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Purple gemstones have been around in the jewelry industry for a while. As unique as they may seem, purple gemstones are mainly used to produce artifacts and fine jewelry. Although they may not be popular as other colored gemstones, they come in different varieties and styles.

Although purple has been used in jewelry since ancient times, you can’t as many types of purple gemstones. While other gemstones have hundreds of varieties to choose from, the number of purple gemstones varieties are quite scarce. 

They also come in different shades, such as lavender, mauve, and the most popular, lilac. Since purple gemstones are rare and have the deepest hue among precious stones, they also come with a high price.

For those who want to add a dash of purple to their jewelry collection, you may find this buying guide helpful as it provides you the best purple gemstones in the market. You will also find a product review of the best purple gemstone jewelry, the types of purple gemstones, what they are, and the best brands for colored gemstones. 

Read on and find the best purple gemstone that will complement your style. 

Top 8 Best Purple Gemstone Reviewed

  1. Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO – Best Overall
  2. Princess Cut 2.00ct. Amethyst Necklace by Peora – Best Value
  3. Hummingbird Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace by Amazon Collection – Editor’s Choice
  4. Silver Necklace Bracelet in Purple Druzy by WISHMISS
  5. Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace by Gem Stone King
  6. 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Earrings by Jewelry Bliss
  7. Cushion-Cut Amethyst Ring by Blue Nile
  8. 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet by James Allen

#1. Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO – Best Overall

Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO

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  • 100% natural amethyst purple gemstone
  • Crafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Adorned with sparkly cubic zirconia
  • Anti-tarnish rhodium plating
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • 0.3-inch gemstone diameter

The Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings from EL UNO is made from 925 sterling silver with an oval-shaped natural, deep purple amethyst gemstone. Its metal has anti-tarnish properties with rhodium plating, prolonging its quality and shimmer. It also includes sparkly cubic zirconia placed below the earring hook for an elegant and graceful accent.

This purple dangling earring is safe to wear since it is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, making it an ideal jewelry piece for those who have sensitive skin. Plus, it comes with decent size and weight for a more comfortable fit.

EL UNO earrings include an exquisite gift packaging so you can readily present it as a fine jewelry gift for your special someone.

Rhodium-plated sterling silverFour common settings are too common
Cubic zirconia adds sparkle
Smaller than they appear in the picture
Hypoallergenic earrings

#2. Princess Cut 2.00ct. Amethyst Necklace by Peora – Best Value

Princess Cut 2.00ct. Amethyst Necklace by Peora

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  • Genuine princess-cut amethyst
  • Royal purple hue with brilliant sparkle
  • Total carat weight: 2.19ctw.
  • Includes complimentary 18-inch sterling silver chain
  • Exclusive craftsmanship and styling
  • Includes gift packaging 

The Princess-Cut Amethyst Necklace is one of the great selections in Peora’s Amethyst Curated Collection. When we talk about purple gemstone, it hard not to mention amethyst. It is one of the most favorite purple gemstones that gives you a bold and elegant look. 

This necklace has a princess-cut pendant made of amethyst with a royal purple color and brilliant sparkle. Its solitaire setting holds the amethyst purple gemstone in a perfect and stable position.  

Instead of sterling silver or stainless steel, Peora opts for a more durable pick with the 14k white gold. Its stunning metal accent gives the necklace a more luxurious and classy impression. You don’t have to worry about losing its shine since white gold is a high-quality metal. 

Peora guarantees that all their jewelry pieces are made of fine quality materials. All their products are handcrafted with excellent craftmanship.  

Made of solid and durable fine precious metals
A little pricey
Hypoallergenic and nickel-free
Includes extra silver chain

#3. Hummingbird Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace by Amazon Collection – Editor’s Choice

Sterling Silver Purple Humming Bird with Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace, 18'

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Specifications :

  • Swarovski crystal hummingbird pendant
  • Made of sterling silver
  • 18-inch box chain with a spring-ring clasp
  • Amazon curated jewelry
  • Highest precision and infinite brilliance
  • Fine crystal components made by Swarovski

Are you a nature lover? Do you love the sweet chirping of hummingbirds? If the answer is yes, then this dazzling purple gemstone necklace is for you. This Hummingbird Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace from Amazon’s Curated Collection is a fancy sterling silver Swarovski necklace. It is loaded with charms that will brighten up even your dark-colored outfit.

