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best glues for jewelry

You know, when jewelry comes in your hand, it passes through many phases. One of the major and the most important phases in any jewelry design is sticking different pieces together such as a pendant to a chain or fixing a diamond on an earring. Any of these methods need a strong and long-lasting bond that can keep these stones, beads, and other precious gems fixed safely on the surfaces. To do this task we need a soldering machine and a rough & tough glue specially designed for jewelry.

Jewelry glue or gel is an adhesive with strong bond quality that sticks the item to the jewelry piece very tightly and firmly. These glues are formulated to withstand all weather conditions so that you can wear jewelry without worrying about the changing environmental conditions. These glues are not only used in making jewelry designs but are also used for repairing jewelry. There are many types of glues available in the market for multiple usages such as craft glues, jewelry & metal glues, hot glues, and many more.

Top 10 Best Glues for Jewelry Reviewed

  1. Micro Precise Super Glue Gel by Gorilla
  2. UV Resin - Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet by DecorRom
  3. 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive by Aleene's
  4. Craft Adhesive 237032 by E6000
  5. G-S Hypo Cement by Darice
  6. 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue by Aleene's
  7. GS Supplies G-S Hypo Cement, Transparent by Dreambell
  8. Super New Glue by EuroTool
  9. Ultragel Super Glue by Loctite
  10. Super New Glue by EuroTool

#1. Micro Precise Super Glue Gel by Gorilla

Micro Precise Super Glue Gel by Gorilla  

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  • Item Weight: 1.58 ounces
  • Manufacturer: The Gorilla Glue Company

Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel is a gel form of glue. It is a very strong and tough glue that dries very fast. It comes with a small precise applicator that helps in maintaining neatness during work. It also allows dispensing of the glue in a limited amount. Applicator places the glue very accurately on the surface. The bottle is also very comfortable and easy to handle.

The glue perfectly works on different surfaces like metals, beads, pearls, plastic, leather, etc. As it is the superglue, the bond created is very tough and firm that does not easily crack even at extreme temperatures. Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue is specially designed for precision application and easy handling. It comes in a thick form so it won’t run during application and both the surfaces fix with each other very easily and quickly.

Overall Gorilla super glue is a multipurpose glue that is very easy to use and works great on different surfaces with quick-dry technology.

Amount controller dispensing toolSome customers complained about its oozing
Comfortable to use
Precision applicator

#2. UV Resin - Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet by DecorRom– Best Premium Pick

UV Resin - Hard Type Glue Transparent Ultraviolet by DecorRom  

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  • Item Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • Manufacturer: DecorRom

This UV Resin is a ready-to-use adhesive that instantly binds the surface under UV light or sunlight. It gives a crystal clear and neat attachment of the material on the surface.  It is a multipurpose glue that is also used for casting and coating purposes. It gives a glossy finish on application and possesses stain and scratch-resistant properties. It also acts as a yellowing-resistant.

The UV Resin adhesive perfectly works on all types of surfaces such as beads, metals, pearls, and other materials. The glue is completely environment friendly and safe to use as it is made of high-quality non-toxic material.

Overall, UV Resin is an environment-friendly non-toxic glue that gives your jewelry a firm and tough bond that cannot break easily in extreme temperatures also. Crystal clear and self degassing properties make it popular among all the jewelry designers.

Environment friendly
Shrink issue is there
Value for moneyVery Sticky
Safe & Secure

#3. 21709 Jewelry & Metal Instant Adhesive by Aleene's– Best for Budget

Jewelry and Metal Instant Adhesive  

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  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Manufacturer: iLoveToCreate

Aleene’s is one of the most trusted brands of all. It is the place to find the perfect glue for any of your projects, whether jewelry repairing or jewelry designing. The 21709 is also a wonderful product from the house of Aleene’s. The versatility of this glue is unmatchable. It is best for beads, stones, metals,  ceramics, plastics, and many more surfaces. It also works on semi-porous and porous stones, gems, and other materials excellently.

