Top 8 Best Red Gemstones | 2021 Reviews + Guide

Many have fallen in love with red gemstones due to its enchanting and sophisticated color. Red has become a popular gemstone color, even throughout history. Precious red stones, such as ruby, red diamond, and garnet, have been valued both by jewelry dealers and collectors.

Red is known for its strong symbolic associations with blood, love, passion, and fire. It also makes an eye-catching center stone for any jewelry item as it looks beautiful with any skin tone. Unfortunately, in the world of gemstones, finding pure red gemstone is often rare or almost impossible. 

Regardless of its meanings and symbolisms, red gemstones can be used as an ornament or an additional accent to any fine jewelry. You can find several red gemstones in a wide range of varieties, shades, and prices.

This buying guide will give you a rundown of the best red gemstones that are widely used worldwide. It will also include the top brands that offer rare and natural red gemstones and a buyer’s guide to help you learn how to judge a red gemstone’s distinctive qualities. 

Keep reading to discover more about the best red gemstones on the market. 

Top 8 Best Red Gemstones Reviewed

  1. 0.72-Carat Oval Ruby by James Allen – Best Overall
  2. Red Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value
  3. Oval Crimson Red Topaz Loose Gemstone by Mysticdrop – Editor’s Choice
  4. Tumbled Red Jasper Stones by Nature Land Candles
  5. Fancy Dark Reddish-Brown Loose Diamond by Leibish & Co.
  6. Bixbite Red Beryl Crystal with Matrix by Singularity Rare & Fine
  7. Natural Red Zircon Gemstone by Pushpa Retail 
  8. Natural Red Agate Torch Crystal by DingSheng

#1. 0.72-Carat Oval Ruby by James Allen – Best Overall

0.72-Carat Oval Ruby by James Allen


  • 100% natural ruby gemstone
  • Gem weight: 0.72 carats
  • Corundum specie
  • Oval shaped
  • Heated gemstone 
  • GIA Certification included

James Allen is a well-known supplier of premium quality crystals, including red gemstones. The Oval Ruby by James Allen is made of 0.72-carat of natural ruby gemstone. With its rich red hue and smooth shine, it is not surprising that ruby is the most popular red gemstone.

Ruby exhibits various shades of pink, orange, and brownish-red. It obtained its color from chromium and iron. Color is an essential factor that sets apart affordable and expensive rubies. It is also highly durable, ranking as the second hardest red gemstone (9 Mohs).

Rubies have zero cleavage, which means they make a perfect gemstone for everyday jewelry like bridal rings. The most highly valued ruby has a medium-dark red color, known as pigeon red. 

Prestigious red gemstone
Synthetic varieties may create confusion
Incredible hardness
Very expensive
High fluorescence

#2. Red Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value

Red Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Carat weight: 0.71
  • Radiant shape
  • S12 clarity
  • Thick to extremely thick girdle
  • Medium fluorescence
  • Dimensions: 5.86 x 4.50 x 2.92 mm

Blue Nile is an online jewelry retailer that has been operating for 21 years. The Red Radiant Cut Diamond is one of their stunning selections for red gemstones that boasts its fancy red hue. Red diamonds are an extremely rare variety of colored diamonds, often found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil. They are so rare that only 20 to 30 pure red diamonds are known to exist with more than half a carat in size. 

Unlike other fancy colored diamonds that obtained their color from nitrogen and boron impurities, red diamonds are purely made out of carbon, like the colorless varieties. It acquires its red color through a rare occurrence within its atomic structure.  

Analyzed by GIA with certificationExtremely expensive
Expertly cut

#3. Oval Crimson Red Topaz Loose Gemstone by Mysticdrop – Editor’s Choice

Oval Crimson Red Topaz Loose Gemstone by Mysticdrop

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  • Loose oval red topaz
  • Fine loop-clean medium red colored gemstone
  • Gem weight: 2.67 to 3.66 carats
  • Dimensions: 10×8 mm
  • AAA grade gemstone

The Oval Crimson Red Topaz Loose Gemstone from Mysticdrop is an AAA-grade oval red topaz loose gemstone. Red topaz is a variety of imperial topaz that comes in different colors ranging from pinkish red, yellow pink, and orange. It is also one of the most expensive of all imperial topazes.

