Top 7 Best Oval-Cut Diamonds l 2021 Reviews+ Guide

Best Oval-Cut Diamonds

A diamond is an emblem of love and purity. Many couples opt to pick a diamond ring for their wedding. Still, others think they cannot afford one because of its valuable price.

In recent years, more budget-friendly options for a diamond became available. One variety that you can explore more is the oval-cut diamonds. It ranks next to cushion-cut when it comes to affordability, and it has a unique personality.

One thing that makes an oval-cut diamond different is the absence of edges, making it less chippy. It has the edge over rings with corners since it has lesser chances of tearing your outfit or scratching a part of the skin.  Thus, it is the best choice for people with an active lifestyle.

Picking the best oval-cut diamond requires some bullet points to remember. It may sound like a lot of work, but we will make things easier for you.

Top 7 Best Oval-Cut Diamonds Reviewed

  1. 0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Overall
  2. 0.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen – Best Value
  3. 0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Editor’s Choice
  4. 1.01-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile
  5. 2.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen
  6. 1.00-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile
  7. 3.01 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen

#1. 0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Best Overall

0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: H
  • Clarity: VVS2
  • Carat Weight: 0.70
  • Depth %: 64.3%
  • Table %: 59.0%

Durability is one of the best assets of an oval-cut diamond. It has a brilliant flair that makes it look as fancy as other varieties. On top of that, the elongated design makes it look a lot larger than others with the same carat weight.

Blue Nile’s 0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond is the perfect example of this category. It surpasses the minimum requirement of cut, clarity, and color for the best value. This slender-looking item will make your hands appear slimmer and flashier.

GIA does not have an exact grading standard when it comes to an oval-shaped diamond cut. Determining the precision of its proportions is quite a difficult task because of its shape. Nevertheless, this Blue Nile piece falls into the Very Good category as its cut provides enough sparkle that a naked eye appreciates.

Emphasis on color and clarity is essential to this item. This one falls to color H, which signifies that it has a near-colorless grade. Its shape makes the color less noticeable, and you have to compare it with others first to identify the difference. The VVS2 grade for clarity tells us that it has fewer flaws, adding more beauty to its sparkle.

Showcasing your glamorous side becomes extra special with this piece. It resembles a lot like a 1.10-carat diamond instead of a 0.70 ct. Thus, you look more sophisticated for a piece that costs less than expected.

Looks larger than others with the same carat weightSlender than other diamonds
It has a higher grade for color and clarityCarat weight is smaller
The shape makes the color less visible
Durable and sophisticated design
Reasonable price

#2. 0.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen – Best Value

0.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen


  • Color: H
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 0.50
  • Fluorescence: Faint

While most diamonds cost more than $1000, James Allen’s 0.50 Carat Oval Diamond has a different story. It is one of the most affordable pieces in the market, making it a convenient pick for many customers. As you know, getting a high-quality diamond at a lesser price is like winning in a lottery.

Several factors can explain why this diamond only has a three-digit price. First, it falls to H, which is the safest net among all color grades. Like Blue Nile’s jewelry, it has a near-colorless look that is quite appealing to most customers.

Moreover, its clarity is at the first level of slightly included blemishes. It has flaws, but it still looks eye-clean. Finally, the carat weight is another factor that highly affects its price. It may sound like it is heavier, but it only has a 0.50-carat weight, one of the lightest on the scale.

However, the oval shape gives an optical illusion making it look a lot bigger than a round diamond with the same carat weight. James Allen skipped highlighting its cut because it does not have a grading sheet on that aspect.

If this piece has one unique character, it is the faint glow it emits when a UV light hits it. Most diamonds in this category lack fluorescence.

Color and clarity falls to the safest gradesNot advisable for people who like flashier items
It emits a faint glow with UV lightBlemishes are more apparent
The shape makes it look biggerThe size is too small
Most affordable price

#3. 0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile – Editor’s Choice

0.50-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: F
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Carat Weight: 0.50
  • Depth %: 58.0%
  • Table %: 54.0%

Blue Nile also has a candidate for the 0.5-carat category. Its price may not be as expensive as the rest of the brand’s products, but it costs a little higher than James Allen’s. Their main difference lies in the variation of color and clarity.

