Top 8 Best Earrings for Daith Piercing | 2021 Reviews

Best Earrings for Daith Piercing

Daith piercing, pronounced as “doth” earrings, is a type of hoop earrings that hugs the internal cartilage of your ear. Erik Dakota invented the idea of piercing the crux of the anatomical area of the ear. 

The piercing suits many people. Daith piercing is more painful than regular piercing. Only a few can tolerate its pain. The reason for this is because you are putting pressure on the cartilage of your ear. 

Only a few are also patient enough for its healing time of six to nine months. Cleaning your skin and avoiding other activities is a huge sacrifice for some. With the long healing process, you are going to miss out on a lot of activities. However, it is a rewarding experience in the long run.

You may find the usual ear piercings boring. Here is a list of the best earrings for men for the year 2020:

Top 8 Best Earrings for Daith Piercing Reviewed

  1. Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Oufer– Best Overall
  2. Horseshoe Circular Barbell and Nose Ear Daith Septum Clicker Ring by Ruifan – Best Value
  3. Dragon Heart Tragus Earring by Body Candy – Editor’s Choice
  4. CZ Opal Cartilage Earring Hoop by Funlmo
  5. Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Ring Piercing by Ruifan
  8. Moon Cartilage Rook Conch Tragus Earring by Anicina

#1. Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Oufer– Best Overall

Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Oufer

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Titanium
  • Material: G23 Titanium
  •   Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia
  • Earring diameter: 10mm
  • Setting: Micro pave setting
  • Unisex

If classy and fashionable daith earrings are what you are looking for, the Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Oufer is the best. The earrings are perfectly fit for any occasion. You may wear it over casual activities and formal events. Its snug and secure fit are good for everyday use. No matter the outfit you have, the Oufer earrings are nice to wear.

The material of the earrings is made of titanium. It does not contain metals that will irritate your sensitive skin. The earrings are friendly to allergic skin. In addition to that, the titanium can reduce the healing time of your piercing. Titanium does not cling to the body, unlike other metal compounds.  

Having titanium earrings are stronger and will last longer than stainless steel. In addition to that, it is comfortable and light to wear. That gives you a nice and solid feel when you wear them. You may also wear it as a helix, conch, upper lobe earring, and septum piercing.

One order contains one piece of a simple and charming titanium hinged segment. The cartilage hoop is easy to open and secure when clasped. The store provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you do not find the earrings fine.

Compact and lightweight earringsA little bit pricey
Also nice use septum earrings.Size runs small
Subtle and classy earrings
Dainty daith jewelry 
Secure clicker clasp

#2. Horseshoe Circular Barbell and Nose Ear Daith Septum Clicker Ring by Ruifan – Best Value

Horseshoe Circular Barbell and Nose Ear Daith Septum Clicker Ring by Ruifan

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Material: 316L Surgical steel and crystal
  •   Gem Type:  Cubic zirconia
  • Setting: Butterfly button
  • Inner Diameter: 8mm to 10mm
  • Ring bar length: 6mm

The Horseshoe Circular Barbell and Nose Ear Daith Septum Clicker Ring by Ruifan is a versatile daith earring. Its septum clicker hinge is easy to open and close. The clicker is durable and provides a secure fit for the earrings. What more is that the daith earrings can also be used for lip, tragus, earrings, eyebrow piercing, etc.

The earrings come in 16 pieces of piercings. It offers one of the best value for money earrings for daith piercing! Losing some of it will be okay since you have a lot. The pack also offers different designs you may interchange from time to time. 

The earrings come with a free velvet bag. You may give them as a gift to your family and friends. 

Comfortable and lightweight to wearNot good for people who have small ears
An affordable set of earringsThe bar may be too short for some
Great for septum earringsWill work for specific cartilage
Versatile earringsMay irritate some sensitive ears.
Easy to secureHard to wear for some

#3. Dragon Heart Tragus Earring by Body Candy – Editor’s Choice

Dragon Heart Tragus Earring by Body Candy

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  •    Gauge size: 1.2mm
  • Barbell length: 10mm
  • Back finding: Post with friction back
  • For right ear earring only

If you are looking for daith earrings that look unique, the Dragon Heart Tragus Earring by Body Candy is your pick. The diameter heart-shaped ring is constructed with stainless steel. It is a durable earring suited for your added daith earring collection. You may buy them for both sides of the ear. However, the right earpiece is easily sold out. 

