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Birthstones are gemstones specific to a particular month. Each of the birthstones has its unique meaning and historical significance. These birthstones have been used since the beginning of time. In ancient times, the royals used to wear different gemstones, and they truly believed that gemstones have positive impacts on life. If a person wears gems, they can positively influence various aspects of life like health, luck, and wealth.

The birthstone concept has become so prevalent that almost every other person knows about their birthstone, just like nearly everyone knows their star sign. People these days include birthstone in every jewelry piece that they wear. The pendants, rings or bracelets, earrings, necklaces can feature your birthstone. And soon, they won’t be just jewelry; they will become statement pieces. Gifting your loved ones their birthstone is a beautiful gesture.

Star signs and Their Birthstones

In astrology, every star sign has few specific traits. These traits are mostly decided based on the birth date and the corresponding planetary positions at that very time. These typical traits are characteristic of the particular sign. The birthstones and their colors are primarily concentrated on these traits and correspond with them. For example, if individuals of any sign have the attribute of restlessness according to their natal birth chart, the birthstone associated with their star sign would be the one that promotes peace and calmness and likewise. So, this was all about the underlying concept of birthstone colors. Now, let us have a look at the historical lores concentrated around the birthstones.

Birthstones For Each Month

The scholars who had studied the ancient literature and theories proposed the concept that each of these gems connected to a specific month. During each month, the astronomical bodies, including the stars and planets, attain a particular position, and that very position influences the individuals of a zodiac sign. The birthstone dedicated to that specific month will bring a lot of good luck, positivity, and stability upon the individuals born in that month. On wearing your birthstone, you can reap the benefits of life.

This concept became so famous and widespread that people started wearing the birthstones and tagged them with different symbolic meanings and values. When these concepts started becoming more prevalent, many people began the disagreement over the stones. Many scholars also debated over the correspondence of the calendar months and the birthstones. These have undergone several cycles of modification over the ages until, in 1912, Sears published a so-called official list of the birthstones.

Significance of Birthstones and Their Colors

Each birthstone has a unique color, and the colors have a more profound significance. There are practically countless stories regarding the birthstone concept. The most famous and probably proven one says that the scholars, priests, and clergymen of Christianity first introduced the idea of birthstones. They referred to the 12 gemstones on the breastplate of Aron and tagged them as the birthstones. Twelve birthstones, each corresponding to the one month of the year and subsequently the 12 zodiac signs.

  1. January Birthstone: Garnet
  2. February Birthstone: Amethyst
  3. March Birthstone: Aquamarine
  4. April Birthstone: Quartz 
  5. May Birthstone: Emerald
  6. June Birthstone: Alexandrite
  7. July Birthstone: Ruby
  8. August Birthstone: Peridot
  9. September Birthstone: Lazuli 
  10. October Birthstone: Opal
  11. November Birthstone: Citrine
  12. December Birthstone: Turquoise

January Birthstone [Garnet] – Dark Red Color- Protection


Garnet – origination from Grantaus that is the Latin for seeds, has been a vital stone since ancient times. Romans were the people who mostly used this stone and believed in their supernatural powers. Garnets resemble pomegranate seeds in appearance and hence are called so. For a long time, people thought that garnets are luminous stones that mean they can emit light of their own. But later on, this theory was proven to be completely wrong.

The refractive index of garnet is relatively high, which creates the illusion that this stone is emitting light. In the earlier days, the property of light emission was believed to be quite phenomenal and out of the world. Hence, soldiers and noblemen carried garnets with themselves whenever they went somewhere, especially during the night. The belief was, garnets will protect them from enemies and will emit light to kill the darkness. This was more of symbolic meaning.

The crusaders during the renaissance also wore garnets with the same belief. Some of the other tribes who believed in this unique property of garnets were East Asian soldier tribes, Central American Aztecs. Garnets by and far symbolize protection. It is like an invisible halo of protection. Hence, it is a fantastic gift. So, you can show off your gesture of concern to someone by gifting them garnets. Garnets come in multiple varieties and color saturations that largely influence their prices.

