Top 7 Best Princess Cut Diamonds | 2021 Reviews (Blue Nile)

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When it comes to diamonds, nothing comes closer to the popularity of the classic round cuts than the princess cut diamonds. They are traditionally square and offer amazingly radiant fire and brilliance. These fancy diamonds are among the most brilliant shapes for diamonds and are a very popular choice for engagement rings.

This beautiful cut is not as uncommon as you think. Since these are easier to cut and generate fewer wastes, they are less expensive than the classic round cuts. But, this doesn’t mean that they are not as beautiful and deserving of a place in your collection.

Start taking notes. After all, you’ll be getting an amazing princess-cut diamond for yourself in no time. Read on to see the perfect princess-cut diamond for you. This list features the best one on the market and a few things you need to know about princess-cut diamonds. 

Top 7 Best Princess Cut Diamonds Reviewed

  1. ASTOR 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Overall
  2. 1.22-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value
  3. True Hearts™ 1.05 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen – Editor’s Choice 
  4. ASTOR™ 1.31-Carat Princess Diamond by Blue Nile
  5. True Hearts™ 2.06 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen 
  6. ASTOR™ 0.25-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile
  7. ASTOR™ 0.49-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

#1. ASTOR 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Overall

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  • Cut: Astor by Blue Nile™ Ideal
  • Color: D
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Carat Weight: 1.21
  • Certification: GIA and GEMEX 

Blue Nile is known for its long-standing commitment to being a consistent and reliable retailer of the best quality gemstones, jewelry, and accessories today. And, this commitment can be seen most with their collection of the most elegant and splendid diamonds. 

In their collection, they house one of the best princess-cut diamonds on the market. This loose gemstone boasts the perfect balance between quality, beauty, and value, making it deserving of the list’s top spot. 

Blue Nile’s Astor™ 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond boasts an amazing crystal clear white color, enough for it to earn a color rating of “D.” Its clarity is also amazing at a respectable “VS2”. Add the excellent polish and the great length to width ratio of the diamond, then there isn’t much you would ask for from a princess-cut diamond. 

But, as great as it already is, it also has a few more things to offer. It is also deserving of the Astor by Blue Nile™ Ideal cut and qualifies among the world’s 1% best diamonds. However, with this quality comes at a somewhat high price.

This diamond is an exceptional option that offers an amazing balance between the most desirable features of the best princess-cut diamonds on the market. Blue Nile Astor collection is an amazingly difficult collection to top, and their 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond easily did it and then some. 

Getting this princess-cut diamond will be one of the best choices you make. Aside from getting a luxurious and sophisticated diamond, this will make for a great investment as well. Highly recommended that you get it.

Precise proportions, polish, and symmetry
A little expensive
Great details and almost colorless
Can be paid for in installments
Perfect for engagement rings

#2.  1.22-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Value

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  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: I
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Carat Weight: 1.22
  • Certification: GIA

Another amazing loose princess-cut diamond from Blue Nile, this is a great and less expensive substitute to the previous gemstone. This is almost identical to the top pick loose diamond on the list, just as beautiful, just as radiant, but for a much lower price. With this gemstone, you will still be able to get the best piece of jewelry without breaking your wallets as much.

Aside from the amazing cut on this piece, there are several other characteristics that this diamond boasts. The diamond’s color is graded at an “I” because of its traces of color that a seasoned jeweler easily can see. It also has an “SI2” clarity grade, and some inclusions can be seen when magnified. But, these may seem like negative characteristics, but these flaws are what make this diamond shine. The impurities inside these diamonds give them inherent uniqueness that you can’t find in other diamonds.

This diamond is a great substitute if you are looking for something beautiful and affordable. It is an amazing option for those who are looking for a near-eye-perfect diamond but won’t pay too much for the loose diamond. This princess-cut diamond will make for an amazing centerpiece for your jewelry, even more so than most other loose diamonds in the market. 