The color grade of this oval-cut diamond is two levels higher than its competitor. Grade F has a faint color that only an expert gemologist can identify. It is also the best variety for rings with platinum and white gold plates. Thus, its brilliance and fire are on another level, too.

As to clarity, it has a VS2 grade indicating that the diamond looks clean with an unaided eye. If you are visually attracted to diamonds, its rating is enough to leave an impressive mark. However, once you look at it closely, you may notice some flaws left within.

Like other oval-shaped diamonds, it has enough girdle to support its durability. It is not too thin, making it less prone to damages, and not too thick, leaving it looking bigger than it is in reality. One downside that we can identify from this item is the bowtie across its center, which is less appealing to some clients.

Suitable for rings with platinum and white gold platesFlaws are a bit noticeable with a closer look
The girdle's thickness is enough for its durabilityIt has a bowtie across the center
The clarity grade is at a safety netThe size is quite small
Great value for money
Better rating for color

#4. 1.01-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

1.01-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: K
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Carat Weight: 1.01
  • Depth %: 63.0%
  • Table %: 62.0%

It is normal for a diamond to look yellowish because of the nitrogen present in its elements. However, most buyers prefer the colorless ones, making their value higher than those with noticeable faint tones. If you give greater regard to price over color, then Blue Nile’s 1.01-Carat Oval-Cut Diamond might be the right choice for you.

K-graded diamonds have faint colors detectable to one’s eyes. It is the least rating acceptable to Blue Nile’s standards, and it has the friendliest monetary value among all the color grades in the chart. However, you may still be wondering why this piece is not the most affordable on our list.

Carat weight and clarity are the main reasons why it has a higher price tag. This one has a 1.01 ct, which is heavier than the first ones we covered. If you do not know yet, carat weight is directly proportional to the diamond’s exact size. Thus, the higher it weighs, the more expensive it becomes.

Moreover, it has a significant grade for clarity as it falls to the Very Slightly Included (VS2) category. You may only notice its blemishes if you magnify the diamond up to ten times. That is why all you can see with your naked eye is a sparkling gem without any hints of its flaws.

For some, buying a diamond with a yellowish tone is not a good decision. However, it is also another option if you want a bigger jewel with the most valuable price and rating.

#5. 2.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen 

2.50 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen 


  • Color: F
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Carat Weight: 2.50
  • Fluorescence: Medium

By simply looking at the qualities of this 2.50-Carat Oval Diamond from James Allen, you can instantly estimate how much it would cost. If you came up with an almost $20,000 guess, you are now an expert at estimating how much money you will need in buying a diamond.

This piece’s expensive amount is due to its rarity. It is not all the time that you bump into a 2.50-Carat diamond with a grade F color. The price will even rise at a higher cost if you intend to look for this type specifically because jewelers know that you will buy it at any cost.

If there is one aspect that would offset its valuable quality, it is the grade of its clarity rating. Unlike the rest, it only has a Slightly Included (SI2) grade, which is the least acceptable form in the chart. With its more massive size, noticing its flaw is an easy task even without a magnifier to double-check it.

Nevertheless, it still has a great value as a diamond, making it an excellent investment and a great engagement item.

The elongated design makes you look more sophisticatedDiamond's flaws are noticeable by the naked eye
A better option for engagement ringsThe price is less affordable
It has GIA certification
Higher carat weight
Colorless quality

#6. 1.00-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile

1.00-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile


  • Cut: Very Good
  • Color: G
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 1.00
  • Depth %: 63.0%
  • Table %: 62.0%

Blue Nile has another diamond piece that will leave your significant other feeling overwhelmed and happy. Its 1.00-Carat Oval Cut Diamond gives off a sophisticated vibe without extremely hurting your bank account. It comes with a reasonable price equivalent to the value of its features.

