Top 10 Best Birthstone Bracelets | 2020 Reviews (Blue Nile)

Best Birthstone Bracelets

Nowadays, people have adorned themselves with items that exude beauty and brilliance throughout the years, and birthstone jewelry has long been a favorite choice. Ancient civilizations like Greeks and Egyptians strongly believed that gemstones possess special attributes, including curative powers and the ability to convey one’s soul to peace in the afterlife. 

Today, the value of gemstones has remained consistent across history. Legends and groups began documenting birthstones, from the mythical, biblical, zodiac, to modern birthstones. The most prominent list is modern birthstones, where people began to adorn their jewelry items with their designated birthstones for an added personal touch.

Birthstone jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets are considered today as meaningful and thoughtful gifts for any occasion. So, if you are planning to discover the finest birthstone jewelry, you came to the right source. This birthstone guide will take you through the entire process of finding the best birthstone bracelets. It also includes some of the most modern styles and celebrity-inspired pieces.

Read on and find the best jewelry gift ideas for different birth months. 

Top 10 Best Birthstone Bracelets Reviewed

  1. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet by Blue Nile – Best Overall
  2. London Blue Topaz Women's Tennis Bracelet by Gem Stone King – Best Value
  3. Citrine Line Bracelet by James Allen – Editor’s Choice
  4. Aquamarine Stationed Bezel-Set Bracelet by Blue Nile
  5. Peridot Infinity Hinged Bangle Bracelet by Peora 
  6. Double Row Pave Emerald Bangle Bracelet by James Allen
  7. Amethyst Round Rope Bracelet by Blue Nile
  8. Ruby and Diamond Bracelet by James Allen
  9. Stackable Pavé Diamond Bangle by Blue Nile
  10. Alternating Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet by James Allen

#1. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet by Blue Nile – Best Overall

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet by Blue Nile


  • Type: Woven bracelet
  • Metal: 14k white gold (rhodium plated)
  • Gemstone: Freshwater cultured pearl
  • Setting: Pearl knot
  • Clasp Type: Filigree clasp
  • Length: 7.5 inches

June birthstones range from the color-changing alexandrite, milky moonstone, to the opalescent pearl. With this wide spectrum of color options and price points, June celebrants can choose any of these lovely gemstones to fit their personality and budget. 

However, pearls are the most favored among the three as they come with a natural creamy white and iridescent sheen, contributing to their elegant and sophisticated beauty. 

If you are celebrating a June birthday, you may want to check out Blue Nile’s pearl jewelry collection. Their bestseller is the Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet, a wedding day favorite and a special occasion jewelry piece. This woven freshwater cultured pearl bracelet features clusters of varied-size white pearls, finished with a 14k white gold filigree safety clasp for an elegant look. 

The main lead of “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Scarlett Johansson, grew fond of pearls due to her film role. The blonde bombshell wore an exquisite looking pearl skirt during her photoshoot for Russian Vogue. The outfit exudes a bold, loud, and trendy statement that certainly adds pizzazz to the actress’s sophisticated beauty.

A bountiful supply of lustrous pearls
Very tiny pearls in person
Great wedding or anniversary gift
Not ideal for large wrists
Delicate yet whimsical
Classy and elegant

#2. London Blue Topaz Women's Tennis Bracelet by Gem Stone King – Best Value

London Blue Topaz Women's Tennis Bracelet by Gem Stone King

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  • Type: Tennis bracelet
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Gemstone: London blue topaz
  • Average total carat: 1.50 carats
  • Clasp Type: Fully adjustable closure
  • Length: 9.0 inches

December comes with three different birthstones: blue topaz, tanzanite, and turquoise. Though all gemstones possess unique charm and qualities, blue topaz is a more prominent and highly favored stone among December celebrants. It displays a gorgeous light blue shade that mimics the crisp, cold December sky. 

True to its name, Gem Stone King is one of the leading suppliers of gemstone jewelry. Besides their main website, they showcase their products on Amazon, including fairly affordable pieces from earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.  

