Top 7 Best Purple Diamonds l 2021 Reviews + Guide

Purple Diamonds

Grape diamonds, plum diamonds, and orchid diamonds are some of the few alternative names for purple diamonds. This piece is one of the rarest among all colored stones, and it does not fail to exude a beautiful radiance that royalties cannot resist. Only a few can afford to own this stunning beauty. 

Passion, mystery, and magic are three words that are closely associated with purple. Making it the main addition to an engagement ring signifies calmness and bringing back balance in life. While all of these sound breezy and soothing, how much do you know about purple diamonds?

Making a sound decision when buying diamonds is important. However, detailed information about this stone is as rare as the stone’s existence. Thus, we gathered all the essential data you need to know about purple diamonds. 

We will walk you through the best and brightest purple diamonds in the market today.

Top 7 Best Purple Diamonds Reviewed

  1. 0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond by James Allen – Best Overall 
  2. 0.40 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen – Best Value
  3. 0.50 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen – Editor’s Choice
  4. 0.54 Carat Heart Diamond by James Allen 
  5. 0.20 Carat Cushion Diamond by James Allen
  6. 0.26 Carat Marquise Diamond by James Allen
  7. 1.01 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen

#1. 0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond by James Allen – Best Overall

0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond


  • Shape: Cushion Modified
  • Color: Fancy Deep Purple with Pink Overtone
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 0.60
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.01

Indulge yourself with James Allen’s 0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond. It is one of the few precious stones with the best qualities in the purple diamonds department. Thus, you would not want to miss this exceptional piece if you are a hardcore fanatic of colored diamonds. 

The golden rule in colored stones is prioritizing the color intensity and existence of a secondary tone. As its shade gets deeper and vivid, the more valuable a stone gets. This James Allen item is the prime example of a gemstone with a higher intensity grade.

Its strongest asset is the fancy deep purple feature that brightens and sparkles with enough light passing through it. The pink overtone adds some quirky personality to the diamond, but it might not be detectable because of its deeper and darker shade. 

Since its clarity quality is within the safe threshold, you might notice some blemishes within or outside the diamond. However, its color makes its flaws less noticeable. All your eyes will experience is the grandeur beauty that this purple diamond has, especially that it has a cushion modified shape. 

Its polish results in a sparkling water effect, putting more emphasis on its layers. The only downside we find in this gem is its symmetry, which does not fall to the ideal grade. Nevertheless, it has a timeless beauty that comes with a not so affordable price.

Fancy deep purple with a pink overtone
Pink overtone is not noticeable
The color makes inclusions less visible
Proportions are not excellent
Resembles a sparkling water effect
Small size and carat weight
Lesser dark spots
Expensive price
Excellent polish

#2. 0.40 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen – Best Value

0.59 Carat Oval Diamond


  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Fancy Purple with Pink Overtone
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Carat Weight: 0.40
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.48

The next item on our list is another piece from James Allen. The 0.40 Carat Oval Diamond may be smaller, but it has the same premium quality expected from purple diamonds. Its size is perfect as side stones to add some accent on larger pieces of jewelry. 

You will fall in love with this item because it has a lower price value than the first diamond featured in this article. The reason behind its cost is the lighter carat weight and fainter color intensity, which will make you appreciate the purple and pink combination found on this stone. 

However, it comes with several disadvantages. Since it only has a Slightly Included clarity grade, its flaws are visible to the naked eye, even if it looks eye-clean from afar. The quality of its polish and symmetry are not the best, too, so it is better not to set your expectations high. 

Nevertheless, these flaws do not make the diamond any less precious. Not having the ideal polished quality is mostly expected in colored stones because they come from rougher rocks. Still, it looks smooth and radiant, making it one of the best picks in the market.

