Top 5 Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners | 2021 Reviews (GEMORO)

Best Jewelry Steam Cleanerss

A jewelry steam cleaner is a device that uses steam to clean your jewelry and restore its shine. Jewelry pieces often get exposed to dirt, dust, and various other impurities that reduce the shine. Contact with items of everyday use like soap or lotion makes jewelry tarnished. A steam cleaner has a reservoir of water that produces steam which can clean the jewelry and restore the luster and shine of the same.

Jewelry steam cleaners are used to clean the pieces professionally that is hard to achieve with superficial manual cleaning. In a nutshell, you can use jewelry steam cleaners to deep clean your valuable jewelry and increase their overall shelf life. These products are highly useful and a perfect investment for jewelry lovers. Expensive pieces of jewelry also need premium maintenance for their long-lasting life and jewelry steam cleaners are the most efficient equipment to do so.  

Top 5 Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners Reviewed

If you are looking for the best jewelry steam cleaners to render your expensive Jewels clean pretty and clear forever then here is a quick list for you:- 

  1. – Best Overall
  2. Magnasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner – Best for Budget
  3. GEMORO Brilliant Spa Pro Professional – Best Premium Pick
  4. GEMORO Sparkle Spa Jewelry Cleaner

#1. – Best Overall


  • Dimensions: 8.27*5.51*5.09 inches
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
  • Frequency of cleaning vibrations: 42000 Hz
  • Container size: 25 ounces

The perfect all-around jewelry cleaner that can give you a panoramic cleaning of your beloved jewelry items. If you want some effective deep cleaning of your expensive jewelry items, then the LONOVE all-around effective ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be a really good choice. It generates ultrasound waves of 42000 Hertz and provides a 360-degree robust cleaning of all the jewelry pieces. The broad surface cleans through the tiniest folds and crevices of your expensive pieces of jewelry and renders them sparkling clean. 

The powerful cleaning makes every small piece shine as they were on the first day when bought. The ultrasonic waves do not damage your items. The cleaner provides a complete efficient cleaning just within 5 minutes. The innovative no friction technology is a mind-blowing technology featured in this machine that can make your jewelry sparkling clean. The noise-free operation is indeed a boon. This unique and portable professional jewelry steam cleaner is easy to operate with a one-button start. It automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of operation – ensures hassle-free handling. Food grade stainless steel used for the tank nullifies every possibility of rust or corrosion.

Makes the jewelry pieces sparkling clean like any professional servicePerfect one with no loopholes
Provides 360 degrees efficient all-round cleaning
Can clean larger stuff due to big tank size
Just takes 5 minutes to operate
Versatile and widely applicable

#2. Magnasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner – Best for Budget

Magnasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner

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  • Dimensions: 8.2*5.8*5.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Frequency of cleaning vibrations: 42000 Hz
  • Container size: 20 ounces

This is one of the best overall jewelry cleaners that you can find. The amazing feature of this jewelry cleaner is that apart from being dedicated to cleaning your expensive jewelry you can also get your sunglasses, watches, and other personal equipment cleaned and sanitized in these professional cleaners. So it is practically a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs. 

Be it your expensive necklaces, bracelets, earring, or finger rings anything can be cleaned in the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewellery Steam Cleaner.  Magnasonic professional jewelry steam cleaner is ideal for restoring the shine and luster of valuable jewelry items for a long time. This machine uses only water as the cleaning agent; the ultrasonic waves are generated at the rate of 42000 Hz. This frequency of ultrasonic waves is capable enough to remove all the dirt and dust that accumulates even in the minute crevices of the jewelry and clean them properly.

You can practically get sparkling clean jewelry pieces and restore their former glory at the end of the washing cycle. Not only jewelry, now you can get your expensive sunglasses, watches, razor blades cleaned through this ultrasonic cleaner. If you want to make your items look brand new again Magnasonic is your perfect choice.

Ultrasonic jewelry steam cleaner does not only remove dirt, rust, grime from jewelry but also cleans it in a professional way that you can never achieve with normal tap water and manual brush cleaning.  All you have to do is simply fill the tank with water and within 3 minutes you can get professionally cleaned jewelry devoid of all kinds of stubborn stains.

