Top 16 Best Lab Created Diamonds | 2021 Reviews + Guide

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It was a fine morning in January 2019 when a member of the royal family emerged into the streets of London. She was on her way to a meeting and her heels and coat weren’t the attires that caught the attention of the onlookers. But Meghan Markle’s glimmering diamond embedded drop earrings were the buzz that swirled around. The most fascinating part of the entire incident was that she was wearing diamonds that some experts grew in a lab! The founder of the company that manufactured those diamonds stated that it took only 5 days to grow them.

The craze for dazzling diamonds is an ever-growing one. The clean cuts along with the brilliant reflective properties are enough to fascinate anyone. But the companionship of a beautiful precious stone comes at a substantial cost. What if we tell you that you can get the same sparkle and high quality for a price that is usually 30 to 40% less than a natural diamond? You heard it right! That’s exactly what lab-created diamonds offer.

Since lab-made diamonds are growing more and more in popularity, some of the best diamond retailers are offering a substantial collection for the same. On that note, let’s take a look at the top 8 retailers to buy the best lab-created diamonds and their most popular products.

Top 16 Best Lab Created Diamonds Reviewed

  1. Lab-Created 1.53 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen
  2. Lab-Created 2.01 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen
  3. Seven-Stone Lab Diamond Wedding Ring in 14KT Yellow Gold from Ritani
  4. Princess Four-prong Earring Baskets from Ritani
  5. Lab-Created Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Rose Gold from Kay
  6. Diamond Wedding Band 1/6 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold from Kay
  7. Sadie 1 1/2CT Diamond Bolo Bracelet from Clean Origin
  8. 1ct Solitaire Pendant from Clean Origin
  9. Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 2 ct tw Oval 14K White Gold by Jared
  10. Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 1-1/3 ct tw Round 14K White Gold by Jared
  11. 30 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond
  12. 31 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond
  13. Peora Lab Grown Diamond Single Stud Earring for Men
  14. 14K White Gold Created Alexandrite Diamond Bypass Ring
  15. LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink & White Diamond Round & Baguette Drop Bar Pendant Necklace
  16. LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace

#1. James Allen

james allen

Did you know that James Allen is the leading store containing one of the highest numbers of loose diamonds? The collection comprises about 7000 of them in different shapes and sizes. Some are as tiny as 0.32 carats and they can go up to 4 carats. We are not talking about stimulants such as cubic zirconia. Every lab-created diamond on James Allen is the International Gemological Institute certified. This way the buyers always know what they are paying for.

James Allen is an established retailer offering affordable and high-quality diamonds for a long time. The warranty covers routine maintenance to keep the shine as new for a long time. The best part about James Allen is that their customer support team possesses extensive knowledge of gems and is highly educated. Their expert team of gemologists can answer any question pertaining to lab-created diamonds from their resale value to High-Pressure High-Temperature techniques.

1.53 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen

1.53 Carat Oval Diamond by James Allen

The 1.53 carat oval cut F color vvs2 clarity Lab-Created has a legit grading report from IGI. It has been photographed by dedicated experts and magnified to a level that helps shoppers look at the intricate details.

2.01 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen

2.01 Carat Princess Diamond by James Allen

If you are looking for a loose diamond for an engagement ring, the Lab-Created 2.01 Carat Princess Diamond is the ideal choice. Just like the above piece, this too carries an IGI grading report. Other specifications include F color vs1 clarity.

#2. Blue Nile

blue nile logo

If you are an avid diamond enthusiast and you haven’t heard about the Blue Nile you’ve been living under a rock! Besides their astonishing collection of natural diamonds, they have also added a sizable collection of lab-created ones. Their lab-created diamonds have a similar certification and grading as natural diamonds. Meaning, they adhere to the usual 4Cs of carat, color, clarity, and cut. They send their gems to a lab specializing in grading lab-created diamonds. The best gemologists of the lab examine these stones and compare and compile the individual grades before allotting the final grade.

The quality of the lab-created diamonds that the Blue Nile offers is so supreme that differentiating them from natural diamonds is extremely hard for someone who is not an expert. Even experts need technical equipment specialized for detection to pick out the differences. The Blue Nile features lab-created diamonds from Lightbox with small inscriptions that confirm the manufacturing of the stones. It is also an indicator of the fact that the product has matched up to their quality standards. Of course, the inscription won’t be visible to the naked eye without magnification equipment.

