Top 10 Best Engagement Rings | 2021 Reviews (Blue Nile)

best engagement rings review

An engagement is a very special occasion in everyone’s life and it should be celebrated in a very special way.  The most important part of this occasion is the engagement ring. It plays a vital role to make your day memorable.

A beautiful, elegant, and attractive engagement ring not only fills your partner with joy but it gives you a deep satisfaction that can’t be expressed in words. There are a variety of engagement rings available in the market but choosing a special one from a huge inventory requires great effort.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best-reviewed engagement rings from some famous brands that will definitely help you to select the best one for your life partner.

Top 10 Best Engagement Rings Reviewed

  1. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile
  2. Channel Set Engagement Rings by James Allen
  3. Classic Six-prong Solitaire Engagement Ring In Platinum by the Blue Nile
  4. Cushion Modified Cut Pave Engagement Ring In Platinum by James Allen
  5. Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold by the Blue Nile
  6. Oval-Cut Halo Engagement Ring In Platinum by James Allen
  7. Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile
  8. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum by the Blue Nile
  9. Round Cut Side Stones Engagement Ring by James Allen
  10. Studio Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile

#1. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile

Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile


  • Metal: Rose Gold
  • Width: 4.0 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.25

It is the most beautiful and delicate design made by the Blue Nile in an Engagement ring. This engagement ring is a perfect gift for your life partner. A crown shaped ring filled with tiny diamonds makes it beautiful and attractive in the very first look itself. Rose gold metal gives it a glossy appearance.

This gold ring is designed with two intertwined bands of rose gold making a frame to place micro-pave set diamonds on the bands, finally to adorn the center diamond on it.

It is a crown-like engagement ring that makes your partner feel like a princess. This royal look engagement ring is available in 4mm width with a carat weight of 0.25.

Overall, the Infinity Twist Micro-pave Diamond Engagement ring is really a gorgeous and royal ring with beautiful diamonds surrounded with glossy tiny diamonds.

#2. Channel Set Engagement Rings by James Allen

Channel Set Engagement Rings


  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Width: 6 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.42

The Channel Set Engagement Ring is one of the most famous and top-rated diamond rings by James Allen. It is very beautiful, sleek, and a low-profile design that is perfectly suitable for men’s personality. This engagement ring is a combination of elegance and decency.

This diamond ring comes in 6mm width with a smooth finish. It looks like a strong diamond band. Seven round cut classic diamonds surround this stylish band. The band is designed with 14K white gold metal. You can also customize with 18K white gold or in place of white gold you can also use yellow gold or rose gold. If you have enough budget then you can opt for platinum as a metal.

The complete ring looks awesome and will give a classy look to your partner’s finger. This is the best suitable ring for the men who occasionally attend formal events. This ring gives an extraordinary look to your partner and additionally, the seven diamonds make it fashionable and trendy. It is also used as a wedding ring with a nice, sleek, and glossy look with mesmerizing beauty.

#3. Classic Six-prong Solitaire Engagement Ring In Platinum by the Blue Nile

Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum


  • Metal: Platinum
  • Width: 2 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.23

This is one of the most affordable engagement rings of all. The Blue Nile has designed this product for a common man with a special purpose. A simple diamond ring with a stunning look with platinum will make your partner’s day very special. It is a very classy ring that comes with a round cut diamond securely held with a six-prong set.

It is a very durable and strong ring with a width of 2 mm and a diamond of 0.23-carat weight set on the ring. You can do customization with the metal as well as diamond cut.

Overall, this Solitaire Engagement ring is very simple but stunning in looks and affordable in price. If you want a budget-friendly engagement ring with a combination of diamond and platinum then this ring is made just for you.

#4. Lab-created 1.52 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Pave Engagement Ring In Platinum by James Allen



  • Metal: Platinum
  • Width: 1.9 mm
  • Carat Weight: 1.52

It is one of the best pave set diamond engagement rings designed by James Allen. This vivacious engagement ring is designed with a wonderful combination of Platinum and Diamond that makes this ring very special. It is a fully customizable ring from the choice of a diamond to the choice of metal. The very attractive and elegant design makes your partner overwhelmed.

The platinum ring itself is very trendy and if it is designed for the occasion of an engagement then it becomes even more valuable.

This alluring engagement ring comes in 1.52-carat weight with a width of 1.9 mm. If you want to increase carat weight you can choose the customization option. The gemstone has VS2 clarity.

