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Best Thumb Rings

Thumb rings can mean different things more than fashion. For some, it denotes one’s profession. Archers wear thumb rings to protect their skin from getting any injuries. In ancient times, doctors and other medical practitioners wear a thumb ring, signifying their work nature.

However, thumb rings also indicate free will and independence to others. More women are jumping into the craze of wearing classic-looking thumb rings in modern times to express their empowerment. It can also express one’s gender preference, as some people attach bisexuality to this ring. 

If you are curious about these thumb rings’ different styles, we made a list of its top-selling items. Like engagement rings, wedding rings, and fashion rings, they come in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

Read more about it to deepen your understanding of this accessory.  

Top 7 Best Thumb Rings Reviewed

  1. Spinner Band Ring by LC Shop LC – Best Overall 
  2. Basic Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring by King Will – Best Value
  3. Adjustable Inspirational Keep Going Ring by Vrycot – Editor’s Choice
  4. 925 Sterling Silver Ring by Boruo
  5. 6PCS Arrow Knot Wave Rings
  6. Stress Relieving Meditation Oxidized Spinner Ring by LC Delivering Joy Store
  7. Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring by Boruo 

#1. Spinner Band Ring by LC Shop LC – Best Overall

Spinner Band Ring by LC Shop LC

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  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Colors: White
  • Design: Star-Moon
  • Ring Size Available: 5 to 11

Thumb rings can be a status symbol, an indicator of a profession, and a protective gear. However, the world is a colossal place, and people are getting more creative. A thumb ring can now be a source of relaxation and meditation, and its primary example is LC Delivering Joy’s Spinner Band Ring. 

This vintage-style ring has a Star-Moon design that indicates you are one with the universe. Its stress-relieving feature comes from the ring’s spinning movement. Rotating it will distract you from feeling anxious, stressed, and getting more negative energies.

More than its calming use, the ring has a 92.5% sterling silver component. Even those with sensitive skin can wear this accessory because it is hypoallergenic. Its color does not fade quickly with multiple exposures to water and other liquid items. It even looks better than its online images due to its brilliantly cut edges and sparkling clean appearance. 

If you do not like a star-moon design, you can go with floral, infinity, leaf, and other nature designs. You may get this piece for around $24, which is not bad for its fashion and meditating function. Be sure to order a ring that is a size bigger than your normal size for the best fit. 

Available in various designs
Some bands are difficult to spin
It does not tarnish quickly
The size is small
Well-cut with clean polish
Meditating and calming

#2. Basic Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring by King Will – Best Value

Basic Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring by King Will

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  • Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.8 x 2.3 inches
  • Metal: Tungsten Carbide
  • Ring Size Available:  8mm, 6mm, 3mm

Thumb rings are common for men’s fashion. When one wants to put another ring apart from a wedding ring, his second-best choice is a thumb ring for additional style. What most people do not know is a wedding band can be worn on your thumb, too. King Will can prove that with its Basic Men’s Tungsten Carbide Ring.

The tungsten carbide component makes this ring a special and unique one. Durability is the strongest asset of this material because it is harder than its platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and silver counterparts. No matter how you smash, scratch, and damage the ring, it will retain its flawless and smooth design. 

This piece has a brushed center and beveled edges, making it look simple and classy. You may find the ring a little heavy on your thumb, but that is not an alarming concern. 

Moreover, it is also hypoallergenic, like platinum and silver. Thus, you can expect its quality to be long-lasting and not leave any green or brown color marks on your thumb. 

If you have to be concerned about anything, it is making sure that you bought a 100% tungsten carbide ring. Some put cobalt on the ring as an alternative, which costs less and may trigger skin irritation. More importantly, pick the right size because tungsten rings are difficult to resize. 

Nevertheless, King Will is a reliable brand, making these concerns less appalling. 