Its sterling silver chain adds a touch of sophistication and femininity without taking all the attention. It has an 18-inch chain, which is long enough to fit perfectly like other necklaces.

Its standout feature is the hummingbird pendant filled with sparkling Swarovski fine crystals. It makes a dazzling impression out of this simple jewelry piece with almost 97 amethyst stones. You can wear it on a casual day or add an accent to your formal wear.

Complements dark-colored outfits
Doesn’t have an extender chain
Looks pretty as advertised
Very tiny loop chain
Very affordable

#4. Silver Necklace Bracelet in Purple Druzy by WISHMISS   

Silver Necklace Bracelet in Purple Druzy by WISHMISS

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  • International high-quality drusy
  • Fastens with a lobster clasp
  • Extension design (45cm + 5.5cm extension)
  • Crystal-covered rock design
  • GTC-certified natural drusy
  • Elegant back, comfortable to wear

For girls who do not want to settle with a single shade of purple, you will certainly love the Silver Necklace Bracelet in Purple Drusy from WISHMISS. It is a unique drusy purple gemstone with a simple single-string chain. 

Once it gets hit by light, the drusy gem reflects various purple hues, making the necklace noticeable even at long distances. You may want to partner it with a lighter shade top to highlight the necklace as your statement piece. 

WISHMISS includes an extended silver chain on its package so you can have more extra space if you want to match the necklace with other pieces. It also includes a lobster clasp for more secure closure.

Reflects different purple hues
Can lose shine overtime
Sparkles when hit by sunlight
Includes extendable chain
Fairy durable gem

#5. Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace by Gem Stone King

Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace by Gem Stone King

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  • Crafted in high-quality 14k yellow gold
  • 100% natural purple amethyst pendant
  • Cushion checkerboard setting 
  • Complementary 18-inch yellow gold chain
  • Total carat weight: 9.00ctw.
  • Proudly custom-made in the USA

The Purple Amethyst Pendant Necklace from Gem Stone King is made of 14k yellow gold with a cushion-checkboard purple amethyst pendant. Gem Stone King is one of the leading producers of fine jewelry with high-quality gemstones. Their company has been around for over 100 years, so can you assure you are buying from a reputable jewelry vendor.

Equally simple and sophisticated, wearing this pendant will surely put you in the spotlight. This pendant is the perfect jewelry piece to complete your elegant ensemble. It also comes with an equally stunning yellow gold chain for an all-around accent.

This necklace makes a versatile piece that can easily adapt to your colored outfits. Despite being a piece of high-end jewelry, the price you pay for this dazzling necklace will be worth it. 

Stunning and all-around flattering jewelry
The chain is too thin
Great design, no metal mountingA tad bit expensive
Sparkly amethyst pendant

#6. 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Earrings by Jewelry Bliss

14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Earrings by Jewelry Bliss

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  • Crafted from 14k yellow gold
  • Oval purple amethyst gemstone
  • Round brilliant-cut genuine gemstone
  • Stud setting earring
  • Post-with-friction backing
  • Four-prong setting

Dazzle in the moonlight all night long with the 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Earrings by Jewelry Bliss. These whimsical and elegant fine gold earrings include brilliant-cut pure amethyst gemstones that you will surely fall in love with. It also uses a 14k yellow gold accent for a timeless feminine fashion.

These yellow gold earrings have a four-prong setting featuring an oval-shaped purple amethyst gemstone. Its studs sit perfectly on top of the stone, and each piece complements its yellow gold-tone. However, this earring is not for the faint of heart. It works best for women who have a unique and bold personality. You can wear it on special occasions, such as cocktail events, fancy dinners, or galas. 

