Radiant Cut Diamonds Buying Guide (2021 Update + Reviews)

Best Radiant Cut Diamonds

Compliment your rare beauty with a diamond that radiates brilliance and sparkle. With 70 light-reflecting facets, radiant-cut diamonds is a favorite pick for women. Stars like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston have made this piece even more popular.

It has an almost-octagon shape that is closely similar to a princess-cut diamond. This piece fits people who love to flaunt their flashy and sparkly jewel because of its larger face-up look. A precious stone like this suits well to someone with an outgoing personality.

Get to know more about this luxurious item through this article. We lay all the best pieces available in the market along with tips to consider before buying them.

Hop on to the wagon, and brace yourself for a glamorous learning experience about radiant-cut diamonds.

Top 7 Best Radiant Cut Diamonds Reviewed

  1. Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen – Best Overall
  2. 1.57-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value
  3. 0.53-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Editor’s Choice
  4. 0.73 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen
  5. 1.01-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile
  6. 2.51-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile
  7. 1.51 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen

#1. Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen – Best Overall

Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen


  • Color: F
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Carat Weight: 1.28
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.27

Some diamonds grow naturally, while others come from laboratories. None of them are technically better than the other because both are legitimate diamonds. Thus, never doubt James Allen’s Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond’s quality.

Add some sparkle to your casual and formal attire by wearing a piece of jewelry with this diamond as the centerpiece. Its color F quality leaves the stone looking translucent and elegant. Even at a closer look, the blemishes are less visible, making it more attractive to the naked eye.

James Allen guarantees that its synthetic diamonds do not have added treatments to improve clarity and color. Despite growing in a laboratory, its components are all-natural, and it has the same value as that of naturally-grown diamonds.

Since radiant-cut diamonds do not have a standard cut grading, the test boils down to the stone’s proportion. Fortunately, this piece has an identical measurement from the corner to the sides. Its carat weight is even ideal for the perfect engagement ring.

While it is not the least expensive piece, we ranked it at the top spot because the price justifies its size and quality. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) also certified the diamond’s lab grade.

Perfect length to width measurementsShallower depth than other diamonds
Lab-grown with no artificial add-onsPrice is expensive
Goes well with any feminine attire
Higher color and clarity grade
IGI certified

#2. 1.57-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value

1.57-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Color: D
  • Clarity: IF
  • Carat Weight: 1.57
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.41
  • Fluorescence: Strong Blue
  • Girdle: Thick

From a subtle and reasonable diamond, let us jump to a more expensive one. Blue Nile’s 1.57-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond has promising features that you can rarely find. They also justify the five-digit price that comes with this item.

4Cs affect a diamond’s valuation. If a diamond has a heavier carat weight and higher ratings in cut, color, and clarity, you should not be surprised if the price jacks up.

This Blue Nile diamond has a color D grade and Internally Flawless clarity. They are the highest degrees a diamond can get from a certifying body, like GIA. It means that the diamond is colorless and spotless; therefore, it is rarer and more valuable.

The thick girdle quality adds to the diamond’s durability. Hence, you can pair it with any settings, and it will always end up looking sleek and classy. However, this item emits a strong blue fluorescence, making it look cloudier than it should be.

Nevertheless, this diamond has that radiant and sophisticated glow perfect for high-end occasions. Anyone who receives a gift like this is indeed the lucky girl that everyone will envy.

The highest grade for color and clarityLooks hazy due to fluorescence
Size is enough to flaunt its facetsLess affordable price
Glows in darker rooms
Spotless beauty
GIA certified

#3. 0.53-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Editor’s Choice

0.53-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Color: H
  • Clarity: VS1
  • Carat Weight: 0.53
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.02
  • Girdle: Slightly Thick to Thick

Radiant-cut diamonds can either be elongated or square, depending on their length to width ratio. If you prefer a square one, Blue Nile’s 0.53-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond is a perfect pick. It looks similar to an emerald cut diamond, except that the latter looks cleaner.

