Blue Nile Reviews l What to Know Before you Buy [2021]

Blue Nile Reviews

More than two decades ago, Mark Vadon established Blue Nile out of his frustration of finding the best engagement ring for his wife. He shopped from one store to another and gained nothing on hand because the diamonds are too expensive or too hideous. The company’s infant years began when the internet is not as advanced as we know it today. 

The brand’s founder thought about the number of people who feel the same way as him when buying a diamond. He wanted them to realize that finding a precious stone should not be intimidating and confusing if you have the right tool to search for them. Thus, a smarter way to shop pieces of jewelry online was born, and since 1999, the brand has kept on revolutionizing its manner of selling.

Setting their standards involves a core vision, which is to put customers’ interests before anything. They aim at providing more straightforward information and legendary services to buyers. Today, they have a strong team of passionate employees and experts who have the hearts to serve all their customers. 

The world’s largest internet retailer of diamond jewelry has a not-so-popular office in Seattle. It may not have the most prestigious facility building, but it is where the brand started to prosper until its products became available on almost all marketing platforms. 

They sold millions of bridal rings and the past decades, and it continues to broaden its scope and sales.

This article will walk you through Blue Nile’s brilliance and its products.

Top Five Things You Must Do When Buying a Diamond From Blue Nile – A Buyer’s Guide

As one of the most trusted online jewelry shops globally, you should know how to make the most of your shopping experience with Blue Nile. The brand offers a wide variety of diamonds that will take so much of your time if you do not know how to make your way on their website. 

Below are some tips to guide you with your Blue Nile journey.

#1. Familiarize With Basic Diamond Terminologies


Diamonds have a set of jargon that you must familiarize to help you assess its quality better. The basic words that you should always remember are carat weight, cut, color, and clarity because a stone’s price varies, depending on the quality of these elements. 

Carat Weight

It is the mass value of a diamond. A five-carat diamond is equivalent to a gram. Thus, the heavier it is, the more valuable it becomes. 

However, always keep in mind that its weight is not synonymous with its size. Radiant, pear, cushion, marquise, and Asscher diamonds are popular for some people because of the large-looking frame that they manifest. Round and princess-cut diamonds look smaller. 


blue nile cut

When it comes to cut, gemologists grade them from Ideal to Good. However, Blue Nile has a unique category that is solely found on its Astor products, and it is the Astor Ideal cut. It has the most precise symmetry and excellent polish that you will never find from other brands. 

With the right cut and facet arrangement, the diamond will shine brilliantly with less, if not without, shadows. Even so, some diamonds lack a standard cut grade because setting an ideal proportion is difficult. They include oval, pear, marquise, and Asscher, among others.  


Color is a crucial element in diamonds because the lack of it increases the stone’s value. When shopping in Blue Nile, you will not find colorless diamonds with letters L to Z grades because their yellow pigment is quite apparent. 

The brand’s list starts with color K, although they are less available and the least expensive. It is best to pick an item falling to colors G to J for the best value since these have near-colorless quality. The yellow pigment becomes fainter as the color gets closer to A. 

If you want a colorless stone, colors D to F are the best options. However, picking them would be impractical for cuts like round, princess, and cushion because they do not retain colors well. This higher category is best for those with stronger yellow pigments such as radiant and marquise. 


While clarity is the last one mentioned here, it should not be the least priority in colorless diamonds since they reflect blemishes quite profoundly. The ratings on this element are the following:

  • Included (I1, I2, I3)
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Internally Flawless
  • Flawless

If you have the money to splurge, go for diamonds with flawless to internally flawless quality because they are 100% blemish-free. The difference between them is that the latter is only impeccable inside while the former is clean within and outside its walls. 

Try to avoid those with I1, I2, and I3 qualities because they have the most inclusions that make a diamond less valuable. If you are looking for those with the most reasonable price range, go for Slightly Included to Very Very Slightly Included items. 

It will help if you consider the diamond’s cut because some hide blemishes well despite their clarity rating. 

