Top 8 Best UV Resins for Jewelry | 2021 Reviews + Guide

best uv resins for jewelry review

Resins are the adhesives used for curing, coating, and bonding of materials especially jewelry items. These resins are either extracted from trees in the form of fluids or are artificially developed polymers. Ultraviolet or UV Resins are the resins which are cured by exposing it to ultraviolet rays. Working with UV resin jewelry requires a short duration for curing.

There are many different types of UV resins available in the market with different features and characteristics. It can be quite difficult to select the most suitable among this wide variety. So, to help you out in your selection, we will review here the top 8 best UV resins with their unique features and advantages and disadvantages. We will also share with you a detailed buying guide to help you select the best one for your specific purpose.

Top 8 Best UV Resins for Jewelry Reviewed

  1. V Curing Hard Resin by Miraclekoo
  2. UV Crystal Clear Resin by Joligel
  3. Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin by DecorRom
  4. UV Resin Crystal Clear by VidaRosa
  5. UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue and Coating by Limino
  6. CHIIRO UV Resin Clear Hard Type Transparent by SAANA
  7. UV Resins Crystal Clear Hard Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin by Oyowooa
  8. UV Resin Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Resin by DecorRom

#1. V Curing Hard Resin by Miraclekoo

UV Resin UV Curing Hard Resin by Miraclekoo  

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  • Product Dimension – 4.6 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches
  • Item Weight – 3.2 ounces.

This resin will take a minute to cure small materials. It is effective in crafting a variety of jewelry articles. It can be used for polymer clay jewelry as well as to fill bezels. It is effective in transparent molds. The resin is available in a bottle and its nozzle can be adjusted so that it can be used to the base according to our needs. This resin has medium to low viscosity which makes it easy to pour. Like any other UV resins, this resin also has a little foul odor but if you keep the room ventilated the odor will wither away. If you find the odor unbearable you can cover your face with a protective face mask while working with it.

This resin can be used instantly without any preparation. It is most efficiently used in smooth crystal clear, glassy bases. It is also scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and yellowing resistant. Besides, the resin shrinks much less compared to other UV resins in the list.

Less shrinkage ratio compared to othersSometimes cause a choking sensation
Easy and efficientLacks consistency
Budget orientedPungent smell
Glossy finishSticky

#2. UV Crystal Clear Resin by Joligel -Best for Budget

UV Crystal Clear Resin by Joligel  


  • Seller- Joligel
  • Net Item Weight – 250gm

This UV resin is good for those who are using ultraviolet resin for the first time. This is thick and consistent. This can also be used as a sealer. It is best to make jewelry. It sticks the object without any bubble formation. It cures fast especially under effective UV lights conditions and in a couple of minutes, the resin is hard and glossy.

The main advantage of this resin is that it dries fully under UV light within a short span. This product is non-sticky and non-foggy. The Joligel resin can be instantly applied as it is available in ready to use form. It is best for jewelry making, crafts decorations, casting and coating, cast figurines and for resin paintings, etc. The resin contains a thick material and therefore it will not develop any cracks over time.

Residue-free productNot applicable for closed molds
Highly AffordablePungent odor
Easily availableToo Thick

#3. Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin by DecorRom– Best Premium Pick

Crystal Clear Hard Glue UV Curing Resin by DecorRom  

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  • Product Dimensions – 1.9 x 1.9 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight – 4.8 ounces

The DecorRom UV resin is made with non-toxic materials and hence very safe even for children. The notable property of this UV Resin is its highly durable crafts- thanks to the fully waterproof material used in making the resin. This UV resin is good for making small pieces of jewelry. It will stick firmly to the jewelry. It cures the items in a minute when it is exposed to any type of ultraviolet light or direct sunlight. When applied to the base, it is very clear and glossy. So, this property will make the resin clean up quickly.