Even the most passionate diamond fanatics do not have the necessary information about lab-created diamonds. But before shopping for one, it is necessary that buyers have a clear picture of what they are getting into. The Blue Nile features a separate educational page exclusively dedicated to lab-grown diamonds. They provide all the information starting from the basics to the most frequently asked questions. So, before buyers think about making a purchase from their favorite jewelry retailer the Blue Nile, they have easy access to all the knowledge that might require beforehand.

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink & White Diamond Round & Baguette Drop Bar Pendant Necklace

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink & White Diamond Round & Baguette Drop Bar Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for an all in one necklace and pendant, the LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink & White Diamond Round & Baguette Drop Bar Pendant Necklace is the way to go. The 14k White Gold chain features three white and one colored gemstone. The Spring ring clasp and cable chain facilitate a tight and firm grip.

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace

The 14k LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant Necklace keeps up with the trend offering a beautiful Rose Gold tinted 18 inches cable chain and a pink lab-grown diamond. The timeless round shape of the stone is ideal for traditional jewelry wearers with a modern touch.

#3. Ritani

Ritani is a fine jewelry retailer that specializes in bridal jewelry and engagement rings. Even their tagline indicates that they would do anything for love! The affordability of Ritani makes it one of the most popular stores for the purchase of lab-grown diamonds. They offer a wide variety of designs which further attracts customers from all over the world. Their online store has the designs broken down so that customers can easily navigate through it and find their favorite pics. The filters include delivery dates, metal, price, center stone, and side stones.

If you are a creative person, you might not want to pick a ready-made design. If that’s the case, Ritani facilitates the designing of your very own customized diamond ring. The advantage here is that it would be tailor-made according to your personal requirement and will enhance the uniqueness factor. The budget tool asks buyers relevant questions about their preferences and as well as their price point. The combination of beauty and science along with prices that won’t break the buyers Bank makes Ritani one of the most successful lab-created diamond retailers.

Seven-Stone Lab Diamond Wedding Ring in 14KT Yellow Gold from Ritani

If a beautiful dash of golden color is what you want at a reasonable rate, the Seven-Stone Lab Diamond Wedding Ring in 14KT Yellow Gold has to be the ideal pick. The customer can have it customized. The store also offers free engraving!

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Princess Four-prong Earring Baskets from Ritani

Since we’re not restricting this post to lab-created diamond rings only, check out these beautiful 14kt White Gold earrings. Weighted 2g, they have screw caps to secure them in place.

#4. Clean Origin

If you are looking for a company that exclusively specializes in lab-created diamonds, Clean Origin has to be your top pick. Since lab-grown diamonds are the only kinds of products it features, the collection is as vast as you can imagine. They start from .30 carats and go up to 6.36 carat! Their collection of loose diamonds goes as high as 12000+. Some of the jewelry types they feature include engagement rings, wedding bands, and some other diamond jewelry.

Adding to their various fancy weaving techniques, clean origin offers a 360-degree view for most of their products. Buyers can also look from various angles and zoom in on a particular area to get more details of the diamond they would like to buy. Their customer support team is available by phone, email, or through live chat. The retailer proves that they vouch for the quality of their product and offers a hundred days money-back guarantee. Considering how unprecedented return policies are in the universe of diamonds, this guarantee is a foolproof way to establish the trust of buyers. They also cover any routine maintenance you might require for the jewelry.

#5. Kay

The trend for lab-grown diamonds is rising and Kay is one of the most stylish jewelry stores featuring a whole line of products in this area. Customers can get a bolder look and a bigger size in a similar price range. People have been buying their dream diamond jewelry from Kay for many decades now. They provide a wide variety of designs as well as modern and classic diamond jewelry styles. The online stores are minimalistic and make the entire process of buying lab-created diamond jewelry hassle-free.