#2. Maximize the Use of Blue Nile’s Filter Feature

blue nile customization

Blue Nile wants everything to be convenient for you. That is why the brand made an intensively detailed filter option available on its website. If you have a specific cut or color in mind, you can directly sort them out by specifying them in the filter. 

All of the options are present in a single tab. You can adjust the price range, 4C’s qualities, and their availability. There is also a button that says ‘Best Sellers’ that are quite useful, especially if it is your first time to buy a loose diamond. 

Each page shows 48 pieces with their corresponding price. You may specify their arrangement, whether you want to look at those with the higher or lower amounts first. 

By maximizing this feature, you can save more time finding the most suitable item for your preference and budget. 

#3. 360-degree image Display

blue nile

Blue Nile is proud of its high definition 360-degree image display. With this advantage, the chance of picking a diamond with disappointing features is less likely to happen because the images uploaded on the company’s website is as real is it looks in real-life viewing. 

Thus, examining a stone closely for blemishes and color quality is now possible virtually. You can check out a piece at the comforts of your home, your office, or wherever you are in the world.



#4. Take Advantage of Blue Nile’s Other Benefits

Blue Nile is not only about premium quality diamonds. It is also an excellent choice if you want a company with exceptional customer service and other benefits. 

Each diamond has a free return option if you want to change your purchase or arrive with damages. Blue Nile also offers a lifetime warranty of the products you ordered, and it includes a beautiful gift bag and card to thank you for your purchase. 

More importantly, the company offers installment payment options without interest to people who cannot afford a one-time payment. However, be sure that your purchase is at least $500 to avail of this service. 

#5. Seek for an Expert’s Advice for a Better Buying Experience

blue nile customer service

It is normal to be anxious and uncertain, even if you have read and learned enough about diamonds. It is the most precious and expensive stone globally, and you do not want to disappoint yourself and your recipient by picking a less valuable piece.

Thus, Blue Nile allows you to talk with an expert virtually and discuss your chosen diamonds more. You can inquire if other options with better qualities are available or if it will satisfy your criteria for the perfect piece.

Inquire to them directly about your questions and concerns while you have not placed an order yet. It is better to be sure first of what you will be getting instead of regretting later. 

Remembering all these will help you have a more productive shopping journey in one of the world’s best jewelry shop, Blue Nile. 

Top 10 Best Blue Nile Diamonds Reviewed

  1. 1.03-Carat Round Cut Diamond – Best Overall
  2. 1.00-Carat Princess Cut Diamond – Best Value
  3. 0.90-Carat Emerald Cut Diamond – Editor’s Choice
  4. 1.01-Carat Asscher Cut Diamond
  5. 0.51-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond
  6. 1.01-Carat Marquise Cut Diamond
  7. 0.50-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond
  8. 0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond
  9. 0.71-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond
  10. 0.30-Carat Heart Shaped Diamond

#1. 1.03-Carat Round Cut Diamond – Best Overall

1.03-Carat Round Cut Diamond

Blue Nile only wants the best for their customers. That is why it never fails to make round diamonds available on their website. The 1.03-Carat Round Cut Diamond stands out among the thousands of choices. 

Polish and symmetry are two of the strongest assets of any Blue Nile items. This piece is excellent on both factors. Thus, you can expect the diamond to shine with its optimal capacity since the facets were layered and arranged beautifully. 

However, assessing colorless diamonds focuses mainly on the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. This round diamond falls on the safe threshold for color and clarity because of its I and SI2 grades, respectively. It has a near-colorless quality, and it looks eye-clean from the wearer’s perspective. 

With a 1.03-carat weight and 1.00 length to width ratio, it is the most recommended size for engagement rings, pendants, and earrings. Its brilliance is apparent, but it does not look boastful and intimidating. 

It may not be the least expensive, but anyone who receives a piece of jewelry with this as the main stone will probably assume that they are the luckiest in the world.