This resin is made for craft purposes so it is made of high quality, non-toxic materials. This resin is available in ready to use format. So, it is very easy to use this resin in a variety of applications including jewelry making, creating different types of craft items, and also in resin paintings. You can also use it for designing different types of garment accessories.

Water-resistantCauses bad smell
Cost-effectiveMore shrinkage
Easy to useSticky

#4. UV Resin Crystal Clear by VidaRosa

UV Resin Crystal Clear by VidaRosa  


  • Product Dimensions- 9.13 x 4.25 x 2.44 inches
  • Item Weight- 12.7 ounces     

This product is good for larger and thicker objects. This resin is clear and cures quickly. The main advantage of this UV resin is that it can easily be handled by children without the help of adults. Though it smells a little pungent when used, it does not give any bad odor after curing. It is easy to clean resin and items like jewelry, artificial nails, etc can be cured by this UV resin which shines like crystals. It is best for handmade jewelry. It has better transparency, lower viscosity, and above all, it cures very quickly. You can easily mix the VidaRosa resin with other pigments to get the desired color for your jewelry. The resin material is transparent and does not produce too many air bubbles. It is non-toxic and therefore safe to use. Besides, it is very easy to remove the resin by using a soap solution or by rubbing alcohol on the surface.

Safe and can be used by childrenNot quite consistent
Easy to clean and removeFoul Smell
Sticks Quickly
Easy to use

#5. UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue and Coating by Limino

UV Resin Hard Transparent Glue and Coating by Limino  

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  • Product Dimensions – 2.4 x 2.4 x 5.5 inches
  • Item Weight – 8.8 ounces

The Limino UV Resin has a great consistency and it needs hardly two minutes to cure under any ultraviolet lights. It is good for curing jewelry that is created from recycled items. It can even be used to stick the wooden items. After applying the resin and leaving it under ultraviolet for 15-20 minutes will make the resin clear, shining, and hard. It will dry quickly under an ultraviolet lamp or direct sunlight. It will cure the object without any air bubbles in it. It has excellent consistency and thus dries hard. The main attraction of this UV resin is its packing with a vivid color range.

This resin doesn’t need to be mixed with any other material. It is ready to use and can be applied instantly. It is widely used for jewelry making, and designing different types of craft items. It is also used in making resin paintings. The resin can be used with other suitable coloring additives to create colorful designs on craft items.

Yellowing ResistanceSometimes it is allergic
ConvenientUnfit for molds
EconomicalBad odor

#6. CHIIRO UV Resin Clear Hard Type Transparent by SAANA

Chiiro UV Resin Clear Hard Type Transparent by Saana  


  • Product Dimensions- 6.1 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches
  • Item Weight- 8.1 ounces

This UV Resin is perfect for use in jewelry. It helps to cure the jewelry with no bubbles. It is useful for both hard and soft materials. The main feature of this product is its high consistency. One of the advantages of this resin is that you can make anything with this UV Resin by yourself without the help of others.

You can use this resin for both hand-made and machine-made jewelry items. This is one of the most widely used UV Resins which can be mixed with ultraviolet resin dye, glitters, or other materials for jewelry making, decorations, coatings, and resin paintings, etc. It can cure smooth crystal-clear surfaces with ease. The resin is anti-scratch and anti-stain. Besides, it also has yellowing resistance properties. The UV resin needs a cool-down period of five to seven minutes. If you mix it with pigment dye the curing will need more time.

Most of the UV resins have some unpleasant odor which feels irritating. Though this UV resin also has some off-smell when used, it does not remain once cured.

Cost-efficientExtended curing time
Widely usedOdor when using

#7. UV Resins Crystal Clear Hard Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin by Oyowooa

UV Resins Crystal Clear Hard Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin by Oyowooa  

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  • Product Dimension – 5.4 x 2 x 1 inches.
  • Item Weight – 3.2 ounces

This UV Resin is good for fixing small pendants and jewelry. This is easy to fix and cure the jewelry. It dries quickly on the surface. It doesn’t form any bubbles. It is also suitable for the silicone mold. The features of self-leveling and self-degassing make the resin very smooth and clear on the surfaces. It does not leave any marks after drying. Its glassy finish, anti-scratch, and anti-stain properties make it one of the best in class UV resins. This resin is also good for fixing glass items and wooden items and providing strength to them.