The glue dries very quickly and firmly so you can do any work with this glue. Due to its quick-dry formula, it is also called instant adhesive. It does not run on the surface during application so it is very easy to work with this fast-drying adhesive. You won’t find any mess or stickiness during the work.

It is completely water-proof and impact-resistant. It is an excellent adhesive for repairing work. Aleene’s 21709 provides a strong and firm bond that does not damage easily by temperature variations.

Overall, this superior product on Allene’s shelf is highly competent to be used as a primary glue in jewelry designing or repairing work.

A strong and firm bondSome users complained about the hardness of the cap
Quick-dry technologySometimes leaves residue
No drip and no run

#4. Craft Adhesive 237032 by E6000

Craft Adhesive by E6000  

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  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Eclectic Products, Inc.

The E6000 craft adhesive is one of the finest products of Eclectic Products Inc. It has great strength, and toughness. It is the most versatile craft adhesive of industrial strength. It is used for permanent bonds with waterproof quality.  This glue can be used for any material such as glass, metal, fabrics, etc. It can also work effectively on leather, vinyl, rubber, and other plastic material.

It creates a flexible bond so even in extreme temperatures it does not crack or become brittle easily. Because of this quality, you can make any jewelry article using this glue. E6000 is completely washer or dryer safe. Besides, it is completely non-flammable once cured.

Overall, E6000 is a very tough, flexible, strong, and versatile glue that creates a firm bond that can not be broken easily. The best part of this glue is that it is so easy to use that everyone will love working with E6000.

Completely safe and securedSometimes very difficult to push out
Dryer and washer safeTake a long time to dry completely

#5. G-S Hypo Cement by Darice

G-S Hypto Cement by Darice  

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  • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Darice

With its unique pinpoint precision applicator, G-S Hypo Cement is very popular in jewelry designing and repairing work. It neatly gets applied on the surface without causing any mess during the process. It dries crystal clear and works efficiently on jewelry. The bond is very flexible so it firmly holds the bead, pearls, and other materials.

The glue is also used in the industrial assembly, camera repair, model building, and other DIY projects. Its ultimate pinpoint precision applicator helps in neat placement of the glue inside the bead or pearls and it only allows a small amount for perfect placement of glue.

Overall, G-S Hypo Cement is a very good adhesive for almost all surfaces. With its pinpoint precision applicator, the task of placing adhesive becomes very easy.

Neat attachment of beads and pearlsDifficult to fit the pin back
Pinpoint precision applicatorNot very strong
Accurate placement
No mess

#6. 94830 Jewelry & Metal Glue by Aleene's

94830 Jewelry and Metal Glue by Aleene's  

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  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Manufacturer: iLoveToCreate

Jewelry glue is very important for any jewelry repairing work or in jewelry designing. Alleene is one of the popular brand names of all. It is the most versatile glue that works firmly on any jewelry item. Its quick-dry quality makes it very popular among all the glue users.

The bond with this glue is permanent and does not get broken even at extreme temperatures. It perfectly works on beads, metals, stones, plastics, mirrors, and many more jewelry items. It also works excellently on porous and semi-porous gems, stones, and other materials.

It is recommended to do a sample test when using the glue for the first time. Choose an open area that should be well ventilated. Remove cap and nozzle from the tube. Remove the collar and again reattach the nozzle and cap. The nozzle will puncture the tube so that adhesive can come out from the tube.

The surface on which you want to use the glue should be completely dry and clean. Apply it to the surface using a tip to spread the glue evenly. Press both the surfaces and for some time to get a firm bond.

Dries without leaving any colorIt is best for flat surfaces
Strong BondCloudy residue
Doesn’t run
Quick Dry

#7. GS Supplies G-S Hypo Cement, Transparent by Dreambell

GS Supplies G-S Hypto Cement  

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  • Item Weight: 0.64 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Dreambell

GS Hypo cement Transparent is one of the best adhesives that come with an excellent pinpoint applicator tip for precision in application. This applicator allows the exact amount of cement on a small surface for accurate placements.