It can be used as a wedding ring or a thumb ring
The size is bigger than the standard measurement
Hypoallergenic and does not tarnish
Difficult to resize
Durable and long-lasting
Retains color well
Less expensive

#3. Adjustable Inspirational Keep Going Ring by Vrycot – Editor’s Choice

Adjustable Inspirational Keep Going Ring by Vrycot

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  • Metal: Steel and Titanium
  • Design: Silver Never
  • Colors Available: Siver and Black
  • Ring Size: 0.79 in.

The perfect gift is something that would inspire a person about life. A thumb ring can be your go-to item, especially Vrycot’s Adjustable and Inspirational Keep Going Ring. This accessory is perfect for reminding someone that there is more to life than giving up. 

Wearing this ring will not only add to your fashion style, but it can also be an expression of a cause. Some of its statements include quotes about fighting against a life-threatening illness, support for depressed individuals, and equality among races. 

The best part about this piece is you do not need to wait for a special occasion to give this to someone. A random act of kindness through this ring will always brighten someone’s day. 

This product is made from environment-friendly steel and titanium materials that are also hypoallergenic. Its color does not fade, and it is comfortable to wear. The bypass design would secure its place on your thumb, especially if you got the right size. It coils around your finger, adding some accent to your overall look. 

What makes this item quirky is that it has some soft and sweet message on the outside, but the message within exudes stronger and bolder ideas. It is indeed a breath of fresh air for some who want to cut some slack in life. 

The bypass design holds the ring in place
The overall look may reflect its inexpensive price
Hypoallergenic and non-tarnish
Explicit content on the other side of the ring
Perfect for casual attire
Not suitable for formal attire
Inspiring accessory

#4. 925 Sterling Silver Ring by Boruo

925 Sterling Silver Ring by Boruo

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  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 0.08 x 0.06 inches
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Ring Width: 2mm
  • Ring Size Available: 5 to 12 with half sizes

Boruo follows the tagline ‘Silver the world, light up the smile.’ Indeed, its 925 Sterling Silver Ring is the perfect example of such a statement. It has a simple and plain design, but it does not fall behind other thumb rings. It looks clean and glamorous, perfect for people living a modest life.  

This sterling silver ring has a white gold and platinum finish that ensures its shiny and spotless polish. You will fall in love with how it reflects light, adding appeal to your overall appearance. What makes this a competent contender is its strong build that does not bend or break regardless of your lifestyle and work nature. 

Moreover, the ring has a comfortable design as it gives a lightweight feeling to the owner. The ring has no additional stones and unnecessary edges. Thus, you do not need to be extra careful with your movements while wearing this ring. It is tarnish and scratch-resistant, too. 

Giving this item to a special someone or buying It for yourself does not only benefit you and the company. Red Cross gets a share for each penny you pay to Boruo as its partner non-government organization (NGO). The world is facing many crises, and it is the company’s way of giving back to the world.

Therefore, if you want to be fashionable with a purpose, this sterling silver ring is the best item to purchase. It comes with an eco-friendly bag to help you keep it in a safe place. 

Best for people with an active lifestyleThe color may fade easily
Non-tarnish and scratch-resistant
Too plain and simple
Simple, thin, and sturdy

#5. 6PCS Arrow Knot Wave Rings

6PCS Arrow Knot Wave Rings

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  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 2.76 x 0.59 inches
  • Metal: Copper and Nickel
  • Colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • Type: Stackable Rings

Whether you will be attending a fancy occasion or going for a random stroll at the mall, it is always important to be in style. Keeping some easy-to-wear accessories that match with any outfit is a must-have these days. 

Thus, you may want to check on Funeia’s 6-piece Arrow Knot Wave Rings. These are stackable items that you can wear together or separately.

Women love to combine accessories for added glamour. With this set of stackable rings, you will get the following: love arrow ring, feathers ring, ocean wave ring, love knot ring, chevron silver thumb ring, and a simple circle ring. These dainty and minimalist pieces have an open design that makes adjusting a lot easier. 