The resin is ready to use and does not require mixing with any other additives. This ultraviolet resin is used for making many jewelry articles, silicone molds, and crafts items for decoration. It can also be used for casting and coating, in making encapsulate objects, and so on.

Anti-strain, anti-scratch, and yellow-resistanceHigh shrinkage
Good transparencyPungent odor
Easy to useSticky

#8. UV Resin Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Resin by DecorRom

UV Resin Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet Curing Resin  

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  • Product Dimensions – 1.5 x 1.5 x 5.1 inches
  • Item Weight – 2.88 ounces

This type of UV resin needs just an ultraviolet flashlight on it to cure it and it needs just five minutes to dry. In this resin, the bubble formation is less. By using this ultraviolet resin, you can repair the glass items also. It is effective in curing the glass items. This type of resin is mostly used for craft purposes. The UV resin from DecorRom is easy to use and it doesn’t need any measure or mixing. It can be used instantly. It possesses excellent scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and yellowing resistant properties. The resin can be used in making multiple articles including resin paintings. It can also be used to bind the coating of the glossy paper on the heated cylinder. Besides, it finds its application in embedding and jewelry making.

Quick curingShrinkage is more than many other UV resins
Hardens a little more than desired
TransparentOdor is quite unpleasant
Easy to use

Top Pick – Miraclekoo UV Resin UV curing Hard resin

This UV Resin product is the best choice for those who are using the UV resin product for the first time. It can even be used for curing small jewelry items. Apart from jewelry making, Miraclekoo UV resin also finds its application in crafting many different types of items. It is easy to use. Even children can use it without the help of adults as it is non-toxic. The price of the product is affordable to the common man as it is budget efficient.

Best Brand for UV Resin Jewelry


Perfectly fit for all types of jewelry. Miraclekoo UV resin is widely used by people all over the world. The quality of the product offered by Miraclekoo makes it one of the best ultraviolet resin manufacturers. All their products are a perfect choice for beginners. Besides, the professionals also love these products for repairing their items and creating new ones for their customers. Apart from UV Resin, Miraclekoo is involved in making many different items like silicone mold making kit, bubble removing tools, resin pigments, bezel pendant trays, and so on.


Limino is a well-known brand for UV resins. Apart from normal jewelry, it is an excellent adhesive to cure jewelry created from the recycled articles. It is also a wonderful glue to make wooden items. Besides a variety of UV resins, Limino also deals in a big range of other coloring products. Some of these products include a wide range of Soap Colorants, Food Colorings for cakes, and liquid cake icings. Besides, it also sells Resin Pigments for epoxy resin, mica powder, ‘glow in the dark‘ pigment powders and a wide range of alcohol inks.


This is one of the best UV resin brands for making jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and nail art accessories. The DecorRom resins can also be used by children for their craftworks due to their non-toxic properties. It is also a popular brand for Bath Bomb Molds, Soap making scents, soap fragrance oils, Color Pigments, and Mica Powder. Besides, it also deals in a large variety of white and black alcohol inks. Moreover, it also has a wide range of Liquid Icing Food Colorings in its wide product portfolio.

UV Resin Buying Guide

It is not only the transparency but also many other features that determine the quality of a good UV resin. We will share with you some of the most important factors that you should consider when buying the required UV resin for your jewelry.

Curing Time

Though UV resin, in general, takes much less curing time as compared to others, different UV resins have different curing times depending on their composition. So, check for the curing time provided with the UV resin and buy as per your requirement. While using resin, you should also know that the size of the jewelry also determines the curing time. A small piece of jewelry will have much less curing time compared to the bigger pieces of the jewelry articles.