The London Blue Topaz Women’s Tennis Bracelet by Gem Stone King is a fully adjustable birthstone bracelet that allows you to showcase your elegance and sophistication. It features natural London blue topaz set in sterling silver metal. This sterling silver birthstone bracelet offers a modern take on the classic tennis bracelet style, making it suitable for different occasions and gift-giving. 

Like any Hollywood star, Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively loves dressing up for an event. She once posted on her Instagram a lovely arm candy worth $224,000. The jewelry ensemble includes a five-eye gold pavé diamond bangle, embellished with blue topaz stones, diamond tennis bracelets, and solid gold bangles. According to celebrity jeweler Lorrain Schwartz, the bracelet aims to channel positive energy to its wearer. 

Perfect size for a teenage girl
Slides up and down the wrist
Vivid and uniform color
Much smaller in person
Very dainty design
Delicate setting
Reasonable price

#3. Citrine Line Bracelet by James Allen – Editor’s Choice

Citrine Line Bracelet by James Allen


  • Type: Line bracelet
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold
  • Gemstone: Citrine
  • Average total carat: 7.92 carats
  • Clasp Type: Lobster claw 
  • Length: 7.0 inches

Citrine is a November birthstone with colors ranging from transparent yellow to brownish orange. It is believed to originate from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Since ancient times, citrine has been a popular gemstone due to its orange-yellow glow and stunning fire. Some people believe that wearing a citrine jewelry item can calm and soothe tempers.

James Allen features plenty of tennis and line bracelets in their gemstone jewelry collection. One of them is the Citrine Line Bracelet, featuring colorful oval-shaped citrines tastefully set in 14k yellow gold line bracelet. Flexible and light, this gold birthstone bracelet helps unleash the pop of color you need. 

Although not celebrated as much as rubies and sapphires, citrine still holds its position on the Hollywood red carpet. Titanic superstar Kate Winslet was spotted looking divine in a citrine set white gold bracelet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Her citrine ensemble consisted of drop earrings, a massive citrine and diamond necklace, and a bracelet. 

Dainty line bracelet
Looks slightly smaller in person
Bright lemony color
Light and flexible

#4. Aquamarine Stationed Bezel-Set Bracelet by Blue Nile

Aquamarine Stationed Bezel-Set Bracelet by Blue Nile


  • Type: Cable chain station bracelet
  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Gemstone: Aquamarine
  • Setting: Bezel setting
  • Clasp Type: Spring ring clasp
  • Length: 7.0 inches

Aquamarine, a renowned birthstone for March, is a lovely gemstone that comes in soothing blue shades. This gem is known for its vivid hues and pop of colors, ranging from greenish or deep blue to pale pastel. It is also popular for its excellent clarity and transparency, making it ideal for a wide range of jewelry pieces. 

A perfect gift for young women, the Aquamarine Stationed Bezel-Set Bracelet by Blue Nile features eye-catching stations of bezel-set aquamarine stones set in 14k white gold. Its sleek white gold chain goes well with its round-cut aquamarine stones enlivening the bracelet’s beauty. It is also available in other birthstones, such as peridot, garnet, and blue topaz. 

One of the most notable aquamarine jewelry pieces in Hollywood was the one that was co-designed by Justin Timberlake for his wife, Jessica Biel. It was a 6-carat diamond engagement ring framed by aquamarine stones set in black platinum. The American actress also sported a stunning aquamarine set during the Oscars 2014. It was a pair of diamond and aquamarine earrings and a matching aquamarine cuff bracelet. 

excellently made bezel settingSmaller than the original photo
Lovely and delicate design
Gems are barely seen
Adjustable length

#5. Peridot Infinity Hinged Bangle Bracelet by Peora

Peridot Infinity Hinged Bangle Bracelet by Peora

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  • Type: Bangle bracelet
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Gemstone: Peridot
  • Average total carat: 1.0 carats
  • Clasp type: Box chain
  • Length: 2.25 inches diameter fit

A symbol of prosperity and opportunity, peridot is a vibrant yellow-green gemstone desired by many August birthday celebrants. This birthstone comes in subtle green shades that are equally enchanting. The Egyptians refer to peridot as the “gem of the sun,” as it protects the wearer from nightmares. Most gem enthusiasts believe that this stone offers the wearer good luck, power, and confidence. 