Whether you are looking for a simple and elegant piece or something that would dazzle the surroundings, this store is an ideal destination. While some buyers love to cherish the tradition with conventional diamond jewelry designs, Kay is also the go-to store for those who like their jewelry to be one of a kind. The company offers a simple customization process that helps customers by various diamond jewels of their choice. The retailer also features an entire content library that helps buyers make better decisions about purchasing lab-created diamonds. Their customer support team and online concierge are available at the constant back and call of customers. Anytime someone has a query, a dedicated team of experts is willing to clarify them.

Lab-Created Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Rose Gold from Kay

Are you looking for a change of color but want to remain on the cool side? Rose gold jewelry is the latest trend and a lasting choice. This makes Lab-Created Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1 ct tw Round-cut 14K Rose Gold an ideal pick for those looking for something unique.

Diamond Wedding Band 1/6 ct tw Round-cut 14K White Gold from Kay

The best thing about a wedding band is that both men and women can flaunt it. This product is a tactful arrangement of 1/6 carat round diamonds and 14K white gold. You can wear it as it is or pair it with an engagement ring.

#6. Jared

The chosen collection page on the official website of Jared informs customers about the properties lab-created diamonds exhibit. They are marvels of technology and science exhibit the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as those of natural diamonds.

The website features lab-created diamonds that have undergone extensive inspection during the checking of quality standards. Each gem is certified to present valid proof of credibility. Not only the online store, even the brick and mortar stores are also offering a fine collection of lab-created diamonds.

The customers can choose the weight and shape of the diamond according to their own choice. They can also get something engraved which provides a lot of scope for personalization and customization. Buyers can opt for virtual appointments to clear any doubts that may come to their mind.

Buying lab-grown diamonds is a relatively new concept and before making a purchase decision it is advisable that customers have sufficient knowledge beforehand. The process can get a little exhaustive but their customer support team is more than happy to walk people through.

Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 2 ct tw Oval 14K White Gold by Jared

The biggest specialty of this engagement ring is the presence of more than one stone. The 3-stone luxurious engagement ring features oval-cut lab-created diamonds. The weight of the diamond is 2 carats studded in a brilliant 14K white gold crafted band.

Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 1-1/3 ct tw Round 14K White Gold by Jared

What’s better for one of the most special occasions of someone’s life than adorning their hands showing off large and multiple small diamonds? The Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring 1-1/3 ct tw features a 14k white gold band along with 1-1/3 carats weighted diamonds. The breathtaking piece of jewelry also flaunts diamonds enveloping the twisted shank for an elite look.

#7. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is one of the leading online diamond retailers known for their high-quality mined diamonds. They have also added a wide array of lab-created diamonds. They also go the extra mile to make sure that the diamonds featured in the entire collection are conflict-free. If you are someone who has been passionate about diamonds for a long time, you must have heard about blood diamonds.

There are certain places in Africa surrounded by controversies when it comes to the mining of diamonds. To avoid the commercial sourcing of diamonds from such places, the Kimberley process came into existence. It improved the situation With conflict diamonds to a great extent. However, the process still isn’t 100% foolproof.

Thanks to brilliant Earth, they go even further than that. The retailer keeps detailed records of all their diamonds including their origin as well as everything about their history. Of course, since lab-created diamonds don’t need mining, it is fairly easy to trace their supply-chain. The ethical practices provide brilliant Earth and age and make the retailer a top choice among diamond buyers.

With more than 40000 different kinds of diamonds, they feature an enormous collection and a large variety. They even offer colored diamonds that are lab-created which is a pretty unique offering. If there is a design defect, the manufacturer’s warranty covers it. Buyers also have the option to purchase an extended service plan which lasts for 3 years after you have made the purchase.

0.30 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond

Avail the benefit of using a high-quality lab-created loose diamond and use it as you please! This 0.30 Ct lab-created round diamond with super ideal cut measures 4.34mm x 4.32mm x 2.59mm in dimensions. Its color is E and clarity is SI2.

0.31 Carat Round Lab Created Diamond

The Super Ideal Cut, I Color and VS2 Clarity diamond measures 4.38mm x 4.35mm x 2.70mm, has a weight of 0.31 carat, and has a 62.0% depth. This loose diamond flaunts no fluorescence and excellent symmetry, ideal for a wide array of purposes.