The cartilage earring features a ferocious dragon design. The dragon is seen protecting a den of clear accents on one side. It may seem huge and bulky, but in actuality, it is not. You can add more piercings to match these daith earrings. Many consumers can testify that this earring is easy to put on and off your ear. 

Easier to fit than horseshoe or curved ball daith earringsHard to bend it in the cartilage
Does not interfere with your wireless earbudsThe design details are small.
Stylish and nicely detailed earringsMay be too small for some.
Many compliments from peopleThe curved top is sharp.
Snug and secure fit

#4. CZ Opal Cartilage Earring Hoop by Funlmo

CZ Opal Cartilage Earring Hoop by Funlmo

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Surgical steel
  • Setting: Prong
  • Gauge size: 16G
  • Package weight: .63 ounces
  • Package size: 5.1 x 4.9 x .7 inches
  • Ring size: 10mm

The CZ Opal Cartilage Earring Hoop by Funlmo is made of stainless steel and opal. It is nickel and lead-free, making it a safe and harmless choice for your body. It is polished well, with no sharp edges. The earrings are comfortable and safe to wear every day.

The hinged segment ring is convenient to put on your ears. It does not need a tool. The close has a seamless design, making it nice and tight in anything you do. You may also use the hinge clicker hoop for tragus piercing or cartilage earring hoops, conch and ear lobe piercings, etc. These earrings are not suitable for kids under five years old.

The whole earring can spin without any pain.Cleaning it may remove some colors
Earrings closed in place securelyMight be small for your daith
Amazing quality earringsGemstones are a little small.
Hugs your daith nicely.Nothing extraordinary
Thin and cute earringsAverage pricing

#5. Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Ring Piercing by Ruifan

Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Ring Piercing by Ruifan

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Material: Metal, crystal, acrylic
  •   Gem Type: Cubic zirconia
  • Earring length: .39 inches
  • Hypoallergenic earrings

If you are looking for an eyebrow ring that can also be used as earrings for a daith piercing, the tragus ring piercing is for you. The earrings are offered in different sizes. You may choose from a short 6mm up to 10mm bar length. The cubic zirconia shines and sparkles together with the barbell type earrings. The value of the 24 pieces is hard to beat! 

The materials are constructed with high quality in mind. It is made from surgical grade stainless steel. It makes it more favorable if you have sensitive ears. Wearing earrings is easy to do. You just have to twist and turn through the piercing until the flat disc rests against the nostril’s internal part.

The Curved Barbell Eyebrow Tragus Ring Piercing by Ruifan might surprise you for being a better earring for daith piercing. Many consumers could not find any fault with the product. That speaks a lot from small daith earrings. It also comes with a black velvet bag. You will not be embarrassed, giving it as a gift to your loved ones.

Lots of color options to choose fromSome ball may be hard to screw off.
Highly polished and smooth earringsDoes not have enough titanium
Perfect for replacement daith earrings
Surprisingly quality for its price
Tight and secure ball fit


Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Surgical Steel
  • Material: 316L Surgical steel rhodium or gold plating
  •   Gem Type: Cubic zirconia crystal accents
  • Setting: crystal pave type
  • Earring length: 8mm
  • Earring width: 1.2mm

You will always remember the timeless design of the Crystal Paved Half Circle Bendable Hoop Ring by Pierced Owl. Its simple yet unique earring design is one of a kind. The bendable hoop earring will make it easier to wear on or off.

The earrings are made of hypoallergenic surgical steel metal. It is safe and easy to wear if you have sensitive skin. You may also opt to have them plated with rhodium or gold. The hoop ring is available in silver-tone, rose gold-tone, and gold-tone.

Fits well in a forward helix and septumWill only last for ten months or so
Cute and nice daith earringNot good for sensitive ears
Good quality earringsLess quality material
Affordable earringsSize run bigger


Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Stainless steel
  •    Material: 16G Surgical Stainless steel
  • Ball and CZ Sizes: 3m and 4mm
  • Bar length: 6mm
  • Hoop size: 8mm
  • Gauge size: 1.5

The Horseshoe Barbell Daith Tragus Lip Earrings by Lauritami is a nice looking set of daith earrings available in the market. It offers a solid value of eight pieces of daith earrings, horseshoe earrings, captive bead ring, lip stud, etc. These earrings are very affordable for their price and versatility.