The stone’s size has a massive impact on the overall quality of the diamond. Since it is not too big, and its color falls to the G category, it illuminates enough sparkle that will catch anyone’s attention. Its near-colorless feature partnered with a Slightly Included grade for clarity is the perfect combination to highlight its brilliance.

We are not saying that it is free from any flaws. It still has blemishes, but its size makes it less visible. This type of diamond is perfect for rings with thinner shanks because they emphasize the stone’s beauty better than thicker ones.

Another thing that you will notice is the soft glow this diamond illuminates under UV light. Only 30% of diamonds available in the market have this characteristic. Thus, it becomes a crucial factor when pricing and picking loose diamonds.

The size makes blemishes less apparentFlaws may be visible upon closer look
Perfect for rings with thin shanksLower clarity rating
Higher color grade
It glows in UV light
Reasonable price

#7. 3.01 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen 

3.01 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen 


  • Color: G
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Carat Weight: 3.01
  • Polish: Excellent
  • Symmetry: Excellent

Oval-cut diamonds are popular for their more affordable prices than round and princess-cut pieces. But it does not mean that it is free from stones with extremely expensive prices. We allotted the last spot of our recommendation list to the diamond with the most valuable cost.

James Allen has a 3.01 Carat Oval Diamond, whose price rate is almost at $39,000. It is the case because of its heavier carat weight than all of the gems we included in this review. Plus, its color quality falls to the G grade. Its nearly-colorless feature is quite in-demand in the market.

However, its clarity rating is underwhelming for the price because the blemishes are quite visible to an unaided eye. With its more massive size, you can easily detect its flaws, similar to the case of the 2.5-carat diamond from the same brand.

Patrons who love to buy diamonds with bigger sizes still go for this item nevertheless. The beauty of its brilliance and fire is undeniable. Its glow is more noticeable, even from afar, because the elongated look of an oval diamond gives more emphasis to its characteristics.

Polish and symmetry have exceptional qualityThe clarity rating is not impressive
Its size emphasizes the diamondMost expensive oval-cut diamond
It has a nearly-colorless featureVisibility of the diamond's flaws
Bigger carat weight

Top Pick – The Best Oval-Cut Diamond

You should know by now that oval-cut diamonds come in several qualities. One has a higher color grading, while others have a better clarity rating. The only thing common in all of them is the lack of a standard grading parameter for its cut.

In this regard, you may want to talk with a diamond expert about your oval-shaped diamond to determine if it is of greater value. Most of them look eye-clean, brilliant, and flashy. Thus, visually identifying its worth can be quite subjective.

Among all the items included in this article, our top pick is the 0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond by Blue Nile. It checks the standard requirement for color and quality. It has a nearly-colorless feature with a spotless facet. While it is not as flawless as you can imagine, only a gemologist can notice its blemishes.

Plus, the bowtie effect across the center of an oval-cut diamond is not too distracting in this piece. It may not have a massive size, but the elongated shape does the trick to make it look bigger. All of these come at a reasonable price that makes it the best piece out there.

History of Oval-Cut Diamonds

The discovery of oval-cut diamonds is not a recent phenomenon. Since the 13th century, this majestic piece is present in medieval and renaissance paintings. Although at that time, they have darker colors.

As cutters learned how to improve a diamond’s color and clarity, transparent stones’ brilliance became more popular and valuable. Royalties are fond of wearing oval-shaped stones because they make the wearer’s hand look slimmer and longer. They exude the same fire and sparkle that a round diamond has, but with more massive surface orientation.

Koh-i-Noor is an ancient and popular oval-cut diamond. It came from a Persian word that translates to ‘Mountain of Light.’ It passed from one royal family to another until it reached Great Britain in 1851. The stone’s weight is 186ct and is currently at Queen Alexandra’s coronation crown.

While this type has been around for centuries, it is only in the 1960s that Lazare Kaplan officially named it the oval-cut diamond. It maintains the elegant and classic look expected from the world’s hardest stone as a modified version of round diamonds.