The Peridot Infinity Hinged Bangle Bracelet is an extraordinary radiant bangle bracelet featuring stunning oval peridot with brilliant sparkle and rich leaf green hue. The stones are arranged in an embellished infinity design that’s truly elegant. This bracelet is crafted from sterling silver that wraps and opens around your wrist. The stunning peridot gemstones go well with its sterling silver band that lights up your wrist with a flattering green glow. 

The former Suits star and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was spotted wearing a traditional eternity band at a public event called Trooping the Color with Prince Harry. She was wearing a peridot eternity ring, given by Prince Harry to celebrate their firstborn son, Archie.

Looks like an expensive luxe bracelet
Lacks vivid green glow
Petite and elegant looking
Perfect birthstone gift

#6. Double Row Pave Emerald Bangle Bracelet by James Allen

Double Row Pave Emerald Bangle Bracelet by James Allen


  • Type: Bangle bracelet
  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Gemstone: Emerald, diamond
  • Average total carat: Emerald (1.64 carats), diamond (0.33 carats)
  • Clasp type: n/a
  • Length: 6.75 inches

If you are looking for a birthstone bracelet for your mom to celebrate Mother’s Day, an emerald bracelet is an excellent choice. The emerald is a perfect springtime color as the color green symbolizes the spring season and renewal and growth. This gemstone comes with a radiant green tone, which is referred to as emerald green. 

Elegant and modern, the Double Row Pave Emerald and Diamond Bangle Bracelet features two rows of pavé-set emeralds embellished with round brilliant-cut diamonds set in lustrous 14k white gold. Around 69 tiny emeralds ran along with the white gold band, sprinkled with 0.33-carat diamonds for a lively green glow. 

Like a glam guru, Blake Lively knows how to rock huge jewelry pieces like any Hollywood star. During the Golden Globes, she wore not one but two massive emerald and diamond cuffs with a total of 300 carats. 

Dark green emerald color
Falls off the arm easily
Great birthstone giftSlightly expensive
Simple yet elegant
Very thin band

#7. Amethyst Round Rope Bracelet by Blue Nile

Amethyst Round Rope Bracelet by Blue Nile


  • Type: Rope bracelet
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Setting: Prong
  • Clasp Type: Box catch with hidden safety
  • Length: 7 1/8 inches

A February birthstone, amethyst is considered one of the best-prized gems for thousands of years. It is a type of purple quartz, a stunning blend of red and violet, which you can find in every part of the world. It originated from the Ancient Greek word, methustos, meaning “intoxicated.” Legends say that wearers of this gemstone can protect them from drunkenness.

Brightly hued, the Amethyst Round Rope Bracelet is a bestselling gemstone bracelet in Blue Nile. This bracelet is crafted from sterling silver ornated with 28 round amethyst gems in a flexible single-line style. 

Besides amethyst, this customizable birthstone bracelet is available in other gemstones, such as sky-blue topaz, blue topaz, black onyx, citrine, garnet, London blue topaz, aquamarine, peridot, and multi-gemstone. 

American actress Mila Kunis has an incredible way of voicing out her advocacy. She joined The 100 Good Deeds bracelet, a project that supports vulnerable women worldwide who craft colorful bracelets to learn valuable skills. In the poster, Mila Kunis was wearing a multilayer bracelet packed with Gemfields Zambian amethyst beads. 

