Top 10 Best Birthstone Rings | 2020 Reviews (Boston Bay)

Best Birthstone Rings

Everyone wishes to own a ring that commemorates their most special day of the year, especially if it’s one that you can wear daily. Birthstone rings make great presents for you or your loved one as they are more personalized and come with a precious value. They come in brightly colored gemstones that have been increasingly popular among women and couples. 

While others add a touch of personality to their rings by using their favorite gemstone color, some people opt for unique ring selections by adding their birthstones. Choosing birthstones as the centerpiece for your ring helps you cut down the process of picking which stone will complement your style or personality. All you need is to find the gemstone that represents your birth month, and you can start your jewelry shopping from there. 

Shopping for birthstone rings is a completely different experience than searching for diamond rings. That is why this article has put together a helpful guide to help you find the perfect birthstone ring. Here you can find the best birthstone rings from top jewelry retailers, such as Blue Nile, James Allen, and Amazon. You will also discover celebrity-inspired rings and an in-depth buyer’s guide. 

Read on and learn everything you need to know about finding the birthstone ring of your dreams. 

Top 10 Best Birthstone Rings Reviewed

  1. Birthstone Half-Eternity Stackable Ring by Boston Bay Diamonds – Best Overall
  2. Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring by Blue Nile – Best Value
  3. Dainty Blue Topaz Bezel Diamond Ring (Brevani) by James Allen – Editor’s Choice
  4. Round-Cut Gemstone Twisted Split Shank Band Solitaire Ring by Birthstone 
  5. Peridot Cushion Cocktail Ring by Blue Nile
  6. Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen
  7. Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring by Blue Nile
  8. Textured Basket Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring by James Allen
  9. Opal Rope Ring by Blue Nile
  10. Oval Garnet and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen

#1. Birthstone Half-Eternity Stackable Ring by Boston Bay Diamonds – Best Overall

Birthstone Half-Eternity Stackable Ring by Boston Bay Diamonds

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  • Metal: 14k yellow gold / 14k white gold (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstones: Amethyst
  • Shape: Round brilliant
  • Average total carat: 0.27 carats
  • Dimensions: 2 mm x 1.5 mm
  • Setting: Four prong setting

Amethyst jewelry pieces make a perfect gift for women born any month of the year, not just for February celebrants. This stunning February birthstone is often featured in several fine jewelry designs and is a classic staple for fashion and special occasion jewelry items. According to ancient belief, wearing an amethyst jewelry item keeps the wearer clever, clear-headed and protects you against evil thoughts.

Boston Bay Diamonds feature the most superior quality gemstones expertly cut for the most brilliant sparkle. The Birthstone Half-Eternity Stackable Ring is one of their bestselling birthstone jewelry collection, a dainty stackable birthstone ring made of 14k white gold. The band is embellished with 13 excellent quality natural amethyst stones set in an elegant shared-prong setting. 

Boston Bay Diamonds handpicked each of the precious stones to ensure it reflects light at every dazzling facet. They use genuine solid 14k gold made of prime quality that is also hypoallergenic and nickel-free. People who have a metal allergy can guarantee that they can wear this ring safely. It also does not tarnish and makes a stunning keepsake jewelry piece that will stay polished and shiny for years to come. You can keep it shiny and brilliant by simply buffing it with a clean, soft cloth. 

This unique birthstone ring is a multipurpose jewelry piece that you can wear as a standalone accessory or pair with an engagement ring or wedding band. You can also stack it with multiple birthstones for a dramatic look. 

Amethyst rings have also made several appearances on the Hollywood red carpet. Multiple Grammy award winner Rihanna rocked a brilliant 36-carat amethyst ring paired with a royally delicious purple 80’s frock dress during NAACP awards. The massive amethyst stone has an estimated value of $46,681.