In recent years, oval-cut diamonds have become a favorite pick for engagement rings because of their size and value. Wearing this precious piece may boost your confidence and adds sophistication to your overall look. Its rich history signifies the timeless beauty this diamond piece has.

Drawbacks and Benefits of Having an Oval-Cut Diamond

Like other varieties of diamonds, oval-shaped ones have several things that you will adore and dislike. Knowing more about its pros and cons is excellent to grasp your expectations on this item better.


#1. It Has a Larger Surface Area Than Round Diamonds

We cannot deny the fact that some buyers get attracted to stones of bigger sizes. If you prefer to have a large-looking diamond, then you will love this piece. It emphasizes the stone’s surface area, which can be larger than a round diamond by 10%.

Thus, it attracts your attention to the longest line that you see from its facets. However, its shallow depth compensates for this advantage.

#2. A More Reasonable Choice When It Comes to Price

As said earlier, oval-cut diamonds are more affordable. Numbers will tell us that its price can reach up to 30% less than a round diamond. The reason behind it is the lower demand for this variety. Plus, lesser wastage occurs during the polishing process because it retains more space and roughness.

Moreover, it also tricks buyers into believing that they bought a bigger piece at a more affordable price because of its shape. However, a 1.0-carat oval diamond may look larger than its round counterpart, but they still have the same weight and value.

#3. The Absence of Sharp Corners

Its oval shape increases the durability of the diamond. With the lack of corners, the chances of it ripping a fabric or scratching the skin are less likely to happen. Thus, it is more suitable for people who move a lot and have an active lifestyle.

On top of that, pairing this piece to any setting is possible because it requires less protection. Whether you put it into a halo, solitaire, or side-stone settings, you will not have any problem with its versatility.

#4. Aesthetic Effect on Your Fingers

It can be the best choice for women who feel insecure about their short or wide fingers. With an oval-cut diamond, it will make your finger look slenderer and longer because of the shape’s illusion. Thus, you may request to have the stone be vertically arranged so that it can do its optical trick to your hands.


#1. It Appears Shallower Than the Other Diamonds

We already said in the advantages that oval-cut diamonds are popular because of their tricky size. However, it also affects the stone’s depth. Unlike round diamonds, they are more shallow and have thinner girdles.

#2. The Bowtie Effect Is Distracting

When the light fails to reflect from the corner of the stone, it results in dark color at the center. As a result, a bowtie shape becomes apparent within the diamond. While a small amount of it can add glamour to the gem, you do not want it to be too severe.

This bowtie effect is crucial when buying a diamond because some customers frown on stones with darker spaces at the center. It happens when a stone has numerously misaligned, resulting in a dreadful and disturbing design.

The GIA report does not include the amount of bowtie an oval-cut diamond has. Thus, it is best to look closely at your chosen piece or talk with a diamond expert.

#3. Most Oval-Cut Diamonds Have Problematic Symmetry

It isn’t easy to find an oval-cut diamond with a perfect shape. It can be a little wonky on the side, or the center does not fall to where it should be. Thus, you must be extra keen on examining its details.

As much as possible, pick a diamond with equal length on each side from the center. Most of them have inexpert cuts, which results in a less appealing piece. Take your time as you pick the best-looking oval-cut diamond in your choices.

How to Pick the Best Oval-Cut Diamond – A Buyer’s Guide

An oval-cut diamond is a versatile stone. You can have it as your jewelry’s center of attraction or an added accent to your main piece. Today, it is becoming a favorite pick for rings, pendants, and earrings because of its sophisticated look.

You already learned about its history and the benefits you will gain once you purchase a diamond belonging to this variety. You are now at the point where you will learn which features to prioritize when buying a diamond.

#1. Choose the Length to Width Ratio

Oval-cut diamonds do not have a standard cut and shape. It all boils down to the proportions of the length to width ratio. The typical measurement of most oval-shaped diamonds is from 1.40 to 1.50. Going beyond or below this range may result in a narrow or wide-looking oval diamond.