It uses ultrasonic cavitation which diminishes any risk of jewelry damageDoes not work well on heavily tarnished items
Renders the jewelry sparkling clean
Makes jewelry extremely shiny
It is multipurpose

#3. GEMORO Brilliant Spa Pro Professional – Best Premium Pick

GEMORO Brilliant Spa Pro Professional

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  • Dimensions: 6*10*10 inches
  • Tank Capacity: 1 pint
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Special feature: Various colors of LED light to make operation  and detection easier
  • Steam Pressure: 50 pounds per square inch (PSI)

Brilliant product from the house of GEMORO. By now all of us know that GEMORO is one of the leading brands in the production of jewelry steam cleaners and the products that come from its house are wonderful. This particular model will steam clean your expensive Jewellery items with a 50 PSI steam pressure. The greater steam pressure helps in faster and better cleaning of the Jewellers 

The steam used here is potential enough to even deal with the most stubborn stains and clean the tiny nooks, corners, or crannies of your precious jewelry. The 1 Pint tank capacity is enough for cleaning many pieces at once. You can get the 50 PSI pressure steam with the normal tap water. Another great part about this steam cleaner is the indicator light. The Black Diamond brilliant steam cleaner features LED indicator lights which shall show and allow you to detect every single functioning event of the machine right from its heating up to the steaming 

The cleaning zone is unrestricted and it comes with a detachable cleaning and drying basket. Overall it is absolutely easy to use and has a long durable life with ABS plastic compartments and steel accent panels. Along with the machine you also get jewelry holding tweezers, measuring cups, and other accessories.

Detachable drying and cleaning basketsMolds can develop on the water tank if not taken ample care of
Comes with useful accessoriesThe electrical circuit of the product is disappointing
Greater steam pressure
Spacious cleaning zone
Durable and robust



  • Dimensions:- 6.1*3.9*2.1 inches
  • Tank material: steel
  • Tank capacity:- 600 ml
  • Frequency of vibration:- 42,000 Hz
  • Number of cleaning cycles:- 5

If you want to maintain your jewelry, watches,  shades, and other expensive objects in their good health and clean them effectively then TACKLIFE MUCO2 professional ultrasonic cleaner can be your ultimate choice. You have to fill the tank with water and the machine shall generate high-frequency pressure waves up to 42000 Hz. 

Such high-frequency waves will agitate the cleaning liquid and create a cleaning force that is capable of penetrating through all the fine crevices and joints of the jewelry and clean it completely. An ultrasonic cleaner is professionally used and hence also makes your jewelry devoid of any kind of contamination. It reaches those nooks and corners of the jewelry pieces that you can not clean with the manual process 

Ultrasonic cleaner has a tank capacity of 600 ml and there are already 5 preset cleaning cycles of 90, 180, 280, 380, 480 seconds respectively. The tank is made up of stainless steel and this machine features an automatic shut-off, so it is extremely convenient to use it. TACKLIFE steam jewelry cleaner has a user-friendly digital display which will help you to operate the machine easily. 

The basket in which the cleaning will be done is removable and hence feeding in the jewelry pieces and taking them out is no more problem. There are four easy steps to clean the jewelry through the TACKLIFE professional jewelry cleaner. Step one is to add water, step 2 is to put the items in the machine. Step 3 is adding the detergent or any other cleaning agent which will enhance the cleaning effect and Step 4 is to click the left button and you are done. Ultrasonic waves generated by the machine can penetrate deeper and clean your watches, jewelry items professionally taking out all the dust, dirt, and grease from them.

Stainless steel cleaning basketCannot clean such pieces which have a film over them
Digital user-friendly displayWorks poorly in a damp environment
Automatic shut off
Versatile in action
Removable basket

#5. GemOro 1783 Sparkle Spa Personal Ultrasonic Cleaner with 3 User-Programmable Timed Cleaning Cycles, Premium Pearl Finish

GEMORO Sparkle Spa Jewelry Cleaner

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  • Dimensions:- 8.5*5.5*5 inches
  • Tank size:- 600 ml
  • Wave frequency: 42,000 Hz
  • Cleaning cycles: 3 (3,5,10 minutes respectively)

GEMORO is a well-known brand in the world of jewelry cleaning. Not only steam cleaners, but GEMORO also specializes in the manufacture of various jewelry cleaning essentials. If you want to invest in a premium quality leading jewelry steam cleaner which is highly effective and also portable then GEMORO jewelry cleaner can be a wise choice to invest in.  

