Top 8 Best Clear Gemstones | 2020 Reviews (Jovivi)

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What do you know about clear, white gemstones? Do you understand their value and metaphysical properties? If not, this buying guide is a great place to start, especially if you’re considering buying jewelry with a clear gemstone accent. You can use this article to know more in-depth information about the different kinds of clear gemstones.

Colorless gemstones have been a staple feature in various jewelry pieces. People use them to create different accessories, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Although diamonds make a great colorless precious stone, they also come at a great price. Clear gemstones are a great alternative if you are looking for white and colorless pieces.

Another great thing about gemstones is that they have qualities associated with astrology. Each gemstone bears specific qualities that bring balance and positive vibrations, as well as healing properties.

This jewelry buying guide will introduce the best clear gemstones found on your favorite jewelry accessories. It will also include a product review and some of its amazing qualities that can influence your style and how you feel. Plus, you will also find a buyer’s guide to help you become a smarter shopper when looking for the finest clear gemstones on the market. 

Scroll along and get to know the best jewelry pieces that you will surely fall in love with.

Top 8 Best Clear Gemstones Reviewed

  1. Silver Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace by Jovivi – Best Overall
  2. 18K White Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet by GMESME – Best Value
  3. Palladium Silver Goshenite Drop Earrings by Michael Valitutti – Editor’s Choice
  4. Double-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet by Blue Nile
  5. Rainbow Moonstone Pear Pendant Necklace by Love Mirror Handmade Jewelry
  6. White Topaz Birthstone Necklace by James Allen
  7. Natural White Onyx Ring by YashCrafts
  8. Genuine White Jade Bracelet by The Bodhi Lotus

#1. Silver Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace by Jovivi – Best Overall

Silver Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace by Jovivi

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  • Natural clear crystal quartz pendant (45-50 mm)
  • Stainless-steel chain (24” chain length)
  • A handcrafted wire-wrapped gemstone with silver-tone wire
  • Energy healing clear quartz rock crystal
  • Four types of metal: silver-plated, gold-plated, black-plated, rose gold-plated 
  • Includes black velvet drawstring pouch and gift box

The Silver-Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace from Jovivi is made of durable stainless-steel chain with wire-wrapped crystal quartz pendant with silver-tone wire. This handmade necklace is ideal for both men and women for an elegant and stylish accent to your casual or formal outfit.

Jovivi is a Hongkong-based fancy good company that specializes in gemstone jewelry. This necklace uses a clear gemstone made of natural clear crystal quartz, which is also a great meditation stone to enhance wisdom and clear thoughts.

Absolute perfect color match
The pendant is a little too big.
Lovely statement necklace
Too cloudy
Handmade necklace

#2. 18K White Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet by GMESME – Best Value

18K White Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet by GMESME

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  • 3mm white cubic zircon 
  • Four-prong setting
  • 18k white gold-plate
  • 7.5” tennis bracelet 
  • Brass metal, nickel-free, and tarnish-free
  • Secure double-latch box closure

The Cubic Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet from GEMSME is made of 18k white gold plate with white cubic zirconia in a sparkling four-prong setting. It also contains brass metal that is nickel-free and tarnish-free.

This tennis bracelet has a 7.5-inch length with a secure double-latch box closure to keep it falling from your wrist. GEMSME is a professional company that manufactures high-quality jewelry that undergoes a strict quality check procedure before shipping.

Since zircon has a similar resemblance to the diamond, this piece will give you almost the same radiance and flare as a diamond should. You can wear this dazzling tennis bracelet if you want to add sparkle to your casual wear.

Can stack it with other braceletsThe bracelet clasp kept opening
Has little weight on the wrist
Fades in color after a while
No snagging on clothing

#3. Palladium Silver Goshenite Drop Earrings by Michael Valitutti – Editor’s Choice

Palladium Silver Goshenite Drop Earrings by Michael Valitutti

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  • Two oval cut goshenite gemstones
  • Total weight: 4.69ctw.
  • Crafted from palladium silver
  • Highly polished finish
  • Extra-large butterfly back
  • Two-tone scrollwork-built setting

The Palladium Silver Goshenite Drop Earrings is one of the stunning selections in Michael Valitutti’s jewelry collection. It has a very delicate design with a two-tone delicate scrollwork-built setting and an oval cut goshenite gemstone at the center.