The pink overtone is more noticeable
Not the best symmetry and polish
Suitable as side stonesBlemishes are more detectable
Less expensive
The size is small
GIA certified

#3. 0.50 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen – Editor’s Choice

0.50 Carat Radiant Diamond


  • Shape: Radiant
  • Color: Fancy Intense Purple with Pink Overtone
  • Clarity: I1
  • Carat Weight: 0.50
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.07
  • A slight difference in weight and color intensity can make a diamond’s price skyrocket. 

James Allen’s 0.50 Carat Radiant Diamond is a perfect example of this situation when compared with the second item on our list. It is a few carats heavier and one color grade higher than the 0.44 oval diamond with a 100% price increase. 

What makes this stone more valuable is its fancy intense purple color, whose brilliance is fortified by its radiant cut. However, its length to width ratio makes it look squarish than elongated. Besides, you will appreciate its polished appearance and proportions because it looks quite spot on. 

Like the rest, it has a pink overtone, which is the most common among purple diamonds. Since its shade is not too deep, the purple-pink cast is also obvious. Another thing that makes this piece exemplary is the unique glow it emits in darker spaces. 

The greatest drawback of picking this item are the blemishes that are extremely visible on the table area. Even if it has a smaller size, its flaws are still visible because its clarity rating is only ‘Included.’ They can be a little distracting, especially on people who prefer a smoother-looking stone. 

Still, others find this piece valuable because of the limited supply of purple diamonds. Thus, if blemishes are the least of your concerns, this item is still a practical pick.

Elongated and appears bigger
Blemishes are extremely apparent
More intense purple color
Least clarity rating
Excellent radiant cut
Expensive price
Glows in dark areas
GIA certified

#4. 0.54 Carat Heart Diamond by James Allen

0.54 Carat Heart Diamond


  • Shape: Heart
  • Color: Fancy Light Purple with Pink Overtone
  • Clarity: VS1
  • Carat Weight: 0.54
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.18

Fill your jewelry box with a more bizarre diamond with James Allen’s 0.54 Carat Heart Diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds’ proportions are one of the most difficult symmetries to perfect because of their demanding design. Finding one with a purple color makes it even rarer. 

While it has a complicated shape, the diamond’s price is not as expensive as other purple-colored stones because of its tone and saturation. It has the lightest shade on our list, and the pink overtone does not make it any more vivid. Its major advantage is the VS1 clarity that ensures its blemishes are less visible in its more colorless appearance. 

This diamond falls into the wider category if you compare it with the standard heart-shaped length to width ratio. It makes the stone looks larger for its carat weight and is more suitable as engagement rings and pendants. 

Loose stones like this one become better if they are in the right frame. The five-prong setting is always the best option for heart-shaped diamonds. It gives the best support without compromising the stone’s beauty. 

Wear this diamond with confidence as you partner it with your fanciest dress for a special occasion. It may be small, but its uniqueness will catch anyone’s attention.

The size is not too overwhelmingPink overtone is not noticeable
Large-looking colored diamond
Smaller carat weight
Unique heart-shaped cut
Lighter color
Higher clarity rating
Has a pink overtone

#5. 0.20 Carat Cushion Diamond by James Allen

0.70 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond


  • Shape: Cushion
  • Color: Fancy Intense Purple 
  • Clarity: I1
  • Carat Weight: 0.20
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.05

James Allen’s 0.20 Carat Cushion Diamond is the smallest piece that we will feature. This cushion-cut gemstone is perfect to pair with gold-plated jewelry pieces because it has an intense color that makes them look better and more vibrant. It is also ideal as the main piece for a promise ring that is quite trendy these days.

You can expect that this item is not too expensive since it has a lighter carat weight. Despite this, it still has some valuable price because its color grade falls to the fancy intense category. However, the tone is not intense enough to cover the blemishes apparent on its surface area. The diamond’s clarity falls to the least grade, making its flaws quite prominent. 

It is also worth noting that this piece illuminates strongly with the presence of UV light. Some people would love this feature, but it has a significant effect on the diamond’s appearance. It looks a little cloudy and less appealing. 