The set of earrings uses surgical stainless steel. It is resistant to tarnishing, making it durable to use. Plus, it is a hypoallergenic earring. You will not have any skin infection or irritation when you wear this. The metal also makes the healing process of your daith piercing comfortable and painless.

If you find the quality of the product unlikely, the company will back you up. It offers guaranteed satisfaction and a 90-day money-back guarantee for customers.

Earrings in pictures are the same in person.Few earrings are impossible to get the end off.
Durable and comfortable to useA tendency for the ball hard to come out
Different cute earring designsSmaller than expected
Value for money
Easy to put on

#8. Moon Cartilage Rook Conch Tragus Earring by Anicina

Moon Cartilage Rook Conch Tragus Earring by Anicina

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Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Material: Metal
  •   Gem Type: Cubic zirconia
  • Setting: Butterfly button
  • Inner diameter: 8mm and 10mm
  •   Jewelry Gauge: 16G (1.2mm)

The colorful Moon Cartilage Rook Conch Tragus Earring by Anicina is a charming earring for daith piercing. The chic design is simple and elegant, making you look younger. It is a perfect earring for simple gatherings and social events.

The dainty body piercing will shine and bring out the elegant aura within. The hard clip of the earring prevents the earrings from falling off.  Its hypoallergenic materials are suitable for people with sensitive ears. Its high polished materials are smooth and harmless to your skin. Its lightweight construction is perfect for every day hassle-free wear.

Different sizes are available for your ears. It also comes with different cute and charming designs. The Moon Rock earrings can also be used as a gift. It is wrapped in a nice and cute velvet bag and can be given to your mother, daughter, or friends presentably.

Can be subtle or dainty earringsMay cause an allergic reaction to sensitive ears.
Beautiful daith earringsSmall to be used as a septum ring
Many design optionsHard to clip for some
Superior qualitySize runs small

Daith Piercing – Healing Care

Daith piercing is a skin penetration of the innermost cartilage fold in the ear. It becomes more recognizable and accepted by different cultures over the years. The process is one of the most complicated body piercings, as it requires a specific curved needle suited for your unique cartilage ears. The piercing can be a painful process, prone to infections and skin irritations.

As you know, the healing process will take around six to eight months. The healing time will also depend on how your body copes with the wound. However, the healing time can be sped up and prevent skin infections by taking care of your daith piercing.  Here are some tips to speed up your healing process.

You may clean your piercing by washing it with a sea salt water solution. You have two options. Remember to wash your hands first for 20 seconds, dry them after.

  1. Put the piercing in a sea salt solution in a coffee cup. Tilt your head, fitting your ears into space. You may do this for 5 minutes. Pat the ears dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Using disposable paper towels is recommended. 
  2. Do a sea salt compress. You can do this using a clean cloth or a paper towel, holding it over the piercing. Leave the cloth or tissue for five minutes. Allow the salt solution to soften the crusty buildup. Gently wipe it away when you are done soaking. 

Remember not to use strong chemical solutions like hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, and alcohol. Using this will create more damage to your skin. Putting too much salt in the salt solution can also do damage. Using disposable paper towels is recommended compared to cloth. Using cloth can invite unwanted bacterias and snags on the daith piercing.

The ratio for it should be one gallon of water to four teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt. The sea salt solution will reduce the risk of getting keloid or scars. In the worst case, getting a cauliflower ear from a daith piercing is such an inconvenience. Using q-tips and cotton balls can cause small threads to remain in your jewelry, causing skin irritation or infection to your ear.

Avoiding the use of anything that covers your ears like headphones and hats will benefit your skin. It is better to keep your hair and hair products away from the wound. Doing so will keep you away from an ear infection, making the wounds heal faster. Remember to check if there are any skin irritations or infections from time to time. Checking it will save you some time to have it healed again.

Doing this consistently for three months will make your cartilage piercing healed. However, the inside wound may not be healed yet. The outer skin heals faster compared to the inner tissue. Having it checked by your doctor is the best way to know if the piercing is healed already. Continue to continuously apply the salt solution to your ears if you still do not know if it is healed.