#2. 1.00-Carat Princess Cut Diamond – Best Value

1.00-Carat Princess Cut Diamond

If expensive round diamonds are not your cup of tea, a princess-cut diamond is your next best choice. It ranks second of the most popular stones and costs less than the round ones. Blue Nile’s 1.00-Carat Princess Cut Diamond is a prime example in this division. 

This square and pyramid-like piece define the word brilliance. Its facets allow more light to pass through the stone, resulting in its gleaming look. It is best for people who love to show off their jewelry’s glamour since the stone’s table area is larger than the other items in this list. 

You can expect nothing but perfection with its proportions. With a color H grade, its yellow pigments are fainter, and the VS1 clarity rating makes its blemishes less detectable. Its thick girdle also makes the stone durable and suitable for any jewelry setting. 

Cutters love this shape, too, because it does not produce too much wastage from the raw rough stone. Thus, you get more diamonds at a more reasonable cost. 

This Blue Nile product runs almost the same price as the previous piece. However, it is undeniable that this one has better qualities. You will look forward to having it as your engagement ring, especially if your girl loves anything that shines and sparkles.

#3. 0.90-Carat Emerald Cut Diamond – Editor’s Choice

0.90-Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

In recent years, more women prefer to be unconventional, especially in pieces of jewelry. Some give more importance to how a shape adds glamour to their overall appearance. That is why an emerald-cut diamond is getting more prominent these days. 

Blue Nile offers a 0.90-Carat Emerald Cut Diamond to clients who favor elongated stones. It does not have the same amount of sparkle like the other pieces, but you will love how ideal its cut and proportions are. Its 1.34 length to width ratio falls to the average dimensions, making it perfect for people with small and wide hands. 

Emerald-cut diamonds have a reputation for making blemishes more visible. It happens because of the step-cut layers inside the stone. However, this downside is not a problem in this diamond since it has a VVS2 clarity quality. It will take an expert gemologist to notice its flaws. 

Moreover, it has a near-colorless grade that makes this piece more radiant and vibrant.  

This diamond is a crowd favorite for engagement rings because it appears larger than its round counterparts. Some even add this piece to crowns and other precious jewelry items to add accent and personality. 

If you are unsure which setting is compatible with this piece, you may ask Blue Nile’s experts to help you.

#4. 1.01-Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

1.01-Carat Asscher Cut Diamond

Blue Nile’s list of products gets even better with one of the world’s most complicated diamond cut. The 1.01-Carat Asscher Cut Diamond has the glamour, quality, and durability that everyone is looking for in a precious stone. You cannot help but give in to this crystal’s beauty. 

It is closely related to emerald-cut because of its shape, but this stone has more prominent qualities than its sibling. An Asscher-cut has a higher crown that allows it to receive more light and sparkle better. Crafted by the world’s best lapidaries, this diamond has a ‘Very Good’ cut quality.

You might wonder why this stone is more expensive than the rest despite its carat weight. Lack of color makes a diamond more valuable, and this Asscher-cut piece falls into the color D category. It is the purest and highest color quality that a diamond can get. 

If that is not enough yet, this stone has more to offer. The VVS2 clarity completes the diamond’s almost-perfect look. It is not flawless, but they are not as visible as those found in emerald-cut diamonds. Thus, it is another contender for people who are searching for the best diamond engagement rings. 

However, this may not be suitable for people who love larger-looking gemstones because Asscher-cut reveals a smaller frame as it gives more emphasis to depth than the table area.

#5. 0.51-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

0.51-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

Having an active lifestyle means craving for an accessory that does not snag and get in trouble with linens, bags, and other sensitive garments. Thanks to Blue Nile’s 0.51-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond, carelessly moving and working in a hands-on environment is not a problem. It also comes with other advantages that you cannot find in other more traditional cuts. 

This timeless beauty has a colorless quality with an F grade. No taint of shadows is inside the diamond, signifying that it has well-arranged layers. Moreover, you will fall in love just by looking at its walls since its blemishes are not apparent to the naked eye. All you will see is a beautiful large-looking piece. 