This piece is perfect for women with wider hands because it gives your fingers a slimming effect, like oval-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds. Moreover, it is not as expensive as other items since its quality falls to the best value category.

Radiant diamonds require a higher color grade to make them look extraordinary. This diamond falls to the most recommended rating, which is color H. It also has a Very Slightly Included clarity grade, signifying that you can only notice its blemishes if you magnify it up to ten times.

With a thicker girdle, the brand can guarantee that this diamond has a stronger build. However, the demand for this type of diamond is lower because other, more reasonable options are available.

Still, it is an ideal pick for people on a tighter budget but still want to pull off their dream wedding proposal.

The recommended grade for color and clarityThe size is smaller for an engagement ring
It has a lesser amount of dark spots withinEmerald stones can be a better alternative
Gives a slimming effect to your hands
Visible fire and brilliance
Best value for money

#4. 0.73 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen 

0.73 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen 


  • Color: D
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Carat Weight: 0.73
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.27
  • Fluorescence: Medium

Make your every penny count by purchasing from the most reliable jewelry brand. James Allen has thousands of diamonds to offer, and its 0.73 Carat Radiant Diamond is an item that you must not miss. It may sound like a less exciting pick, but its quality is as premium as others.

The diamond’s size is enough to showcase its radiant beauty without flaunting too much. You get that beautiful radial look on the surface without any traces of yellowish pigments since it is a color D diamond. While its clarity is not internally flawless, it almost has the same quality as the James Allen diamond on the first spot.

You will never regret picking this as your wedding ring, especially if you pair it with a platinum or white gold shank. It catches anyone’s attention, but it does not intimidate. Wearing this piece will make you feel like a princess from a royal family.

While the price is quite overwhelming at an almost $2000 value, skipping it should be your last option. It is quite rare to find a diamond with a fair size and a reasonable price.

Crystal clear facets with less intimidating designLess suitable as a centerpiece for earrings and pendants
Highest color rating and spotless flawsA less noticeable fluorescent glow
Best value for its size and qualityExpensive price
Suitable for any jewelry setting
GIA certified

#5. 1.01-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

1.01-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Color: G
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Carat Weight: 1.01
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.22
  • Girdle: Very Thick

Here is another loose diamond from Blue Nile that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. It has the same consistent quality that the brand is proud of, and you will love how exquisite it will look on any of your fascinating outfits.

The 1.01-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond has an elongated shape suitable for pendants and rings. A platinum shank in a solitaire setting will highlight its grandeur, and you can even set it with a three-stoned ring for a better-looking piece of jewelry.

Like the rest of Blue Nile’s products, this diamond has fewer flaws, making its price more valuable. However, since it is a radiant-cut stone, you can expect it to be less expensive than round ones.

Overall, this item is another example of Blue Nile’s brilliance in handpicking stones. Thus, if your budget fits the price, give this piece a chance and see the glow of happiness that will emanate from your loved one’s face.

Price is less expensive than other pieces.Not a favorite pick to most buyers
Perfect for any occasions
Less visible blemishes
Well-cut proportions
GIA certified

#6. 2.51-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

2.51-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Color: F
  • Clarity: VVS2
  • Carat Weight: 2.51
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.30
  • Girdle: Thick to Very Thick

If you can afford a more expensive and prestigious gift, go all-in with Blue Nile’s 2.51-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond. For a whopping amount of around $35,000, you can get a valuable piece that has everything you want in a diamond.

Its carat weight is the main reason it has a higher cost. However, that is not yet the whole package. This stone also has a color F grade, explaining the crystal clear sparkle it illuminates once exposed in the light. No wonder why it satisfies every woman’s dream of a glowing piece of jewelry.

More than that, it has little to no blemishes. Thus, you will enjoy how smooth and beautiful it looks from afar and up close. Indeed, comparing it with others will only highlight its radiant and flawless appearance.

As flattering as it may look, the price is your biggest enemy in this diamond. Lucky are those who can afford it, but the company also offers installment payments if you cannot pay it on a one-time basis.

