Top 8 Best Gemstone Earrings | 2021 Reviews + Guide

best gemstone earrings

A fine-looking pair of gemstone earrings would put more spark in your eyes or a loved one you plan to give it to. You can add some matching earrings to your jewelry box to match your other gemstone accessories.

You can read more on how to find the best matching gemstone earrings for you by reading our Buyer’s Guide after you skim through a ready-made list for you to find the best gemstone earrings offered in the market today.

Below are the best gemstone earrings in the market, a variety of choices that will suit your unique style. Find the best fit for your look, and don’t miss out on the best ones on the market today!

Top 8 Best Gemstone Earrings Reviewed

  1. Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings – Best Overall
  2. Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Double Halo Diamond Earrings – Best Value
  3. Garnet Stud Earrings – Editor’s Choice
  4. Multi-Gemstone Pavé Hoop Earrings
  5. 18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphires and Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Floral Earrings
  6. 14K Rose Gold Alternating Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Hoop Earrings
  7. Vintage-Inspired Freshwater Cultured Pearl and White Topaz Drop Earrings
  8. 14K White Gold Dangling Ombre Ruby to Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings

#1. Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings – Best Overall

Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold (5mm)


You could never go wrong with some pair of classic stud earrings. With a sapphire gemstone mounted through a four-prong setting, or other gemstone variations, you can elevate your outfit with elegance, brought by the brilliance of the gemstone. What’s more is that diamonds line around their rims like a halo, adding more shine to the earrings.

Other birthstone variants can be selected apart from sapphire, a total of nine variants to choose from if you want to personalize the earrings with your birthstone. These earrings would be a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday, anniversaries, or any other special occasion that would make it more sentimental.

The diamonds around the gemstone of these earrings are set in micropavé where it is fit to leave no gaps to give maximum brilliance. The gemstones are crafted in 18k white gold, complementing the shine the gemstone offers. Its locking mechanism is through the push-backing mechanism, a common type among many other earrings, making it less complicated for you.

You can use these earrings for your everyday wear and formal events. The dark blue sapphires and brilliant diamonds would give a touch of elegance to your classy outfit but wouldn’t be too showy. 

If you’ve been searching for an elegant pair of gemstone earrings enhanced with more brilliance, you can get these pair of earrings from the Blue Nile for a reasonable price.

Enhanced with brilliant micropavé diamonds
Back-push locking can be improved
Compatible to wear in any settingSmaller than expected
Various personalized gemstones
High-quality metal material
Elegant, but not too showy

#2. Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Double Halo Diamond Earrings – Best Value

Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Double Halo Diamond Earrings in 18k White Gold (9mm)


  • Size (mm): 9
  • Gem type: Akoya Cultured Pearls
  • Color: White
  • Metal material: 18k white gold
  • With diamonds (1.01 ct. tw.)

You can enhance the pearl stud earring look with diamonds that form a halo around your pearl earrings. This pair of pearl earrings from the Blue Nile is studded with a hundred one-carat diamonds that add a brilliant shine to the lustrous Akoya pearl for each earring.

The Akoya pearl on these earrings is put in a peg setting and has an omega backing that gives a comfortable earring closure, with a back lever giving extra security. It will hold the earring on your ears snugly and comfortably with a gentle push.

If you’re looking for earrings that will make you shine and look perfect at business casual and formal events, this will do the job. A hundred graded genuine diamonds will bring out the pearl more as the center gem, representing purity and elegance. 

These earrings would be a perfect gift for your loved ones who deserve elegant pearl earrings yet wouldn’t want to be weighed down with an over the top and extra-looking outfit. It wouldn’t look too simple even at first sight and would look valuable to everyone yet still sits with the perfect mix of sophistication and simplicity. 

Brilliant shine of genuine double diamond halo
Not for those who want extremes of a simple or an over-the-top look
Perfect blend of sophistication and simplicityIncompatible with casual settings
Convenient and comfortable closure backing
Lustrous and well-rounded Akoya pearl

#3. Garnet Stud Earrings – Editor’s Choice

Garnet Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold (7mm)


This pair of earrings would be great for those who want a simple look while still rocking some gemstones for their piercings. This pair of earrings features a deep red garnet in a secure four-prong setting. You can be guaranteed with the handpicked gemstone’s quality that offers a burgundy-hued bold and strong color that will add some more class to your aura.