If you plan to buy an engagement ring, it is best to stick with the measurement’s safest range. However, narrower diamonds are more fitting for pendants and earrings.

#2. Picking the Color Grade

Like cushion-cut diamonds and other varieties, oval-cuts have a standard grading system for colors. For the best value, diamonds with grades starting from G to J are the safest picks.

This range has a ‘near-colorless’ status, making it look brilliant through an unaided eye. It still has a faint yellow color but not as detectable as those in grade K.

#3. Identifying the Clarity Rating

Another C, when it comes to assessing a diamond, is clarity. It signifies how flawless a diamond is from within. If your chosen item has a Slightly Inclusive (SI1 to SI2) rating, you can expect the diamond to be eye-clean. However, if its carat weight is more massive, its flaws might be more noticeable.

If it does not sit well with you, you can check for other pieces with higher clarity ratings from Very Slightly Included to Internally Flawless. Please take note that as its grade goes up, so does its price.

#4. Amount of the Bowtie Effect

You already learned why you could see a bowtie at the center of an oval-cut diamond. Like its shape, bowties vary from one diamond to another. Thus, you may find one whose bowtie adds glamour to its look or another with a distracting dark space at the center.

That is why before purchasing an oval-shaped diamond, make sure that you have closely looked at or talked with an expert. The last thing you want is to regret buying an expensive item that makes you feel uncomfortable.

#5. Being Critical to Symmetry

This point is highly related to our first tip. Since oval-shaped diamonds do not have a standard cut, it is best to be conscious of the stone’s symmetry. Like round diamonds, oval-cuts have 52 facets, but their placements may vary in one way or another.

It is not avoidable to find a diamond with awkward-looking surfaces. That is why it is crucial to check its edges’ cleanliness, the grace of its slope from the center, and the identical spaces on the side.

Experts’ help is quite needed on this aspect because an untrained human eye will have difficulty identifying a diamond’s flaws.


If you have the means to buy a diamond, go for it. Apart from being a symbol of your love for a special someone, its value also increases over time, making it an excellent investment. An in-demand design in today’s time is the oval-cut diamonds.

More people are becoming fond of buying this item because it has that classic diamond vibe but at a more reasonable price. It goes well with any jewelry settings, from halo, side stone, pave, and solitaire, and acts best as a center or an additional accent on any jewelry piece.

Picking the right oval-cut diamond may sound easy, but it requires several considerations. Thus, the best advice when buying one is to make a thorough research about this item. It will help if you get accustomed to the diamond’s 4Cs, bowtie effect, and symmetry.

Overall, we highly recommend you to try Blue Nile’s 0.70-Carat Oval Cut Diamond. It is neither the most expensive nor the purest oval product in the market. However, it has balanced, even finer, qualities than the other items in this review. Plus, it comes with a less expensive price compared to other diamonds with the same carat weight.

You and your recipient’s satisfaction must be at the forefront of your considerations. Thus, picking a diamond must come from your soundest judgment. Better yet, seek advice from an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are oval diamonds rare?

Yes, they are rare compared to round and princess-cut diamonds. However, oval-cut diamonds have lower demands than the latter pieces. Thus, it is best not to exceed your budget when buying one. Plus, you already know that stones in this category are less expensive.

Is the oval-cut diamond the cheapest in the market?

No, it is not. While it is popular for having lower costs than around brilliant diamonds, it does not mean that it is the market’s cheapest item. Emerald diamonds cost lower than oval-cuts. You may also check on cushion-cut diamonds because some of them have friendlier prices.

What makes an oval-cut diamond trendy?

The reality about oval-cut diamond is it is less appealing if you buy at as a loose item. It’s not the actual oval shape that makes it appealing to many people, but the accessories and designs come with it.

Putting it in a gold-plated frame or a platinum drop-down earring makes it look sophisticated. Thus, oval-shaped diamonds are more attractive when you partner it with other pieces.

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