Top Pick –  Best Earrings for Daith Piercings

Finding a different pair of daith earrings to be added to your collection can be tiresome. Daith piercings have fewer options in physical stores. Thankfully, you may order them at the comfort of your home online. It makes the purchase convenient and accessible. Moreover, you may find a local jewelry store nearby. 

The earring designs for daith piercing depend on your style preference. Subtle and classy designs pull off elegant and basic looks. Going into a more detailed design will express your creative side! However, cleaning them may have more effort. Plus, the earrings will be more valuable to you.

If you are looking for a subtle and fashionable set of earrings for a daith piercing, the Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Offer is the best earrings for you.  You may use it for any gatherings you might have. The earrings can be loud or subtle in your outfit. Wearing it in any mood you have will work fine. Wearing earrings every day will be comfortable and easy.  

The value for money plus the high quality it provides will seal the deal. In addition to that, there is a satisfaction-guaranteed offer from the company.


Expressing your creativity and individuality is such a great experience. There are lots of earrings for daith earrings to choose from from the web. Who would have thought that online shopping is going to be more diverse and convenient?

Shopping is a fun activity to do at home. The thrill of having it arrive at your doorstep adds to the fun. However, you should read the customer reviews and product specifications carefully. Doing so will prevent you from getting the wrong size or low-quality materials. It will lead you to disappointment.

Many consumers who use earrings for daith piercings are satisfied with how the Daith hoop earring by Oufer can withstand different activities. The consumers also love how versatile and fashionable it is for any events you wear it to. 

The Titanium Daith Hoop Earring by Oufer is the winner of the best earrings for daith piercing. It is a mix of subtle and fashionable designs that will make you stand out no matter the mood or outfit you wear for the day.

Choosing the right earrings for your confident self is a tiring but worth it process. Knowing the type of materials used for the earrings before purchasing is important. Having sensitive ears should also be one of your considerations in getting your desired earrings. Buying earrings with solid gold or titanium earrings are your safest option you may buy for your sensitive ears.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you wear daith earrings properly?

The first step is to clean and sanitize your earrings. You may do this by putting alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or tissue paper. The earrings might have gotten bacteria after not using it for a long time. Wipe the front and back pieces of the earrings. 

Remove the alcohol by wiping it with a clean and dry cloth. Put petroleum jelly or water-based lube to the sharp end of the earrings. Doing so will make it slippery and easier to slide into your ears. Lastly, you may now safely pierce your ears.

How do you change a pair of daith piercing?

It is recommended not to touch or feel your daith piercing until it is fully healed. It will take around six to nine months before you can safely change a pair of daith earrings. However, you can change them after at least twelve weeks to take the cartilage piercing out. Your skin will be super sensitive and delicate, so be careful.

If you feel like replacing them, it is best to have it done professionally by your doctor. It will ensure a safe procedure, making things less hurtful for you. Doing it by yourself may lead to skin damage.

What are the side effects of daith piercing?

There are no side effects on daith piercing if it is done properly. However, piercing the cartilage of the ear has more risk of infection. It may also lead to inflammation of the cartilage. It is called “Chondritis.”  

Your doctor will check your unique ear cartilage first before going to the procedure. The size and shape of the ear will also determine if the doctor can proceed.

Permanent, thick, and pink scars called “Keloid” extend beyond the area. If your family has the genes of getting keloid, it is best to rethink getting a piercing. Keloids are difficult to treat.

Why is it important to clean your earrings?

Cleaning your earrings before and after you use them is important. You might get an unwanted skin infection if you do not clean the earrings. Pus, redness, pain, and swelling are the signs of skin infection in your ears. It is best to avoid wearing the same earrings for a long time without any cleaning.

Sleeping with your earrings on is dangerous – it may tear your skin apart. Allergic reactions may also show if the earrings are in your skin for a long time. Therefore, you should avoid wearing them during your sleep. 

What kind of earrings should you wear if you have sensitive ears?

Sensitive ears require you to have hypoallergenic earrings. Metals like titanium, gold, and sterling silver earrings prevent skin irritation. However, sterling silver has copper and nickel, which may lead to skin irritation. Titanium earrings are the cheapest metal earrings you may get without affecting your sensitive skin.

If the sterling silver continues to irritate your skin, one of the good alternative earrings is clip-on earrings. The earrings do not need your ears to be pierced. It is lightweight compared to the usual earrings. Gold earrings may be too expensive for your taste.

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