They are made from lightweight materials, resulting in their soft and bendable nature. You may even wear them as midi rings since altering their size is quite convenient to do. They are available in three metal band colors so that you can pick which style suits you best. The rose gold bands are the crowd favorite of people who are into retro styles. 

For a price of around $30, you will get 6-in-one fashionable and sexy open rings that are perfect as Valentine’s, Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts. Spend less for more is indeed the best definition of this Funeia product. 

They can be worn together or separately
Fragile because of their soft and bendable build
Available in three colored metal bandsNon-hypoallergenic
Simple, minimalist, dainty

#6. Stress Relieving Meditation Oxidized Spinner Ring by LC Delivering Joy Store

Stress Relieving Meditation Oxidized Spinner Ring by LC Delivering Joy Store

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  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Colors: White
  • Design: Boho
  • Ring Size Available: 5 to 11

If you are looking for a more imposing thumb ring at a reasonable price, LC delivering Joy has another item to offer you. It has a wider width that can cover up to your thumb’s knuckles. Like the top item on this list, it is a perfect source for meditation. 

The term ‘hobo’ has a negative connotation in the 1890s, but it has a significant style that many adores today. Its floral and vintage design suits this category, and it can match with any of your antique-looking apparel. You can put the ring on any of your fingers, but placing it on your thumb is the best way to flaunt its style. 

Spinning its fidget is easy to do, making it a convenient way to relax your nerves if you are under an extreme level of stress. You can take this with you when you are at home, school, office, or anywhere you go. 

Moreover, its package includes a beautiful gift box that makes it an elegant gift for a significant other, friends, and family. With its sterling silver material, being wary about any allergic reactions are unnecessary. It is hypoallergenic and non-tarnish. 

Helps in reducing stress
Fragile and prone to damages
Larger-looking design
The band is thin
Wearable everyday
Pure sterling silver
Reasonable price

#7. Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring by Boruo

Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring by Boruo

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  • Dimensions: 0.79 x 0.22 x 0.04 inches
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Colors: White
  • Ring Size Available: 4 to 12 with half sizes

Being unconventional is beautiful. It allows you to stand out as you radiate a fresh vibe to others. If it is the kind of style that you want to pull off, you might want to check on Boruo’s Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring because it has a different design that’s unique from the rest. 

One thing that Buruo promises to its customers is the comfort that its accessories deliver. This item has a white gold glossy finish because of the rhodium plating applied to the ring. The plating also adds durability to it, making it less prone to damages as it retains a stylish look.

Wearing this piece may give you a different feeling than other rings because of the three metals interlocking together. It might chip in the long run as the metals run over each other. Thus, it is not advisable to use this item all the time. You can reserve it for special occasions instead.

Nevertheless, it still adds an accent to your style, and you may also use it together with other minimalist rings. It may look plain and simple because it does not have any stones on it, but the complex design makes this thumb ring an ordinary piece.

Besides, you can get this item at $13, making it a good buy if you are on a tight budget and still wants to rock your fancy outfit. 

Brilliant design in a plain and simple styleThe metals may chip in the long run
Best worn with other minimalist rings
Tarnished over time
Sparkling clean
Unique design

Top Pick – Best Overall Thumb Ring

Your ring finger is called that way because it is where you should put the ring. However, this rule has been broken many times because fashion is meant to bend the rules. Today, you can wear a ring on all of your fingers, and you can even join all your accessories together. 

There is no wonder why thumb rings are getting more attention. Aside from its added accent to your overall style, it also conveys a deeper meaning. Thus, if the idea of wearing a thumb ring excites you, why not buy one at the best value?

We highly suggest Shop LC’s Spinner Band Ring because it is a multifunctional accessory that is not too expensive. It is made from hypoallergenic materials that are suitable for any skin type. Aside from being a fancy accessory, you also get a piece that helps relax your nerves at any time. 