February Birthstone [Amethyst] – Violet  – Wisdom

Amethyst Gemstone

Belonging to the quartz family, amethysts are not only pretty to look at, but they also induce positivity in the lives of the wearer. To all the people born in February, amethyst is all you need to instill the feeling of preciousness and happiness in your lives. Amethyst has a beautiful dark shade of violet and a mesmerizing crystal structure. The ancient Egyptians were the first people to use amethyst in various types of jewelry pieces. The historical folklores and legends twined round amethyst are quite impressive. The word amethyst halls from the Greek word Amethystos and the literal meaning go as “not drunken.”

The famous story says that Dionysus – the Greek God of Wine, was once enraged with the mortals and decided to punish the mortals by torturing the next mortal who would cross his way. Amethystos turned out to be this unlucky mortal. Amethystos became terrified of knowing that she would be punished by Dionysus and called out for help from Artemis. Artemis converted Amethystos to an immortal statue to save her from punishment. When Dionysus saw the figure, he was taken aback by the innocence and poured his wine glass over it. This turned the white statue violet and prevented Dionysus from getting intoxicated. This is not just a mere story; this story symbolizes that innocence, emotions, and introspection can always prevent intoxication and suspension of wits.

Amethyst is connected with wisdom and understanding. You can give amethyst to your loved ones. These pretty and beautiful violet-colored stones simply look gorgeous in any kind of jewel piece, including finger rings, pendants, and bracelets. Amethyst comes in multiple price ranges and varieties.

March Birthstone [Aquamarine] – Blue or Turquoise – Serenity and Calmness

For those born in March, aquamarine is the birthstone. Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family. While the purest form of beryl comes in colorless forms, aquamarine has a very faint bluish tint. The color resembles a very calm and pastel shade of sky blue color. Iron deposition in the beryl stones imparts this specific color to the aquamarine stone. The crystal structure and fantastic hue of aquamarine make it a favorite of many people across the world. Brazil and Sri Lanka are the significant pockets of Aquamarine. Aquamarine also comes in naturally darker shades of blue. The pastel shade is more common than the deeper shades. Darker aquamarines are also more expensive than the lighter counterparts owing to their rare natural occurrence.

Aquamarine is enormously reflective of the endless ocean water and the limitless horizons of the sky. They give off the vibe of limitlessness. Aquamarines connect to everything calm and serene. According to ancient beliefs, the sailors and travelers carried aquamarine to rest in peace during the travel to cope with their exhaustion. Aquamarine is also indicative of harmony and a trendy gift for all couples. Astrologers prescribe aquamarines to all the eccentric personalities who find it challenging to stay calm.

April Birthstone [Quartz] – Colorless – Strength

quartz stone

Quartz is the birthstone for those born in April. Quartz is not at all rare. It is one of the most easily found objects on the Earth’s surface. The Quartz family is gigantic, and it is the mother’s family of various gemstones with variations in colors due to impurities. Quartz is a naturally formed rock that is entirely colorless. The colorless quartz is the April birthstone. Quartz features the symmetrical crystal lattice featuring a unique natural phenomenon of twinning. Quartz is a powerful stone that can withstand all types of mechanical abrasions ranging from massive blows to scratches. The gem features properties that we should adopt in our life.

The incredible physical strength and durability of Quartz indicate the virtue of resilience. It is often seen that people born in April are weak by nature and suffer from self-doubt and lack of confidence, which is why quartz is the perfect stone for them. Quartz reflects the property of strength. So, when someone wears it, automatically, a sense of power gets infused within them. Quartz is just a gentle reminder that anyone can be strong and powerful. You can gift clear quartz jewel pieces like rings and pendants to those April born friends who are suffering from a lack of strength in their life and character.