Nicely crafted purple amethyst earringDiamond stones can go unnoticed.
Comes with a padded jewelry box
Amethyst is heat-treated
Plenty of gemstones

#7. Cushion-Cut Amethyst Ring by Blue Nile


  • Made of 14k rose gold
  • Cushion-cut Amethyst (heat enhanced)
  • Comfort-fit wear
  • Prong setting
  • Eye clean clarity
  • Total carat weight 0.21

Amethyst is regarded as one of the most popular gemstones due to its elegant purple hue, affordability, and abundance. If you are born in February with an amethyst birthstone or simply love purple, you will certainly fall head over heels with the Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring with Twisting Halo from Blue Nile.  

This dazzling fashion ring combines the twist of brilliance and touch of purple to give an elegant and sophisticated sparkle to your look. It features entwined rows of dazzling diamonds that add grace to this beautiful ring crafted in 14k rose gold. 

You can rock this glamorous jewelry piece with a long gown or a semi-formal outfit to make it look more amazing. It also makes an excellent gift for your wife or your special someone. 

Elegant twisting halo design A little heavy
Available in blue topaz

#8. 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet by James Allen


  • Purple oval amethyst
  • 14k yellow gold
  • Eye-clean clarity
  • Total carat weight 7.92
  • Vibrant line bracelet

For those who want a dash of simplicity and elegance in their casual outfit, the Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet from James Allen is the perfect match for you. It features a colorful oval-shaped purple amethyst tastefully set and aligned in a stunning yellow gold for a more vibrant feel. 

This earring is completely flexible and light, which will certainly add a pop of color to your overall look. Since it is from James Allen, you can guarantee that it came from a reputable jewelry vendor with years of experience in the jewelry industry. This dashing jewelry piece comes with quality packaging, 30-day returns, free FedEx shipping, and a lifetime warranty. 

Simple and sophisticated design
Gemstones are too small.

Top Pick for Best Purple Gemstones: Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO

As rare as they might seem, purple gemstones are always abundant and shouldn’t be too hard to find. You can find them in various jewelry styles, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Among other colored gemstones, purple gemstone jewelry delivers the strongest fashion statement due to its mystic and elegant value.

While this buying guide gave all the most elegant selections, you might be keen to find out which among them reign the best. After narrowing all the finest qualities of what people are generally looking for in a purple gemstone and comparing it with the top selections on this list, the Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO takes the top spot as the best purple gemstone for fine jewelry. 

These elegant dangling earrings from EL UNO is made of 925 sterling silver with an oval-shaped natural purple amethyst gemstone. This earring will help you accent your everyday casual look with its purple gemstone accent. 

With its stunning color and eye-catching gloss, this earring will perfectly match any clothing, allowing you to control any style. Its sterling silver material has anti-tarnish properties with rhodium plating, prolonging the earrings’ lifespan.

This dangling earring is safe to wear for those who have sensitive earlobes since it’s hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Besides its opal amethyst stone, it also includes sparkly cubic zirconia that will certainly bring out your elegance and grace.

You may want to check out other pieces mentioned in this buying guide for those who are not fond of wearing dangling earrings due to its flashy and over-the-top design. All of them are guaranteed high-quality and uses the most brilliant type of purple gemstones.

Best Brands for Purple Gemstones

Even though purple gemstones are not quite popular among the top favorite colored gemstones, you can still find plenty of options both on physical stores and its online counterpart. However, searching online gives you plenty of access on hard to find purple gemstones. You will also find some of the finest designs you won’t see in any brick-and-mortar jewelry shop.

Take a look at some of the best brands that offer purple gemstone jewelry.


Established in 1999, Peora is a family-owned company that creates handcrafted quality gemstone jewelry that emanates elegance and empowers every wearer. This company believes that exceptionally handcrafted jewelry has the power to invigorate the spirit, evoke beauty, and elevate occasions into memorable moments. They also made it a mission to provide highly affordable luxury pieces and quality collections. 

Today, Peora is known for its expertise in sourcing quality gemstones and their passion for handcrafted craftsmanship. One of their famous collections is the Peora Ameythst Curated Collection, featuring various jewelry selections made from the finest African rough material.  

Gem Stone King

Gem Stone King is one of the leading online jewelry retailers with over 3,000,000 online sales. This company has been in the jewelry business for more than 100 years. It was the current CEO’s great grandfather, Elyahu Holzer that started the family business in 1903.