It may not have the most durable features, but it has a balance of style, functionality, price, and quality. You will love how well-polished this item is than how it looks online. Please ensure to get the right size to avoid returns and resizing. 

Best Brands for Thumb Rings

Shop LC

We consider Shop LC as one of the most reliable sources of affordable and premium fashion accessories. It began in 2007 with a different name. The shop’s original title was The Jewelry Channel that focuses on selling diamonds and gemstones. 

However, a recession hit the USA in 2008, affecting the business. The owners almost lost hope and began to liquidate their merchandise until they noticed a steady growth in their sales. 

They renamed the shop to Liquidation Channel, which has been its name from 2008 to 2016. The business underwent another rebranding in 2017 to fit the overall theme of their commerce. 

Shop LC means Shop Low Cost because its goal today is to provide a low-cost shopping experience to its customers. It is the company’s way of delivering joy to people on a tight budget but still want to find top quality items. 

From precious stone, Shop LC now sells fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items. It provides customer-centric services and gives back to the community through partnering with reliable NGOs. The brand is on the front line of feeding children worldwide and retired military veterans in Austin, Texas. 

King Will

If you are looking for wedding rings and fashion rings that are less expensive and unconventional, King Will is the answer. Unlike other leading brands in the market, King Will is a relatively new company, which began in 2014. 

Its original market is selling bracelets, rings, and necklaces made of tungsten. However, a touching story convinced them to focus on tungsten carbide rings. The story revolved around a bride-to-be who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. 

She and her husband were eyeing one of King Will’s rings, but it was out of stock. The company owners were so moved by their love story that they decided to remake the ring exclusively for the couples. Since that event, King Will focused on making couples happy with their affordable and 100% tungsten rings. 

If you read our review about the brand’s top-selling thumb ring, we already mentioned that tungsten is more durable than platinum, gold, and silver. It may not be a favorite pick to most couples because of its dark color, but it has a long-lasting structure that can last more than 20 years. 

Its strength is as strong as the true love you found with your significant other. Thus, if you want a true find for a thumb ring, King Will is the right place to be. 


If you are looking for a legitimate source of sterling silver, BoRuo is another contender. The brand offers various rings, bracelets, and necklaces with a .925 stamp, indicating its products’ pure quality. While there is a shortage of information about its history, BuRuo has a wide array of fashion items.

Browsing on its website is quite easy because the buttons are readily available on the screen. Like the first two brands, BoRuo offers less expensive items to its customers without compromising their quality. You will find sparkling clean silver in their catalog, and almost all have dainty designs.

Whether you are into open rings, minimalist rings, wedding bands, or stackable items, BoRuo has them all. Another thing that makes this brand stand out is the eco-friendly bags on its product’s packaging. With their hypoallergenic pieces, they are the perfect presents for your loved ones. 

The Symbolisms of Thumb Rings – A Unique Buyer’s Guide

The use of rings can be traced back to 2500 BC. The Hittites and ancient Egyptians combined gold with precious stones, like lapis lazuli, emerald, and rubies, to make precious rings. 

The Greeks and Romans followed their footsteps, but they use silver and bronze instead due to the absence of a gold mine near them. It was in the Middle Ages when Europeans began to use multiple rings on their hands.  

More than a ring’s design, their placement, and structure signify certain meanings. Fashion, even in ancient times, resembles certain symbolism explaining why one dresses uniquely. Even thumb rings convey a message that some may not get if they are not familiar with it. 

Below are some meanings that you can attach to your thumb rings as you buy one.

#1. Protection

In ancient times, archery is an essential activity for hunting and sports. Today, box-office films highlight archery as a powerful skill through fictional characters, like Legolas, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, and Robinhood. It is also an official sport in the Olympics. 

Protection is the reason why archers wear a thumb ring. They were typically made of leather, wood, bone, ivory, glass, or ceramics. The ring serves as an added layer to an archer’s thumb so that its skin will not get any injuries as one draws the string to release the arrow.