#8. Amazon

It is hard to think of a product in the world that is not available on Amazon. If you are looking for some of the best lab-created diamond jewelry designs, your regular go-to online store has got your back in this domain too! Whether you like the traditional round or a princess cut, Amazon has got you covered in different types of lab-created diamonds. They also have some beautifully colored rings, earrings, wedding bands, and so on that feature the most beautiful gemstones ever.

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They also offer an exclusive collection of different types of loose lab-created diamonds. Amazon comprises jewelry from a wide variety of sellers all over the world. Even though they don’t specialize in the jewelry domain, the versatile E-Commerce Store has included a significant lab-created diamond collection both loose and jewelry. Amazon has been the number one choice for most customers all over the world for plenty of products. It won’t be an overstatement to say that it offers great quality and variety of lab-created diamonds. The sorting options, as well as filters, help buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

Peora Lab Grown Diamond Single Stud Earring for Men

Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it doesn’t mean men can’t flaunt them in all their glory! The Peora Lab Grown Diamond Single Stud Earring for Men imparts a minimalistic yet royal look ideal for most occasions. In fact, you can also wear it for regular use. The diamond weighs 1/2 Carat, is F-G Color, 5mm in diameter, and carries SI-I clarity.

14K White Gold Created Alexandrite Diamond Bypass Ring

Besides using the highest quality white gold, the 14K Alexandrite Diamond Bypass Ring features a beautiful bluish colored diamond. The 4 pieces of sparkly lab-made diamonds feature a large stone in the center and two tiny ones on each side.

Peora Lab Grown Diamond Single Stud Earring for Men

Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it doesn’t mean men can’t flaunt them in all their glory! The Peora Lab Grown Diamond Single Stud Earring for Men imparts a minimalistic yet royal look ideal for most occasions. In fact, you can also wear it for regular use. The diamond weighs 1/2 Carat, is F-G Color, 5mm in diameter, and carries SI-I clarity.

14K White Gold Created Alexandrite Diamond Bypass Ring

Besides using the highest quality white gold, the 14K Alexandrite Diamond Bypass Ring features a beautiful bluish colored diamond. The 4 pieces of sparkly lab-made diamonds feature a large stone in the center and two tiny ones on each side.

Striking Benefits of Buying lab-created Diamonds

The saying diamond is a girl’s best friend doesn’t exclude the lab-created variant. There are several reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of lab-created diamonds. Building on that we are going to take a look at some striking benefits of buying them over naturally-occurring diamonds.

1. Guilt-free purchase

Did you know that in some parts of the world diamond mining leads to massive exploitation of labor and children? That’s right! Some laborers even on less than $1 in a single day. On the other hand, lab-made diamonds require their production under skilled professionals which leaves no scope for exploitation. There is always the risk of dangerous humanitarian grounds and exploited labor when it comes to naturally mind diamonds.

But the composition of lab-created diamonds eliminates these factors and gives rise to a guilt-free shopping experience. Moreover, the vagueness surrounding the origins of naturally mined diamonds can create conflicts. But lab-created diamonds have guaranteed origins and a better profile of the history of the diamond.

2. Better quality and a higher level of purity

Naturally occurring diamonds are bound to have impurities and dirt ingrained within them. But since experts develop synthetic diamonds in laboratories, they are purer than mined diamonds. Natural diamonds sometimes also have a strained crystal structure and some defects. But since synthetic diamonds develop under controlled and carefully supervised conditions, the chances of defects are slim to none. With a higher level of purity, comes a brighter and better shine. Most lab-created diamonds receive positive and high purity ratings as compared to their natural counterparts.

3. Sustainable and environment friendly

Mining of diamonds can substantially damage the earth and deplete precious fossil fuel reserves. Digging the largest possible holes in the earth requires massive amounts of fossil fuels for using heavy machinery to extract the stones. The damages are beyond a hole in the earth. As a result of the explosives and used machinery, the mining of diamonds wreaks havoc by causing water pollution and disturbing the habitats. Other damages include the land being unusable and quintals of mineral waste. Not to mention, the occurrence of occasional disasters and unimaginable carbon emissions along with Sulphur dioxide being released into the environment.