Gemstones sparkle like diamonds
Looks so small when worn alone
Subtle wedding bandStones are much smaller
True to size
Very dainty

#2. Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring by Blue Nile – Best Value

Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring by Blue Nile


  • Metal: 14k white gold (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstones: Diamond, blue sapphire
  • Shape: Round, oval
  • Average total carat: 0.30 carats
  • Dimensions: 2.0 – 3.4 mm (width)
  • Setting: prong, pavé setting

Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring is probably the most iconic engagement ring of all time. The Duchess of Cambridge currently wears the ring that was once worn by the late Princess Diana. The royal ring caused a huge uproar as it foregoes the traditional diamond engagement ring. Instead of a huge diamond sparkler, the ring contains a large oval-cut sapphire surrounded by fourteen solitaire diamonds.

For those who want to feel like dashing royalty à la Kate Middleton, you may consider getting a similar ring from Blue Nile’s gemstone selections. The Sapphire and Micropavé Diamond Halo Ring sports a very similar style to what Kate Middleton wears. It showcases a sparkling blue oval-cut sapphire resting elegantly in a halo of micropavé diamonds in a 14k white gold band. 

Although sapphires come in a wide range of rainbow colors, the bold blue gem earns all the attention. Sapphires have been associated with heavenly blue colors. It is used to describe the blue colors of an autumn sky that shines with tempered brilliancy. When used in fine jewelry, blue sapphires are given to symbolize sincerity, constancy, and truth.

Pairs nicely with other micropavé ringsVery much darker than advertised even in direct sunlight
Available in pink sapphire
It should be a little less transparent
Solid piece for the price
Very thin band
Lovely deep blue color

#3. Dainty Blue Topaz Bezel Diamond Ring (Brevani) by James Allen – Editor’s Choice

Dainty Blue Topaz Bezel Diamond Ring (Brevani) by James Allen


  • Metal: 14k yellow gold 
  • Gemstones: Blue topaz, diamond
  • Shape: Radiant, round
  • Average total carat: Blue topaz (0.25), diamond (0.06)
  • Dimensions: 1.2 mm (width)
  • Setting: Bezel setting

Topaz comes in various colors other than bright blue. For example, precious topaz in brown and golden orange colors are designated birthstones for November. However, when picking birthstones for December, many recommended blue topaz as a tradition. 

Blue topaz is available in different shades, such as faint bluish-white, Swiss tropical blue, and London blue with a darker green-blue tone. 

James Allen has collaborated with jewelry designers to produce the most stylish designs on par with modern jewelry trends. One of them is Brevani, with more than 30 years of expertise in the jewelry industry. 

The Dainty Blue Topaz Bezel Diamond Ring is a dainty birthstone ring for girls featuring a bezel-set blue topaz flanked by two diamonds on each side. The gemstones are set in a sleek 14k yellow gold band embellished with fine milgrain details.

Former Suits star Meghan Markle has been making plenty of public appearances ever since she became a part of the royal family. She keeps captivating the crowd as she sports dainty jewelry pieces to match her sophisticated outfits. One of them is the ‘Bee Chic’ blue topaz studs she wore during her polo trips.

An ideal stackable ringA very thin yellow gold band
A dainty jewelry piece
Almost unnoticeable
Perfect for teen girls

#4. Round-Cut Gemstone Twisted Split Shank Band Solitaire Ring by Birthstone

Round-Cut Gemstone Twisted Split Shank Band Solitaire Ring by Birthstone

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  • Metal: sterling silver (plated in 14k rose gold)
  • Gemstones: ruby
  • Shape: round-cut
  • Average total carat: 1.65 carats
  • Dimensions: 5 mm x 11 mm 
  • Setting: prong

Truly vivid and versatile, the Round-Cut Gemstone Twisted Split Shank Band Solitaire Ring by Birthstone is the ultimate conversation starter! With its twisted split shank of gold-plated silver, this ring is meant to show off the stunning cut of its ruby center stone. It has a wave-like crossover style that offers a delicate twist to the traditional solitaire ring with a unique twisting split shank styling. 