The packaging of the ring is in a very attractive box with a diamond certificate. You can add an inscription if you want. It is completely free of cost. It has a lifetime warranty. Besides, James Allen offers a 30 days free return policy.

#5. Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold by the Blue Nile

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold


  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Width: 1.8 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.23

Simple, elegant, and affordable are the main features of this ring. The Blue Nile has designed a trendy and stylish engagement ring at a very affordable price. Once you see this beautiful and gorgeous ring, you will never think about its price. Made with 18K yellow gold and a round cut diamond framed with this metal gives this ring a simple but attractive look and gives your partner a feeling of simplicity with elegance.

It is made with durable metal with a width of 1.8 mm and a round cut diamond of minimum 0.23-carat weight. There are many options of customizations available with the Blue Nile. In fact, you can completely customize your ring from metal type to diamond cut. Because it is your day so the choice should be yours.

Overall, the Petite Solitaire Engagement ring is a simple and affordable ring for all.

#6. Lab-created 1.32 Carat Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring In Platinum by James Allen

Diamond Engagement Rings


  • Metal: Platinum
  • Width:1.9 mm
  • Carat Weight:1.32

A combination of sparkling diamonds and platinum makes this ring one of the most beautiful and gorgeous rings of all. It is an amazing gift to your partner for the most special occasion. This classic halo ring is surrounded by pave diamonds and a lab-created oval cut diamond with D color VVS2 clarity in the center. No treatment has been done to enhance the clarity and color of the diamond.

It is a very strong and durable ring with a highly attractive design. This engagement ring by James Allen will make your day special and memorable forever. With a Carat weight of 1.32 and width of 1.99 mm, this platinum ring looks amazing in a pretty red box.

James Allen offers a lifetime warranty on this ring and has 30 days free return policy.

#7. Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile

Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)


  • Metal: Rose Gold
  • Width: 1.9 mm
  • Carat Weight: Minimum 0.09

Petite Micropave is one of the most affordable diamond engagement rings available in online stores. It has a pretty look with micro-pave diamonds on a rose gold metal. The combination is very attractive and elegant. It is a simple yet attractive ring that everyone can easily afford.

The 14k Rose gold metal is very durable and strong and combined with a round cut diamond gives a glorious look. It has a width of 1.9 mm and a minimum carat weight of 0.09.

This ring from the Blue Nile is extremely beautiful, amazing, simple, and stylish. The surrounding micro-pave diamonds make it very very special for your partner. The Blue Nile has created a really wonderful design of the engagement ring at a highly affordable cost.

#8. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring In Platinum by the Blue Nile

Blue Nile Studio Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k Rose Gold (3/8 ct. tw.)


  • Metal: Platinum
  • Width: 2.0 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.15

This is one of the finest pave set diamond engagement rings. The diamonds are mounted so nicely on the platinum that it looks as if it is the design on the metal itself. Tiny sparkling diamonds not only make the ring look gorgeous but also add elegance to its design.

This engagement ring is very strong and durable with a width of 2 mm and 0.15-carat weight. There are many customizations available with this ring. You can change the metal type and select 14k White & Rose gold, 18k Yellow Gold, and so on.  You can also set this ring with Round, Marquise, Emerald, or any other cuts. If you want to increase the carat weight, customization is also available for this feature, as well. So, the Blue Nile will do as you want for your special day and someone very special to you.

Overall, the Riviera Pave Diamond ring is a very attractive and sparkling ring designed by the Blue Nile for a very special event in your life.

#9. Lab-created 1.81 Carat Round Cut Side Stones Engagement Ring In 14k Yellow Gold by James Allen



  • Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
  • Width:2.0 -2.2 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.09

This is one of the most sophisticated and gorgeous rings by James Allen. It has a six-prong setting of the diamond on 14K Yellow Gold metal. If you stick to the combination of diamond with regular gold then this ring is just for you.  It is a beautiful, simple, and elegant engagement ring. The design of the ring is so popular that it will be appreciated by everyone.

It is very durable and strong with a width of 2 to 2.2 mm. The average diamond carat weight is 0.09. There are many customizations available with this ring. You can opt for other metal options also. You can also increase the carat weight by choosing larger diamonds.

Overall, this ring from James Allen has a very popular and common design that anyone will love to have.