Red topaz is sourced in Brazil and comes in rare deposits. It has a hardness scale of 8 Mohs and undergoes heat treatment to enhance its reddish color. However, red topazes with deep natural red color are considered more precious and valuable.

This gemstone has a vitreous luster and is entirely free from inclusions. It is also the perfect gemstone for pendants and necklaces and can make a stunning center stone for engagement rings. 

Zero to one inclusion
Often heat-treated
Good durability
Quite expensive
Very durable

#4. Tumbled Red Jasper Stones by Nature Land Candles

Tumbled Red Jasper Stones by Nature Land Candles

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  • One set of tumbled red jasper stones
  • Natural polished gemstone 
  • Sourced from South Africa
  • Quantity: 1lb. (20 to 30 pieces)
  • Medium durability
  • Opaque red gemstone variety

The Tumbled Red Jasper Stones from Nature Land Candles is a single set of natural red jaspers polished gemstone sourced from South Africa. It is a variety of quartz widely abundant in nature and can be found almost anywhere.

With decent craftsmanship, red jasper can transform into an exceptional jewelry piece with an added bohemian touch. It is an opaque gemstone with rich red color and vitreous luster, which doesn’t require heat treatment.

This gemstone has a fair share of drawbacks as well. It is less durable (6.5 Mohs) and relatively soft than other red crystals. It also breaks or chips easily when exposed to rough conditions. 

Widely abundant
Breaks and chips easily.
Very cheap

#5. Fancy Dark Reddish-Brown Loose Diamond by Leibish & Co.

Fancy Dark Reddish-Brown Loose Diamond by Leibish & Co.

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  • Fancy dark reddish-brown loose diamond
  • 100% natural champagne diamond 
  • Pear shaped, VS2 clarity
  • GIA certified
  • Gem weight: 0.25 carats
  • Not treated or enhanced

Leibish & Co. is one of the leading suppliers when it comes to fancy colored diamonds. The Fancy Dark Reddish-Brown Loose Diamond is one of their most stunning red diamond selections made of 100% natural champagne diamond with VS2 clarity. 

Only a few diamond dealers worldwide sell pure red diamonds as they are extremely rare and most valuable of all colored diamond varieties. Even vivid red diamonds are nearly impossible to be mined, and only a handful of individuals possess this type of stone.

Red diamonds acquired its red color due to deformities in the crystal lattice within the carbon atoms. When light passes through the stone, it becomes bent, allowing the stone to appear red.

Genuine earth-mined diamond
Lab-created varieties may confuse customers
Dark reddish-brown color
Very expensive and rare
Very durable

#6. Bixbite Red Beryl Crystal with Matrix by Singularity Rare & Fine

Bixbite Red Beryl Crystal with Matrix by Singularity Rare & Fine

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  • Red beryl (bixbite) with matrix
  • Gem weight: 6.31 carats
  • Sourced from Wah Wah Mountains 
  • Transparent, gemmy specimen
  • Classic bixbite color, red with a hint of violet
  • Doubly terminated, midpoint fracture 

The Bixbite Red Beryl Crytal with Matrix by Singularity Rare & Fine is a 6.31-carat authentic red beryl sourced from Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Formerly called bixbite, red beryl is an extremely rare specie of beryl. 

Pure beryl is originally colorless. It turns into colored beryl when mineral impurities come into contact with its stone. These colors include emeralds, green beryl, and rare red beryl. It is also recently discovered in the mid-20th century and considered one of the rarest gemstones in history. 

Red beryl may sometimes contain minor inclusions but does not entirely affect the gemstone’s value and price. It also makes a stunning ornament for any statement jewelry.

Genuine red beryl
Very expensive and rare
Rich red color

#7. Natural Red Zircon Gemstone by Pushpa Retail

Natural Red Zircon Gemstone by Pushpa Retail



  • Certified natural red zircon
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Gem weight: 7.25 carats
  • Medium hardness
  • Great brilliance

The Natural Red Zircon Gemstone from Pushpa Retail is a certified natural red zircon with 7.25 carats. Zircon is often confused with cubic zircon, due to its similarity. However, the latter is a synthetic and cheaper gemstone. 

In truth, red zircon is a very rare zircon variety. It has a vivid red hue with orange and purple undertones. Despite its excellent brilliance, red zircon is not ideal for everyday jewelry due to its average hardness rating (6.5 to 7.5 Mohs). However, zircon is relatively affordable, and most species undergo heat treatment to enhance its optical features.  