Great proportions, polish, and symmetry
Has some inclusions
Great details and almost colorless
Perfect for engagement rings
Best value for money

#3. True Hearts™ 1.05 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen – Editor’s Choice

1.05 Carat Princess Diamond


  • Cut: True Hearts™ 
  • Color: E
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 1.05
  • Certification: GIA

The True Hearts™ cut by James Allen is their answer to the Astor by Blue Nile™ collection. And, just like that collection that houses the top pick diamond on the list, only the best 1% of all diamonds are welcomed in True Hearts™. But, the great cut of these diamonds is not the only thing that makes them so great. They are also much more affordable.

When it comes to beauty and elegance, the 1.05 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen’s True Hearts™ collection is among the cream of the crop. It is the pinnacle of beauty and value when it comes to diamonds that have princess cuts. You will find everything you want from the best loose diamond ring in this ring, and you wouldn’t have to pay as much for it. 

This 1.05-carat diamond may have some traces of color. After all, it only has a score of “E” in color quality. And, some inclusions can be seen under magnification. But its near-perfect length to width ratio is a testament to how amazing this loose diamond is. These characteristics make it deserving of its spot in the True Hearts™ collection and on this list. 

Great carat weight and quality
Has some inclusions and color
Affordable for its class
Overall amazing stone
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#4. ASTOR™ 1.31-Carat Princess Diamond by Blue Nile

1.31-Carat Princess Cut Diamond


  • Cut: Astor by Blue Nile™ Ideal
  • Color: F
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Carat Weight: 1.31
  • Certification: GIA and GEMEX

When it comes to elegance, Blue Nile’s Astor collection embodies the word itself. Every gemstone in this collection demands attention and screams beauty, elegance, and sophistication. The pieces in this collection have their own shine that you can’t see anywhere else. 

Every loose diamond in this collection are of the highest quality, and the 1.31-Carat Princess Cut Diamond is among their best. Being part of the 1% of all the diamonds in the world that pass the Astor™ standards, its proportions, polish, and symmetric is excellent. 

Very few other diamonds match Astor’s ideal cut diamonds in the market. Their name alone guarantees high-quality sophistication that you can’t see anywhere else. And, this piece of loose gemstone from their collection is not meant to disappoint. It is among the most highly graded pieces on the list. With a grade of “F” in color, “VVS1” in clarity, and a perfect length to width ratio, this piece is enough to meet each criterion you have.

This diamond is a head-turner. It may not be the cheapest piece on the list, but for those who are willing to spend some money on luxury, this piece is the best available option on the market. The clarity, cut, and color of this stone doesn’t have a peer, earning it a place on a class entirely its own.

Elegant and sophisticated shine
Very Expensive
Perfect length and width ratio
Perfect for engagement rings
Great details and colorless
Very highly graded

#5. True Hearts™ 2.06 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen

2.06 Carat Princess Diamond


  • Cut: True Hearts™ 
  • Color: G
  • Clarity: VVS1
  • Carat Weight: 2.06
  • Certification: GIA

When it comes to True Hearts™ diamonds by James Allen, the 2.06 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen is at the top of luxury for princess-cut gemstones. The grandeur that this gemstone will bring is top-notch. This gemstone will meet every criterion you have for the best loose gemstone in the market. 

The high quality it boasts is thanks to an array of features that it takes pride in. This diamond features barely any color and is eye-clean for almost every eye that will be looking at it. The clarity of this loose stone is among the best as well. It isn’t often that you see a loose stone as large as this that holds barely any inclusions. The True Hearts™ cut on this diamond maximizes its beauty and shine, but of course, this comes at a hefty price as well. 