These earrings can also be personalized with other colorful gemstone variants if you want to personalize it for your birthstone, except for the other high-valued gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, and some pearl. 

Its metal material holds your precious gemstone into a secure four-prong setting. Its 14k white gold metal material is enough to complement your gemstone’s shine and set for the best value. The locking type is the popular push-back, making its use less complicated.

These earrings would be a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday, anniversaries, or any other special occasion that would make it more sentimental. It is simple yet thoughtful, especially for people who prefer simple gifts and are not too extravagant.

If you don’t have much budget for other elaborate gemstone earrings that would cost too much but still want some high-quality authentic gemstone to grace your ears for your piercings, this is the way to go. You would never go wrong with a pair of classic stud earrings. 

The Blue Nile, one of the most trusted sellers for authentic, high-quality jewelry, offers this classic and elegant pair of earrings with the best value that won’t hurt your bank too much for a purchase of some precious gemstones. 

Various birthstone variants for a more personalized choice
A higher metal quality material would be preferable
Classic simple earrings
Push-backing lock can be improved
For everyday wearToo simple
Thoughtful gift

#4. Multi-Gemstone Pavé Hoop Earrings

Multi-Gemstone Pavé Hoop Earrings in 14k Rose Gold (1.5mm)


  • Size (mm): 1.5 (gemstones), 38.1 (earring)
  • Gem type: mixed: peridot, blue topaz, citrine, amethyst
  • Color: various
  • Metal material: 14k rose gold

You can twist things up with this pair of gemstone hoop earrings for people getting tired of the classic and common designs worn by most people you see on the streets. Can’t pick which gemstone to wear? Why not wear them all at the same time? This pair of earrings from the Blue Nile gives you a mix of popular gemstones in one earring.

Multicolored gemstones line these hoop earrings to give a lively assortment of colors that will make your aura look livelier. Your friends will be amazed by the various precious gemstones your earrings have to offer.

Anyone would also be happy to receive these earrings as a gift as it is something new that can enhance their everyday outfits. A 14k rose gold metal holds each colorful gemstone into a secure prong setting, ensuring every gemstone’s safety with you. Its rose color gives a romantic and playful touch to your colored gems, making them more dynamic.

Its locking mechanism is a convenient hinged snapback that can be easily closed and opened with light pressure to secure its notches. This type of lock mechanism allows you to put on and remove your earrings at ease without worrying about losing detached push back locks.

If you’re looking for some uniquely designed earrings for everyday use that showcase various colors in one, this would be a great choice!

Gives you a different look from boring old stylesA higher quality of metal material can be preferred
Manageable locking mechanism
Unconventional and unpopular choice
Four colored gemstones in one
Unique hoop design

#5. 18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphires and Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Floral Earrings


  • Size (mm): 13
  • Gem type: freshwater pearl (14-15mm), sapphires (4.68carats, 6x4mm)
  • Color: pink
  • Metal material: 18k rose gold
  • With 10 round diamonds (0.03 ct. tw.)

This pair of pink, sapphire, and pearl drop earrings from James Allen is further enhanced with some diamonds that altogether make a romantic and elegant, brilliant aura. A pair of these fancy earrings will give you a more feminine and classier look brought by its flowery sapphire, and a diamond design with a matching pink freshwater pearl gives an extra upgrade.

Its high-quality 18k rose gold metal complement these earrings’ pink theme and holds these gemstones together, offering a push back locking type mechanism, popular with most earrings. These earrings’ whole look gives a pop of color and will give a touch of blush and glow to your face.

These earrings would be a perfect gift for a loved one on Valentine’s day or a girl on her sweet sixteen. It would enhance her outfits, especially in formal events and other special occasions. She will be delighted to wear the precious gemstones and show everyone their valuable brilliance.

The pink sapphires are oblong-shaped, serving as petals for its flower theme. Simultaneously, the round diamonds alternate it, filling in the gaps and forming a cross-like feature, overall, exhibiting maximum brilliance. The pink freshwater pearl hangs underneath this flower structure and gives a dangling effect for more fun and eye-catching moment.