Incredible brillianceOften compared to synthetic cubic zirconia.
Very affordable

#8. Natural Red Agate Torch Crystal by DingSheng

Natural Red Agate Torch Crystal by DingSheng

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  • 100% natural red agate 
  • Torch crystal quartz bullet shape
  • Weight: 1.8 to 1.9 lb. 
  • Banded stone
  • Waxy luster
  • Medium durability

The Natural Red Agate Torch Crystal by DingSheng is made of authentic natural red agate with a torch crystal bullet shape. Red agate is rarely seen with a pure red color as most varieties have white to grey bands. If you have seen a pure red agate, then it is probably dyed.

This gemstone has a distinctive waxy luster and smooth sheen. It is also very durable, with a hardness rating of 7 Mohs. This gemstone can be made into cabochon cuts due to its smooth features, making it an ideal gemstone for most jewelry pieces.

Other red agate varieties are relatively cheap, but the price may often depend on its craftsmanship and setting.

Very affordable
Most varieties have dyed colors.

Top Pick for Best Red Gemstones: 0.72-Carat Oval Ruby by James Allen

Red is certainly a stunning color that will immediately draw attention. It has been a dominant color among colored gemstones as it is widely used to make jewelry, like pendants, necklaces, and rings.  

Red gemstones come in various kinds of minerals and hues, and the list goes on. While this buying guide did not mention all the available red gemstones in the market, it has highlighted the bestselling varieties and the most used gemstones for fine jewelry.  Although each item comes with unique characteristics, the Oval Ruby by James Allen is the top pick for best red gemstones due to its exceptional brilliance and vivid red color.  

James Allen is a reputable dealer of high-quality colored precious gemstones, including red gemstones. This precious item is made of 0.72-carat natural ruby gemstone.

Ruby is the highly sought-after red gemstone in the jewelry industry. With its smooth sheen and deep vivid red hue, it is no doubt that ruby is appreciated for its exceptional visual qualities. It displays various shades of orange, pink, and brownish-red. The combination of chromium and iron is the reason behind its eye-catching deep red hue. Color is a vital factor when evaluating a ruby’s overall value and price.  

Rubies have zero cleavage and are highly durable (9 Mohs), making it an ideal center stone for essential jewelry items, such as bridal ring sets. Plus, it ranks second as the hardest red gemstone. The most highly valued ruby variety has a medium-dark red color called pigeon red.

Best Brands for Red Gemstones

While some red gemstones can be extremely rare, there are reputable and reliable online jewelry retailers that offer valuable precious stones in their large jewelry inventory. More people opt to shop online as they serve as a one-stop-shop for premium quality gemstones. Take a look below and see what these online brands have to offer.

Blue Nile

In 1999, Blue Nile began with a simple vision of transforming the jewelry business. It all started when Blue Nile’s founder, Mark Vadon, searched for an ideal engagement ring. During his search, he noticed that many people are frustrated with the entire jewelry shopping experience. Some find it intimidating, confusing, and, most of all, overwhelming.

Mark decided to adapt an online business model and acquired Internet Diamonds. He then built a personal brand called Blue Nile. It was built on the premise of utilizing a convenient way of buying jewelry and diamonds. In just a few years, Mark’s vision for the company was quickly adapted by Blue Nile by becoming a reputable diamond and jewelry retailer worldwide.

Blue Nile believes in the customer-first philosophy by offering its clients professional service, quality selections, and accessible information. They work with passionate diamond experts and jewelry artisans to provide stunning choices for their product line.

Currently, Blue Nile delivers exceptional diamond and jewelry collections at the best price and value through an empowering online shopping experience. Some of their products and services include “Build Your Own” diamond and jewelry function, diamond consultation, proprietary diamond search, fine jewelry, and fancy colored diamonds.

James Allen

Since 2006, James Allen has changed the way people shop for diamond and fine jewelry online. It started in 1998 after a husband and wife team established an online jewelry retail website called

By 2005, R2Net, an e-commerce platform, merged with the website and was later introduced as Since then, James Allen took on a new marketing strategy by becoming a more sophisticated jewelry retailer, where they offer diamonds and jewelry from leading jewelry authorities. 