It uses Ultrasonic waves and steam to clean the jewelry.  This jewelry steam cleaner is capable of making your expensive jewelry items free from all kinds of dust, grim and other types of contamination. The jewelry we wear regularly often comes in contact with soap, lotion, and other cosmetics and their chemical composition might be harmful to the jewelry. Regularly scheduled cleaning of your Jewellery items through the steam cleaner can help to keep your jewelry clean for a longer time, restore its shine, and also make it look new every time. 

The built-up of this jewelry cleaner is excellent. The basket is removable and the size of the cleaner is extremely travel-friendly. The GEMORO jewelry cleaner scrubs your jewelry with very strong Ultrasonic waves to make them perfectly clean.

All you have to do is fill water into the tank and place your jewelry in the designated basket. You can add in cleaning essentials from the same brand for better results. The ultrasonic waves and the cleaners will safely clean your expensive stuff without causing any damage to them. After putting everything in, just plug in the machine and turn it on. You are done with your part of the work, now the GEMORO cleaner will make your jewelry appear brand new all again. 

A lot of cleaning essentials haul from the same brand that makes the jewelry even cleaner.Cleaning is satisfactory but it does not make the jewelry sparkling
Cleans the jewelry effectively making them sparkling
The tank is a bright blue LED illuminated
Well known and renowned flagship

Top Pick- LONOVE Store Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The best jewelry steam cleaner on this list is the LONOVE Store Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. It is one of the best sellers and most people that have bought the product are extremely happy with its performance. This steam jewelry cleaner has a considerably big tank to clean not only jewelry stuff but also many other accessories like sunglasses and wristwatches. The overall dimensions of the product are small and it is the perfect size for portability. It uses the unique 360-degree cleaning mechanism to deep clean all the pieces of jewelry from inside out. This is a great investment. The one of a kind jewelry steamer generates 42,000 Hz frequency ultrasonic waves that appropriately clean the jewelry without damaging any piece. It also has a broad surface that can efficiently clean the crevices, nooks, and corners of intricate pieces. Each of the jewel pieces becomes sparkling clean. Users say that the amazing shine and finish that this particular model provides is just worth it. After a single cleaning cycle, you shall observe that your rings, necklaces, studs are emitting the same glaze that they did when new. 

The wash cycle is 5 minutes. The machine is super easy to operate. All you have to do is fill the tank, place the jewelry, and just press a button. This machine features one-button initiation and an automatic shut off. You can feed the pieces in and forget all about it. One-stop solution to hassle-free jewelry cleansing. The cleaning basket can be removed and you can dry the pieces after cleaning to see some awestruck results. LONOVE steam jewelry cleaner offers noise-free operation so people won’t even know what wonders are cooking inside the box and you can easily carry it to any place without inconvenience. 

Every component of the machine has been prepared with the best materials- food-grade steel and plastics used for the basket. Hence, it has an overall long life and keeps your jewelry away from any kind of damage. The parts do not get rusted or corrode easily even after coming in frequent contact with water. This is indeed the best choice if you are looking for a personalized yet professionally graded steam jewelry cleaner. 

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Brands 

The most renowned and popular brands that manufacture effective jewelry steam cleaners are:- 


In the world of jewelry cleaning, there is perhaps one shining name – GEMORO that outshines everyone else with the commendable versatility of their products. The brand produces amazing products featuring the use of innovative technology that gives complete satisfaction to the user and discharges its duties perfectly well. You can hardly find any loopholes in their products. A strong flagship, commendable customer service, and authenticity of the durable products from the brand make it a favorite of many. It has been making a very robust name in the world of jewelry cleaning for the past few years and by now has gained a considerable customer base.