If you’re looking for some feminine or romantic-themed earrings that will bring more glow to your face, this would be a great investment for you. 

Great for formal events or special occasionsIncompatible with those who want to keep it simple and less feminine
Complements the face for more glow
Might be too big or too much for some
Three precious stones in one
Feminine and romantic

#6. 14K Rose Gold Alternating Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Hoop Earrings


14K Rose Gold Alternating Oval Ruby and Round Diamond Hoop Earrings


  • Size (mm): 20.8
  • Gem type: ruby (1.51 carats, 4x3mm)
  • Color: red
  • Metal material: 14k rose gold
  • With six round diamonds (0.24 ct. tw.)

These uniquely designed hoop earrings feature alternating gems of rubies and diamonds that line the front hoops, giving an elegant touch for you. The bold colors of the rubies contrast with the pure brilliance of the diamonds. 

Its 14k rose gold metal perfectly complements the deep red rubies’ color, making you glow with their perfect combination of colors and brilliance. Its metal material holds each gemstone and makes an open U-shaped setting to showcase and contour the stones. 

Its locking mechanism features a hinged snapback that is manageable and easy to put on and remove without worrying too much about losing a back-pushing lock. Four rubies line each earring with alternating diamonds, three for each earring.

If you’re looking for elegant earrings that can give a bolder look yet can still be worn on casual to formal events that can be used for your everyday wear. You can maximize your purchase with these earrings from James Allen.

James Allen is one of the most trusted sellers in the market, giving great deals and good policy returns. You can get free shipping deals and a lifetime warranty for your purchase, making you get the most out of your money.

Trusted seller with great dealsMetal material quality can be improved
Two precious stones in one
Unconventional style and look
Bold contrasting colors
Elegant everyday look
Unique hoop shape

#7. Vintage-Inspired Freshwater Cultured Pearl and White Topaz Drop Earrings

Vintage-Inspired Freshwater Cultured Pearl and White Topaz Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver (6-7mm)


  • Size (mm): 31.75 x 12.7
  • Gem type: freshwater pearl (6mm), topaz (1mm)
  • Color: white
  • Metal material: sterling silver
  • Rhodium-plated

Vintage designs are becoming a trend and will be a timeless style. They give a touch of elegance and put a classier overall look. These pearl drop earrings give a natural elongate shape that flatters the face shape and can make it naturally narrower.

Its sterling silver material complements the topaz crystals’ brilliance that lines the sterling silver length, enclosing a pearl into a tear-shaped design. It is also rhodium plated to increase wear resistance and less likely to tarnish while adding more shine to the earrings.

The lustrous freshwater pearl is set on a peg set, while each of the 80 white topazes is secured on a pavé setting that fills the gaps and gives maximum brilliance with the pearls. It exhibits adamantine luster like diamonds that bring out the pearls’ shine more at a lower budget, reasonable for those who don’t have extra for spending on luxurious, authentic diamonds.

These earrings would be perfect to be worn for your special days, such as weddings or some special occasion that would add more elegance and flair to your classy outfit. It would be perfect for your formal outfits to highlight your classy outfit and stand out more.

If you’re looking for vintage-designed earrings that are offered at a great price, these earrings are offered by the Blue Nile with great deals that will be worth your money.

Budget-friendly alternative from diamonds
Locking mechanism can be improved
Flatters and narrows the face
Incompatible with an everyday look
Highlights your classy outfit
Less luxurious gemstones
High-quality metal materialLacks color
Great for special occasions
Trendy vintage design

#8. 14K White Gold Dangling Ombre Ruby to Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings


14K White Gold Dangling Ombre Ruby to Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings


  • Size (mm): 40.64 (length of the earring)
  • Gem type: ruby, pink sapphire
  • Color: ombre from light pink to red
  • Metal material: 14k white gold

These pair of earrings present two rows of ombre light pink sapphires to rubies that perfectly exhibit gradual deepening of the ruby reds, going down its length. Each round crystal has a 2.3-2.4mm diameter that is graded with fine clarity.