The adhesive perfectly works on porous, semi-porous gems, beads, pearls, and other materials. It is best used for sticking small articles very precisely and accurately. Hypo Cement is very easy to use and dries with no color.

It is a transparent cement that is perfect for craft and model making, repairing of ceramics, plastics, metal, and other materials. It is a multipurpose cement and can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials. The Bond is very strong and tough that lasts for a longer duration and makes the material flexible even in extreme conditions.

Overall, the G-S Hypo transparent cement is a high-quality cement that works great on all surfaces.

The precise and accurate amount of cementDifficult to put the pin back to the cap
Excellent pinpoint applicatorLeaks sometimes
Strong bond

#8. Super New Glue by EuroTool

Super New Glue by EuroTool  

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  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Manufacturer: EURO TOOL

Super New Glue by EURO TOOL is the perfect glue for all types of jewelry items such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. This cyanoacrylate adhesive dries faster and creates an unbreakable bond with rubber, leather, metal, bead, and any type of material used in jewelry making.

Super Glue is completely water-resistant. The bond of Super Glue adhesive is so tough and flexible that it does not get affected even by extreme temperature variations. It is a multipurpose adhesive that can also be used in other craftworks. The adhesiveness of the glue is very strong and clear.

It comes in an easy applicator bottle that makes the placement of glue very precise on the surface. There is no need for an extra pin for accurate placement of adhesive like many other adhesives.

Overall, the Super Glue is one of the finest product of Euro Tool that works great in jewelry designing and repairing work.

Extraordinary glue especially for leather and metalSome customers complained about the quality
Precise placement of glueVery sticky
Easy to apply
Strong bond

#9. Ultragel Super Glue by Loctite

UIltragel Super Glue by Loctite  

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  • Item Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Loctite

Loctite Ultragel Super Glue is specially formulated to fix any type of breakage in jewelry and other materials. It can be used in various surfaces like beads, pearls, metals, plastics, and many more. It is completely shockproof thus gives extra holding power.

Loctite super glue is flexible and tough during any weather conditions. It is a thick glue that has no drip and running consistency during application. It is best for semi-porous or filling minor gaps between surfaces. Due to thickness property, it best works in vertical applications.

This super glue can work for almost all surfaces like beads, metals, pearls, etc. It is completely water-resistant. It is one of the best adhesives for regular use as well as in harsh conditions. Loctite is a multipurpose glue that can also be used outdoors. It is very durable and has a rubber toughened formula. It gives you enough time to set the article on the surface before the glue holds completely. It dries clear.

Loctite super glue gel comes in a patented side-squeeze design. Easy squeeze sides ensure dripping appropriate amounts with precision. It has a self-piercing knob to keep the nozzle free from any clog and to give fresh glue each time. It is suggested to keep the cap tightly sealed for repeated use.

In total, Loctite super glue is a high-quality gel adhesive that makes the bond very strong, tough, firm, and flexible that does not easily break even in harsh conditions.

Patented side squeeze designSometimes it gets hard very fast
Fresh for a longer duration
It contains Silica
Maximum control
Precise application

#10. Super New Glue by EuroTool

Super New Glue by EuroTool  

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  • Item Weight: 1.55 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Beacon Adhesives

Beacon Dazzle Tac glue is one of the best glues especially for jewelry making and repairing work.  It can perfectly work on porous and semi-porous stones, glass, beads, gems, plastics, and other materials used for jewelry purposes. Dazzle Tac is a crystal clear super glue that makes a tough bond that cannot break easily at extreme temperatures. It is flexible and does not brittle when dry.

You can also use precious stones on your jewelry with no worries at all. Its super impact-resistant formula makes a strong bond between both surfaces thus increasing the holding capacity.