#10. Studio Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile


  • Metal: Rose Gold
  • Width: 4.0 mm
  • Carat Weight: 0.39

This Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a really very attractive and sparkling ring. Too many diamonds attached to the metal make this ring a sparkling beauty. The 18K rose gold metal used in the ring adds elegance and a stylish look to this ring. The Blue Nile is a brand of design. It creates diamonds in different looks so everybody has different designs for different occasions.

The width of the ring is 4 mm and the carat weight is 0.39. You can select the pave set diamond on the center of your choice. You can do customization in metal type and carat weight also.

Overall, the Studio Heiress Halo Diamond Engagement ring is beautifully crafted. Rose gold metal makes the ring not only attractive but gives uniqueness in style.

Best Engagement Rings Buying Guide

Whenever you plan to buy an engagement ring, you need to consider factors like shape, cut, carat weight, and clarity of the gemstones. The selection of metal for the engagement ring is also one of the major criteria. Some other factors like the shape of the gemstone and its size will also affect your buying decision.

Here are some of the buying tips that can help you in buying engagement rings of good quality within your budget.


In most cases, the budget is not the first factor you would consider when planning to buy them. But in this case, it should be the primary thing to consider. Before going to purchase the engagement ring you must fix the budget. How much costly engagement ring can you afford? How can you select a ring for which you don’t need to break your bank?

In any condition, it is recommended not to go beyond your planned budget and also not be so stingy that you have to compromise with its quality. After all, it’s a very special day in your life and you have to celebrate it to the fullest. Besides, you should also base your decision on the fact that jewelry is not only an ornament but is also considered an investment.

Know the Style of Your Partner

After deciding the budget, the second important thing is to know your partner’s style. You can try to find out the clothing style or accessories your partner would be wearing on a special occasion or the metal your partner loves to wear. All this information can help you select a surprise engagement ring for your better half. For example, an ornate halo engagement ring is more suitable for a girl who likes floral attire, on the other hand, platinum will suit a girl who follows a sleek style of clothing. Finally, it is up to your choice because the day is all yours.


It is the most essential factor while buying an engagement ring for your partner. All the excitement of the engagement will vanish if the ring is not of perfect size. So be sure about the size of your partner or if you have any confusion, measure it with their other ring. Otherwise, after the occasion, you will have to send that ring for resizing. In case you have purchased it from an online vendor then you have to replace it with another ring. It may take a lot of time and it will ruin all the excitement of the occasion.  So, it is wise to take action before the function to avoid such inconveniences.


The shape of a gemstone engagement ring is also a very important factor to consider. The choice of shape is very personal; it can vary from person to person. Some people select heart shape gemstone for this special occasion while some are interested in the most popular oval shape. Generally, men are interested in square shape gemstone. If the size of the gemstone is the biggest factor, then choose the gem-like Emerald Cut diamond ring. This Emerald-Cut and Marquise-Cut diamond ring appear larger than other stones with the same carat weight.

4Cs Diamond Quality

If you are planning to buy a diamond ring then you need to know the 4Cs diamond quality. These 4Cs are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. It is not possible to judge the quality of a diamond from its external appearance. For that, you need to check its grading report which includes the 4Cs quality of the diamond you are purchasing.

So, always get a grading report of the gemstone ring you have purchased. This assures you of the gemstone quality that you are buying. The grading report shows characteristics of the gemstones such as cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This report should be from reliable sources as all the grading reports are not authentic. GIA and AGS both the labs are reliable sources of providing gemstone quality reports. They provide accurate grading reports of the gemstones. So, insist the vendor provide a GIA or AGS gem-quality grading report. This way you will ensure the purity of the gemstone.


Generally, an engagement ring’s gemstone goes well with four types of metals. They are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. You can choose as per your wish and your partner’s style. If your budget allows, platinum is the best choice for all gemstones. But you can also choose white gold in place of platinum as white gold is cheaper than platinum and it gives an almost similar look to platinum.

If you are looking for anything other than silver then yellow and rose gold are also good options for you. You can choose between 14 Karat or 18 Karat. The difference between 14 Karat & 18 Karat is the percentage of gold in the metal. In 14 Karat there is 58.3% gold whereas in 18 Karat there is 75% gold mixed with other metals to make it durable and strong.

Generally, people select 14 Karat gold metal for an engagement ring as it is cheaper than 18 Karat gold and it is slightly durable than the other one.

