Citrine Birthstone: What You Should Know [2020]

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Citrine is a birthstone given to those born in the month of November. Topaz, a more expensive gemstone, can be used in its stead. The name is adapted from the word “citrin” which means lemon in French. This precious stone is often given for thirteenth and seventeenth anniversaries. The stone does not commonly occur in nature, its color may be yellow or orange. It is found in Brazil, Myanmar, and Russia. Artificially produced stones of this type are also produced, these tend to be orange or reddish in color.

CitrineThis birthstone was first used by Romans during the Romantic Era. They used it to accentuate assorted jewelry made from gold, it was reputed for its warm color and was very rare. During that period, the stone was believed to have supernatural power. Indeed, it was commonly worn to chase away bad thoughts and for protection from snake venom. It was believed to have medicinal power and it was used for the treatment of urinary tract disorders. Egyptians also used this stone, they considered its golden color to be as a result of a reflection caused by their sun god. The period between the first and second world wars saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of this stone. Big pieces of the stone were used to decorate jewelry that was given to celebrities. Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo are Hollywood stars who were presented with such jewelry.

As civilization progressed, this birthstone became more common. The allure and prestige associated with it waned considerably to the point of becoming cheap. However, recent times have witnessed a renaissance of this precious stone. It has become very popular with female folk who are interested in spicing up their wardrobes.

Scorpio ringAstrologists equate this stone to the zodiac sign Scorpio. It is considered a symbol of joy, youthfulness, hope, good health and faithfulness. This gemstone is best for those facing turbulent times as it inspires in them the hope that their troubles will end, the clouds in their lives will erupt into glorious sunshine. Those who aspire for riches and happiness in life usually find this birthstone useful. It works by drawing a person’s thoughts and emotions into physical energy enabling one to realize his or her dreams. In the body, Citrine helps to facilitate the smooth flow of blood and improves the digestion of food.

There are some important and interesting facts about citrine. It has a sunny appearance and has the unique ability to blend with any jewelry making it brighter. This potential is fully realized with gold jewelry. It is one of the hardest stones, on a scale of one to ten it scores an impressive seven! Only three things beat it in hardness i.e topaz, corundum and diamond. In spite of its hardness, it is easy to scratch and changes its color when exposed to direct sunlight for long. Because it rarely occurs in nature, most stones sold as citrine are not natural. In fact, a vast majority of these are actually amethysts which have been heating treated to change their color and imitate the November birthstone.


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