#2. Status Symbol

History would tell us that only the rich and powerful can wear rings. Thumb rings signify one’s rank in society, especially for men. 

The bravest warriors and richest men like to wear the heaviest and most ornate items as it sends a message that they are a force to reckon with when it comes to battles. Moreover, doctors and other medical practitioners wear this item to differentiate their profession from the rest.   

That is why thumb rings today are closely associated with masculinity. Most men prefer putting a ring on their thumb instead of on the ring finger. It also indicates that they are not yet tied for marriage. 

#3. Freedom and Individuality

This one is a more modern take of thumb rings. They say that the thumb ring’s size symbolizes the amount of freedom you want to express to the world. It may also indicate your support for free will and the uniqueness of one person to another. 

 Thumb ring placements are also important. Putting it on your left thumb may mean that you are emotional, shy, closed-off, and retrieves the world’s challenges inward. On the other hand, those wearing it on the right hand have an easy-going personality, logical, and larger than life vision. 

It can also be a sign of being brave since you allow yourself to be different from others. 

#4. Women Empowerment

Since thumb rings are most common to men, it does not mean that women cannot wear them. Like Cara Delevigne, Zendaya, Tyra Banks, and Kirsten Stewart, celebrities wore this fashion piece on some of their TV appearances. 

Gone were the days that only the richest men can wear this item. Anyone who can afford to buy it can wear and rock their overall style with this piece on them. 

#5. Sexuality

For members of the LGBT community, wearing a thumb ring is a symbol of bisexuality. Some people wear this piece intentionally to tell the world who they are. It can also be an indication of their relationship status. Wearing it on the left thumb means they are in a relationship, and the right thumb means they are single.

You might want to accept these meanings or not. The truth remains that they linger on people who believe in these ideas. Still, wearing a thumb ring for some is plainly for fashion purposes, and that is alright. 

No matter what significance you attach to it, you are all good as long as you are comfortable wearing a thumb ring.


Thumb rings are not your ordinary fashion accessories. They are bizarre, and they mean different things to people. Like other rings, they come in different styles that suit one’s personality. Some look plain, minimalistic, ornate, and grand. They differ in prices, too! That is why it is essential to find a fashion ring with reasonable prices and premium quality. 

In this review, we highlighted seven of the best-selling thumb rings on Amazon and other commercial platforms. People adore them because they are affordable and stylish. Shop LC and its Spinner Band Ring top our recommended items because of its multifunctional capacity.

It is not only a ring, but it is also a piece that can relieve your stress and help you meditate. As its name suggests, you can spin the ring while focusing on an idea, getting anxious, or feeling afraid. Putting it on your thumb makes fidgeting more convenient to do. 

However, not all thumb rings have spinning bands. Some are only sterling silver bands with plain designs, and others have a more complicated structure. Whatever you choose, it all boils down to your taste, budget, and comfort.

Luckily, fashion thumb rings are less expensive than engagement and wedding rings. Plus, they come in countless designs. Thus, you will never run out of choices. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are thumb rings trendy?

Yes, they are trendy. Several celebrities complete their look with a large-looking thumb ring. As one of the fashion accessories in the market, its demand may fluctuate and rise, depending on people’s interests. However, it is not a favorite jewelry piece of royalties.

Is it okay for women to wear thumb rings?

Thumb rings are not solely limited to a specific gender. Anyone can wear a thumb ring, even if they are perceived as masculine by tradition. Fashion is about breaking social norms. Thus, women can wear whatever they want, including thumb rings.

Why are thumb rings less expensive than engagement and wedding rings?

Most thumb rings have less valuable materials. Some are made of tungsten, alloy, or silver. They may look brilliant and elegant, but they are not as intricate as engagement and wedding rings. Stones used in thumb rings are typically imitations. Real diamonds are found in the latter.

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