They currently have various branches worldwide, including New York, Belgium, Thailand, and Israel. The Internet played a huge role in the company’s success. It made it possible for them to reach a wide consumer base by directly offering their fine merchandise.

Today, Gem Stone King proudly offers a massive product line, including colored diamonds, loose gemstones, beautifully polished diamonds, and fine designer jewelry. They guarantee that all their collections cater to modern fashion trends.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile came about when Blue Nile Executive Chairman Mark Vadon when through a frustrating search for the best engagement ring. He recognized that a huge number of consumers are not truly comfortable with the traditional jewelry-shopping experience.  

In 1999, Mark Vadon acquired Internet Diamonds, renamed it Blue Nile Inc, and the rest is history. Since then, Blue Nile has become the leading online dealer of fine jewelry and diamonds. This company guarantees the ultimate customer experience by providing customers unique online tools, a massive inventory of jewelry pieces, and in-depth educational materials about the jewelry industry. 

Features to Consider When Buying Purple Gemstones (Buyer’s Guide)

Purple jewelry pieces are known for their touch of elegance and sophistication. With its deep and dark hues, purple makes one of the most eye-catching gemstones.  More often, purple is associated with wealth, nobility, pride, and power. It also plays a huge role in influencing an individual’s clarity of thoughts.

To make sure you get the most luxurious purple gemstone that depicts prestige and class, you need to know which ones will best suit your style. Here are the different types of purple gemstones for jewelry.  

Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds are an exclusive type of gemstone that is completely rare and expensive, especially if the gemstone has a vivid and saturated color. However, there are also affordable gems, including synthetic and enhanced alternatives.

Purple diamonds come in different variants, such as grape, plum, orchid, and lilac, where they are often used to describe its color properties. Premium quality purple diamonds are a great investment among collections and diamond enthusiasts. 


Amethyst is the most well-known purple gemstone due to its abundance, good hardness, and affordability. Before, amethyst was considered a cardinal gemstone, on par with other premium gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. However, after finding large deposits of amethysts in Brazil, prices suddenly drop. 

Amethyst comes in different purple shades, with the deepest purple hue as the best. They are also durable enough but may require reasonable care to maintain their color and luster.

Purple Chalcedony

Purple Chalcedony is available in different purple shades from dark purple to light lilac. Its shades vary from translucent to opaque with glasslike to waxy luster, making it a very appealing gemstone with a rich natural color. 

This purple gemstone is often used in engravings and cravings. They are also ideal for ethnic and bohemian jewelry designs. 

Purple Spinel

Purple spinal comes in a variety of purple hues, such as mauve and lilac. They are also relatively affordable and very durable, which makes it suitable for everyday wear. More often, purple spinel is never enhanced or treated, so if you see a purple spinel on your jewelry, they are more likely to be natural. 


Iolites are known as of the most sought-after gemstones. Not only are they very abundant, brilliant, and very affordable, their stunning features can rival the beauty of the most expensive gemstones, such as sapphire and tanzanite purple gemstones.

Despite its beauty, iolite is often undervalued due to its extreme abundance. However, a beautifully-faced iolite provides an eye-catching brilliance, perfect for rings and dangling earrings.

Purple Jade

For most people, when they heard the word jade, the color green quickly comes into mind. However, jade is available in a range of colors, including deep purple shades. They also come in two varieties: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite has better quality and is often pricier, while nephrite is more abundant and affordable. 

Purple jade comes in opaque and translucent varieties with a smooth, waxy luster. They can also be cut into various shapes, including carved and special smooth cuts. 

Purple Sapphire

Most people assume that sapphire only comes with a single vivid blue color. However, sapphire also has a purple shade, which is more expensive and rarer than its blue counterpart. They are also durable, hard, and extremely resistant against chipping and breakage. 

Due to its brilliance and durability, purple sapphires make a great choice for engagement rings or an everyday jewelry piece.

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite is a well-known gemstone among collectors, but it is not commonly used for jewelry due to its poor durability. High-quality purple fluorite should be eye-clean with very good transparency. It also boasts of its incredible glassy luster. Despite its very soft consistency, they still make a great gemstone for pendants and earrings. 