Goshenite is a precious gemstone often compared to other white gems, such as sapphire, white topaz, and quartz, due to its striking resemblance. It is harder than other gems like quartz but not as hard and durable as diamonds and sapphires.

This earring comes with an extra-large pair of butterfly backs for a more secure clasp. It is also crafted of palladium silver with an exceptionally constructed under-gallery in an 18k yellow gold detailing. This piece is a must-have jewelry for formal functions and black-tie gatherings for an elegant and sophisticated look.  

Beautifully-constructed under-gallery
A little heavy on the earlobe
18k yellow gold-embraced detailing

#4. Double-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet by Blue Nile



  • 14k white gold
  • Freshwater pearl with high to medium luster 
  • Lightly spotted surface markings
  • Slightly off-round shape
  • Box clap closure
  • Length: 7.5 inches

The Double-Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet from Blue Nile is the perfect jewelry piece for any occasion. This pear bracelet showcases a double-strand of well-matched freshwater culture pearls. It creates a gleaming shimmer set in two stunning rows with a 14k white gold filigree clasp.

Its freshwater pearl accent has a slightly-off round shape with a high to medium luster. It has a minimum size of 7.0mm, making it a delicate jewelry piece to wear on formal events, such as graduation, wedding day, and birthdays. 

Perfect white gold accent
Doesn’t sit nicely on the wrist.
Not too bulky or clunky
Too stiff
Glistening pearl stones

#5. Rainbow Moonstone Pear Pendant Necklace by Love Mirror Handmade Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Pear Pendant Necklace by Love Mirror Handmade Jewelry

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  • Rainbow moonstone natural gemstones
  • 925 sterling silver metal
  • Bezel setting
  • Snake chain
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Comes with handsewn pouch

This Rainbow Moonstone Pear Pendant Necklace from Love Mirror Handmade Jewelry is a pear-shaped clear gemstone necklace made of 925 sterling silver. This stunning necklace is handcrafted jewelry with a rainbow moonstone gemstone that changes its color when hit by the light.

Moonstone is one of the most stunning gemstones with an elegant, feminine accent. It shines very bright and forms a slight rainbow color when worn. This fabulous necklace is the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, or any special day.

Comes with a handwritten card
Lacks blue hue
Gorgeous center stone

#6. White Topaz Birthstone Necklace by James Allen



  • Dazzling white topaz pendant
  • Eye-clean clarity
  • 14k white gold metal
  • 16 – 18 mm chain length
  • Secure back clasp

Shine bright like a diamond with the White Topaz Birthstone Necklace from James Allen. It has a 16 to 18 mm chain length made of 14k white gold with a dazzling white topaz pendant. You can wear this necklace daily to give you a soft feminine touch to your overall style.

Topaz is the best substitute for diamonds, especially if you are on a tight budget. This precious, transparent gemstone is often mistaken for a diamond due to its crystal-clear quality and luminous luster. 

Sparkles when light hits it
Tiny topaz stone

#7. Natural White Onyx Ring by YashCrafts

Natural White Onyx Ring by YashCrafts

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  • White onyx gemstone
  • 100% natural stone quality
  • 925 sterling silver metal
  • High polished silver metal finish

This precious ring from YashCrafts is made of high polished 925 sterling silver with an oval white onyx gemstone. Onyx is known as an agate and chalcedony stone with black and white varieties. Both colors are one of the favorite gemstone pieces used as an ornamental accent. 

When worn as a ring, its natural white color and delicate scrollwork give off a sophisticated vibe on your finger. It also serves as a healing stone that helps you master energy, allowing you to reach targets by increasing your agility and performance.