Selection of Setting

There are many styles used in setting the gem on the metal. Some of them are bezel, prong, channel, burnish, etc. You can choose according to your partner’s style and choice.

Prong is the most common and popular setting style among all. You can also use a combination of setting styles to make a unique and distinctive look. But remember the setting must be strong and durable, after all, it is a precious gift for someone very special in your life and you would want them to wear it for their lifetime.

Choose Online Vendors for attractive offers

Online vendors are the best choice for purchasing engagement rings. They not only provide you a variety of selections but they also give you an offer on every purchase. Online vendors like James Allen and the Blue Nile are very famous online brands that provide customized jewelry. These are the names of trust and elegance. They are so passionately involved in designing the jewelry that even when the buyers stop imagining the designs, they will not stop designing the most attractive ornaments for you. They are highly trustworthy brands and you can rely on these brands more than the local ones around you. Sometimes local brands have very limited options to choose from whereas the online market has a huge inventory of selection. All the rings have a 360-degree view so that you can get the exact view of the ring and how it will look after the setting.

Do Compare

Before finalizing the ring style, pattern, shape, and setting, do a comparison on two-three sites. Is James Allen’s Channel Set setting the best for your partner? Or you should prefer Blue Nile’s Classic Six-prong Solitaire setting? Which vendor is perfect for you? Who is offering the most affordable engagement ring without compromising on quality? But remember, it should not be done in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to compare and choose the best quality within your budget. Additionally, with online shopping, you must ensure that you order the ring well in advance so that you have enough time to get a replacement if required.

Adding Special Meaning with Ring

It is the occasion when you are extra emotional. You want to express your special feelings to your life partner through the ring. You would want to make it a wonderful experience for them. So, what can you do? You can express it by adding symbols and text or by designing a special ring such as choosing a partner’s birthstone as an engagement ring. You can also inscribe a text message in the diamond or add any love symbol to the gemstone to make it an unforgettable moment for both of you.

Be Different, Be Unique

It is not mandatory to purchase a newly mined diamond or ready-made setting. You can also opt for a recycled diamond option on the ring or a customized setting instead of a ready-made setting. Actually, recycled diamonds are eco-friendly. Custom settings are also available with some of the online traders such as James Allen, Brian Gavin Diamond, and the Blue Nile.

You can also try some more unique ideas with engagement rings by using colored gemstones or diamonds. Yellow-colored diamond gives a stunning look to your engagement ring.

Top Pick

An engagement ring is a special item for a very special occasion, for a very very special person in your life. It is special for both the partners and hence our top picks are also different for men and women. In this article, we have given you a review of both types of rings and we chose two top picks from this list.

  • Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring by the Blue Nile for Women
  • Channel Set Engagement Rings by James Allen for Men

Infinity Twist engagement ring is the prettiest ring of all. It is the finest design with a superb rose gold metal giving this ring a unique and royal look.

The Channel Set Engagement ring is suitable for men. It is very strong and durable. This is a very beautiful and satin finish ring that perfectly goes with men’s style.

Both the rings can be completely customized from metal to diamond cut. You can choose any of the options that suit your partner’s style.


A Diamond is forever. Likewise, an Engagement ring with precious gemstones is in your memory forever. Maybe a selection of an engagement ring is a tedious process but once it is final you will get a beautiful, elegant, and unique piece to express your love to your partner. Many online traders like James Allen, the Blue Nile, and Brian Gavin Diamond are there to make your dream come true. So, get ready to shop for a beautiful, mesmerizing engagement ring to surprise your better-half on this special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are 4Cs?

A: The 4Cs is the universal standard created by GIA to measure the quality of diamonds. They stand for Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight. The quality of diamonds is evaluated throughout the world by using these four parameters. Through the 4Cs, you can assure the purity of the diamond you are going to purchase.

Q: How to get Insurance for the Engagement Ring?

A: Getting insurance for your engagement ring is important to protect your investment in the ornament. For this, you will mandatorily require GIA or AGS reports to evaluate the actual value of the ring. There are two important points to consider before finalizing the insurance for your ring. First, select an authentic insurer. Second, read all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy carefully before signing the policy.

Q: What to do if the ring is stolen or lost?

A: Insurance of jewelry is a must to protect against theft or any loss of the ornament. If your ring is stolen or lost, you should immediately contact the local police station and inform them about the incident. If you have the GIA grading report number then share it with the authorities as proof of purchase of the ring.

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