You should be extra careful while using this glue as it is highly inflammable. It is suggested not to use the glue near the heat. It should be used in well-ventilated areas because the vapor sometimes may give harmful effects.

Perfect for DIY projectsSometimes messy
Impact-resistantTake a little longer to dry
Strong bond

Buying Guide- Best Glue for Jewelry

Whether you are making a piece of simple artificial jewelry or fixing your precious gemstones on your pendant, good quality glue is very essential. In the market, there are various glues available with different names but you should know which glue is useful for particular jewelry.


It is one of the most popular and multipurpose adhesives available in the market. It is a very strong glue that is generally used to stick the gemstones and beads on the metal. Epoxy 220 is the strongest glue of all. It strongly holds the jewelry. It is also used for other craftwork.


It is a high powered adhesive that is used especially in fine detailing work where you are working with a small bead and other decoration work on jewelry. It comes with a pin-top precision applicator for easy and accurate application even in small spaces. It dries very quickly and is hence used as an instant adhesive. It has multiple uses such as designing and decorating, securing knots, and core ends, etc.


It is also known as E-6000@. It is a multipurpose glue that is used by many jewelers for various tasks. It is not only used in jewelry designing but also used in fabric, leather, glass, and many more materials. It is completely waterproof, flexible, and paintable so it can easily be used in a variety of projects.

Instant Glue

Instant glue has a thin consistency that allows drying the glue very fast without any color. It is best for applying in vertical space. You can use this glue when you do not require heavy-duty adhesion. It is perfect when you require quick drying of the jewelry.

Other Points to Remember

  • If you are using jewelry glue for such a project that requires lots of movement such as bracelets, then it is better to choose a flexible glue.
    • If you are planning to make jewelry for regular use buy flexible adhesive.
  • If you are sure that the item in which you have used the glue will get exposed to wet conditions then choose a waterproof glue or adhesive.
    • When you are working with fabric then choose a washable adhesive.
  • It is suggested to avoid ground shipping of the jewelry in the cold because most of the items lose their effectiveness during extremely cold weather conditions. Especially in the case of super glue.

Top Pick- Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel

Our top pick jewelry glue is Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel. It is a multipurpose glue that perfectly works on various items such as beads, metals, pearls, etc. It also works fine with porous and semi-porous gems and stones. The glue comes in a precision applicator that drips accurately even in a very small space. Due to its high viscosity, the liquid does not run on the surface and smoothly applies to it. It dries very fast because it is a gel type of glue. It is one of the most popular glues among all in making a variety of jewelry and other items.

Best Glue Brands

The Gorilla

Gorilla Glue, having its headquarter in Cincinnati, Ohio is selling Gorilla Glue for over two decades. The glue was first discovered in Indonesia where it was used in making teak furniture. Sooner it was realized that this product was highly useful and versatile and can be used in making many other articles including jewelry.

The company works with a mission to provide quality products for all gluing purposes. To offer its services to other segments the company expanded its production and added some more products in its range such as Gorilla Tape®, Gorilla Super Glue, Gorilla Construction adhesive®, and many more such items that are used as tapes, adhesives, and sealants. All the products offered by Gorilla have an unmatchable quality and stand apart in the entire adhesive industry.


The story behind this popular brand is very amazing and inspiring. The brand got its name from its creator Aleene Jackson. Aleene Jackson started her career as a florist in 1950. In a very short period, Aleene grew her business as a floral supply store. Along with working as a floral supplier, she also taught floral arrangements, flower making, and many other interesting activities with flowers. She also participated in various television programs related to floral crafts.

During all her floral activities, Aleene was missing the thick glue that could hold the flower tightly in floral arrangements. Despite many searches, she could not get the glue that met her expectations. Finally, she created a glue by herself and named it “Glue d’Alene,” and started using it, both in her classes and workplace. Sooner this white tacky glue became so popular that Aleene started selling it in a bottle. Gradually, the name of the glue changed to “Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.” Aleene chose a gold bottle that shows the premium quality of the product. Starting from this gold bottle now more than 60 types of adhesive options are available in Aleene’s store for multiple uses.