May Birthstone [Emerald] – Dark Green – Hope

emerald birthstone

The stone is named after the Latin word esmaraldus that means a green gem. Emeralds are royal stones. They are expensive and rare and unique; hence, only the royals could use and afford them. Emeralds are quite flawless because they are extremely resistant to external scratches. But the crystal’s lattice structure is vulnerable and can be easily fractured by substantial impacts on them. The fractures of Emerald are complicated to detect with naked eyes. But, you can easily do that with magnification.

Emerald reflects the abstract character of hope and renewal. It is best for inducing hope in the heart of those who are extremely let down by life and are becoming hopeless. Life poses challenges for each one of us and makes things harder every day. But as one says, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light. Emeralds convey this same message. Difficult times only test our mettle and never last forever. Hope and happiness eventually take over hopelessness. Livelihood (indicated by the emerald’s lush green color) is what we live for, and hope is that ray of light that inspires us to start afresh every day. Emerald is a perfect gift for anyone who needs this inspiration in life.

June Birthstone [Alexandrite] – Variable – Love

alexandrite birthstone

The color of Alexandrite may vary a lot. Usually, the color is either greenish-yellow or bluish yellow. But when one observes Alexandrite under sunlight, the color changes a lot and may range from purple to red or orange. It can also vary according to the viewing angle. The angle of incidence causes a lot of variation in the observed color of any gemstone. This particular natural phenomenon is termed pleochroism and is very evident in alexandrite.

The connection of Alexandrite with the character of love conveys a beautiful meaning. Just like the color of alexandrite, love is variable and beyond definition. An alexandrite will assume different colors depending on how you see it. That is the exact expression of love. It has no form and no description. There is so much more in life than simple romantic love. Love is the strength that can instill enormous will, power, and positivity in one’s life, and alexandrite reflects the same. Alexandrite manifests this beautiful analog between love and life and is heart touching if one can explore the meaning in its real sense.

July Birthstone [Ruby] – Red – Vitality

ruby birthstone

Rubies are naturally occurring dark red gemstones and come from the word Rubor meaning red. Ruby is intertwined with vitality and strength. The color of our blood is red, and blood is our life fluid. Without blood, there is no vitality and, subsequently, no life. So rubies connect with the positive spirit and essence that helps us stay energetic and lead life with warmth and strength. The rubies are red versions of sapphire because both of them belong to the same mineral family. Rubies are red due to the presence of chromium in it. The rubies are formed within volcanic rock formations and are among the most expensive stones in the world.

Rubies have remained to be the central gemstone for the royals for a long time. It is exquisite, luxurious, and expensive, so only the royals could afford it. Pigeon blood rubies corresponding exactly with pigeon blood color is the most expensive ruby in the world. Rubies look beautiful. They have a unique natural property of absorbing light and re-emitting the same. This induces a natural gloss and glows within the rubies.

Rubies symbolize physical strength and the vitality of life. Since ancient times, it is a prevalent custom to adorn drinking vessels with rubies. Health is the highest toast that one can raise, and nothing is more important in life than happy health. Since rubies indicate the goodness of health and strength, drinking vessels feature expensive rubies. Rubies instill energy and will power, and they also remind people that happiness lies in a strong body and good health that can house a healthy mind.

August Birthstone [Peridot] – Olive green – Beauty


Peridot comes in a beautiful yellow-green color. The darker variations of the stone are more expensive than the lighter ones because of the rare occurrence—the green color results from iron in it. Egyptians were the first people ever to discover the reserve of peridots. It was somewhere near the red sea. They extensively used peridots in pieces of jewelry and multiple valuable antique creations.

The ancient Egyptian literature validates the use of peridots extensively. This primitive location got lost somehow with the decline of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Later on, a new site was discovered, but they mostly housed the darker varieties. The Egyptians were obsessed with beauty and believed that peridots could enhance the same. That is why peridot was used so extensively in Egyptian culture.