Ten years later, James Allen quickly picked up its pace in the online jewelry industry by becoming the leading online retailer in jewelry sales. James Allen is known for using 360° Diamond Display Technology, where they exhibit more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds in a highly magnified HD. They also offer a massive number of personalized styles, 24/7 real-time diamond inspection service, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Leibish & Co.

If you’re searching for high-end colored gemstones, look no further. Leibish & Co. is an internationally recognized colored diamond specialist and online retailer of fine jewelry. This company is known for its natural fancy colored diamonds and gemstones, such as Canary Yellow and Argyle Pink.  

Leibish & Co. is a close-knit family business that began in 1979 and soon became a leading supplier of colored diamonds and gemstones to famous designers, jewelers, and manufacturers.  

This company boasts of its massive selections of colored diamonds, both in ideal and fancy cuts, including various sizes, clarities, and hues fit for any budget. They source their stones in Africa, India, Russia, and Australia, which all came from legitimate, conflict-free sources. 

Features to Consider When Buying Red Gemstones (Buyer’s Guide)

Red gemstones come in different kinds of minerals, hues, clarities, unique features, etc. With all the number of red gemstone varieties available worldwide, it can be pretty tough to identify each one of them. That is why this buyer’s guide will give you a glimpse of the popular red gemstones used in jewelry items, including a brief discussion of their special qualities.


Rubies are the most precious and valuable colored gemstone. Natural untreated rubies are very expensive and extremely rare, so most of the ones you come across on local or online gemstone dealers are either treated or synthetic. Most rubies undergo heat treatment to improve its brilliance and color to make them more desirable. 

For those who want the best variety of ruby, the pigeon blood red is the most stunning and expensive red gemstone with vivid red color. Rubies are made of corundum and are simply known as sapphires in a red hue. They have an impressive hardness scale (9 Mohs), making them resistant to breaking or chipping. 


Garnets are often confused as rubies due to its vivid red color. Generally, garnets have a natural dark red color and tone than rubies. They are also relatively affordable, abundant, and available in stunning pieces. 

This gemstone is often eye-clean and transparent with no visible impurities. However, they are not very hard (6.5 to 7 Mohs) and can be easily damaged or scratched. When used in rings, garnets require to be mounted in protective settings. 

Red Zircon

Red zircon is a stunning precious gemstone with vivid red colors with orange or purple secondary tints. It is often mistaken for cubic zirconia, a cheap and synthetic stone with similar features to red zircon. 

Although red zircon is a stunning gemstone for any jewelry, they have medium-hard features (6 to 7.5 Mohs) due to its brittleness, making it susceptible to damage. Most red zircon varieties available in the market are often heat treated.

Red Diamond

Red diamonds are the rarest and most precious of all red colored diamonds. Unfortunately, finding a high-quality, vivid red diamond is almost impossible since only a handful of them exist.

Most colored diamonds obtained their color due to a foreign or chemical element during its formation. Meanwhile, red diamonds acquire their red color due to deformations in crystal arrangement in their carbon atoms. When light passes through it, it becomes bent and appears red.

Red diamonds come with secondary tints, which can affect its price. A more affordable option is the synthetic red diamond. 

Red Agate

It is rare to find a red agate with a single red color as it is often found with banded layers of white or gray. If you encountered a red agate in pure red color, it is most probably a dyed variety. Agate is often known for its stunning waxy luster and smooth sheen, making it perfect for cabochon cuts.

Red agate has translucent to opaque varieties with average durability (7 Mohs). It can be applied in various jewelry pieces with reasonable care to last a long time. Although it is a relatively affordable gemstone, the type of setting used and quality can further increase its price.

Red Topaz

Red topaz is one of the most precious topaz colors. It becomes even more valuable when it has deeper and vivid hues. It is also an ideal gemstone for jewelry due to its excellent durability (8 Mohs). Plus, it is also very affordable and relatively abundant.

This gemstone has a vitreous luster and offers more brilliance when faceted. Most red topaz is often transparent and comes with little to no inclusions. They are also often heat-treated to enhance their vivid red color.

Red Jasper

Jasper is a member of the quartz family that come in a wide range of colors, with red being the most common. It is an opaque gemstone and is known for its several patterns and spots. A piece of fine jewelry made out of jasper gives off a unique bohemian vibe.

