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best pearl necklaces

A fine and genuine pearl necklace would put a spark in your heart or the person you plan to give it to. You can learn more on finding out the best match of pearl necklace for you by reading our Buyer’s Guide after you skim through a ready-made list for you to find the best pearl necklaces in the market today.

Below are the best pearl necklaces we could find for you, giving an elegant finish to anyone who wears them. You can find your pick in our carefully chosen items that would best fit your style. Don’t miss out on the best ones in the market today!

Top 9 Best Pearl Necklaces Reviewed

  1. – Best Overall
  2. Premier Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile – Best Value
  3. PAVOI Sterling Silver Round White Simulated Shell Pearl Necklace Strand – Editor’s Choice
  4. The Pearl Source Genuine Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Sydney Pendant Necklace 
  5. 14K Rose Gold Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Morganite Necklace by James Allen
  6. Gradient South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile
  7. Baroque Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile
  8. Triple-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile

#1. – Best Overall



  • Size of pearls (mm): 6.5-7
  • Type: Freshwater Cultured Pearls
  • Color: White
  • Metal clasp material: 14k white gold or yellow gold
  • Length: 18in

You can bust the trend of only hanging pearls only on formal events. This pearl necklace is elegant yet won’t make you look too flashy or over the top. You can rock this necklace even on casual days, still looking fine and classy without coming out as trying too hard.

Getting these authentic pearls hanging around your neck is within your reach at an affordable price compared to other big brands that overprice their pearls. The Pearl Source sends their pearl necklace in a lovely package along with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee that you’re getting the real deal.

Its packaging comes with a gorgeous box, making it a perfect gift for anyone, especially on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and the like. They won’t be disappointed with the lustrous white and mostly rounded pearls individually double knotted to ensure their longevity.

You will be surprised by this necklace’s high-quality pearls with its relatively affordable price than most pearl necklaces in the market today. The Pearl Source ensures your satisfaction with their money-back guarantee. Their brand is a member of the Jewelers of America (JA), a leading organization of the most trustworthy, professional, and ethical jewelers globally.

Perfect for formal or casual settings
Poor quality control
Trusted brandCan be too simple
Great price

#2. Premier Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile – Best ValuePremier Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile


  • Size of pearls (mm): 8.0-8.5
  • Type: Akoya Cultured Pearls
  • Color: White Rose
  • Metal clasp material: 18k white gold 
  • Length: 18in

Who wouldn’t want the most lustrous Akoya pearls? Blue Nile guarantees that this necklace is composed of carefully selected pearls that make the top one percent of its annual supply of cultured pearls. 

Anyone would know that the necklace you’re wearing consists of genuine pearls. It gives an elegant white pinkish touch to your delicate neck, completing your eye-catching classy aura. This pearl necklace would be perfect for formal social events or intimate special occasions.

An individual Certificate of Authenticity will be provided upon your purchase to ensure that you get what you pay for. Its white luster will vouch for its authenticity, and its pinkish tinge will make it even more special and valuable. 

If you are looking for the fanciest pearl necklace in the market and are willing to invest with some extra budget for luxury, you won’t be disappointed with this fancy pearl necklace.

Eye-catching and fancy
Not recommended for casual day-to-day use
Genuine at first sight
Too fancy or eye-catching
High-quality pearlsExpensive
Elegant and classy

#3. PAVOI Sterling Silver Round White Simulated Shell Pearl Necklace Strand – Editor’s Choice

PAVOI Sterling Silver Round White Simulated Shell Pearl Necklace Strand

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  • Size of pearls (mm): 8
  • Type: Simulated pearl
  • Color: White with a pink overtone
  • Metal clasp material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Length: 16in

These pearls make a perfect necklace for women who want to wear pearls for their everyday look yet wouldn’t want to be overstated. It is also a cheaper option for those who don’t have the budget to buy genuine and perfect pearls that sometimes give imperfections on their surfaces.