Well, known brand for those who are interested in taking extra care of their jewelry. The LONOVE store is a potent manufacturer of steam jewelry cleaners that maintains the good health and sparkling sign of your jewelry for a lifetime.


Functional simplicity and Quality Services and it is very evident in the product that they produce. Magnasonic steam jewelry cleaner is one of the best products that you are ever going to come across. When it comes to jewelry cleaning, Magnasonic steam cleaner offers unmatched potential functionality in deep cleaning your expensive jewelry and restring their shine for lifelong. 

Getting the Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners- Buying Guide 

If you are planning to get your first ever jewelry cleaner, then the decision to choose one may be challenging to take. Most people who have never used a steam jewelry cleaner before, get confused with the features to look for in a premium quality jewelry steam cleaner. For all those, who need a bit of practical knowledge and expert guidance on the matter, here are words of advice for you:-

Tank Capacity

Most of the personal use of jewelry steam cleaners have a tank size of 600 ml. This size is the standard one and works perfectly well for personal use. You can put in plenty of pieces – not only jewelry but also your sunglasses, wristwatches, or broaches in the tank for a single wash. If you are an accessory freak, then you may prefer to use the ones with a larger tank size. However, that will unnecessarily increase the overall size of the product making it clumsy.

Nature of basket

It is always better to go for the steam cleaners that offer the facility of removable baskets. The benefit of removable baskets is that you can handle them easily. Take it out, load the stuff, and put it in again without having to struggle with the loading. Most cleaners feature removable baskets though a few also come with fixed ones. If you are lazy, fixed baskets also work well. Removable baskets also offer the facility of deep cleaning the basket itself for the regularly scheduled maintenance care of the jewelry cleaner. After all, you also need to ensure the gadget’s health. 

Easy Control 

Usually, jewelry steam cleaners have an electronic control panel. You must look at two things while choosing the best control system for the cleaner. It has to be both easy to use and yet provide multiple rooms for customized functioning of the device. That means the ideal cleaner must provide you the scope to control and adjust multiple aspects of cleaning and yet keep the control panel simple to allow even the novices to effectively monitor various parameters. Do not go for the ones which offer too many buttons to make you confused and messed up. A pro tip is to choose the cleaner that has waterproof buttons – while loading in the jewelry your hands may get wet and the possibility is that you will touch the panel with those same hands, so this is additional causation to keep yourself safe from accidents. 

What is Napier Jewelry


The dimensions of the jewelry steam cleaner do matter a lot. A smaller one is more convenient compared to those large junky items which occupy too much space. Small portable jewelry steam cleaners are a great option as travel companions when jewelry cleaning often becomes essential. So, go for the portable variations. However, here the mass of jewelry subjected to cleaning will also make a difference. If you clean large chinks of jewelry and accessories at every cycle, you may prefer to invest in the larger ones. Have a glance at the dimensions of the product before buying. 


The brand is one of the most determining factors while buying a jewelry steam cleaner. Many brands are pro seasoned players in the pitch of jewelry steam cleaner manufacturing. They have a strong customer base and years of reliability to back their product and service. Authentic and aged brands like GEMORO are super-efficient in manufacturing premium quality jewelry steam cleaners that feature modern effective technology. Have a look at the best brands section to know more about the best jewelry steam cleaner brands. 

How to Use a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

For those of you who are struggling to find the correct way to use a jewelry steam cleaner for better cleaning and assured usage, here is a mini tutorial for you to master the art:- 

  • The first step is to fill the tank with water. Tap water works fine. However, softened water will be better if your tap water is of horrible quality.
  • Plugin the machine and allow the water to get warm.
  • Some machines prescribe the use of cleaning additives. Add the agent into the tank and you may prefer to soak the jewelry pieces into it for some time.
  • After soaking, switch on the machine and set the period for the cleaning cycle.
  • Lower the steam nozzle to bring it in contact with the jewelry pieces to be cleaned.
  • After the completion of wash cycles, switch off the device, and take out the jewelry, take out the basket entirely if it is removable. You can air-dry the jewelry or clean it with a dry cloth. 

That is all. You are done with effective jewelry cleaning. Now you have sparkling clean and shining pieces of jewelry in front of you. 