The band is crafted from rose gold plated sterling silver with a smooth satin finish. The ruby is secured in a four-prong setting to unleash its inner beauty and brilliance.

In 2010, actress and singer Jessica Simpson got engaged to Eric Johnson, who got her a 5-carat ring from Neil Lane. The said ring includes a massive ruby at the center framed by two diamonds on either side. The engagement ring holds a special meaning as ruby is Jessica’s birthstone, which also symbolizes romance. 

Also known as the king of precious stones, ruby is the birthstone for lucky folks born in July. It is also a perfect token for married couples celebrating their 15th or 40th wedding anniversary. A ruby’s red fluorescence and unparalleled strength make it suitable for various applications beyond jewelry. Rubies vary from purplish hues to deep blood-red colors.

Available in other colored gemstones Plating tends to wear off over time
Colorful sparkling ruby stone
Not hypoallergenic
Stunning eye-shaped frame
Unique and lovely design

#5. Peridot Cushion Cocktail Ring by Blue Nile

Peridot Cushion Cocktail Ring by Blue Nile


  • Metal: 14k white gold (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstones: Peridot
  • Shape: cushion-cut
  • Enhancement: Not enhanced
  • Dimensions: 2.5 mm x (1.4-2.0 mm)
  • Setting: prong

August is one of the three birth months represented by three different gemstones. Sardonyx used to be the original birthstone for August before peridot was added, becoming the primary gemstone for August. Peridot is widely known for its brilliant lime green glow. According to legends, peridot is often associated with good fortune and prosperity.

The Peridot Cushion Cocktail Ring by Blue Nile is one of the bestselling rings in Blue Nile’s fine jewelry selection. This peridot engagement ring features vibrant green peridot secured in a four-prong setting crafted of 14k white gold. It makes a stylish and eye-catching statement as a fashion-forward jewelry piece, perfect for almost any occasion. 

Hollywood superstar Elizabeth Taylor was a proud owner of an abundant range of peridot pieces. One of them is a parure set consisting of ear pendants and a bangle, a peridot 18k gold ring, and a pair of drop earrings consisting of peridot, pearl, and diamond.

Even Meghan Markle’s jewelry wardrobe includes peridot. The most famous one is the eternity ring given by Prince Harry to mark the birth of their son, Archie. 

Complements stylish wardrobe itemsA little too big
Perfect Mother’s Day gift
Reasonably priced

#6. Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen

Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen


  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Gemstones: Aquamarine, diamond
  • Shape: Oval, round
  • Average total carat: Aquamarine (0.60), diamond (0.02)
  • Dimensions: 1.2 mm (width)
  • Setting: Four prong setting

Two gemstones are associated with March: aquamarine and bloodstone. However, aquamarine is the most desired as it invokes the serene tranquility of seawater. Aquamarine is typically light in tone with colors ranging from blue-green to greenish-blue. The color is more intense in larger-sized stones, and darker blue varieties are considered valuable. 

The Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring is one of James Allen’s birthstone jewelry collection. This dainty aquamarine ring features the sea’s finest blue shades that signify happiness, protection, well-being, and the ability to reignite love. It serves as a birthstone ring with an east-west style embellished with accent diamonds. 

Aquamarine rings have been a staple fashion piece on the Hollywood red carpet. Famous personalities such as Kristine Elezaj, Jill Zarine, and Colbie Smulders have been spotted at various events wearing massive aquamarine cocktail rings to complement their gowns. One of the most iconic gemstone rings is the one worn by Princess Diana, a massive aquamarine ring embellished with diamonds. 