Light pink to pink 17 sapphire crystals line up half the length of each earring, followed by ten rubies down its line. These gemstones give a soft glowing blush that is flattering to your skin. Its slim drop-down style also gives a narrowing illusion for your face, highlighting your beautiful features.

Its metal material is 14k white gold that holds each precious gemstone into a secure three-prong setting. Its locking mechanism is a push-back type, common with most earring designs. The white gold finish complements the shine of your crystals that complete your classy look.

It looks feminine and elegant, perfect for special occasions and other formal events. Your friends will admire the rare precious stones lining up the length of your earrings. This pair of earrings would also make a perfect gift for your loved ones, as they will appreciate your thoughtfulness of offering beautifully designed rare gemstones for them to wear.

If you’re looking for some uniquely colored earrings lined with the rarest gemstones in the industry, this could be a great investment for you. You can get a pair of these earrings from James Allen, a trusted seller that offers great deals and lifetime warranties to guarantee your purchase satisfaction. 

Gives a narrow illusion and a glowing blush
Metal material can be improved to higher quality
From a trusted seller with great dealsRose gold plating can be preferable to match
Two precious gemstones in one
Incompatible for everyday wear
Unique design and ombre color

Top Pick – Best Gemstone Earrings

Blue Nile’s Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings topped the list among the best gemstone earrings in the market today. It offers various options for different birthstones, making a personalized choice for you or for the one you want to give as a gift. Its design gives a simple yet elegant finish, which you can easily wear for your casual to formal outfits. Moreover, it is offered at a reasonable price, making it budget-friendly for most.

Many features can be considered when choosing gemstone earrings that would best fit you. Blue Nile’s Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings offer an upgraded classic design with authentic gems balancing all the good features of a gemstone earring that outweighs its cons. With these gemstone earrings, you can be guaranteed that you get what you have paid for!

Types of Gemstones


Valuable gemstones are the most highly-priced due to their rare occurrence and the complicated measures to obtain them. They also emit special brilliance and relatively hard surfaces. Four of the most valuable and precious gemstones in the market are rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. 


Some gemstones are also equally valuable but are more abundant in nature than precious types. However, some of these semi-precious gemstones exhibit remarkable eye-catching properties that can make them equally valuable as precious gemstones. Some are even in high demand, further increasing their value. 


Inorganically formed crystals are characterized by their chemical composition, luster, color, streak, hardness, and other notable physical properties that distinguish them from other types. Fresh minerals are cut, polished, or processed to form crystals or be sold for other economic purposes. Gemstones that originated from such crystals include sapphires, diamonds, quartz varieties, etc.


Organically formed gemstones are naturally sourced from biologically produced crystals. These gemstones can be remnants from fossilized living organisms or some hardened substance produced by living creatures. Examples of these gemstones are pearls, amber, corals, etc. 


Rocks are mixtures of minerals put together naturally or with some undifferentiated matter that forms one solid material. Valuable rocks are cut and sold as faceted, calibrated gems, or cabochons that can also be considered valuable jewelry. These gemstone rocks include obsidian, bloodstone, marble, etc.

Buyer’s Guide: Notable Features to Look for Before Buying the Best Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Type

With the various types of gemstones listed above, you can evaluate what type would suit your style and your budget. Some gemstones are rarer and valuable than most types, making them more costly. However, cheaper gemstones are also bought for their brilliance, hardness, and rich colors.

Gemstone Size

Gemstones can be measured in inches or millimeters through their diameter. They usually range from 6-11mm cuts to be conveniently set into earrings. The larger their size, the more costly it would be, but it will also be more eye-catching, best used for formal events.

Earring Style

You need to match your earrings with how you’d like your earrings to appear, complementing your style and the event it is suited for. Everyday earrings would usually be designed as classic studs that won’t get in the way or your dynamic movements yet still gives the natural glow your gemstone gives. Other more eye-catching styles can have dangling or drop-down designs to give a flattering shape suited for your face and add an extra flair to your formal outfits. 

Durability of Material

Gemstones protected with rims or plating, especially if they are soft and authentic, would last longer. They could accidentally bump on hard surfaces or other jewelry pieces when you’re not aware. Organic such as pearls are more susceptible to wear and becoming uneven. 