Simulated pearls in this necklace are made to give a luster that anyone would mistake for authentic pearls. Scratching on its edge with someone’s tooth is the only way they could differentiate its pearls from genuine ones.

Its glass composition makes these pearls look radiant and durable too. Each pearl would appear uniform and perfect as they were designed to be. You won’t have to deal with imperfect surfaces and unmatching pearls.

PAVOI ensures your satisfaction with a 90-day guarantee of their product. They ensure that all the materials they used would be non-toxic for you. The metals they use are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic to guarantee that no irritation will occur for you.

If you’ve wanted some pearl necklace to match your outfits and don’t have the budget for authentic peals yet don’t want to buy pearls that would look too fake either, this would be great for you!

Hard to differentiate from authentic pearls
Low-quality clasp
Can be worn for an everyday look
Faux pearls
Perfect uniform simulated pearls




  • Size of pearls (mm): 8-8.5
  • Type: Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearls
  • Color: White with a subtle pink tinge
  • Metal clasp material: white gold or yellow gold
  • Length: 18in

The Pearl Source gives you one of the high-end Akoya pearl necklaces with the greatest deal, which you might find too expensive with other brands. This classic white Akoya necklace was handpicked to ensure that individual pearls would be thick and have iridescent nacre.

Your purchase would come with a Genuine Cultured Pearl Guarantee that would ensure each pearl’s authenticity in your necklace. This necklace is double-knotted to secure every pearl strung together. 

These elegant pearls will make a perfect gift for yourself or a special someone on any occasion. It comes with a sturdy and elegant box, convenient for storage. You would be surprised with its great price yet high-quality pearls that would be worth well or even more than its price. 

You will also love how its clasp is easy to use, unlike other pearl necklaces where purchasers are having trouble or complaining about the difficult clasp or flimsy ones. It is also incredibly secure, and you can trust it to hang on your neck throughout the day. 

This authentic classic Akoya pearl necklace is made with one of the most trusted pearl brands in the market. This product is also offered a great deal without sacrificing its quality to ensure that you get more of what you paid for. You can have the satisfaction guarantee as this pearl necklace has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

High-quality Classic Akoya Pearls
Premiere AAA+ expensive quality might be preferable
Affordable than most
Some blemishes
Secure and easy clasp
Great box storage

#5. The Pearl Source Genuine Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Sydney Pendant Necklace

The Pearl Source Genuine Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Sydney Pendant Necklace

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  • Size of pearls (mm): 10-11
  • Type: Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl
  • Color: gray/black with green and pink undertones
  • Metal clasp material: white gold
  • Length: 17in

This designed pendant pearl necklace features one black pearl mounted on the finest quality .925 Sterling Silver while suspended on a matching chain. This pearl necklace makes a more personal and special single pearl than the usually studded pearl necklace around your neck. 

If you prefer a low-profile look yet want to own a fancy pearl kept on your neck, this pendant will give you that satisfaction. This Tahitian black pearl gives a high luster with green to pink undertones that make it even more special.

You can be ensured of its genuineness as it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Its price is affordable enough for one special pearl. Some studded pearl necklaces might sacrifice their pearls’ value with the quantity they need for a full-neck pearl necklace.  

A 60-day money-back guarantee will ensure that you will get what you pay for. You can also trust the brand that offers the product as it is a member of an organization of the most trustworthy, professional, and ethical jewelers in America.

Has a 60-day money-back guaranteeIncompatible with those who want full-on pearls around their neck
High-quality authentic pearl
Some appear not perfectly round
Great for an everyday look
With minor blemishes
Unique black pearl

#6. 14K Rose Gold Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Morganite Necklace by James Allen

14K Rose Gold Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Morganite Necklace by James Allen



  • Size of pearls (mm): 10-11
  • Type: Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Morganite
  • Color: Light pink
  • Metal clasp material: 14k rose gold
  • Length: 18in

This personal pearl and morganite necklace combine two precious gems that will make your look more elegant yet still suitable for everyday wear or formal wear. A teardrop-shaped pearl hangs below a morganite stone that is then supported by a 14k rose gold metal that will wonderfully drape around your neck.