Suitable present for March celebrantsVery faint blue color
Perfect birthstone ring
Slightly thin band
Fairly affordable

#7. Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring by Blue Nile

Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring by Blue Nile


  • Metal: 14k white gold (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstones: Emerald, diamond
  • Shape: Oval, round
  • Average total carat: 0.31 carats
  • Dimensions: 2.1 – 3.6 mm (width)
  • Setting: prong

Elegant in design, the Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring features deep green emeralds accented with rows of shimmering diamonds in a 14k white gold band. This ring comes with three vivid emeralds, where each one is framed by a pair of round-cut diamonds, giving it a vibrant green glow. Blue Nile also offers this ring in other styles, such as sapphire and ruby.

Academy Award winner Halle Berry wore one of the most notable engagement rings in Hollywood history. With an estimated value of $200,000, her 4-carat emerald ring comes with an unusual setting that is truly one-of-a-kind. It was a hand-forged gold ring with a square-cut emerald center, embellished with two tiny diamonds on each side. What makes it unique is the Phoenician codes included in the ring that supposedly symbolizes the couple’s love story.

Emerald is an excellent gem to represent springtime. Something is bewitching about its vivid green color that captures everyone’s hearts and imaginations. Even Cleopatra used to dress in emeralds from head to toe, which is considered a secret to eternal youth. Today, emerald is a classic favorite for fine jewelry as it evokes the idea of growth and vitality. 

High-quality stones and setting
Rhodium plating may wear off over time
Excellent value and sale price
Slightly pricey
Very impressive in person
Perfect anniversary ring

#8. Textured Basket Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring by James Allen

Textured Basket Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring by James Allen


  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Gemstones: Freshwater cultured pearl
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 10.0 – 10.5 mm
  • Clarity: Light blemishes
  • Dimensions: 6.0 mm (width)

June has three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone, where the pearl is the most popular. A pearl’s elegant simplicity makes it a staple and timeless jewelry piece among women.  Pearls come in different types, with freshwater cultured pearls as the most abundant and popular in sales. Wearing pearl jewelry is associated with innocence, purity, and humility. It is also traditionally presented as a wedding gift or a fancy present for mothers.

The Textured Basket Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring by James Allen features dozens of thin, delicate bands joined together with a freshwater cultured pearl nestled into its natural curve. A birthstone jewelry piece for mom, this ring comes with a simple yet dynamic contemporary design that goes well with other statement pieces. It offers a great presence on the finger that is too hard not to miss.

La La Land star Emma Stone recently wowed her fans with a romantic Instagram selfie with her partner Dave McCary in 2019. She showcased her sparkly new ring, an 8 mm pearl surrounded by tiny diamonds in an 18k beige gold band. The piece is called the Winter Pearl Ring, crafted by a Japanese master jeweler. It is a lustrous pearl adorned by a snowflake motif. 

Perfect statement jewelryThe pearl is at risk of falling off from its nest
Dainty feminine piece
Very delicate setting
Quite affordable

#9. Opal Rope Ring by Blue Nile

Opal Rope Ring by Blue Nile


  • Metal: Sterling silver (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstones: Opal
  • Shape: Cabochon
  • Size: 7.0 mm
  • Dimensions: 2.0 mm (width)
  • Setting: Four prong setting

Garnets are found in a wide range of colors, but red is the most popular as they make bold and exceptional jewelry pieces. In crystal form, garnets look sparkling and beautiful. Even in ancient times, this gem is considered a legendary precious stone that served as amulets among pharaohs. Today, jewelry lovers have been captivated by garnet due to its intense sparkle and fire. 

The Oval Garnet and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring are among the stunning selections in James Allen’s birthstone jewelry collection. This ring exhibits a captivating deep color coming from its garnet center stone. It comes with accent diamonds that showcase its inner sparkle and vivid red color. It also makes a great present for your special someone as garnets are said to bring luck, protection, health, love, and friendship to those who wear them.

Hollywood actress Kristen Bell and country singer Taylor Swift was spotted on the red carpet wearing garnet drop earrings embellished with their signature style. Kristen opts to wear her garnets in a dangling jewelry piece that complements her black evening gown. The precious stone helped add a dash of color to her outfit. 