If you are looking for the perfect way to keep your jewelry clean, clear, and sparkling for a very long time – then you are in grave need of nothing other than a jewelry steam cleaner. A jewelry steam cleaner is meant to provide professional cleaning at home with easy access and simple functioning. Many times we try to clean the pieces of jewelry at home all by ourselves but we are unable to clean every nook and corner of the jewelry with manual cleaning. However, the high-pressure steam jet or the ultrasonic waves in the jewelry cleaning machines can make the jewelry perfectly clean and crystal care. There are no harsh chemicals used in the jewelry cleaners hence there is no damage caused to the jewelry. The best part is that, with these cleaners, you can also clean your favorite accessories like sunglasses, wristwatches, and many other things. So, it is versatile and a perfect solution for cleaning needs.

LONOVE jewelry cleaner is one of the best jewelry steam cleaners available in the market. It is a perfect product with appropriate features and a user-friendly modus operandi. If you want a perfect product at a minimum price you can go for the Magna Sonic Professional Jewellery Cleaner. It is one of the best-sellers with multiple features and considerable durability. However, before buying any product, you must always look at the details and features of the same. Try to go for functionally useful products which have strong goodwill of customer reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why Should I Switch to a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

A: The easy answer to this is- because you can professionally clean your expensive jewelry all by yourself in a jewelry steam cleaner without having to visit external professional stores. So you save both effort and money. Many people also don’t rely on others with their expensive jewelry and it is pretty normal not to do so. In such circumstances, jewelry steam cleaners can be an excellent option. Most of the jewelry steam cleaners are designed in the best possible way for easy and convenient operation even by the novices. Of course, we should mention here that professional cleaning through jewelry steam cleaners increases the shelf life of your expensive jewelry and also restore their former glory and shine for a longer period.

Q: Will a Jewelry Steam Cleaner Clean the Jewelry? 

A: Yes, it will. An efficient jewelry steam cleaner will thoroughly clean your expensive pieces of jewelry. It is designed in the best possible way to make use of modern technology mostly, steam pressure jets, and ultrasonic vibrations to clean jewelry. The machine aided cleaning will remove dirt and grim even from those areas of the jewelry where manual cleaning is impossible. More the intricate design, the difficult it is to clean jewelry with simple handheld brushes. Jewelry steam cleaner works perfectly well for such occasions.

Q: Are Jewelry Steam Cleaners Harmful to the Health of Expensive Jewelry?

A: Not at all. Jewelry steam cleaners are meant to restore the health of jewelry pieces and not ruin them. You can be assured that cleaning the jewelry through high-pressure jets or ultrasonic waves will not at all ruin them. Cleaning jewelry through steam cleaners effectively increases its life span and keeps it in better condition for a long time. The jewelry shops and merchants use such cleaners to professionally keep the jewelry better for years. Jewelry cleaning via steam cleaners makes your ornaments sparkling clean and restores their former glory for a long period. 

Q: Is it Chemical Free?

A: Yes, it is. Jewelry steam cleaners were devised for this particular purpose. Before the advent of jewelry steam cleaners, very harsh chemicals were used to clean jewelry. These chemicals left spots on the items as well as caused a marked derogatory effect on the longevity of jewelry. Steam cleaners mostly rely on physical forces based on modern technology to clean sophisticated items. However, some jewelry cleaners work best when equi[pped with cleaning substances. One must remember that these cleaning essentials are not at all harsh chemicals. They are tested to have zero negative effects on the pieces of jewelry. 

Q: Can I Use Jewelry Steam Cleaners for Other Purposes?

A: Many brands manufacture such steam cleaners that are multipurpose. That means apart from jewelry, you can also use these steam cleaners to clean various other vulnerable items like sunglasses, watches, and so on. A few things to note about these cleaners are:- the multipurpose steam cleaners are mostly designed for personal use and they have taken personal hygiene and sanitation to a whole new level. Secondly, while using such multipurpose cleaners, one must be cautious. Sometimes, these cleaners are not well suited for the stuff that has external coating as in most sunglasses. However, they are usually safe. 

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