Its rose gold theme brings a romantic and delicate touch to your look. An accent pear-shaped beryl stone that combines emerald and aquamarine gives an accent to your pearl necklace. It can be a perfect gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, your anniversaries, or her birthday. 

Your necklace will come with quality packaging on a sturdy box. You can be guaranteed its 30-day return for your satisfaction. It also has a lifetime warranty you can utilize that ensures this necklace’s durability. 

Has 30-day return and lifetime guaranteeIncompatible for those who want full-neck studded pearls
Unique delicate rose gold theme
Light blemishes on pearl
Multiple precious gems in one
Simple yet elegant and classy
Authentic pearl

#7. Gradient South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile

Gradient South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile



  • Size of pearls (mm): 9-11
  • Type: Gradient South Sea and Tahitian
  • Color: Black to gray gradient
  • Metal clasp material: 18k rose gold
  • Length: 18in

This exquisitely elegant full-neck pearl necklace gives a unique touch of a south sea and Tahitian gradient pearls. Each pearl is uniquely picked to give a special design that would showcase a valuable necklace.

Each pearl is knotted in the strand length to secure them in place and prevent fast wear. Its metal 18k white gold clasp conveniently matches the elegance and durability of this pearl necklace. It is rhodium plated to prevent corrosion and tarnishing, providing a bright silver finish.

All pearls are authentic but are carefully chosen to have a round or an almost round shape to provide continuity throughout the whole necklace. This pearl necklace will be perfect for formal events or intimate social parties that will match your classy outfit.

If you’re looking for an extravagant pearl necklace that gives a unique, sophisticated look, this is for you. Your purchase is insured with a conditional free return and comes with free shipping. Overall, this pearl necklace would be a great investment for you if you have some extra budget to spare for this luxury.

Unique Tahitian and gradient design
Too extravagant
Carefully chosen high-quality pearls
Has a free return insurance
Elegant and classy design
Wear-resistant design

#8. Baroque Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile

Baroque Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace by Blue Nile



  • Size of pearls (mm): 8.9-11
  • Type: South Sea Cultured Pearls
  • Color: Golden
  • Metal clasp material: 18k yellow gold
  • Length: 18in

You can show-off these golden south sea pearls with their exotic look and unique individual pearls that would drape down your whole neck down. Each pearl of this necklace has a unique shape that gives a baroque theme. 

The ball clasp of this necklace complements the unique design of this pearl necklace. It has a secure locking mechanism that won’t easily come off without you undoing it.  The pearls on this necklace are naturally unique and organic South Sea Pearls genuine even at first look.

Despite its unconventional nature and design, it still gives an elegant look that will surely set you apart from the other pearl necklace wearers on special occasions and events. This pearl necklace will be eye-catching and be worthy of everyone’s curiosity.

If you’re looking for an exotic unconventional design yet still elegant pearl necklace, this is worth a look. 

High- luster golden pearlsUnconventional look
Unique exotic design
Not uniform
Secure ball clasp

#9. Triple-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile

Triple-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace by Blue Nile



  • Size of pearls (mm): 6mm
  • Type: Freshwater Cultured Pearl 
  • Color: White
  • Metal clasp material: 14k white gold
  • Length: 17in

When you can’t get enough of your full-neck studded pearl necklace, you may want to add multiple layers to it for a more extra look. Add elegance to your simple dress to make you appear classier than ever.

You can push elegance to the limit and wear this pearl-studded necklace to have an eye-catching appearance on your special occasions. Everyone will surely have their eyes on you as they bask in the brilliance of your pearl-studded necklace.

It has a secure box clasp that you can easily lock and unlock with a safety mechanism to ensure that you have a reliable hold on your necklace throughout your event or special occasion. The warm luster of these freshwater pearls in three parallel strands with a wide 14k white gold filigree clasp complements the whole look.

