perfectly cut diamonds that you will never find in other average and wholesale brands. 

It gives off an idea that HOF offers far better-quality diamonds than less expensive companies, such as James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brian Gavins. With its clever tagline, it seems that the brand follows higher and stricter standards in screening its products. That is why it is only logical if it offers higher prices.

In reality, HOF’s diamonds are no different from the rest because its round-shaped diamonds still have the default 57 facets. While its brilliant-cut quality is not questionable, its pricing can be a little dubious because you can find other brands’ same qualities. 

That is why it is essential to look beyond its marketing campaign and educate oneself about how a diamond’s quality works. This way, you can save yourself from splurging for a jewelry piece that should cost less if not for its branded name.

#2. Website

Since HOF promises a luxurious experience for its customers, you would expect it to have a stunning website. If you compare it with other retailers that offer branded diamonds, you might get a little disappointed with HOF’s interface. 

Hearts on Fire Website

Its off-pink and black theme look dull compared to Tiffany’s bright blue color. It lacks the luster that you will expect from a top-quality brand, and it has limited information presented on the home page. However, this claim is merely an opinion as you may still find its website stunning and user-friendly. 

Unlike other brands, it does not have an automatic dropdown button to choose if you wish to begin with a diamond, a setting, or if you wish to have naturally grown or lab-created diamonds. Instead, it will take you to a page where you can choose to check the brand’s pre-made engagement rings. 

Hearts on Fire Website 2

As you click the button, a list of its best-selling engagement rings will welcome you. The page also includes its filtering options to pick the ring’s design, metal, shape, and price range. As you notice, it does not have an option regarding the diamond’s cut, color, and clarity. You may only change the carat weight once you click an item. 

Hearts on Fire Website 3

If you are keen on the diamond’s quality, it has an option between sensational or signature. Diamonds falling in the sensational category have letter G to H color grade and VS1 to SI1 clarity, while the signature group has colors I to J color range. The ring’s price will vary depending on the quality of your chosen item. It also offers wedding rings and other fine jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

I will also point out that its website does not have a 360-degree angle video of its products. However, each item has three to four images with HD quality showing its top, side, and bottom angles. Plus, it does not have the Super Zoom feature, similar to James Allen, where you can check if the diamond is truly flawless and colorless.

Hearts on Fire Website 4

Moreover, Hearts on Fire does not make its diamonds’ grading report available online. It also does not have a certification from the Gemological Institute of America. Instead, it’s the American Gemological Society that validates and grades the stone’s quality. 

There is nothing to worry about because this organization is as reliable as GIA. Still, it is best if you know that the diamonds’ quality on your engagement ring, for you to have a more grounded decision-making if its price tag is equitable to its features. 

While most of its offerings are extremely expensive, Hearts of Fire also has a ‘Sale’ section where you will find premium items at a lower price.

#3. Inventory and Quality

Despite the success of Hearts on Fire, it has a limited inventory. The reason for this state is the company’s claim that it only sells a total of 1% of the diamond’s entire population. As its tagline says, the brand only chooses those with perfect cut qualities. 

If you ask an expert, the cut should be your top priority among the diamond’s 4Cs. The others are color, clarity, and carat weight. However, disregarding the other features can be a problem since they also affect the diamond’s valuation. 

We already mentioned earlier that HOF’s diamonds have two categories: Sensational and Signature. The highest color grade you can find in the brand is color G, and it only falls to the near-colorless category if we base it on the GIA standards. Moreover, the highest clarity rating that it offers is only VSI1. 

If you are new in the diamond world, you must note that D is the highest color quality, and its clarity can go up to the Flawless scale. While G and VS1 qualities are already decent and premium, their price tag is a bit unreasonable. We shall talk further about pricing in the following section. 

When it comes to the ring’s settings, it is undeniable that the brand offers smooth, intricate, and stunning designs. What you see online is what you get in real life. That is why you will less likely feel disappointed with its entire façade. 

The main concern you must be wary of in terms of quality is the diamond’s features. Paying a premium amount for a branded diamond is nothing new, but paying for a diamond that you are uncertain about the quality is another story.

#4. Pricing

Quality and pricing are two controversial aspects of Hearts on Fire. They are also the reasons why experts and buyers have mixed feedback about the brand. Its fine jewelry pieces are incredibly expensive than other retailers, making it a limited option for people with a fixed budget. 

HOF’s designer engagement rings are visually stunning and exude glamour. But since the diamonds on its rings do not have transparent grading certification, their qualities are questionable. Moreover, its round-shaped and square-shaped diamonds are no different from those available in unbranded varieties. They have the same number of facets, and the cut qualities are not unique. 

Below are two engagement rings from different brands. Hearts on Fire’s engagement ring has a sensational quality, while Blue Nile’s have color G grade and VS1 clarity rating. They both have solitaire designs and have excellent cut quality. However, their price difference is apparent. 

Hearts on Fire Pricing
Hearts on Fire Pricing 2

Blue Nile has a reputation for selling the least prices in the diamond industry. However, it also has one of the most premium qualities that can compete alongside Hearts of Fire. It may be an average brand, and most of its diamonds are not branded, but their authenticity and quality are on top of the line. Moreover, Blue Nile’s diamonds are GIA certified. 