Of course, these issues are nonexistent in the case of synthetic or lab-created diamonds. With dwindling supply and rising demand for mined diamonds, a certain level of imbalance is inevitable. But lab-grown diamonds can bridge the ever-increasing supply and demand gap of the breath-taking precious stone. One of the most prominent damages includes excessive soil movement while mining diamonds. They also cause an increase in the levels of air pollution and use more than a hundred gallons of water per carat. Moreover, employee safety standards are also higher in lab-grown diamonds.

4. Availability of colored diamonds at competitive rates

Buying a diamond or diamond jewelry in itself is a massive expense. But if you are looking for a fancy-colored gemstone, most of the time, it can only be a part of your imagination. Naturally occurring colored diamonds are so expensive that a majority of buyers are able to make them a reality for themselves. But there is no shortage of people wanting to add a little dash of their favorite color to diamond jewelry.

Lab-made colored diamonds help the color fanatics of the diamond domain make their dream jewelry a reality. The best part is that they cause just a fraction of naturally occurring mind colored gemstones. Since the purity levels are higher, the color will be sharper and more vibrant.

Things to Know Before Buying lab-created Diamonds

Whether you are experimenting with the latest trends or you are looking for a serious purchase for a loved one, here are some things to know before buying lab-created diamonds.

1. Lab-grown diamonds are real

When you are buying a diamond for a special occasion you might not want to pick a fake one. Especially if your budget permits, why not stick to the real thing? The most common misconception about lab-created diamonds is that they are fake. Well, that is far from reality. In fact, lab-created diamonds are as real as they can get.

It looks exactly like a real diamond and sparkles in the same way. The main reason behind a lab-created diamond being a real one is due to the structure of the molecules of carbons in it. A diamond comprises a 3D carbon molecule structure which makes it the hardest substance in the world. The same goes for lab-created diamonds.

2. Get almost the same product at a significantly lower cost

Imagine yourself standing in a high-profile jewelry store looking at sparkling jewels all over the place. All you want to do is please your special someone and make their heart race. A beautiful princess cut diamond ring catches your eye but before you can fall in love with that, the price tag brings you back into reality.

But then you happen to come across the look-alike of your original pick but there is a substantial difference in the cost. The only difference is that the $10,000 mined diamond was out of your budget but not the $6000 lab-created one. The moral of the story is that when you opt for lab-created diamond jewelry, you get almost the same product at a substantially inexpensive rate as compared to the naturally mined piece.

3. Lab-created diamonds are not as cheap as fake diamonds

Another common misconception is that lab-created diamonds carry the cost of fake ones. Well, here we are not talking about glass simulants of real diamonds or cubic zirconia jewelry. Lab-created diamonds offer the same properties as naturally occurring diamonds which makes them as precious as the real thing. The concept of what you pay is what you get applies here too. The best way to evaluate the cost factor of a lab-created diamond is by considering it as a major discount on a premium range product!

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4. Getting the prerequisites right

Even though there are plenty of benefits to buying lab-created diamonds, you should always know the important prerequisites before making your purchase. Just like naturally occurring mined diamonds, it is important to check for certification before you buy a lab-created diamond. With specified gradings on the carat color, clarity, and cut, buyers know what they are paying for.

5. Making peace with the unknown resale value

The technology that gives rise to lab-created diamonds has been around for a couple of decades. But the recent years give the general public access to the unconventional kind of jewelry shopping. Since the product is a direct result of the advancement in technology, it won’t be an overstatement to say that the prices will depreciate in the coming years.

No retailer can give you the exact resale value of a lab-created diamond. Even though selling your precious gem might not be on your mind, you should know that predicting a number is almost next to impossible. But one thing is for sure. The resale value will always be less than the retail price you paid when you first made the purchase.


The stunningly beautiful lab-created diamonds have been paving their way into the jewelry market. Scientific processes are becoming more sophisticated and advanced with every passing day and no industry is untouched from the advancement including diamonds. Due to humanitarian and environmental reasons, most millennials nowadays prefer lab-created diamond jewelry over mined ones.

Considering that a prominent member of the royal family doesn’t hesitate to flaunt a lab-created diamond Stunner, it was bound to spread like wildfire among the common masses. We have already simplified your purchase decision to a great extent by listing out all the best retailers for lab-created diamond jewelry.

In the next section, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to expand your knowledge on lab-created diamonds. This way, when you go for your jewelry shopping spree, you won’t enter an online or offline store with a blank mind!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are lab-created diamonds the same as real diamonds?