This rare diamond is a favorite add-on ornament on crowns, bags, and watches. While it is not the most valuable and beautiful purple gem, adding it as a side stone would make any jewelry piece sparkly and more elegant.

Best as side stone and main piece in promise rings
Not the best proportions
Lower per carat price rate
Blemishes are noticeable
Strong fluorescence
The size is too small
Intense purple color
Looks cloudy
GIA certified

#6. 0.26 Carat Marquise Diamond by James Allen

1.02 Carat Marquise Diamond


  • Shape: Marquise
  • Color: Fancy Light Purple with Pink Overtone 
  • Carat Weight: 0.26

Marquise diamonds are known for being one of the rarest shapes for colorless diamonds. Its rarity comes with a beautiful design that most women adore because the stone makes one’s hand look slenderer and sexier. James Allen’s 0.26 Carat Marquise Diamond is even more extraordinary with its purple color.

This loose diamond looks smoother than the other diamonds with a higher color grade. It may not have the most vivid purple color, but its shade is enough to highlight the stone’s magnificent beauty and brilliance. Any flaws within it become useless because the diamond’s size is too small for your eyes to notice them. 

Common to marquise diamonds are the bowtie effect found at the center of the stone. For this piece, the dark shadows are not too prominent. They even add more glamour to the diamond instead of making it unappealing. Thus, the effect does not make this piece less valuable. 

The small carat weight and its other laudable qualities justify its price of almost $6000. If you are on a tighter budget and still wish to offer a rare item to your partner, this purple diamond is a better option than the 0.20-carat stone from the same brand.

The bowtie effect adds beauty to the stoneThe color is only fancy light
Best for people with a tighter budget
Small carat weight and size
The qualities justify the price
Smooth-looking diamond
GIA certified

#7. 1.01 Carat Radiant Diamond by James Allen

0.50 Carat Radiant Diamond


  • Shape: Radiant
  • Color: Fancy Intense Purple with Pink Overtone 
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 1.01
  • Length to Width Ratio: 1.22

Most purple diamonds are smaller, and bigger sizes are the rarest pieces. There is no wonder why this 1.01 Carat Radiant Diamond from James Allen has a whopping amount of almost $200,000. Apart from its weight, it has some better features than the rest of the purple diamonds in this article.

First of all, this diamond has a fancy intense color and a pink overtone. Since it has a more vivid look, you will appreciate how the purple and pink shades complement each other. Radiant-cut diamonds also retain color well, making this piece even more valuable. 

It will also satisfy the nerves of people keen on proportions and polish because of its excellent craftsmanship. It has identical sides that produce a mirroring reflection, making this elongated piece look fancy and classy.

However, it is not free from some irregular features despite its expensive price. Blemishes on its surface are quite eye-catching because of their prominence. This piece only has a Slightly Included clarity rating, signifying that it cannot completely hide its flaws.

If your partner loves unconventional things, this purple diamond is best for engagement rings and as a centerpiece of a necklace. It would look best in white gold plating. Its price may not be too affordable, but its value is worth every penny you will pay.

The radiant-cut has a perfect proportion
Prominent blemishes
Larger-looking and bigger carat weightMost expensive price
Excellent symmetry and polish
More intense color quality
Optimum brilliance

Top Pick

In recent years, the demand for colored diamonds in the market is increasing. While purple diamonds do not have the highest demand, their expensive prices remain consistent because of the stone’s limited supply. 

If you think of giving your loved ones a unique and one of a kind gift, getting them a piece of jewelry with a purple stone is an excellent choice. 

We branded James Allen’s 0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond as the best purple diamond because of its practical and premium features. It does not have the least expensive amount, but its fancy and deep purple color is a justifiable bargain. It has a smooth-looking image as its color make blemishes less apparent. 

You may find its carat weight small, but the cushion modified cut will do the trick of making it look bigger. It even illuminates a crushed ice glimmer because of its facets and proportions. 