Purple Kunzite

Kunzite is one of the least-known gemstones that come in pink and purple shades. Its purple hue has a lighter color, but it can also have an intense and vivid hue for some stones. This gemstone is available in different fancy shapes with good transparency and a lack of inclusions. It also makes a perfect accent for large statement jewelry.

Purple Tourmaline

Purple tourmaline is the least popular tourmaline variant but has a beautiful color when set in jewelry. It also comes in a range of purple hues and can be extremely affordable. This gemstone has good durability and can last for a long time, along with reasonable care. 


Initially discovered in Japan, sugilite is known as a rare gemstone. It can be found in different varieties like dark blue-purple and faint pink-purple varieties. It also ranges from opaque to translucent clarity. This gemstone is rarely treated and enhanced; rather, they are often carved into elaborate and beautiful designs.

Purple Jasper

Although Jasper is commonly red, it also comes in purple shades. This gemstone has an interesting combination of patterns and inclusions that add character to a gemstone, which you may find extremely desirable. It is also affordable and an ideal gemstone for statement pieces and costume jewelry designs.


Even during ancient times, purple gemstones are often used in elegant pieces due to their highly attributed mystic value. Today, purple gemstones are used as jewelry designs to create a bold and strong fashion statement.  

That being said, choosing the right purple gemstone jewelry will certainly add elegance and glamor to your everyday or formal look. It will give your clothing the right balance of color and contrast. 

This buying guide has given all the bestselling purple gemstone jewelry online. Each selection came from various brands that boast of their quality gemstone and craftmanship. While they are all beautiful on its own, the Natural Amethyst Dangle Earrings by EL UNO reigns as the top pick for the best purple gemstone for fine jewelry. 

This dazzling purple gemstone earring is made of 925 sterling silver with an oval-shaped natural purple amethyst gemstone that brings gracefulness and elegance to any occasion. Its fine metal has a rhodium plating that does not tarnish and maintains its quality for a long time. It is also hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

Besides its eye-catching amethyst gemstone, it also includes sparkly cubic zirconia for a shimmering accent. This exquisite earring can be worn every day as it’s lightweight and provides a comfortable fit.

There is no doubt that purple gemstones are one of the most beautiful types of gems. Although they are not as popular as other colored gemstones, they still make a great addition to fine jewelry. If you got yourself one, consider yourself lucky. 

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should I clean purple gemstone necklaces?

Any necklace can last for several years if you take good care of it. All it needs is a few cleaning and occasional maintenance. You can start by getting a jewelry case with individual compartments. Since purple gemstone is slightly delicate, it needs to be separated from other types of jewelry.

You should clean your necklace with water and a soft cloth. Do not apply chemical solutions, such as toothpaste. Some metals are extremely sensitive, and using toothpaste can only damage the metal and gemstone. Meanwhile, organic purple gems should only be cleaned with water.

Where can I buy purple gemstone jewelry?

Although purple gemstone is quite rare in every jewelry collection, you can still find some stunning collections in reputable jewelry shops, malls, and clothing stores. But if you want a massive selection to choose from, you can try online jewelry retailers. These websites offer a great inventory of fine jewelry that comes with generous discounts.

You can begin your search with some of the top fine jewelry vendors, like James Allen and Blue Nile. Both of these stores guarantee the best shopping experience by allowing you to inspect your chosen jewelry piece in real-time. Online shops are the best bet if you are looking for value-priced pieces with great quality and benefits. 

What should I look for in purple gemstone earrings?

When picking gemstone earrings, always make sure that it has guaranteed authenticity. You should always look for appraisals and certification to know if you are getting the real thing. Besides diamonds, gemstones are also graded according to the 4 Cs. All the gemstone information should be included in the certificate, as you may find it useful if you want to resell it. 

Another factor to look for is sensitivity. Since some people tend to be allergic to metals, make sure that the earrings are safe for sensitive skin. You can choose high-quality metals that are hypoallergenic and free from nickel, lead, and cadmium content.  

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