This loose gemstone may be the most expensive one on the list, but this will match the needs of the people who are looking for the grandest and most elegant gemstone for their statement jewelry. There are no other diamonds that can compete on equal grounds with this diamond in terms of size and beauty, and it’s all yours as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Perfect for statement jewelry piecesMost expensive piece on the list
Great carat weight and quality
Overall amazing stone
Very luxurious

#6. ASTOR™ 0.25-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

placeholder for image player


  • Cut: Astor by Blue Nile™ Ideal
  • Color: D
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 0.25
  • Certification: GIA and GEMEX

Beauty doesn’t necessarily need to come in large packages. Astor™ 0.25-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile isn’t only a small beautiful loose diamond, but it is also among the clearest and whitest on the list. Despite its size, this gemstone also embodies the Astor™ ideal, and it screams beauty, elegance, and sophistication in its own little way.

This little loose diamond has an incredible color and scored a grade of “D” on the scale. Despite its small size, it has very good symmetry and excellent polish. It also has amazing clarity, and any inclusions in it can only be seen under magnification by a trained eye. 

What more is that this diamond is very affordable, the cheapest on the list so far. This will be an amazing addition to your collection of jewelry, and it won’t even break your wallets. It should make for an amazing centerpiece on your more casual jewelry. The best yet is that the jewelry with this on will be easier to use every day.

Perfect for everyday jewelry
Smaller than other options
Great details and colorless
Very highly graded
Very affordable

#7. ASTOR™ 0.49-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Cut: Astor by Blue Nile™ Ideal
  • Color: D
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Carat Weight: 0.49
  • Certification: GIA and GEMEX

If you want something affordable but a little larger than the previous gemstone, this one is for you. Blue Nile’s Astor™ 0.25-Carat Princess Cut Diamond is a slightly larger option for you. This gemstone tops the list in terms of color and is also up there when it comes to clarity. This may not be the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking stone, but the quality it brings on to the table is amazing.

It is on the more affordable side of the spectrum, and you can easily get this without having to dish out large amounts. And, for that price, you will be getting an amazing ring, with amazing polish and even more amazing color.

This eye-clean diamond is among the best, and it definitely deserves its spot on the list. You may see some inclusions when you look at it under magnification, but that’s the consequence of getting something cheaper. However, this is not something that you will regret. If ever you choose to give this diamond to someone else, they wouldn’t mind the character that these inclusions will give the diamond either. 

This loose diamond is great evidence that luxury doesn’t need to be extra expensive. In the end, all diamonds are equal, and the only difference is on you. As long as you are willing to love the jewelry you will be putting this diamond on, this gemstone’s value will be elevated to no end. 

Perfect for everyday jewelry
Smaller than other options
Great details and colorless
Very highly graded
Very affordable
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Top Pick Section

The 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond from Blue Nile’s Astor™ Collection is the overall best princess-cut diamond out there. Blue Nile is known for being a trusted and reliable retailer of the best quality gemstones, jewelry, and accessories and that commitment truly shows in this gemstone.

Blue Nile’s Astor™ 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond boasts an amazing crystal clear white color, enough for it to earn a color rating of “D.” Its clarity is also amazing at a respectable “VS2”. It is also part of the Astor™ Collection, where only the top 1% percent of diamonds are included. Add the excellent polish and the great length to width ratio of the diamond; there isn’t much you would ask for from a princess-cut diamond.

You will get luxury and sophistication in this princess-cut diamond, and getting this princess-cut diamond will be one of the best choices you make. This will make for a great investment as well, especially when put in a piece of jewelry that is just as amazing. 

This princess-cut diamond has the makings of an amazing diamond, and these characteristics were enough to make it the best piece in the market.

Best Places to Get Princess-Cut Diamonds

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an amazing place to get your gemstone and jewelry fix. Among the most tried and tested online retailers of the best diamond pieces, they have grown into one of the most reliable sources of the best gemstones and jewelry in the world since they started in 1999.

They are known for revolutionizing the way you can get these pieces, and aside from providing you with the best pieces, in the heart of Blue Nile’s values lies their desire to educate. They want their clients to be more knowledgeable about gemstones and jewelry pieces before they sell their pieces to them. 