Curing Methods

Some UV resins have the property of curing in normal sunlight. However, exposure to the UV light shortens the curing time quite significantly. To use this method, you require a UV-generator in the form of a UV lamp or UV flashlight.

It means, apart from the curing time of the UV resin, it is the efficiency and effectiveness of the UV-generator that will affect the curing time. So, you also need to consider the power of the UV-generator to get a quick curing time for your jewelry.

Resin Mold

Different resins work on different molds. For instance, some UV resins are compatible with silicone resin molds while some others work with resin mold or polymer clays. So, you should select the UV resin according to your project.

The Type of Resin

You can select between two types of resin viz. Hard Resin and Soft Resin as per your specific requirement.

  • Hard UV Resin is suitable for the resin crafts application and is available in two different textures namely thick and thin texture.
    • These types of resins are used in mold applications if used in their thin texture form.
    • They are also highly suitable for pigment mixing to impart color to the craft.
    • Besides, bezel filling is also one of the highly useful applications of thin types of hard resin.
  • Soft Resins are more flexible compared to Hard Resins and are very suitable for resin crafts application.
    • The thicker type of Soft Resin, however, is not as flexible as Soft Resin with a thin texture.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Resin?

Every product has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of UV Resin are as follows:


  • For using the resin for jewelry purposes there is no need to add the product with the hardener.
  • One of the major advantages is that the resin can be used for a long time as it is necessary to have a UV light to cure it.
  • The curing process of UV resin under any UV light source needs a very short duration.


  • It is costlier than epoxy resin.
  • It requires a special UV lamp for curing purposes. Normal sunlight is not fully sufficient to cure the resin.
  • It has a short shelf life of six months only.

What are the materials needed for working with UV Resin?

There are a few additional tools and utensils required to use UV resin for curing. Some of these items include,

  • UV-generator in the form of a UV lamp or UV flashlight
  • Silicone molds
  • Colored pigments and glitter additives
  • Mixing utensils and stirrer

What protective measures should be taken while working with UV Resin?

While working with UV Resin you should take proper care to ensure it doesn’t come in contact with skin or any other parts of the body. If accidentally it touches your skin then it can cause allergies and itchiness. It is, therefore, recommended to work with UV Resin in a well-ventilated room. Some of the instructions for using UV Resin are as follows.

  • While handling the resin you must wear nitrile gloves.
  • Use long-sleeved clothing or wear a protective suit.
    • In case it comes in contact with your skin, wash immediately with mild soap and water.
  • Protect your eyes with safety goggles.
    • In case resin comes in contact with your eyes immediately flush with water. Continue it for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT RUB your eyes in any condition.
  • Work in a well-ventilated place with sufficient air circulation.
    • In case you find the area not adequately ventilated, use a respirator or a double-layered breathing mask with a filter.

What are the positive properties of UV Resin?

The main reason why people select UV Resin over other types of resins for jewelry making and other crafts purposes is due to its following properties.

  • No compromise with strength
  • Insensitive to impact
  • High resistance to scratch
  • If it is properly prepared there are no chances of a crack
  • High resistance to acids
  • High resistance to electricity
  • Good temperature resistant properties
  • Not flammable in liquid form
  • Less shrinkage property
  • Excellent adhesive properties on almost all materials
  • Resistance to weathering is high
  • Very low shrinkage from liquid to the hard state
  • It possesses characteristics of high durability

What are the Negative Properties of UV Resin?

Positive and negative properties are two sides of a coin. Every product has its positives as well as negatives. However, the negatives of UV Resin are less compared to its positive sides.

  • The speed of light in the resin is not fully guaranteed. It varies according to the property of resin.
  • UV resins may not show high resistance to highly concentrated acids. The concentrated acids may damage the resin.
  • Sometimes it may cause allergies and itchiness to the skin if it accidentally comes in contact with the skin.