September Birthstone [Lazuli] – Deep Blue – Truth

lazuli birthstone

Lapis Lazuli is blue and indicates Truth. The strength of the stone corresponds to the power of truth in our lives. Truth is the ultimate strength in the soul that can uplift a person’s will to live and the character’s moral force. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most primitively discovered stones, and its trading was first started in Afghanistan. It was also prevalent in Egyptian Civilization. The blue hues of the Lapis Lazuli are uniform across all the specimens of this species. Lapis Lazuli was not very expensive until the Europeans realized it’s worth it. Alexander the Great started importing Lapis lazuli to Macedonia and other parts of Europe after he conquered Egypt. The Europeans first discovered that if lapis lazuli was converted to a pigment which they called ultramarine, it could be used as paint and a pretty expensive one. This ultramarine never lost its color and shine even under harsh weather conditions.

Lapis lazuli gained a lot of commercial importance owing to its various chemical properties. However, in astrology, Lapis lazuli is considered equivalent to the vibes of strength, truth, and faithfulness. It is a perfect gift for politicians and other public figures who need to deal with the lives of millions of people. The strength and truth in their character are essential. Ancient people believed and some to this day believe that wearing a lapis lazuli can help you to make better decisions and exhibit the strength and purity in your character. Lapis lazuli can be a perfect gift for your partner because it is believed to help infuse honesty in relations.

October Birthstone [Opal] – Multicolor – Healing

The Value and History of the Opal

Opals are a combination of beliefs. One school of people believes tourmaline to be a lucky stone and another group believes opal or tourmaline to bring upon the shadow of bad luck.  Naturally, tourmalines are unique not because they are precocious but also because no two opals look alike. So, every piece of opal is a new stone and mystery in itself. Opals exist in so many different colors that initially people used to confuse them with various other stones like emerald, sapphire, or topaz but later, the gemologists labeled them as a distinguished stone.

Opals are deeply associated with healing. These stones can be gifted to anyone facing trauma in their personal life and going through an unfavorable experience in their lives. Opals signify that our life goes on no matter what happens, and we have to keep our head high and exhibit strength.

November Birthstone [Citrine] – Yellow – Happiness, and Joy

citrine birthstone

Citrine is a type of quartz. Citrines and topaz are both considered as stones for those born in November. Topaz symbolizes two core values, namely Fidelity and Promise. Topaz is all about the promise. The promise of being together, the promise of being faithful and loyal. But the most important trait associated with Topaz is intelligence. If you wear the Topaz, it is believed that you are bestowed with an enormous wealth of Intelligence. The name Citrine comes from the French word Citrine, which means lemon. The word citrus creates a bright, sunny, and golden image in front of us filled with energy, frolic activities, and livelihood. These are precisely the qualities that are associated with the stone Citrine.

November birthstones represent Positive vibes, Wellness, Intelligence, and Vitality with the ultimate goal of promoting happiness in the wearer’s life. If you are born in November and feel like your life is becoming mundane, then get some warm vibes in your life with the golden yellow hues of November birthstones. Both the November Birthstones are perfect for creating a warm look and adding extra charm to your life and style.

December Birthstone [Turquoise] – Greenish-Blue – Friendship

Turquoise Gemstone birthstone

Turquoise is a precious gemstone that associates with friendliness. People born in December tend to stay aloof and distant from the others. Wearing a turquoise stone can instill positivity in life and help to make friends. It is a famous Turkish tradition to gift turquoise gems to anyone you want to be friends with. The physical properties of the stone also portray the unique meaning of Turquoise stone. Aluminum and copper are the two constituting minerals that need to associate together to turn into a beautiful gemstone.

Where to Buy Your Birthstone?

Wearing a piece of jewelry that features your birthstone can be both stylish and satisfying. You must invest in good quality gemstones and buy them from trusted sources. The best online retailers for gems are Blue Nile, Whiteflash, Kay, Clean, Origin, Zales, James Allen, Amazon, Ritani, and Jared. They sell authentic gemstones at affordable prices. Being very renowned brands, they pay particular importance to the quality of the gems. You can check out their fantastic collection that will associate style and belief in the best possible way. The customer-friendly policies of these retailers are lovely. So, are you ready to flaunt your style featuring your birthstone?

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