For the metal material attached to your gemstone earrings, especially for drop-down types, ensure that they have a high-quality metal material to match the elegance of your gemstones. Most reputable gemstone earrings would use white or yellow gold metal material added with some protective plating to make them resistant to tarnishing.

Secure Locking Mechanism

Most earrings can have flimsy back locks that can be pushed back easily, or some even complain of very complicated or hard to open locks that would be an inconvenience if you were to remove them alone. You can discover gemstone earring backing locks that provide a secure hold or support for the back lock or a conveniently attached level that would have an uncomplicated opening and locking mechanism that wouldn’t compromise the security of your gemstones hanging on your ears.

Verified Authenticity

It would be smart to purchase gemstones from verified vendors or sellers specializing in jewelry for those who plan to buy authentic gemstone earrings. Reputable brands and sellers would include a Certificate of Authenticity with your earring purchase to guarantee your gemstone’s legitimacy.

Good Reviews and Ratings

If you were to be meticulous in choosing your products before buying them, you would read reviews from verified purchasers who’ve already seen the product first-hand. You can assess noteworthy features and what makes gemstone earrings worth your money through their testimonials. 

Within Your Budget

When you compare numerous products in the market, you can assess what features set them apart from the other products. If you saw gemstone earrings that are just as great as the other earring types sold at a higher price, then you must pick them over the other options for a good deal. 

You may sacrifice some negotiable features for your gemstone earrings if you have a minimal budget to buy the most extravagant ones in the market today. You may start by selecting the type of gemstone that would best fit your budget, then ensure the authenticity and wear-resistance and be happy with how it looks on you, overall. 

It is best to invest in your gemstone earring’s durability and overall design, so you love how it looks on you while making it cost-effective in the long run. The seller should also have satisfaction guarantees, money back, and other warranties that would be useful throughout your earrings’ life.


Gemstones are usually worn for sophistication, astrological significance, and other beliefs that make them sought after in the market. Valuable gemstone earrings can serve as a sentimental gift for a loved one or even a personal investment for yourself. Whatever the reason, it seems that gemstone earrings are taking the market by storm and are adored by people worldwide. 

Different gemstone earrings are now being offered in the market today, which can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, a list of the best gemstone earrings has already been made for you. 

The Blue Nile’s Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings made it to the top of the list among the best gemstone earrings due to their relatively affordable price yet great features proven by verified purchasers to be adored by them. Moreover, you can also choose a personal birthstone gem of your choice to make it more special.

Other gemstone earrings proceeding Blue Nile’s Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings also offer other unique features that you may find to be a better fit for you or your loved one.

Knowing what features to consider when buying gemstone earrings helps you get satisfaction with your purchase. You can be more equipped to know what you’re looking for if you’ve already read the buyer’s guide for the best gemstone earrings on our list.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my gemstones are authentic?

When buying gemstones, you must consider how reputable a seller you plan to buy from. Some are authorized by well-known organizations or are regulated by expert jewelers. Some would even send you a certificate of authenticity along with your purchase. 

However, you may already have a questionable gemstone in possession, not knowing its genuineness. In that case, you can bring it to an expert jeweler to ensure your gemstone’s safety and expect credible results. Some people test their gemstones using invasive materials or chemicals to dissolve your gemstone, making it less pretty and valuable afterward.

Is it safe to buy gemstones online?

It would be perfectly fine if you pick a trustworthy and credible seller that has been running for a considerable number of years already. You must examine their website and ensure that they have great customer service with already verified purchasers that reviewed most of their sold items. Reputable sellers would also offer flexible return policies and other warranties to guarantee your purchase satisfaction. 

The Blue Nile and James Allen are some of the most trusted sellers for precious gemstones. Amazon is a more open market and should still be observed through reviews and ratings to find more detailed descriptions about their sold product.

How can I care for my gemstone earrings?

Proper and secure storage should be observed to ensure your earrings’ safety when they’re not used. It will also protect them from long exposures to some elements that can tarnish their metal material. You can also avoid exposing them to liquids or chemicals that may result in some unwanted reaction that would wear your earrings faster.

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