Attractive-looking gemstonesNot adjustable
Gorgeous double lock clasp
A nice birthday present
Very secure clasp

#8. Ruby and Diamond Bracelet by James Allen

Ruby and Diamond Bracelet by James Allen


  • Type: Tennis bracelet
  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Gemstone: Ruby, diamond
  • Average total carat: 2.38 carats
  • Clasp Type: Box clasp
  • Length: 7.0 inches

July birthday celebrants are certainly lucky as they have ruby as their birthstone, one of the most coveted gems in the jewelry industry. It came from the Latin word ruber, meaning love and passion. Its fine deep red color with purple tones can easily catch anyone’s eye, making it a perfect center stone on any jewelry piece. 

The Ruby and Diamond Bracelet is a classic and elegant tennis bracelet with a dramatic shimmer. It forms a flexible yet substantial feel with its alternating rubies and diamonds. This dainty jewelry piece provides a bold burst of color that complements its 14k white gold setting. Despite its expensive price, this bracelet makes a nice investment or a precious gift to the love of your life. 

There is no shortage of ruby jewelry on the Hollywood red carpet. In true celebrity style, Mila Kunis, Mariah Carey, Jane Fonda, Dita von Teese, and Jessica Chastain sported mesmerizing ruby necklaces that sparkle with utter brilliance and beauty. 

American songstress Mariah Carey opted to wear an extensive ruby and diamond necklace to complement her cream cardigan. Her statement necklace dropped several jaws and turned heads on the busy New York street. 

Perfect anniversary present
Very expensive
Very gorgeous and sparkly
Ideal for everyday wear

#9. Stackable Pavé Diamond Bangle by Blue Nile

Stackable Pavé Diamond Bangle by Blue Nile


  • Type: Bangle bracelet
  • Metal: 18k white gold
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Average total carat: 1.03 carats
  • Setting: pavé-set
  • Length: 2 5/8 inches in diameter

Diamond, an April birthstone, is a white, colorless gemstone that emits an exquisite brilliance and fire. This gem symbolizes abundance, victory, wealth, and strength. It is considered the world’s hardest substance, ranking a perfect ten on the Mohs hardness scale. Although the white and colorless variety is the most popular diamond, it is also available in various colors, like pink, yellow, purple, and blue. 

Blue Nile’s Stackable Pavé Diamond Bangle is a perfect gift for those celebrating an April birthday. This delicate eternity bangle bracelet includes pavé-set round diamonds in 18k white gold, ideal for layering with other dainty bracelets to achieve a gorgeous and chic look. You can also pick in two other precious metals, including 18k yellow gold or rose gold. 

Every red carpet event is an opportunity for celebrities to showcase their massive arm candies. In a Golden Globes event, the American actress Kristen Bell wore a diamond jewelry ensemble with dazzling earrings and a multirow bracelet. Her vintage jewelry set is inspired by the mid-century fashion period.

Well-made diamond bangleVery thin band
Very sparkly and pretty
An eye-catching piece

#10. Alternating Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet by James Allen


  • Type: Tennis bracelet
  • Metal: 14k white gold
  • Gemstone: Blue sapphire, diamond
  • Average total carat: Blue sapphire (1.23 carats), diamond (1.37 carats)
  • Clasp Type: Box clasp
  • Length: 7.0 inches

Although sapphire comes in a range of rainbow colors, the blue variety is the most preferred gemstone for jewelry. A September birthstone, blue sapphires range from deep indigo to pale blue. Sapphire is often associated with romance, royalty, and fidelity. It is also believed to protect the wearer from envy and harm. Some of the most notable jewelry pieces in history are made of sapphires, including the Ceylon blue sapphire engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

The Alternating Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet by James Allen is a dainty arm candy featuring alternating sapphires and shimmering diamonds. It also comes in other birthstones to match your birth month. The bracelet is set in a sleek 14k white gold metal, allowing the gemstones to unleash their vivid colors and blinding brilliance. 