Aside from being an amazing retailer, they also have an even more amazing connection with their clientele. They also have among the best customer service lines today, and they are more than ready and willing to attend to your concerns, may they be big or small.

James Allen

James Allen takes pride in themselves for maintaining the happiness and satisfaction of its clients in all the years they have been in operation. It was founded by passionate people. They are jewelry enthusiasts that are interested in the business of innovating the ways people get their gemstones. Nowadays, they are the premier melting pot of pieces of jewelry that are both affordable and beautiful. 

James Allen is not like other online jewelry stores. They have over 200,000 customizable loose gemstones that you can choose from and make into your very own pieces. Their products are hand-picked and ethically sourced. They also feature an amazing 360° Diamond Display Technology on their website that you can utilize to preview the product they offer. 

What are the 4Cs

Diamonds are judges based on four factors, and they are more famously known as the 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. All of which have their own grading scale for evaluating their quality. These are what guides the people in determining which ones to buy, and it gives the jewelers a guide to know how to determine the price of the diamonds. 

Here are the 4Cs and what each of them means:


Most people have this misconception that carats are a measure of size, but they are a measure of weight. These diamonds are also measured in points, and 100 points are equal to 1 carat. 

If you are looking to cut costs on your diamond pieces, it is recommended that you look for a diamond with .10 or .15 carats less than the one you are looking for. The differences in these are barely noticeable to the naked eye, and you will still get the look you want. 


Diamonds come in several colors, and traditionally whiter diamonds are valued higher than colored ones. The diamonds that get a “D” grade are considered “colorless” and are the rarest and most expensive. This grading has 23 levels, and each level down introduces more color to the diamond.

Most diamonds in the market are graded at the usual “J-D,” After these grades, the colors become more noticeable even for the naked eye. Nowadays, colored diamonds are becoming more popular as they’ve become more fashionable because of their novelty and rarity. 


Diamonds are natural gemstones, and everything from nature is bound to have flaws. Like any gemstone or mineral, diamonds often contain flaws, called inclusions and blemishes.

These flaws are not always easily see, and most jewelers work around them when cutting them and, after the SI2 grade, these flaws are barely noticeable. It would be recommended that you choose to get them as eye-clean as possible, but also remember that the inclusions are what gives these gemstones their uniqueness and character. 


The cut of the diamond is much more difficult to quantify than the other Cs. This is because the cut is such a volatile variable, and it is ultimately up to the jeweler to decide how to cut the diamond. Regardless, this is the most noticeable factor that you consider when getting a diamond.

Unlike the previous Cs, there are a few other things considered when grading the cut of the diamond.


The ability of the diamond to reflect light.


The way light spreads and scatters throughout the diamond creates a rainbow of light, much like a prism does.


The amount and intensity of the sparkle or flashes that occur in the diamond while it moves and light hits it differently. 

The 4Cs will reassure you that you will be getting the best quality diamonds, and you get the best value for your purchase. You don’t necessarily need to get the highest graded diamonds, but having a tool to understand how to choose will help you by leaps and bounds. 

How To Pick the Diamond For You

Choosing a beautiful diamond essentially boils down to narrowing down the shape and quality you want from the 4Cs. However, Blue Nile and James Allen have made this easier for you. These online diamond vendors are proven to offer the best diamonds at the best prices. This is why they’re prominently featured on the list from earlier. 

Now, click on one of these to start choosing your diamond. You can choose to get it from either James Allen or Blue Nile. And without further ado, here are the steps on how to pick out the best diamond for you.

Choose the shape you want.

The shape of your diamond is the first thing you need to decide. There is no definite best shape out there. After all, this is up to your or your partner’s preferences. After selecting the shape you want, this should narrow down your search.

Choose the carat weight you want.