Delicate stone accent
Doesn’t shine enough
Vintage look

#8. Genuine White Jade Bracelet by The Bodhi Lotus

Genuine White Jade Bracelet by The Bodhi Lotus

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  • Customizable size for snug, comfort, and looser fit
  • Handcrafted jade bracelet
  • 100% natural white jade
  • 316 stainless steel charm
  • 8mm white jade gemstones
  • Dyed method stone treatment

This dazzling bracelet from The Bodhi Lotus is made of genuine white jade gemstone with 316 stainless steel charm. It uses a durable elastic power cord for a sturdy and well-crafted durable bracelet. Bodhi Lotus is known for creating handmade jewelry pieces with specific meanings and intentions.

This handcrafted piece has been cleaned with South Beach Ocean Water, then smudged and charged with crystals. Nature lovers will certainly love this bracelet since it makes a perfect casual accessory that will give you a beautiful eco-friendly presentation. 

Very noticeable when worn
Gemstones keep rubbing each other.

Top Pick for Best Clear Gemstones: Silver Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace by Jovivi

Clear gemstones are a versatile choice for a wide variety of beautiful jewelry pieces, from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They each have a unique level of beauty and shine to create the most wonderful pieces. 

This article has shown you that clear gemstones come in different types, shapes, and sizes. While there are outstanding gemstones included in this list, you might be confused about which one reigns supreme.

The Silver-Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace takes the top spot as the best clear gemstone. It is a stainless steel chain with a handmade wire-wrapped crystal quartz pendant. 

JOVIVI is known for its beautiful selection of gemstone necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. They create stunning gemstone jewelry that you can use as chakra stones and healing crystals. Their stylish pieces are known as efficient energy conductors that create, amplify, and restore energies within the mind and body. 

This necklace uses a natural rock crystal quartz, wrapped in a tree-like wire design that signifies a family tree. White quartz is a clear gemstone available in different shades, but the white gem is the most popular. Although it is not as hard as diamonds, white quartz gems are quite durable than pearls. 

Another great thing about white quartz is that they make great clear gemstone accents since they can be styled in different shapes, ensuring flexibility as a fashion accessory. This clear gemstone is known to hold positive energy, allowing you to generate happiness in your life. It works best for people who want to create a calm and relaxed aura. 

Besides white quartz, several kinds of superior clear gemstones vary from white and translucent ones. You can also find them in different jewelry pieces, which you can experiment with. Check out other stylish pieces in this guide to find the best clear gemstone that matches your preference.

Best Brands for Clear Gemstones

Clear gemstones are one of the most staple designs you can find on women’s jewelry. They make a great budget alternative to diamonds and a versatile choice for fine jewelry. That is why dozens of brands introduce some of the unique clear gemstone designs in their jewelry collection. Each piece comes in various styles and shades to match the diverse preferences in the jewelry market. 

Get to know the top brands that produce the best clear gemstones on fine jewelry.


Jovivi is a Hongkong-based fancy goods company that offers a wide selection of gemstone merchandise. They believe that gemstone is not only used for jewelry pieces as they also serve as chakra stones and healing crystals.

Their natural gemstone line is widely used as energy conductors that create, restore, and amplify energy within our minds and bodies. Jovivi also creates other accessories that promote individuality, stability, rebirth, growth, etc.

Besides jewelry pieces, Jovivi manufactures inspirational jewelry and accessories made from crystal gemstones. These include massage tools, chakra gems, keychains, personalized customization, and other memorable day gifts.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the leading online dealers of diamonds and fine jewelry. They guarantee the ultimate customer experience by providing them with a massive selection of jewelry pieces and other unique online tools to make jewelry-shopping easier. Most of their products are sold at the most competitive prices, significantly below traditional jewelry retail.

Since 1999, Blue Nile has established an exceptional online presence by offering classic and modern jewelry designs. They also offer interactive diamond search function and jewelry consultation to help customers become more confident with their purchase decisions. 

James Allen

James Allen started as a small online jewelry website in 1998 called Dirt Cheap Diamonds. A few years later, the company immediately climb the success ladder after it went through a major rebranding. It soon transformed into the largest privately-held online diamond and jewelry retailer whose main mission is to provide customers the largest selection of the highest quality diamonds at the best price.