How to Remove Glue From Jewelry?

Some unavoidable situations may arise during jewelry making or repairing work when you need a glue remover. These situations can include accidental spilling of the adhesive on the surface, fingers sticking with each other or on glue, excess glue around the jewelry, and so on.

Here are some of the solutions that can be used in these situations to remove the excess glue on any surface or around the jewelry.

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth is used to shine your jewelry and also used to remove excess glue from jewelry. The polishing cloth helps to remove the dullness of the surface due to adhesive and restores its shine.

Wiping by Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a very popular jewelry cleaner. It is also used to remove excess glue from the jewelry. But before applying you should always check its compatibility with the metal on which you intend to apply the glue. Generally, it does not affect gold, silver, and stainless steel. Though it can also be used on various gemstones and rhinestones, it is not suitable for softer stones like pearls and opal.

To ensure its safeness test it on a small area of the jewelry before using it on the complete jewelry item.

To clear the glue from the surface, soak the item in an isopropyl alcohol solution for a few hours. Remove the adhesive or glue with the help of cotton cloth or any soft cloth.

Use of Acetone

Acetone is also used to remove the glue from jewelry items. If you have nail paint remover at your home then you should not worry about purchasing acetone separately from the market. Nail paint remover already has a high content of acetone and can be used to remove glue as well. In this case too, a sample test is highly recommended before applying glue to the whole item to avoid any damage to the jewelry.

Scrape the extra glue

This is the best way to remove glue from the jewelry and other surfaces to wipe it off before drying. Use a small brush or toothpick to scrape the extra amount of glue from the jewelry. But always remember this method is not suitable for softer and semi-precious gemstones. Better to check the hardness of the gem before scraping it, otherwise it will damage your favorite gem.


There are a variety of adhesives available in the market for making and repairing different types of jewelry. Some of the glues are multipurpose while others are suitable for a specific task. Some glues are mainly used to decorate the jewelry while some others are used where heavy adhesiveness is required.

Different glues possess different qualities like waterproof, shockproof, impact-resistant, and so on. These qualities differentiate different glues from each other. But the most important quality in all types of glues is their stickiness. This is the key feature of the glue. It gives a strong bond between two surfaces and keeps you relaxed when using the jewelry.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best glue for jewelry. You can select any one of them that fulfills your requirements. If you find it difficult to select one among them, we will recommend you to select Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel for its extraordinary gluing properties and many other unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I choose the best glue for my project?

A: The type of glue depends upon the type of project. If you are doing jewelry embellishing work a quick-dry formula based adhesive is most suitable for the purpose. For vertical application, a thin consistency glue will cover even the smaller space and will also dry faster. Sometimes the selection of glue also depends upon the material you are using. If you are using wood to decorate the wooden box then wood-to-wood type adhesive will work efficiently. Glue on foam requires flexible glue that can create a strong bond between the foam and the article. But it is recommended to refer to the instructions given with each glue type to find the best glue for the specific purpose.

Q: Do all types of glues contain harmful toxins?

A: Each glue has different ingredients, some of them may even be toxic. All the manufacturers must print a warning message if the glue contains any harmful toxic material. So, always read the ingredients as well as the warning message before purchasing any glue.

Q: Is glue water-soluble or not?

A: Whether a glue is water-soluble or not completely depends upon the type of material used to prepare that glue. If the material used in the preparation of glue is water-soluble then the glue is also water-soluble. You need to check the ingredients to know their water-solubility.

Q: What is the best glue to make pearl jewelry?

A: A superglue containing cyanoacrylate is the best glue for making or repairing pearl jewelry. Gorilla super glue is one of the best super glue for pearl jewelry. It is gel glue so the bond is very tight and does not create any mess during application. Also due to its gel property, it does not leave any residue around the surfaces.

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