If you are a customer who is keen on quality and price, I recommend that you skip Heart on Fire’s high price and go with unbranded diamonds with similar or even better qualities.

#5. Packaging

The packaging is another aspect where Hearts on Fire lack excellence. It is only normal to expect that the HOF has a luxurious packaging that reflects its branding. However, it does not have the same stunning design that Tiffany, James Allen, and Blue Nile have.

Its blue box is too simple and may not excite its customers. It lacks the polished leather exterior with golden embossed logos found on other average stores. Instead, it has that silky surface with a 2D printed name on a silver tone. 

Hearts on Fire Package

Nothing is wrong with its plain design, but it cannot compete with the packaging that other powerhouse companies offer. If Hearts on Fire wants to win the race, it is high time for the company to improve and level up its packaging.

#6. Customers Service

The main office of Hearts on Fire is in Boston, USA. If it is geographically impossible for you to visit any of its physical stores, you may contact them from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (EST). You may also send them an e-mail or send a live chat message for urgent concerns. 

The numbers and e-mail addresses are available on its website, and its support team is happy to serve you. The only disadvantage of the brand’s service is the limited time that you can contact them. Other brands are available 24/7, and you can even talk with an expert gemologist. 

What is The Difference Between Branded and Wholesale Diamonds?

Are branded diamonds better than wholesale diamonds? While the former is more expensive than the latter, it does not mean that branded diamonds are the best choices. They promise the best quality of stones that the industry can offer, but not all its claims have a factual basis. 

Labeling a diamond as branded make its price skyrocket at an unbelievable price. In most cases, the extra dollars you are paying is for its branding and not for the diamond’s quality. That is why we still recommend that you also check on retailers that offer unbranded diamonds. They may be affordable, but the quality is as brilliant as the branded ones. 

Checking a diamond’s certification report is the best way to review its quality. However, companies like Hearts on Fire are not transparent about this information. You may need their customer service team’s assistance if you need to verify the diamond’s quality and value. 

History and Profile of Hearts on Fire

A successful company will always begin somewhere. Let us talk about the origin of Hearts on Fire and how it became a worldwide success. 

The couples Glenn and Susan Rotham began their diamond wholesale business in 1978, but at that time, Hearts on Fire is not yet established. Its realization materialized in 1996 when the two had a vacation in Belgium, and Glenn saw a brilliantly cut round diamond displaying hearts and arrows in its facets.

He became fond of the stone’s geometric accuracy and brilliance. That is why they returned to their hometown, intending to establish a company that sells perfectly cut diamonds. Hence, Hearts on Fire released its first collection, and it benchmarked the standard of designer diamonds at that time. The Rothams also patented the cut in the same year. 

Its name reverberates a dash of warmth and positivity that somehow clicks on many rich people. With its huge success, the brand expanded in Southern Asian and Caribbean countries in 1998. However, the innovation did not stop there because, in 2002, the company released its new cut variation called the Dream Diamond. It is a square cut diamond that also promises the perfection of Hearts on Fire cut.  

HOF knows its market, and it continuously utilized an effective marketing scheme. That is why in the earlier years of the 2000s, it has become a global luxury brand selling in more than 30 countries. Its fame went further when it partnered with Victoria’s Secret, a famous lingerie line. The two created the Hearts on Fire diamond Bra that was worth $6.5 million in 2004.

It kept on exploring and released other unique products, including its structural accessories and chandeliers. The latter were the chandeliers used in 2008’s Emmy Awards in honor of Emmy’s diamond anniversary. HOF also created the 17-carat crown of Miss Universe Australia in 2013. Two years later, HOF bought its Hong Kong-based company named Chow Tai Fook. 

Until today, the company does not stop creating and reinventing its diamond collection to accomplish its promise of top-quality diamonds. As the brand claims, only 1% of the entire diamond population passes its standards. That is why it is confident that its products are the cream of the crop in the industry.  

In the next section, we shall delve further if the accounts about Hearts on Fire are well-grounded. There is plenty of mixed reaction about the company’s services and products, which may confuse if it is indeed a unique and reasonable retailer.

History and Profile of Hearts on Fire



Verdict: Is Buying in Hearts on Fire Worth the Price?

With the price attached to Heart on Fire’s engagement rings and other accessories, I find it unreasonable to recommend this brand. It is not suitable for average customers who prefer saving more dollars for premium quality. 

Yes, HOF is true to its promise of providing excellent and perfect cuts to its clients, but other brands can also provide you similar qualities at a lower price. Another downside we found with HOF is the inability to customize your diamond and ring’s setting. It does not sell loose diamonds, and it did not group its stone based on the standard grading system. 

However, if you have all the extra cash that the world can offer, splurging on this designer brand is not a problem. That is why many celebrities still choose Hearts on Fire despite its unbelievable pricing and setbacks. 

If you want to find an alternative source of engagement rings, we strongly recommend James Allen if you wish to have wider options for diamonds. You may also check on Blue Nile because its prices are incredibly reasonable, and it has impressive designs, too. If branded diamonds are your cup of tea, Tiffany & Co has exciting products for you. 

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