A perfect standalone ringDesign is too simple and common
Low-key design
Very affordable

#10. Oval Garnet and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen

Oval Garnet and Diamond Accent Birthstone Ring by James Allen


  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Gemstones: Garnet, diamond
  • Shape: Oval, round
  • Average total carat: Garnet (0.60), diamond (0.02)
  • Dimensions: 1.2 mm (width)
  • Setting: Four prong setting

Opal is the ultimate birthstone for October birthday celebrants. This gemstone offers endless coloring characteristics and color combinations when set into any jewelry piece. Opals come in many different varieties, such as white, fire, and black opal. 

White opal is the most popular for jewelry due to its pearly white color, making it easy to match any wardrobe ensemble. Not only that, it contains a stunning, pastel-shaded play of color when reflected by light. 

Utterly wearable, the Opal Rope Ring is made from polished sterling silver. It includes a vibrant and translucent opal gem framed by intricate rope details, creating a stylish, colorful ring. Although opal is perfect for any look, this gemstone has a very soft structure that is not recommended for everyday wear. 

Many celebrities have used opals as statement pieces for their red carpet jewelry ensembles. Grammy-award singer Taylor Swift wore a gorgeous opal duo, consisting of opaque opal earrings and a ring. The earrings make a perfect match for her blue gown. 

A fun statement piece
Not ideal for daily wear
Unique rope design

Best Brands for Birthstone Rings

Make your search for the best birthstone ring easy by shopping at reputable jewelry retailers. Check them out below and learn about their product offerings.

Boston Bay Diamonds

Boston Bay Diamonds is a premier brand of fine jewelry on Amazon. The company offers a wide range of luxury gift ideas, from birthstone jewelry, men’s jewelry, bridal sets, diamonds, children’s gifts, and lab-grown jewelry pieces. 

The company ensures that they delight their customers with their world-class customer service and exceptional jewelry quality. They inspect each of their products to ensure that their clients are getting the very best. Boston Bay gladly offers a money-back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied with their purchase. They also offer a lifetime warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

Boston Bay stands by their jewelry products and guarantees that you can buy with confidence at all their stylish and modern jewelry selections. 

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a premier retailer of fine jewelry. The company started its operations back in 1999, managed by Mark Vadon, the company founder and executive chairman. The website came about after Vadon got frustrated while searching for the perfect engagement ring. He discovered that jewelry buyers are often confused and overwhelmed by traditional jewelry shopping. From there, Vadon bought an online diamond website and established a new jewelry brand. 

Their principal mission is to innovate the jewelry shopping experience by giving customers more quality selections at compelling values and the best prices. Today, Blue Nile is known for providing customers with comprehensive online tools and in-depth informational materials about diamonds and jewelry, allowing customers to make purchase decisions by themselves.

Blue Nile offers hundreds of conflict-free diamonds and quality jewelry at affordable prices below traditional retail. Each of their jewelry products come with modern designs and quality standards.

James Allen

James Allen is a top online jewelry vendor that has completely transformed the jewelry shopping experience. It started as a small jewelry website called, managed by a couple back in 1998. Despite being a newbie in the jewelry industry, the brand became one of the first successful online jewelry dealers.

In 2005, its founders decided to merge with an e-commerce platform to boost its online presence and sales. It adopted a new website name called James Allen and changed its image as a bridal jewelry brand. After their successful rebranding, James Allen became one of the successful jewelry retailers worldwide. They satisfy their customers with better jewelry selections, including loose diamonds and contemporary jewelry designs. 

James Allen is one of the pioneer brands to use a 360° Diamond Display Technology, where they exhibit over 200,000 certified diamonds in 3D imagery. They also offer real-time diamond inspection services and personalized jewelry designs. 

Features to Consider When Buying Birthstone Rings (Buyer’s Guide)

This guide’s ultimate goal is to ensure that your shopping experience is as convenient and easy as possible. Read the following steps below to help you land on the perfect birthstone ring.