Overall, this piece has some elegant qualities that enrich the wearer’s look. It is a great confidence booster, especially when paired with your partner’s most glamorous evening dresses and other formal attires.

The Most Famous Purple Diamonds in History

Purple is the color of royalty. It is a King or a Queen’s favorite pick for clothes, accessories, and even palace decorations. There is no wonder that purple diamonds became one of the prominent crown jewels during the 17th century. 

The amount of natural purple diamonds is scarce, like its pink and red counterparts. Most of them are available in small quantities, so there is not much to talk about when it comes to diamonds with heavier carat weights. 

However, a few purple diamonds with excellent caliber took the spotlight and made history. Get to know more about these extremely precious stones to inspire you as you begin your shopping journey for the rarest jewels in town. 

#1. The Supreme Purple Star Diamond

This diamond is the most mysterious and unique purple diamond in the world. Some jewelers call it the King of All Purple Diamonds because of its exquisite and dominant features. 

In 2002, the stone first appeared in London from an unknown seller. Its weight is about two to five carats, with an estimated $4 million per carat price. What makes it unique is the combination of vivid red and purple colors in the diamond. Both have almost the same intensity, indicating a quite unusual natural phenomenon when its formation happened. 

Some experts hypothesized that the diamond originated from the Amazon 25 years ago, adding more value to its physical attributes. However, these are only wild guesses since its seller, date of discovery, and creation remains an enigma. 

This diamond is a primary example of the fascinating treasures found on the Earth’s surface out of its natural cycles. 

#2. The Royal Purple Heart

It sets the record as the largest Fancy Vivid purple diamond in the world. This 7.34-carat diamond has a clarity rating of I1, and it was mined in Russia. The Julius Klein Diamond Corporation honed this stone into a finer piece, but it lacks a cleavage to which the heart shape is more popular.

Its shape and larger size highlight the beautiful facets that the diamond has. While it appears blue on most of its uploaded images, it unravels a deep purple color as light passes through this crystal.

Like the first piece, much of its information is not disclosed to the public. Purple diamonds can surpass red diamonds as the rarest stones, but some diamantaires disagree with this claim. 

#3. The Purple Orchid

Leibish and Co, an Israeli diamond company, released this 3.37-carat fancy intense purple-pink diamond to the public in Hong Kong last 2014. It appears that its total value amounts to $4 million because of its extraordinary size, color, and clarity qualities.  

It came from a rough diamond mined in Kimberley Mine in South Africa, and it took at least three months to perfect its polishing. They named it The Purple Orchid because Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2014 was Radiant Orchid. 

The cushion-cut shape even made the diamond shine more brilliantly than when it was discovered. 

We only found three purple stones that captured the public’s attention because of their prominent features. While their backgrounds remain as mysteries, they are the true embodiment of a purple diamond’s unique and brilliant features. 

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Purple Diamond – A Buyer’s Guide

Scientists do not have the exact explanation yet about the main reason why a purple diamond is purple. 

The standard theory that most experts and customers know is that purple diamonds have an excessive amount of hydrogen and boron in their chemical composition. These impurities resulted in the diamond’s bond with foreign colors, affecting the stone’s colorless nature. 

Regardless of their origin, purple diamonds are rare, and it takes some level of considerations when buying this treasure. A smart buyer is a knowledgeable buyer. Thus, you have to know everything before paying for a loose purple diamond. 

Here is a guideline when selecting a diamond from trusted companies, such as James Allen, Blue Nile, and Leibish and Co. 

#1. Intensity Levels of Purple Diamonds

All colored stones follow a grading system to measure their value. Its color scale includes terms, such as Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. The richness of their color dictates how valuable a diamond is. 

You may come across diamonds with the same carat weight, shape, proportions, and clarity grade but differ largely in price. It might be because one of them has a light purple color, and the other has a fancy purple grade. The latter should be more expensive.

#2. Secondary Color Adds More Value to a Purple Diamond

Color overtones are common among colored diamonds. The existence of a secondary shade on a stone dictates if it is more or less valuable. Some overtones include orange, red, blue, pink, and brown. 