You still have a chance to own this one of a kind piece, so better grab them as soon as possible before it sells out.

Available in an installment planLess practical choice
Higher color and clarity ratingExpensive price
Heavier carat weight
Crystal clear sparkle
Lesser blemishes

#7. 1.51 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen

1.51 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen


  • Color: H
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 1.51
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.25

We finish our recommendation list with James Allen’s 1.51 Carat Radiant Diamond. It does not have the worst features among all the pieces, but its quality and price are not as reasonable as the first ones mentioned. While it does have several positive traits, the less appealing ones may offset them.

The most remarkable asset of this piece is the carat weight. Compared to the other James Allen items, this one is heavier. It also falls to the color H grade and Slightly Included clarity rating, the recommended degrees for the best monetary value.

These qualities may be impressive, but they failed to stand out from the rest. Despite its near-colorless grade, the yellowish tone is still apparent. It may look a little hazy, but not too noticeable. Nevertheless, they do not make the diamond’s worth any less valuable.

It still has that fine and classic look that you can pair with rose gold or copper bands. You may also pair it with other stones that can help highlight the diamond’s fire and brilliance.

Falls to the safety range for color and clarityLess reasonable pick relative to quality and price
Size highlights its internal facetsNoticeable yellow pigment
Brilliant elongated cutExpensive piece
Larger-looking stone
Heavier carat weight

Top Pick – Best Radiant-Cut Diamond

Radiant-cut diamonds are not the most in-demand variety today but is attracting more attention in recent years. One thing that hinders it from outshining others is the presence of poorly truncated diamonds. However, if you land on a perfectly proportioned piece, you know it is a true find.

Like other diamonds, this piece requires some grade level for color and clarity. Its valuation is highly affected by the 4Cs that gemologists identify and rate. Checking them out will help you better understand the stone’s quality.

However, not all people have the patience to sift through these details. Thus, if you are one of them, you probably went straight to this section to know our most recommended item.

Among all radiant-cut diamonds in the market, James Allen’s Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond has our support. It checks affordability, durability, and elegance. It has one of the highest color and clarity ratings among all the pieces on our list. Plus, its lab-created trait makes it a cruelty-free and eco-friendly stone.

This diamond is perfect for an engagement or wedding ring because it has the right size, fire, and brilliance. Thus, you can already secure your partner’s overwhelming joy with this piece.

Best Brand for Radiant-Cut Diamonds

James Allen

James Allen is the best online diamond retailer in the world. It houses more than a hundred thousand stones, handpicked for their best qualities. It even stands better than famous companies such as Tiffany and Cartier.

This brand changed the traditional way of jewelry shopping. Today, driving to the nearest department store or jewelry shop has become obsolete. With James Allen’s Diamond Display Technology, you can shop in the comfort of your homes, offices, or wherever you are in the world. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Scrutinizing a diamond’s quality is on another level of experience with the high-definition virtual samples available on James Allen’s website. These images are the exact reflection of what you will be getting once you check out a piece. Thus, you know what to expect once the package arrives at your doorsteps. It also made a stone’s GIA report available online.

More than the display features, this company allows you to customize your pieces of jewelry. You may also specify what you are looking for using its well-detailed filter options. If you need more help, its helpline and accessibility to experts are open 24/7.

The best part about James Allen is the competitive price tag of each item. They are not as expensive as mall prices, but the quality is even finer and better. The company follows a successful business model that gives its customers the most valuable diamonds without milking their bank accounts. The company saves a lot from being an online retailer, which also affected their pricing.

It is the ultimate source of diamonds and other valuable gemstones that you can gift to your partner, friends, and family.

Blue Nile

If the race is about who took the first step, Blue Nile wins in this division. Since 1999, you will never miss looking at Blue Nile’s diamond in the limelight. Most of its pieces cost lesser than James Allen, but the quality is as competitive as how the business is running.

Skeptics towards the company’s legitimacy is not a new story because of the price offerings that Blue Nile put to the table. However, it will not last this long if it is a source of fake and illegitimate stones. The key is an effective business model.