Are you looking for a one or 2-carat diamond ring? Are you looking for something that screams elegance and demands attention or just something simple? This is the step where you choose how big you want your diamond to be. 

Choose a carat weight you want.

This is the choice you will make that will most affect the beauty of the diamond you will get. Cut grades are not regulated or standardized for jewelry vendors, but getting an Excellent or Ideal Cut diamond is generally the best choice. If you choose diamonds at the Blue Nile, you should filter your choices for Ideal and Astor Ideal diamonds. On the other hand, choose Ideal and True Heart cuts if you’re browsing at James Allen.

Choose a color grade you want.

The goal in choosing the color of your diamond is getting something that appears white. In this regard, you do not necessarily need to pay for a “D” or “E” diamond to get a colorless gemstone. Even “G” to “I” range diamonds can appear white without being too costly.

Choose the clarity grade you want.

When it comes to a diamond’s clarity, you want them to be as eye-clean as possible. Depending on the shape, you should be able to find an eye-clean diamond in the VS1-VS2 range. Usually, you do not need to pay for FL or IF grade if you can get the same diamond in a lower grade for less.

Verify the diamond’s certificate.

It is a great idea to consider buying only GIA Certified Diamonds or AGS Certified Diamonds when you are looking for these gemstones. These two grading entities have been very reliable and consistent in recent years, unlike the other certifications. 

Finalize the purchase.

After doing all these steps, you should be more than confident enough in your choice. And, finalizing the purchase should be the last thing you need to do.

But, you shouldn’t have to worry because most of these vendors offer a hassle-free return within 30 days. So if you are unsatisfied with your choice, you can easily get your money back.


Diamonds have always been valued and celebrated for their bigger than life beauty and elegance. They used to be the gemstones of royalty, but everyone can now buy them. They are more often sold as loose diamonds, but this makes choosing and fitting them onto jewelry much easier. 

This gives you complete control of every aspect of the jewelry you will be getting. You may now choose everything, the exact shape, specifications, size, carat weight, and the cut you want. Just remember to be guided by the 4Cs that makes a diamond valuable when making these choices. 

Among all the princess-cut diamonds in the market, the ASTOR 1.21-Carat Princess Cut Diamond by Blue Nile is the best. It is the perfect balance of everything that makes a loose diamond great, and this balance also elevates it even further. It is not the most expensive or flashy diamond on the list, but it makes up in potential for each flaw it has.

And if nothing in the list has satisfied your criteria, then you can always choose to get another loose diamond from the trusted online retailers listed. Blue Nile and James Allen are both the best in what they do, and what they do is providing their clients with amazing gemstones and jewelry. Choosing to trust them will always be a wise choice.

Hopefully, after reading this list, it helped you understand diamonds better and that you get the best princess-cut diamond for your jewelry. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a diamond?

Diamonds are crystals made up of carbon atoms that are naturally arranged in an isometric or cubic matrix.  These different encounter amounts of heat and pressure, and these are what affect their growth. The resulting form and characteristics of the crystal are what determines their color, shape, and clarity.

The combinations of these factors and the diamond’s molecular composition and crystal structure are what make it so beautiful. These are the qualities that make them easily recognizable as diamonds and what makes for an amazing gemstone once processed.

Is investing in a diamond a good idea?

Generally, yes. As diamonds have been steadily rising in value in the last decades, they are expected to hold their value. Given this upward trend, the diamonds’ value is unlikely to lose its value, despite the market being as volatile as the market is. However, it is not recommended to get diamonds that are very highly graded, as the uncertainties that come with investing makes getting this an unsure financial plan.

Why are the 4Cs important?

The 4Cs are what gave the world’s universal metrics in quantifying the quality of the diamond, and since their introduction, the world of jewelry has been revolutionized. This gave them a universal standard in judging the diamond’s quality and a transparent method of determining the diamond’s value. These 4Cs are still as important today, and it is expected that they will remain as valuable for the coming years. 

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