You won’t have to worry about your clasp being tarnished as it has rhodium plating that’s wear-resistant. You can also be confident that your pearls are secured together with a knotted chain type to hold each pearl in place.

If you love the extra attention and always want to push elegance to its limit, this pearl necklace will be there to help you stand out.

Secure three-parallel full-neck pearls
Incompatible with an everyday look
Secure, easy, and elegant clasp
Stands out too much
Extra pearls for an extra look

Top Pick – Best Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Source’s White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace ranked our charts as the best pearl necklace in the market today. Aside from its authentic lustrous pearls, a trusted brand offers them at a great price. Its high-quality material isn’t compromised with its affordable price than the other overpriced pearl necklaces in the market.

It can also be worn from casual to formal events, making it versatile. You can fully utilize it for your everyday look. Its freshwater nature also makes it more durable and wear-resistant than the other pearl types.

Many features can be considered when choosing the pearl necklace that would best fit you. The Pearl Source’s White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace offers a great design that balances all the good features of a pearl necklace and outweighs its cons. With this pearl necklace, you can be guaranteed that you get what you have paid for!

Pearl Necklaces

Did you already know that there are different types of pearls? Its type could tell how lustrous, colorful, durable, or expensive your pearls would be. 

Akoya Pearls

Dubbed as the traditional “Mikimoto” style of jewelry that features high-end round pearls with excellent luster. These pearls can be worn for special occasions, and you must have a budget of at least 350 dollars for you to purchase its classic white pearl necklace.

Freshwater Pearls

A freshwater pearl necklace would cost less than those of the Akoya ones. They are slightly off-round to round with a softer luster. However, these pearls are more wear-resistant and would be easier to replace. It can be used for your everyday look or formal events with an overall impression of fine white pearls.

Tahitian Pearls

These pearls are the only ones that offer a variety of colors, giving an elegant yet exotic twist to your necklace. The most popular type is black pearls that usually costs at least 200 dollars. If you’re in for something different and want to stay away from the traditional white pearls, this would fit your jewelry box.

South Sea Pearls

These pearls can come in white or gold colors that give an unmistakably glorious presence. These are considered the natural, untreated, and large pearls dubbed as the “Queen of Pearls.” It gives the iridescence and lustrous glow that will catch any eye. However, you would need at least 400 dollars or above so you can wear them around your neck.

Simulated or Faux Pearls

If you don’t have the budget to reasonably buy authentic pearls, there are simulated pears made of plastic or glass to imitate the look of real pearls. It would be preferable to purchase glass ones as they provide more luster and durability.

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Look Out for Before Buying the Best Pearl Necklace

Choose the Right Pearl Type

With the different types of pearls listed above, you can assess what type of pearls would suit your style and your budget. Some pearls are more lustrous and perfectly rounded, like the Akoya, some have an exotic, colorful touch like the Tahitian, or the large glowing Queen of Pearls, which are the South Sea types.

Suitable Pearl Size

Pearls are usually measured in millimeters through their diameter. They range from 6-11mm to be conveniently strung into a necklace. The larger its size is, the more costly it would be, but it will also be more eye-catching, best used for formal events.

Necklace Length

You need to match the necklace length with the width of your neck and how you’d like your necklace to appear, hanging from your neck. Usually, pearl necklaces that measure 16in at most would most likely appear as chokers or leave minimal space, while 18in necklace lengths or more would drape down with enough space for your neck.

Durable Material

Ensure that your pearls are protected with appropriate knotting between your pearls, especially if they are authentic. Pearls would clash or repeatedly rub against each other with your movement, which can wear them easily. Some necklaces even put double knotting for each pearl to give more space in between each pearl. However, too much knotting or spacing can also lose your pearl’s appeal. 

Freshwater pearls are the type of necklaces that can be used for everyday looks at it can handle more exposure and are relatively tougher than the other genuine pearl types. 