The company may have a more limited number of diamonds and gemstones than others, but it can also guarantee that you will not close the browser without anything on your cart. If that happens, it would be a shame to Blue Nile because the core reason why it started is out of the founder’s frustration in finding an engagement ring for his wife.

Thus, it is a favorite spot for patrons with a tighter budget. They have in-store pieces with a different cut, color, and clarity grades. They have rings, bracelets, and other ornaments in different styles and settings. Blue Nile’s product list is quite massive, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

If you reach this point, you might need some background and help from an expert. Thanks to Blue Nile’s sincere concern for its customers, the company also made its contact lines available at any time of the day.

History of Radiant-Cut Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds became available in the market later than the other diamond varieties. Henry Grossbard is the name you should remember when it comes to this valuable piece.

He apprenticed with a diamantaire during World War II and later became a master cutter. In 1976, Henry invented a hybrid cutting style that gave birth to the radiant-cut design. From then on, square-cut diamonds’ brilliance became a competitive rival of more popular varieties, like round and oval-cut pieces.

A year later, Henry established the Radiant Cut Diamond Company (RCDC) to market his invention. Unfortunately, his success halted when he left the world in 2005 in a hit-and-run accident. His children took over the business afterward.

Innovation is the root of the radiant-cut diamond’s invention. Before 1976, step-cut edges and square diamonds are less appealing and fall to the pyramid’s bottom. Today, more and more men and women are showing interest in owning a piece of jewelry with this design.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Naturally Grown Diamonds

You noticed that our top recommended diamond in this article is lab-grown. While we mentioned a piece of information about this term a while ago, you will be learning more about it in this section.

The majority of radiant-cut diamonds are lab-grown because it is a result of a hybrid process. Thus, it will help if you learn more about the term to improve your knowledge of diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds, also called synthetic diamonds, give mixed feelings towards consumers. We want to correct several misconceptions because this piece is as precious as naturally grown ones. It even has benefits that you cannot acquire from the latter.

First Misconception: Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Fake

No, they are not fake diamonds. As its name implies, the diamond results from mixing several elements found in a naturally grown stone inside a laboratory. They technically have the same components, and they radiate similar sparkle.

Color and clarity are not even relevant issues to lab-grown diamonds because gemologists grade them similarly to the naturally grown pieces.

Second Misconception: Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Softer and Fragile

We hate to break it to you, but this perception is wrong. The answer lies to the first misconception. Since a lab-grown diamond has the same components as naturally grown diamonds, both have similar toughness and strength.

None of them are softer than the other.

Third Misconception: Lab-Grown Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia Are Similar

Cubic Zirconia is a diamond-like stone invented in 1976 at a laboratory. It may look flawless and colorless, but it has less fire and brilliance than a real diamond. Plus, it is also softer and gets scratches easily since it is not as tough as legitimate diamonds.

Thus, Lab-Grown Diamonds are not similar to Cubic Zirconia. The former is a legitimate piece, while the latter is only a low-cost imitation.

What Makes Lab-Grown Diamonds Better Than Naturally Grown Diamonds?

As the world modernizes, the manner of producing gemstones also evolved. We now have better technologies that help us produce more without hurting the environment. This idea goes with lab-grown diamonds.

Mining diamonds is a great contributor to pollution and environmental degradation. With lab-grown diamonds, mining becomes less convenient. With a more cost-effective way of producing diamonds, its market price is also lower than mined ones. Thus, you are simultaneously helping the environment and saving more money.

However, this process does have a drawback. It increases the value of mined diamonds because of the rarity in the market. Plus, growing diamonds in a laboratory is expensive, demanding, and a tedious pursuit. The sustainability of this process is quite questionable.

Terms to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Radiant-Cut Diamond – A Buyer’s Guide

You now learned almost everything that you need to know about radiant-cut diamonds. The last portion that we want to impart is the terminologies you should always remember when buying one. These terms will help you breakdown a diamond’s quality so that you can quantify if the price is right for your chosen piece.