Those mined from Russia commonly have an additional red color, while those from South and Central Africa have a tint of orange. 

Based on the crystals we highlighted in our recommendation list, pink is the most prevalent overtone in purple diamonds. They have the same per-carat price, similar to natural pink diamonds.  

However, not all overtones improve the value of a diamond. The brown ones are less valuable because of the darker shade it gives to the stone. 

#3. Best Engagement Ring Setting for Purple Diamonds

While most purple diamonds are smaller for an engagement ring, some still go the extra mile and have it as the centerpiece of their bride-to-be’s ring. If you are one of them, always consider the setting that will highlight the diamond’s brilliance. 

The side stone setting is a popular choice for many. You can pick some colorless or colored stones that complement well with purple. It can be pink, yellow, or blue. The stones lineup on each side, adding glamour to the main diamond. 

Other elegant options are the pavé and halo settings. Both include smaller stones surrounding the purple diamond, and their arrangement makes any cuts look rounder. If you want your centerpiece to protrude over the smaller stones, the halo setting is the best choice. 

#4. Best Jewelry Setting for Purple Diamonds

Finally, purple diamonds are mostly seen as part of a piece of jewelry. You can put it on a pendant, an earring, or a necklace. You can even improve a watch or bag’s appearance and value by adding this stone to its design.

There is no specific accessory that best fits a purple setting. You can customize it the way you want it, like other diamond varieties. 

If you are uncertain about personalizing the stone, you can seek an expert’s advice offered by some jewelry shops on their websites.


As you reach this portion, we hope you are now a little wiser in picking a purple diamond. As one of the rarest gemstones in the world, it also has the most expensive price. Thus, some people refer to these diamonds as the true regal stones. 

Indeed, their expensive nature mostly comes from the carat weight and color intensity. Since there is scarcity in the supply of purple diamonds, those with heavier carat weights are extremely valuable. 

Vividness and overtones double the diamond’s worth because of the rarity they add to it. While clarity is the least priority, checking it is still essential, especially if the purple diamond has a lighter shade. 

Overall, we highly recommend James Allen’s 0.60 Carat Cushion Modified Diamond because of the balance between the price and quality. While its weight did not reach one carat, the cushion modified shape tricks the wearer into believing that it has a larger surface area. 

Moreover, this diamond has a vivid color that enriches its brilliance. As said, a more intense color means a more upscale price. Blemishes become less visible, too, since the color covers them well. 

If you still find its price a little expensive, you may check on other diamonds with lighter carat weight. Those weighing around 0.20ct amounts to $5000. On the flip side, if you are in the mood and have the budget to splurge, a carat of a purple diamond may cost at least $200,000. 

James Allen and Blue Nile are the leading jewelry companies that offer virtual and convenient shopping experiences. You can choose from their wide variety of stones with the fairest values.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are purple diamonds real?

Yes, they are real. Natural purple diamonds are present in several diamond mines in the world. Most of them are in Russia, Australia, and Africa. However, there are also lab-grown diamonds that undergo artificial procedures. 

Lab-grown diamonds are as real as naturally grown ones. However, some expose them to other chemicals to intensify their colors.

Why should you buy a purple diamond?

The interest in buying a purple diamond boils down to your taste. Like other colored diamonds, its supply is lower than white diamonds. Thus, their value is higher than the latter. If you are a diamond collector, owning one of these pieces is an excellent addition to your collection. 

However, for most people, purple diamonds are not their top priorities. If you want a more exceptional choice, you can check red, pink, and blue diamonds. 

How much do purple diamonds cost?

The price can range from $50,000 to more than a million per carat. It is one of the most expensive varieties of diamonds in the world. Some even claim that only the richest, such as those sitting in the royal crowns, can afford a purple diamond. 

Its pricing depends on the quality of the 4Cs. However, they give more emphasis on carat weight and color quality.

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