Sadie Alexandre, known on the TV screen as the sassy secretary named Scarlett from AMC’s Emmy award-winning show “Mad Men,” graced the red carpet in her shimmering midnight blue evening gown complemented by her sapphire and diamond ring, earrings, and bracelet. Her sapphire ensemble features 10.64 carats of glorious round sapphires embellished with sparkling round diamonds. 

Dainty jewelry pieceNot adjustable
Bursting with color
Slightly pricey

Best Brands for Birthstone Bracelets

For those looking for an extensive collection of birthstone bracelets or any meaningful piece for your loved one, you can check out the following online jewelry brands, known for selling certified gemstones made from premium quality. 

Gem Stone King

Gem Stone King is one of the largest gemstone jewelry retailers, with more than three million online sales. Even before the Internet era, Gem Stone King has been operating as a jewelry business for over 100 years. It was established in 1903 in Belgium and is currently headed by a fourth-generation family member.

Over the years, Gem Stone King expanded its business efforts worldwide, including Thailand, Belgium, New York, and Israel. The company strengthened its sales through the Internet to expand its online presence among its global customers. They began on e-Bay, where they earned almost 200,000 transactions with a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating. 

Today, Gem Stone King boats of its massive jewelry collections, including loose gemstones, fine jewelry, colored diamonds, and polish diamonds. They guarantee that all their items are constantly updated according to modern jewelry trends. 

Blue Nile

In 1999, Blue Nile was established as an online jewelry brand after its founder, Mark Vadon, discovered that the jewelry business needs to keep up with modern innovations. The company adopted an online business model to build an online jewelry business that provides a convenient shopping experience to its customers, including abundant selections of quality diamond jewelry.

Blue Nile firmly adheres to its customer-first philosophy by providing customers with diverse choices, legendary customer assistance, and diamond education. They also hired the most talented jewelry designers and diamond consultants. 

Since then, Blue Nile has established its name as a leading jewelry brand that offers diamond engagement rings, bridal ring sets, and fine jewelry. Despite its incredible popularity and success, the company continues to search for ways to enhance the jewelry buying experience. Today, Blue Nile is known for its handcrafted engagement rings, GIA-graded diamonds, diamond price-match guarantee, 24/7 expert advice, and a lifetime warranty.

James Allen

Four creative minds are responsible for the continuous success experienced by James Allen today. They combined their jewelry expertise to establish a privately-held online diamond and fine jewelry retail website. Their mission is to form a large selection of quality diamond jewelry and the best shopping experience. 

James Allen is a bridal diamond jewelry brand that greatly utilizes technology. It is one of the first online websites to use a Diamond Display Technology, where they showcase more than 200,000 diamonds in various ring settings in high-quality 3D imagery. This technology led the company to be recognized by diamond producers by allowing James Allen to get the initial pick in their diamond supplies.

Besides personalized jewelry styles, James Allen offers free shipping, real-time diamond inspective service, and a money-back guarantee. They also believe that transparency, customer support, and meaningful education are the secret to a successful jewelry brand.

Features to Consider When Buying Birthstone Bracelets (Buyer’s Guide)

If you still find yourself confused on which type of birthstone jewelry to buy, here is a brief guide about birthstone facts and meanings to help you with your purchase decision. 

January – Garnet

As a January birthstone, garnet has a warm, blood-red color in contrast to its cold month. It is thought to bring the wearer a prosperous friendship, sincerity, and loyalty. It also has curative powers to ensure good health.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst has a deep purple color with a rich and regal appearance. It is said that wearing any amethyst jewelry can drive away angry emotions and peace of mind. 

March – Aquamarine

A traditional birthstone for March, the icy-blue aquamarine is known to provide a sense of hope and youthfulness to the wearer, like the new spring that comes every year.

April – Diamond

Diamond is considered the jewel of power and love that helps strengthen a wearer’s body and soul. It is also said to protect a wearer’s innocence and unleash their best qualities. 

May – Emerald

The vibrant green emerald honors those born in May. Its color is often associated with happiness and fertility. It can also enhance contentment and romance.