A: As the name suggests, the manufacturing of lab-created diamonds takes place in a laboratory. Their development is in the hands of experts who utilize a controlled environment for producing crystallized carbon. They are not exactly the same as naturally occurring diamonds but have a great deal of similarity when it comes to properties such as shine, reflective, physical as well as chemical properties. A lab-created diamond mimics the natural growing process of a real diamond.

Q: Are lab-created diamonds better than naturally-occurring ones?

A: Most people around the world now prefer lab-created diamonds over naturally-occurring diamonds because of ethical reasons and affordability. Lab-grown diamonds are 30 to 40% cheaper than mined ones. They are also conflict-free and eco-friendly which makes them a perfect choice for people who keep humanitarian and environmental reasons in mind before making the purchase. The Gemological Institute of America states that there isn’t much of a visible distinction between natural and lab-grown diamonds even when we look at them under a microscope.

Q: What is the process of growing a lab-created diamond?

A: In America, scientists begin the process where the first step is to cut a tiny carbon piece known as a seed to grow a MiaDonna diamond. They place it in a vapor deposition chamber under a low-pressure microwave. A combination of methane and hydrogen occurs with electrical energy. This leads to the ignition of a sparkling plasma ball. This process leads to the formation of a cloud in the chamber. It takes approximately 6 weeks to 12 weeks to witness the formation of a rough sizable diamond. The processes of cutting, polishing, and grading are the same as that of an Earth-mined diamond.

Q: How can I differentiate between a natural and a lab-made diamond?

A: There is no way for a person to differentiate between a natural and a lab-created diamond at the first glance. But when you look with the help of a magnifying glass most lab-created diamonds have a laser inscription which is an identification mark for the type of diamond it is. But if the girdle of the diamond doesn’t comprise any inscription, the only way to know whether it’s a natural or a lab-grown diamond is if you take it to a gemological laboratory.

Q: Is a lab-created diamond a fake diamond?

No, lab-created diamonds are far from being fake. In fact, fake diamonds are basically just glass or other cheap synthetic material. Even those that have zircon or cubic zirconia as constituents are subject to wear and tear. Lab-created diamonds are not just real diamond look-alikes. They have similar properties which make them almost as good as naturally occurring diamonds.

Q: Are lab-created diamonds suitable to pass on to the next generations?

A: Since lab-created diamonds are not inferior to naturally occurring ones, you can leave them as heirlooms. Moreover, your children or grandchildren will cherish your jewelry because of the fact that it belonged to you. The odds are they might not really care about where the stones on your jewelry came from in the first place. That might be merely an afterthought! The bottom line, a lab-made diamond will be as long-lasting as a natural one.

Q: Can I resell lab-created diamonds?

A: As long as you are not considering diamonds as a major investment, yes you can resell lab-created diamonds. Similar to mined diamonds, they have a huge resale market. But just like natural diamonds, lab-created ones tend to depreciate in value the moment you purchased them for the first time. All in all, diamonds regardless of their type are discretionary and luxury purchases, not for investment purposes. You buy them because you like them or make an occasion more special than it already is! So, never ever think about making a profit on diamonds as it’s a gemstone, not a precious metal. After all, all that glitters is not gold!

Q: Does the appearance of lab-grown diamonds change over time?

A: No, the appearance of lab-grown diamonds doesn’t change over time, provided you are taking good care of them. Even though a popular misconception is that they cloud over time. That might be the case for fake diamonds but not for high-quality lab-made gemstones. They do not cloud, discolor, or fade as time passes. Most of the retailers we mentioned above offer after purchase maintenance services to preserve the shine and quality of your diamond. Besides availing those services, it is advisable to clean your diamonds with a gentle brush, soap, and some warm water.

Q: Is creating diamonds in a lab more sustainable than diamond mining?

Yes, lab-created diamonds are normally environmentally superior to naturally occurring diamonds that need mining. Carbon is abundantly available which makes it sustainable to create lab-grown diamonds. Even though it is an energy-intensive process, its impact is nothing as compared to that of diamond mining. This makes creating diamonds in a lab far more sustainable than mining naturally occurring diamonds.

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