Top 7 Best 5 Carat Diamond Rings | 2021 Reviews (Blue Nile)

Best 5 Carat Diamond Rings

Although a bigger carat weight will indeed be less forgiving for your finger, expressing your love with a big gram of brilliance and astonishing quality is not such a bad idea. Five carats is heavier compared to an average diamond carat weight used for engagement rings. Still, it is a considerable weight to give you a distinct light performance when cut in perfect proportions. 

This carat weight is known as relatively rare, as only a handful of such is available every few years. More so, diamonds of such weight require a certain set of guidelines to bring out their best brilliance and fire.

Fortunately, this article will help you look for the best qualities in 5-carat diamonds. Plus, we give your eight of the best 5-carat diamonds from two well-trusted names in the industry – James Allen and Blue Nile. 

Top 7 Best 5 Carat Diamond Rings Reviewed

  1. 5.02 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum – Best Overall
  2. Classic Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum – Best Value
  3. 5.02 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Martin Flyer Engagement Ring in Platinum – Editor’s Choice
  4. 5.02 Carat Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum
  5. 5.04 Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum
  6. Five-Stone Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  7. Classic Radiant-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

#1. 5.02 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum – Best Overall

5.02 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum


  • Carat Weight: 5.02
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Shape: Excellent Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Solitaire Setting
  • Color: H Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 63,980 dollars

James Allen makes our cut as the top pick for today’s list with their magnificent 5-carat solitaire ring in platinum. Adhering to the factors that make an excellent-value diamond, this ring has all the checkmarks completed.

This diamond is excellently cut, complementing its round shape and allowing it to shine on top of a durable and thick solitaire setting. With such a great cut, the diamond shows its best asset with its incredibly rare, fine quality, and excellent proportions.

Its diamond is part of a near-colorless grade, which means that its color only goes noticed when compared to much higher “colorless” grades. So, with a color like this, you can have a strong hint that you are holding a diamond of excellent value.

Its VS2 clarity clearly shows fine quality, as it will only involve minor inclusions, which you can see at 10x magnification. All of this is made with a naturally white, rare metal that is strong and durable enough to make an excellent material for a diamond ring band. However, its 2mm band may not be comfortable for some customers, so James Allen makes sure to offer a customized bridal set.

Moreover, this ring allows patina development over time, making it an ideal choice for fine jewelry. Plus, its size is customizable thanks to its Ruthenium materials, so you can have this setting for your own ring size. With that said, this ring has satisfied its buyers, leading to 5-star reviews for most of its customers.

The ring looks bigger and better than advertisedThere may be some air space between this ring and a wedding band with the ring’s design
Great accessories and comes with paperwork
Prongs may not be symmetrical
Great experience with its customer service
May lack comfortability
Excellent overall design
Some delays in delivery
Perfect ring set

#2. Classic Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum – Best Value

Classic Oval-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum


  • Carat Weight: 5.59
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Cut/Shape: Oval Shape
  • Settings: Common Prong setting
  • Color: G Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 23,600 dollars

This fancy oval-cut diamond eternity ring is designed with a sturdy platinum material and is handcrafted to ensure maximum comfort and modern style with an open gallery setting. It places all brilliant diamonds on display for all angles, and since this style has an endless circle of diamonds, the total carat weight and price can vary based on your ring size.

It’s made with Blue Nile’s 950 Platinum, which is 95 percent pure and hypoallergenic metal. And with its height of 3mm and width of 5.6mm, you can ensure that you have a comfortable ring to fit sizes US 5.5, US 6, and US 6.5.  It comes with an average G color, which is the highest for the near-colorless grade. With this, inclusions may only be noticeable compared to much higher colorless grades, but it still suggests excellent value.

This diamond is slightly included, with inclusions only noticeable at 10x magnification, and is detectable to a keen, unaided eye. You can have the best value for this diamond if you aim for an eye-clean appearance.