They are generally known for their 360° Diamond Display Technology, allowing customers to view more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds in a highly-magnified HD imagery. Today, James Allen offers hundreds of customizable styles using the best gemstones and diamonds in the market.  

Features to Consider When Buying Clear Gemstones (Buyer’s Guide)

Gemstones possess some fantastic properties that go a long way to improve your style and an everyday accessory.  More than that, each gemstone has unique characteristics that can influence your feeling and outlook. 

Clear gemstones are not only a single variant. They come in different stones with various features, shades, and origins. Before you start finding the best clear gemstones on the market, familiarize yourself with the different kinds of clear gemstones that make a stunning accent for your jewelry.


Diamonds are the hardest and unique white gemstones among all the gemstone variants. They are known for their brilliant sparkle that will surely take your breath away. Each diamond is unique on its own due to its cut, clarity, color, and carat. Although they come with a skyrocketing price, diamonds make a good investment, especially for jewelry collectors. 

Diamonds play a huge role in increasing the wearer’s will power to face any tough obstacle. They also make a great ornament as they are symbols of charisma. 

White Sapphire

White sapphires are classified as the ideal substitute for diamonds. Next to diamond, sapphires are the second hardest gemstones adorned with lovely patterns throughout its surface. Jewelry labs reproduce lab-created sapphire gems that look and feel similar to the original.

Although small white sapphires are indistinguishable from real diamonds, larger sapphires have a milky impression. As a healing stone, white sapphire gems help reduce anxiety and nervousness by calming you down and reducing stress.

White Agate

Compared to sapphires, white agate gems are said to be the most common type of gemstone. Although they are not as durable as a diamond, agate gems are durable enough to serve you for a long time. 

Agate has been around for about 300 years, making it an essential gemstone. It is also believed to have cleansing effects and balance life while getting rid of toxins and mental stress.

White Topaz

White topaz is one of the best substitutes for diamonds due to its crystal-clear quality. It is a semi-precious transparent gemstone that is often mistaken for a diamond because of luminous luster and radiance.  

Topaz plays an essential role in an individual’s spiritual journey. It can get you more in tune and open with your spirit to acquire more guidance towards your ultimate purpose.

White Pearls

Pearls are known for their classy and sophisticated impression. They make an amazing gemstone for your casual and formal jewelry. It has been around for a long time and offers great value, just like diamond and sapphire. Due to the creation of cultural gems, pearls have become more affordable.

This freshwater gem is associated with peace of mind and relationships. It is also one of the best healing gems as it plays a huge role in reducing stress. 

White Quartz

By far, white quartz is one of the most popular gemstones worldwide. It comes in different shades, but the white variant is more popular. It is also quite durable, although not as hard as diamonds. Due to its increased flexibility, you can design this gem in several different shapes, making it a great fashionable statement. 

Quartz is believed to hold positive energy and generate happiness in your life. It also brings calmness if you want to accomplish something.


Moonstone is one of the most attractive gemstones that can make a great complement for any jewelry or clothing. Although it is a smooth gem, they tend to be a bit hardy and not as durable and shiny as sapphire and diamond. 

This gemstone will help you channel your feminine side. It can also give you less negative energy by letting you heal yourself. 


Although zircon may not be as valuable as the sapphire, it is also quite popular as a jewelry gemstone. Its use can be traced back as one of the first substitutes for diamonds. This gemstone can be an amazing addition for those who want a healing stone to increase positive energy.

White Jade

This gem is also known as “mutton fat jade,” available in different shades from translucent white to yellow. It is a kind of tremolite jade that is usually off-white, white, or cream.  

As a variety of nephrite jade, this gemstone can be quite valuable as it protects the wearer from negative energy. 

White Onyx

This gem is classified as a type of agate and chalcedony stone, available in black and white varieties. Black and white onyx are often paired together as a beautiful ornamental accessory. 

White onyx helps you master energy and align your body with your higher self. It also ensures you reach your targets by increasing your performance. 

White Scolecite

This gemstone originated from the scolecite mineral that can either be clear or white. The presence of its trace minerals in its crystal matrix can also turn them into red, pink, or green. It also has very rare crystal forms found in Iceland and India. 