Setting the Budget

The first step to buying any jewelry piece is to set the budget. It is essential to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on a birthstone ring. Ideally, come up with a definite price range instead of sticking to a single budget amount.

Selecting the Birthstone

The Internet offers an array of information about birthstones. If you’re undecided what kind of gemstone your loved one likes, pick the one that corresponds to their birthday. Here are birthstones for each month:

  • January: garnet
  • February: amethyst
  • March: aquamarine or bloodstone
  • April: diamond
  • May: emerald
  • June: pearl, alexandrite, or moonstone
  • July: ruby
  • August: peridot, sardonyx, or spinel
  • September: sapphire
  • October: opal or tourmaline
  • November: topaz or citrine
  • December: tanzanite, zircon, or turquoise

Finding the Perfect Setting

After you have found the right birthstone, it’s time to choose the ring setting. Jewelers offer different metal types and ring settings. It is your opportunity to make the ring look more personalized.

Choosing the Right Metal

The right metal will complement your chosen birthstone and help unleash its true beauty and brilliance, while a sub-par metal can keep the piece from looking its best. Popular precious metals include platinum, gold, and sterling silver.

Shopping at Specialized Retailers

Avoid online vendors or any physical store that doesn’t specialize in selling jewelry since they have no guarantee regarding its quality. They don’t offer as many options, unlike established jewelry brands. 

Getting an Insurance

There is nothing worse than losing a luxurious jewelry item. If you need a policy that can cover damage, loss, or theft, have the ring insured by a reputable insurance company.


While there are many choices for ideal presents to give, birthstone rings make the perfect birthday gift for your loved one. They are more personalized and come with great value. It boosts your gift-giving ability by considering what type of jewelry will complement the wearer. 

Boston Bay Diamonds feature the most superior quality gemstones expertly cut for the most brilliant sparkle. The Birthstone Half-Eternity Stackable Ring is the top pick for the best birthstone rings in this buying guide. It is a dainty stackable ring made of 14k white gold that comes at a very reasonable price.

Whether you choose personalized jewelry or birthstone rings, both items are meaningful ways to celebrate your beloved’s special day. These precious pieces will make the recipient appreciate the gift and the giver as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I do if a birth month has multiple birthstones?

If the wearer was born in a month with competing stones, you have to choose at least one birthstone. December has four, with turquoise, blue topaz, blue zircon, and tanzanite, all competing for those born in the final month of the year. However, zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite are not durable enough to withstand daily wear, making it an essential consideration if you want the ring to last a lifetime. 

Conducting a bit of research is highly recommended to help you decide which birthstone to choose. Each stone comes with unique properties that make it a practical choice over others. Since most rings are used as everyday jewelry pieces, it is best to pick a gemstone that can hold up over time. You may consult the Moh’s Scale of Hardness to find out the durability of your chosen gemstone.

What if my ideal gemstone isn’t my birthstone?

You don’t have to limit your choices if you are eyeing up another gemstone. If you plan to buy a birthstone ring for your partner, you may opt for rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, as they are the most popular gemstones. Women often wear these gemstones regardless of their birth month.

In truth, many celebrities wear engagement rings with colored gemstones that are not their designated birthstone. These include Kate Middleton, who was born in January but wore a sapphire engagement ring. Ashlee Simpson rocked a ruby engagement ring, a birthstone for July, even though she was born in October. 

These ladies prove that rules don’t matter when finding the right gemstone ring. 

How can I get a birthstone ring insured?

If you want to have your birthstone ring insured, ask the retailer if they work with or recommend an insurance company. As much as possible, choose an insurer that specializes in jewelry. Policies may have low caps for jewelry and are hard to work in terms of documentation. 

Look for a reputable insurance company specializing in jewelry claims so you can stay informed of your jewelry’s value. They should also offer flexible coverage so you can choose the right policy that works for you, and most of all, they should also cover the damage, loss, and theft.

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