The absence of any sharp edges is the greatest advantage of a cushion-cut diamond. That is why we highly recommend this Blue Nile item to those who engage in strenuous activities almost every day. More importantly, it only has a value of almost $3000 per carat. It is one of the least expensive among all diamond varieties. 

Its measurements make it look narrower and rectangular. You can frame it with a prong, Chanel, halo, and bezel settings. However, anchoring it with a bezel may make it appear smaller.

#6. 1.01-Carat Marquise Cut Diamond

1.01-Carat Marquise Cut Diamond

Classy, sophisticated, and unique are three words that best describe the next Blue Nile product. Its 1.01-Carat Marquise Cut Diamond is another force to reckon with in the jewelry department. Its rich history made this football-shaped item a must-have to your collection. 

From a royal affair of betrayal, this marquise-cut diamond is today’s symbol of romance and love. It checks all the right bullet points for a diamond’s quality because it has the highest grade for color and clarity. While it may still have some spots on its exterior, its internal beauty is 100% blemish-free.

Like emerald-cut diamonds, women opt to choose this item for its elongated shape. It looks larger than its round counterpart who has the same carat weight. However, it is not a picture-perfect piece, even if it has the best color, clarity, cut, and carat weight features. 

Marquise-cut diamonds have fragile tips that you must protect. They are prone to chipping, so it will help if you choose a setting that secures the diamond’s edges. If you do not want to compromise its style, a six-prong setting is the best choice. Its bowtie effect is noticeable, too.

Besides, finding heavier marquise-cut diamonds is rare, making this 1.00ct an extraordinary item. Most of them are available in smaller pieces and are used as side stones to accent a larger piece of jewelry.

#7. 0.50-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond

0.50-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond

As rare as its name sounds, radiant-cut diamonds have a growing fan-base because of their unique features. Among all the diamond varieties, this one retains the most color and highlight blemishes well. However, Blue Nile’s premium quality 0.50-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond makes these details less concerning.

Like its marquise-cut counterpart highlighted in the list, this diamond is also a champion when it comes to color and clarity. It has a higher colorless grade and an Internally Flawless clarity character responsible for the stone’s brilliant glow. It appears a bit elongated and octagonal, making it best for pendants and rings. 

The sharp edges and truncated corners of this diamond add to its impressive and stylish design. It is also a favorite among lapidaries because only a few of the rough parts from its rock origin are wasted. Thus, they can save most of the diamonds and produce more of this piece. 

Unlike the round and princess-cut items, radiant cut’s price is not at an all-time high. Demand has a great contribution to its amount. You can buy this half-carat piece for around $1,300 only, allowing you to get more diamonds at a friendlier cost.

While this piece is not a favorite for engagement rings, we still think that its large-looking surface area makes it suitable for people who love to flaunt their glamour.

#8. 0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond

0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond

While most diamonds are expensive, some are relatively affordable. This claim is true to Blue Nile’s 0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond, whose per carat price is around $1,100. Regardless of its cost, it still maintains the premium quality that the brand is known for since its inception. 

An oval diamond’s strongest asset is its shape because it does not have any corners that prevent it from catching or scratching any surfaces. It is not the best when we talk about clarity because it only has a minimum grade. However, its near-colorless quality makes its flair radiant with a fainter yellow pigment. 

Oval diamonds are one of the variants with the most bowtie effect. This one is no different, but the shadow across it is not prominent and too distracting. It even adds to the diamond’s glamorous look. 

If you want to choose a stone with the most brilliance, an oval-cut diamond will do you that favor. Its layers guarantee more sparkle, and its shape makes your fingers look slenderer and sexier. Despite it having a half-carat weight only, it has a larger surface area similar to radiant and emerald-cut diamonds. 

This Blue Nile item is also suitable for people with an active and hands-on work nature. The cornerless stone allows you to move freely. It is best as an engagement ring, especially for people with a tighter budget.