White scolecite offers a clearer path of communication for the spirit and an amazing resonance for its chakra. You may find it handy if you want to appreciate your surroundings and relax better.

White Opal

White opal is best known for its milky and white appearance. Besides white, it comes in different colors, such as purple, blue, and red. You never want to miss a single color to accessorize it with. 

This gemstone can provide clarity for muddled feelings. It is also associated with good luck as it provides good vibrations to make dreams and wishes come true. 

White Goshenite

This precious gemstone is often compared to other white gems, such as sapphire, white topaz, and quartz, in terms of its striking resemblance. It is harder than other gems like quartz but not as hard and durable as diamonds and sapphires.

Goshenite is believed to promote sincerity to avoid chances of infidelity in a relationship. Due to its historical use for glass lenses, this gem is also associated with intelligence and vision.

White Jasper

The word “jasper” is a Greek word, which means “spotted stone.” It is a naturally occurring gemstone in an opaque white shade. This snow-looking gemstone gives a fresh, clean look to any accessory. It also makes a great crown chakra, as it helps create a balance between your mind and spirit. It also brings hope and a new beginning for those who suffered a loss.


Gemstones come with amazing properties that can influence your fashion sense and personal mood. They are unique and valuable additions to any jewelry, especially if you want to embody a classy and sophisticated impression.

Besides being a signature accessory, gemstones carry qualities that can bring balance and positive vibrations to your life. Their unique properties make them more appealing to the jewelry and the owner. 

The Silver-Plated Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace by Jovivi reigns as the best clear gemstone for this jewelry buying guide. It is one of the stunning selections from JOVIVI, a Hongkong-based company that manufactures fancy goods and gemstone jewelry pieces. 

This handmade necklace is made of a durable stainless-steel chain with a wire wrapped crystal quartz. Its rose gold wire forms a tree of life design that signifies the family tree. It also serves as a healing gemstone pendant that will infuse prosperity and abundance into your life.

It makes a find jewelry piece as it comes with a novelty packaging in a black velvet pouch, perfect as a ready-made gift for your friend, mother, or significant other. It also comes with various accents that will complement even the most unique styles. 

You can find more varieties of gemstones apart from the clear and white variants. What matters is you find the right piece that will complement your style and everyday mood. Having a bit of fun with different kinds of gems based on its value, color, and style, will give you more options to come up with. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does a gemstone look like when used in jewelry?

Clear and milky white gemstones appear in various jewelry accessories, from transparent, semi-translucent, and milky white color. Each gem has its unique level of shine and beauty. People often combine various gemstone to come up with wonderful pieces. One example is a white and black gemstone, which can create a bold and elegant piece.

You can use almost any combination with clear gemstones, such as diamonds and topaz, and it will end up with a great stunning piece. Another great thing about clear gemstones is its flexibility, allowing you to experiment with it. 

How can I style my outfit with white gemstone jewelry?

There are many ways to accessorize white gemstone to make you feel amazing and confident. First, you need to ensure that you are wearing the right kind of gem for the occasion. It should match your clothing, mood, and the vibration you are looking for.

Another great advice is to wear simple gemstone jewelry to match any complicated patterns you are wearing. If you are wearing an elaborate dress, you need to accentuate it with a simple bracelet or a single-gem necklace.

When wearing earrings, ensure that the gems will highlight your facial features and blend with your skin tone. You can also mix white gems with solid, vibrant colors to reduce the intensity of your style. 

Why do people prefer colorless and white gemstones?

White and colorless gemstones are the finest urban gesture for love and a signature accessory among the elite. Besides its appearance, gemstone have hidden meanings that are often associated with astrology.

Each gemstone is said to have unique qualities connected to its planet of origin. Most people believe that precious gemstone brings positive vibrations and balance to lift, helping a person heal from diseases or negative feelings.

Another great thing about gemstones is that they are believed to bring good karma and blessings. They also come with unique properties that an owner may find appealing, such as reducing excess thoughts for calm relaxation.

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