How to clean the Resin?

  • Resin is one of the trickiest materials to clean. It is very sticky and therefore very hard to remove from any type of surface or item.
    • If not cleaned properly it can leave bad patches and stains on the items and surfaces it has stuck to.
    • There is also a safety concern in cleaning the resin from the surfaces. If not handled carefully it may irritate your skin.
  • Cleaning the resin by wiping it off is the best way to remove the stains of resin from any type of surface.
    • Cleaning by wiping not only cleans the surface but also removes the stain in a short time without any effort.
  • The most effective way to clean the resin if it accidentally falls on any of the surfaces like glass, or fiber is to rub it with alcohol. You can use alcohol for cleaning resin in two ways.
    • If it is a small item you can soak the items in alcohol for some time.
    • If the item is large as a table-top, spray the alcohol on the surface, allow it for some time to react, and then rub it clean with a dry cloth to remove the remaining residues. It is the best way to remove resin stains.
    • Rubbing with alcohol takes a very short time to clean any surface.
    • You can also use any acidic liquid. But this is not safe for all surfaces. Sometimes it may damage the surfaces.
  • Another option for the safe removal of the resin stain is by cleaning it with oil.
    • Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and peanut butter can also be used to remove the resin stain.
    • Clean the stained surface with oil and leave it for some time and allow it to absorb the resin stain by oil. After that clean the surface with a dry clean cloth.

What are the Tips while using UV Resin for Jewelry?

  • Patience is the virtue of success. While working with UV resins you need to be patient to get good results.
    • Apply thin layers of resin to prevent the formation of air bubbles.
  • If you observe air bubbles, remove them by using a hot air blower.
    • Take all the safety measures mentioned earlier.
    • Don’t blow hot air at a particular point for a long time. Also, don’t use very high temperatures while blowing.
      • UV resins are very sensitive to high temperatures. At high temperatures, they produce a bitterly pungent smell which can be intolerable and can even cause suffocation, in case of inadequate safety measures.
    • Be careful about the embedded object. They can speed up the process of air bubble formation.


The use of UV resins across the world has increased rapidly. The fondness of jewelry among people will always keep the demand for this product growing. The invention of UV resin gives a fresh awakening in the market of jewelry. UV resins have several advantages over the traditional epoxy resins and therefore are fast becoming the preferred choice of the jewelry crafters and other users.

In this article, we shared with you the top 8 best UV resins with their unique features, and pros and cons. We also presented a detailed buyers’ guide explaining the factors to be considered when buying UV resin for your specific purpose. We further shared various advantages and disadvantages of UV resins over other types of resins and the proper way of handling them.

We hope that all these inputs will help select the best UV resin for your purpose. In case you still find it a little difficult to finalize the product, we will recommend you to go with our top pick i.e. Miraclekoo UV Resin UV curing Hard resin for its various exclusive features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is UV resin jewelry safe to wear?

A: The top-class resins including UV Resins are safe to use. In the liquid form, resins are not quite safe and hence require wearing protective clothing. However, once hardened and polished they don’t cause any harm to the skin.

Q: Is resin jewelry eco-friendly?

A: Resins are derived from the plant and therefore are eco-friendly for both the designer and the user.

Q: Is UV Resin expensive and is affordable for common people?

A: High-quality UV Resins may seem to be more expensive compared to other resin types. However, the quality of curing makes it more valuable compared to other types of resins. Besides, by saving a lot of time in curing, it actually becomes more cost-effective compared to other options.

Q: Are all UV resins suitable for both hard and soft materials?

A: No, not all UV resin is suitable for hard and soft materials. It depends on the proportions of its ingredients that make UV resin good for hard or soft materials.

Q:  Are UV resins available worldwide?

A: UV resins are available almost everywhere in the world. However, for good quality products, you must visit the retailers like James Allen, Blue Nile, Amazon, White flash, Ritani, Zales, Kay, clean Origin, and Jared.

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