Compared to other 5-carat diamond rings on our list, this ring comes with a unique common prong setting, allowing two or more gemstones to share prongs with minimal space between them.  This setting then fulfills a display of a clean line of brilliance.

Very satisfied customers and receivers
Inclusions may be visible to a keen naked eye
Spectacular ring and diamond design
Astounding sparkle from the ring
Great cut for a diamond ring
Beautiful oval shape design

#3. 5.02 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Martin Flyer Engagement Ring in Platinum – Editor’s Choice

5.02 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Martin Flyer Engagement Ring in Platinum


  • Carat Weight: 5.02
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Shape: Cushion Shape, Modified Cut
  • Settings: Prong Setting
  • Color: H Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 85,260 dollars

Nothing says brilliance better than the Martin Flyer engagement ring from James Allen. This ring is truly magnificent, and it suits all women with fine taste. This dazzling ring comes with a big cushion ring in a prong setting, along with 16 round shape side stones that bring out the best glow in your diamond. Each part contributes to an overall exemplary look on your diamond ring.

This diamond ring is an ideal choice for any 5-carat diamonds on our list. Its modified cut allows only slight inclusions to be visible under 10x magnification, and its H coloration is only recognizable when compared to other diamonds of much higher color grades. Therefore, it is made with a superb value at an incredible price of more than 85,000 dollars. 

Small round diamonds go well with its small, round-shape diamonds
Can be more expensive compared to other diamond rings in our list
Incredible sparkle and brilliance
Superb cut, color, and clarity
On-point and quality service
Exemplary quality

#4. 5.02 Carat Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum

5.02 Carat Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum


  • Carat Weight: 5.02
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Cut/Shape: Oval Shape
  • Settings: Solitaire Setting
  • Color: I Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 70,740 dollars

You can have a 5-carat diamond ring with a shape that boasts its carat weight better than other engagement rings on our list for a very good price. You won’t be needing to think twice about this 5-carat diamond ring from James Allen, as you can visibly see its astonishing quality and dazzle with a beautiful oval shape that brings out the best assets of your diamond ring.

Let brilliance and huge carat weight shine from every corner of your room, and ensure quality for the best price. Dive into a beautiful setting that uplifts your diamond’s shape and quality and magnifies color that promotes excellent quality.

Although it comes with slight inclusions and color that can go noticeable to an observant, unaided eye, its amazing carat weight and shape are enough to make it a diamond of exemplary quality.

With its platinum setting, you can have a durable and long-lasting material that does not wear easily over time.

Oval shape contributes to the large appearance of your 5-carat diamond ring
It can be more expensive than other diamonds on our list
The solitaire setting makes the diamond ‘stand out’Inclusions color are slightly visible to the naked eye
Great price for the value
Sturdy platinum setting
Stunning quality

#5. 5.04 Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum

5.04 Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum 


  • Carat Weight: 5.04
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Shape: Princess Shape, Good Cut
  • Settings: Solitaire Setting
  • Color: J Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 52,100 dollars

This fancy -cut diamond is a fine gem that represents aesthetic simplicity. When you want to keep your eyes on the prized diamond and let its setting stay supportively in the background, then this dashing ring is for you. 

It possesses an excellent carat weight of 5.04, and it comes in a princess cut design, which reflects a tall diamond that shines on every angle. Contributing to this height is its durable prong setting, which is dominantly made of a durable platinum material. With its great cut, you can have just enough sparkle and brilliance that does not fail to simply amaze everyone and earn you compliments.

This ring is all you need to make a simple yet strong statement on every occasion. Although it is crafted with a J color, it is still part of the near-colorless grades. Its color may be slightly detectable to the naked eye, more so that it is of a fancy diamond shape.

Nevertheless, its clarity makes it a point that only minor inclusions are somewhat easy to see at 10x magnification. With its thick prong setting, you can have no worries about your diamond easily falling out of its setting.