Red Beryl (Bixbite)

Not all people are familiar with bixbite, but it comes from the same mineral family called beryl, including aquamarines, emeralds, and morganites. The word bixbite is the term used for beryl’s red stone version. In truth, it is known as the rarest gemstone in history. 

Red beryl is a newly discovered gemstone in the mid-20th century. It is found in small sizes with pinkish to reddish shades and often under one carat. It comes with few inclusions, but it doesn’t entirely affect the stone’s overall value.  

Red Coral

Red coral is a type of organic gemstone often found under the ocean and made from small marine species known as coral polyps. It is formed when coral polyps build their homes and dye, creating stunning underwater structures. It also contains calcium carbonate and is considered a very soft stone (3 to 4 Mohs).  

This gemstone comes in translucent to opaque varieties with vibrant and eye-catching red shades. It is also shaped into beads, cameos, and cabochons. Although it is not completely lustrous, it can display a smooth, glossy surface when waxed and polished. 

Red Spinel

Red spinel is another popular gemstone variety. It is often mistaken for ruby due to its similarities and was only later identified as a gemstone due to modern gemological technology. One of its standout features is that it exhibits excellent clarity with rare inclusions. They are also brilliant and transparent due to their high refractive index and dispersion.

This gemstone is also highly durable (8 Mohs) and can be used for any everyday jewelry piece. It is also quite affordable and rarely treated or enhanced. 

Red Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a member of the quartz family, making it very abundant and affordable. It has a reddish top brownish-red hue with wooden and earthy colors. It is often banded with beautiful dark patterns that add character to the gemstone. Like red agate, it creates a unique bohemian vibe when set into jewelry.

Tiger’s eye exhibit chatoyancy, a unique phenomenon among gemstones called the cat’s eye effect. It also has a smooth, silky luster and iridescence.


Red gemstones are indeed one of the most sought-after colored gemstones due to its enchanting and fascinating hues. They have been valued for centuries, and the trend continues up to the present. Its eye-catching features led it to become a dominant color among fancy jewelry items, such as pendants, rings, necklaces, or even beadworks. 

The Oval Ruby from James Allen is the top pick for best red gemstones due to its incredible brilliance and vivid red color. James Allen is a well-known retailer of premium quality colored birthstones and jewelry. While they have several colored gemstones, this one makes a stunning 0.72-carat natural ruby gem.

Ruby is the most popular red gemstone for jewelry. It has a smooth sheen and deep vivid red hue, exhibiting an exceptional vivid red color. It also displays various hues from orange, pink, and brownish-red.

Color is indeed an essential factor in gem purchasing, and it can be pretty tough if you are looking for a rare colored gemstone. Hopefully, this buying guide has helped you discover the best red gemstones in the market. All of them come with unique qualities that will certainly suit your preference and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where to shop for the best red gemstones?

Since red is an extremely famous colored gemstone, it will be easy for you to find the best selection whether you shop at local jewelry shops or online retailers. However, searching online gives you more abundant options and styles, including rare varieties. Plus, they also offer exciting discounts and exceptional customer care.

More people these days prefer online gemstone vendors as their one-stop-shop for jewelry and precious stones. One example is Amazon, which offers a decent range of loose gemstones and red gemstone jewelry. You may also check out Leibish & Co if you want high-end selections and untreated red gemstones and fancy colored diamonds. 

What type of metals will complement red gemstones?

Although red may appear as a feminine color, you can find several red jewelry designs for both men and women. Red gemstones pair well with any metal color. The stone gives off a contemporary look when set in silver-colored metals, such as silver, white gold, or platinum. It takes on a more vintage impression when the silver metal is well-polished to exhibit an elaborate design.

Meanwhile, red gemstones on yellow gold deliver a traditional look. Yellow gold is a classic jewelry color, therefore creating a vintage appearance. Another interesting pairing is rose gold and red gemstone. While not everyone will love its combination, it still makes up for a beautiful jewelry piece. 

What skin tone goes well with red gemstones?

Most people tend to overlook how skin tone can affect their gemstone choices. Generally, a certain color goes well with certain skin tones than other varieties. Red looks better with cool skin tones as it will stand out brilliantly against the skin. Unfortunately, a red gemstone can make warm skin tones appear dull.

Still, you are not strictly required to follow this rule. If you think the gemstone looks beautiful against your skin, you better follow your preference.

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