June – Pearl

Pearl is a traditional June birthstone. This gemstone has a lustrous and lovely appearance and bestows the qualities of purity and modesty to its wearer. According to legends, pearls came from the tears of the gods. In truth, pearls used in fine jewelry are often made of freshwater cultured pearls harvested by pearl farmers.

July – Ruby

Ruby has a rich red color that symbolizes passion and zeal. It is said to provide July-born wearers with fortune, love, and undying vigor. If you feel that unfriendly forces surround you, ruby is known as a powerful protector.

August – Peridot

Peridot boast of its fresh, spring-green color. This precious stone is used to ward off fear, depression, and other negative feelings. It also helps strengthen one’s speech and divine inspiration. 

September – Sapphire

The cool blue sapphire marks the shifting of seasons from summer to autumn. Legends say that wearing sapphire jewelry can help clear your mind and relax. It can also provide the wearer with inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

October – Opal

A traditional birthstone for October, opal is an iridescent gemstone with an elegant flair. It comes with colorful and complex features and is said to ensure confidence and fidelity to the wearer. It also helps wearers remember their past lives and aids faithfulness and inner beauty.

November – Citrine

Citrine gives off a lemony, golden-yellow color that gives you a warm and cheerful feeling. This November birthstone can make the wearer hopeful and lighthearted. It also promotes personal clarity, creativity, and eliminates self-destructive tendencies. 

December – Blue Topaz

The blue topaz has a breathtaking color that ranges from pale to deep blue. Those born in December can develop a patient attitude and pleasant disposition by wearing blue topaz. It also symbolizes love and fidelity and is said to heal several diseases. 


Birthstone jewelry has fascinated people of all ages, and it’s easy to see why. Besides their exquisite beauty and brilliance, each gemstone is packed with intriguing legends, facts, and meanings, making them ideal embellishments for personalized birthstone bracelets.

The top pick for this birthstone buying guide is the Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet, a wedding day favorite and a special occasion jewelry piece. This woven pearl bracelet features clusters of varied-size white pearls, finished with a 14k white gold filigree safety clasp for an elegant look.

In the end, you don’t need to be a birthstone expert or a gemstone enthusiast to find a suitable gift for your beloved. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone jewelry item adorned with birthstones or a stunning set of birthstone bracelets, you will never go wrong when buying birthstone jewelry.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do modern and traditional birthstone jewelry differ?

Although birthstone assignments somewhat differ, gem enthusiasts in Western cultures often pick birthstones from both selections. Although most jewelry buyers don’t usually attribute special qualities and powers to these precious stones, gemstones have associations and popular symbolism.

While the modern birthstones feature transparent gems, the traditional list includes a mix of opaque and transparent stones, such as turquoise, pearl, and opal. This way, it is easier to combine various gems in modern birthstone jewelry. However, if you favor the traditional birthstones, you may opt for ancient stones instead. 

Where do the birthstones originate?

The creation of birthstones, a precious gem that corresponds to a birth month, is a relatively modern concept. However, its beginnings can be traced back to biblical times, concerning the 12 gemstones found on Aaron’s breastplate that corresponds to Israel’s 12 tribes. 

In the 1st and 5th centuries, Josephus and St. Jerome linked these gems to the zodiac signs. It is believed that each stone provided wearers with special powers on the corresponding astrological period. Thus, people collected and wore all 12 gems each year to serve as talismans or healing stones.

Is there a birthstone jewelry item for couples?

Couple birthstone jewelry is exchanged between couples during birthdays, anniversaries, or any special day like Valentine’s Day. It is a romantic way to celebrate your milestones together while focusing on your individuality. 

Jewelers offer plenty of unisex options for couples. They offer customizable couple birthstone bracelets, necklaces, and rings embellished with birthstones and name engravings. Some popular designs for couple birthstone jewelry pieces include dual birthstone rings, breakable hearts, infinity symbols, and interlocking hearts.

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