For the metal clasp or other metal strings or chains attached to your pearl necklace, especially for pendants, ensure that they have a high-quality metal material to match the elegance of your pearls. Most reputable pearl necklaces would use white or yellow gold metal clasps or chains with some protective plating to make them resistant to tarnishing.

Secure Metal Clasp

Most necklaces can have flimsy clasps that can be severed easily, or some even complain of very complicated or hard to open clasps that would be an inconvenience if you were to remove it alone. You can discover other pearl necklaces that provide a secure clasp that would have an uncomplicated opening and locking mechanism that wouldn’t compromise the security of your pearls hanging on your neck.

Verified Authenticity

It would be best to get pearls from verified vendors or sellers specializing in gemstones or jewelry for those who plan to buy authentic pearl necklaces. Reputable brands and sellers would even include a Certificate of Authenticity with your pearl necklace purchase to guarantee your pearl’s legitimacy.

Good Reviews and Ratings

If were to be meticulous in choosing your products before buying them, you will read some reviews from verified purchasers who’ve already seen the product personally. With that, you can assess what features are great and what makes that pearl necklace worth your money. You would know that it’s a buy if it has been garnering many good reviews with soaring ratings. 

Within Your Budget

When you compare various products in the market, you can assess what features set them apart from the other products. If you saw one pearl necklace that is just as great as the other pearl necklace types sold at a higher price, then you must pick it over the others for a good deal. 

You can sacrifice some negotiable features for your pearl necklace if you don’t have enough budget to buy the most extravagant ones in the market today. You can start by choosing the type of pearls that would fit your budget, then ensure that you get the durability and wear-resistance and be happy with how it looks overall. 

It would be best to invest in your pearl necklace’s longevity and design so you can be satisfied with your purchase while making it cost-effective in the long run. It would be a plus if they have satisfaction guarantees, money back, and other warranties that would be useful through your necklace’s life.


Pearls give a classy signature that expresses purity and elegance. Various types of pearls would even give different impressions that can match your style and personality. Pearl necklaces are perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones. It is a precious gemstone that tells your receiver that they are special as well.

Different pearl necklaces are now being offered in the market today, which can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, a list of the best pearl necklaces has already been made for you. The Pearl Source’s White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace made it to the top of the list for the best pearl necklaces due to its relatively affordable price yet great features proven by verified purchasers to be adored by them.

Other pearl necklaces proceeding The Pearl Source’s White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace also offers great and unique features that you may find to best fit you or your loved one.

Knowing what features to look for when buying a pearl necklace helps you get satisfaction for your purchase. You should be equipped enough to know what you’re looking for if you’ve already read the buyer’s guide for the best pearl necklaces on our list.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What determines how valuable a pearl necklace is?

Genuine pearls would exhibit a nice luster, which is how light is being reflected off the pearl’s surface. Sharp and highly reflective pearls would technically be of more value. The symmetry of its rounded shape and smooth surface would also make them more valuable. Larger-sized symmetrical pearls would also be more valuable obviously with their rarity because they contain more nacre material, which takes a lot of time to build up inside some shellfish. Naturally obtained pearls are also premium-priced instead of the more common cultured or farmed pearls dominating the market.

Where do pearls in my necklace come from?

Pearls naturally grow from shellfishes like oysters and clams that smothers a grain that gets into their shell with a liquid called nacre. It grows over time and hardens into a pearl.

How can I know if my pearls are truly genuine?

It would be best to buy genuine pearls from trusted brands or sellers that are experts on rare gemstones or jewels as they have more knowledge on how to test and determine authentic pearls from faux. They usually provide certificates that ensure the authenticity of the pearls in your necklace. You can also test a pearl manually by rubbing it against the surface of your tooth (not the edge). If it feels gritty on your teeth, they are most likely to be genuine. If they are smooth and produce less friction with your teeth, they will most likely be fake.

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