#9. 0.71-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond

0.71-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond

If your goal is to find a diamond that masks imperfection well, a pear-cut diamond might be your go-to item. Blue Nile has a 0.71-Carat Pear Shaped Diamond that offers the best value for a teardrop-shaped gemstone. Its fanciness goes well with any evening dresses and wedding gowns.

This diamond exudes a quirky personality that makes it unique from the rest. Its vivid and colorless feature makes its brilliance stand out. Plus, it comes with a near-flawless quality that adds glow to its shimmer. 

Its shape is neither too narrow nor too wide, making it a perfect contender for rings, earrings, and side stones for pageant crowns. Like the rest of Blue Nile’s products, it has excellent symmetry and polish that makes every penny you pay worthy. 

Moreover, its beauty extends even in darker areas because it reflects a medium glow exposed to UV light.

However, a pear-cut diamond’s tip is fragile since it is prone to chipping. This situation is common on all diamond varieties with a pointy edge. Thus, choosing the most secure setting is quite essential to protect this precious item. We highly recommend a prong setting for this piece because you can ask the jeweler to add a v-prong for its edge. 

Overall, this piece is a convenient choice if you want to save more and be different and stylish.

#10. 0.30-Carat Heart Shaped Diamond

0.30-Carat Heart Shaped Diamond

As diamonds get more popular for people trying to express their feelings to someone, it would be best if you pick a shape that represents your love. The most common pick is a heart-shaped item, and Blue Nile has a perfect piece for you. Its 0.30-Carat Heart Shaped Diamond is one of the brand’s best sellers. 

This item has the lightest carat weight in this list, but its other qualities do not falter. For a diamond as small and as rare as this piece, you will love that it glows brilliantly with its color F grade. While it does not have the highest clarity rating, its tiny size and shape hide blemishes effectively. 

This heart-shaped diamond is wider than other regular diamonds, but it does not look less appealing. Since it has a smaller size, it is a better option for promise rings and bracelets. Its polish also makes it look fancier because it has excellent quality. 

Most heart diamonds are expensive because it is next to the Royal Asscher cut when it comes to the complexity of its process. Perfecting its proportions is quite difficult because both sides should be identical. Nevertheless, this item has the best value among all the diamonds in this list.


As we said, the key to finding the best diamonds is searching for them in a reliable jewelry store. Since most transactions today happen online, you can now shop for any pieces of precious items virtually, too. Blue Nile stands as the most prominent jewelry company globally that offers premium quality diamonds at the best price.

The brand offers thousands of colorless and colored gemstones to fit your taste, style, and budget since 1999. Its best-sellers are the colorless loose diamonds and engagement rings handpicked by their expert jewelers. 

With its detailed filter feature, a pool of specialists, and informative specifications, there is no wonder why millions of people make Blue Nile their one-stop-shop for any piece of jewelry. More importantly, each product comes with a reasonable price that is way less expensive than other companies. 

You can choose among different diamond varieties from the most common cuts, such as round, princess, emerald, and oval, to the most complex, such as Asscher, marquise, and heart shapes.

Blue Nile is not only about money. It is a brand with a vision and a purpose, and that is to put your interest on the frontline, among others.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take for Blue Nile to process a merchandise return?

On average, it only takes four to five business days to process your return upon the company’s receipt. It undergoes the screening of the Quality Assurance department first to assess the item fully. It is best to give a three-day leeway for the company’s returned package to be shipped to your doorsteps.

Does Blue Nile offers discounts?

Yes, it does. If you happen to see a price with a different amount below the original price, it means that the jewelry is at a discounted price. If you stay on their website, you might get lucky, especially during the holiday season. It is a way for the company to extend gratitude to its faithful patrons. 

What can you suggest if I am giving a diamond as a gift?

Blue Nile offers a personalized package for your chosen item. You can request them to engrave a few letters or words on a ring, necklace, or bracelet, depending on your interest. However, be sure that you will give them the right and proper information to avoid any returns.

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