‘Cut’ is the first C in the infamous diamond term ‘4Cs.’ It represents symmetry, dimensions, and reflective qualities. Round, princess-cut, and cushion-cut diamonds are examples of varieties that follows a standard cut grading.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) identifies to which grade does a diamond belongs. It can be Ideal, Very Good, or Good. Blue Nile’s highest standard is Astor Ideal.

However, this grading does not apply to all varieties. Oval-cut, pear-cut, and radiant-cut diamonds are more difficult to quantify. Thus, their measurements become subjective, depending on which setting or ornament you will use the diamond.


Naturally, diamonds have yellow pigments because of the presence of Nitrogen. However, some rare items have near-colorless to colorless features. Thus, GIA grades the diamonds based on the faintness of the color.

Most jewelry shops do not sell pieces with grades L to Z because their color is unpleasantly visible. The least grade accepted in James Allen and Blue Nile is grade K. It still looks yellowish, but it is beautiful when paired with copper and rose gold bands.

The highest and purest color grade is D, and the most valuable range for money are the near-colorless group from G to J. Like cut grade, higher color grades mean more expensive price.


The clarity of a diamond is another crucial aspect when assessing it. Most, if not all, customers prefer flawless jewelry because it emits better brilliance as light passes through it. Why would you spend a lot of dollars on a stone that does not sparkle?

Thus, you must check the clarity rating of a diamond. It is natural for it to have blemishes, but the key here is finding a piece with the least flaws. Its grading system is as follows in ascending order:

  • Included 1
  • Included 2 and 3
  • Slightly Included 1 and 2
  • Very Slightly Included 1 and 2
  • Very Very Slightly Included 1 and 2
  • Flawless to Internally Flawless

Most items available in the market range from SI1 to VVS2 because they have the best market value. They already look eye-clean from a wearer’s perspective. Thus, spending more for the highest grade becomes impractical.

However, some still prefer an Internally Flawless piece since it’s the rarest of them all.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is the physical weight of a diamond. Thus, the higher number of carats, the heavier a diamond is. The heavier it weighs, the more precious it becomes.

However, it does not necessarily mean that a 1.0-ct round diamond has the same size as a 1.0ct radiant-cut diamond. The latter looks bigger than the former because it has a wider surface area. Thus, it tricks the mind to believe that a radiant-cut is larger than round pieces.

They still have the same weight, but not the same symmetries.

These are the primary factors that you should be extra careful when buying a diamond. We want you to get a premium item at best possible value. Thus, knowing these terms is a huge help for your assessments.


You and your recipient’s preference should be the top priority when buying a diamond. A radiant-cut is one of the many options available in the market. If you go for this piece, you should get familiar with terms that will help you decide which brand and item to choose.

Their carat weight, color, clarity, and cut dictate the amount equivalent to its value. The list may be long for this variety, but we highly recommend that you pick James Allen’s Lab-Created 1.28 Carat Radiant Diamond. Apart from it being cost-effective, it has the same premium quality as naturally grown diamonds.

However, you still have the option to go for a lower or a higher price. What matters is that you feel satisfied as a customer. In the end, a diamond will always be a precious and timeless piece regardless of its price and shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is radiant-cut better than cushion-cut diamonds?

When it comes to brilliance, radiant-cut diamonds shine better because it has more facets and a larger table. Thus, you can notice how light passes through it beautifully. Apart from this, both diamonds require the same color and clarity.

If you are into flashy items, you should better a radiant-cut piece.

Do radiant-cut diamonds look bigger than others?

Yes, they do. The reason for it is the larger surface area to perfect its shape. Thus, it would look larger than other diamonds with the same carat weight. However, it compromises the diamond’s depth.

Is a radiant-cut diamond perfect for an engagement ring?

Most modern women love diamonds with a larger face-up design. If you or your fiancé is one of these women, then the answer is yes. Again, this piece has a larger surface area. Thus, its fire and brilliance become more visible and prominent.

However, if your loved one prefers less eye-catching jewelry, you may check on round and princess-cut diamonds.

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