Fair price for the carat weight
Color is slightly visible to the naked eye
Breathtaking simplicity
Durable prong setting
Excellent emphasis
Great quality

#6. Five-Stone Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Five-Stone Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring



  • Carat Weight: 5.00
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VVS2 (Center Diamond), VS2 (Side Diamonds)
  • Cut/Shape: Emerald Shape 
  • Settings: Prong Setting
  • Color: F Color (Center Diamond), H Color (Side Diamonds)
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 30,300 dollars

This beautiful 5-carat diamond ring is worthy of celebrating diamond brilliance that stands out. Say no more when it comes to “big” 5-carat diamonds, as this ring has an astounding emerald center stone accompanied with side stones of the same shape.

This ring comes with breathtaking sophistication and diversity for both the center emerald diamond and four stunning side stones. Although all its diamonds are made with a platinum material and prong setting, the diamonds vary in clarity and color.

With that said, the center diamond comes with a striking F color grade, which is a color grade higher than those on our list and is best set with platinum and white gold. This faint color can only be noticeable by a trained gemologist, and that fact suggests excellent quality.

To add more to its excellent value, this diamond ring is only very, very slightly included, which means that its inclusions are difficult to see under 10x magnification, and even to a trained keen eye.

When it comes to its four side emerald diamonds, each is of H coloration, a near-colorless grade that suggests excellent value. More so, their minor inclusions are only easily detectable at 10x magnification.

Emerald shape emphasizes carat weight
Side diamonds are of a slightly lesser quality than the center diamond
Diverse colors and clarity
Astounding brilliance
Luxurious quality
Reasonable size

#7. Classic Radiant-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum

Classic Radiant-Cut Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum


  • Carat Weight: 5.00
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Cut/Shape: Radiant Shape
  • Settings: Common Prong Setting
  • Color: G Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 22,100 dollars

Another eternity ring masterpiece from Blue Nile, this ring maximizes comfort while giving your ring an astounding design. It proudly showcases diamonds of excellent quality, with sparkles that brilliantly shines across the room.

Its platinum ring band complements the beautiful radiant-cut rings, all of which are designed with symmetry beyond comparison. Its common prong setting brings out a great emphasis for these diamonds, and it shows perfect symmetry at every angle.

This fancy radiant cut diamond comes with slight inclusions, which can improve once you achieve an eye-clean look. More so, these inclusions are only visible to a keen naked eye. Still, you can have more value with an excellent clarity for your ring.

Its G coloration is ideal for any 5-carat diamond, as it promotes excellent value with color that only goes noticed when compared to higher color grades.

Moreover, its height and width can fit bigger ring sizes, specifically that of a US 6, US 7, and US 8. This ring is truly a worthy symbol of lifetime love.

Radiant-cut rings are placed neatly in a beautiful platinum ring bandSlight inclusions visible to the naked eye
Also comes in 18k rose gold and 18k yellow gold metal
Great value for its price
Maximized comfort
Astounding quality

Top Pick – Best 5 Carat Diamond Ring 

For a diamond weight that is very difficult to find, you can have great value for an excellent price with James Allen’s Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum. Simply astonishing with a classy touch, this engagement ring is all you need to earn a great balance of all fine qualities that you’d surely hope to find in an incredible 5-carat diamond.

It truly has the most elegant design and brilliance, making it our top pick for today’s list. It shines remarkably and endlessly from all sides, and you can be in total awe of this amazing and beautiful sight. 

Make a statement and present your love as you bend on one knee. Make every special moment count with a certified 5-carat diamond quality that you can trust. So, if you want a diamond that radiates a great amount of shine and tremendous quality, then better show it with this 5-carat diamond ring by James Allen.

Why Purchase a 5-Carat Diamond Ring?

First of all, practicality has nothing to do with a 5-carat diamond. All diamond rings of any carat size are all about luxury, love, and display. Although it may be difficult to decide on purchasing a 5-carat diamond ring, there are several reasons why purchasing such a beautiful gem is not such a bad idea.

A “Big” Deal

You have to admit, although the carat weight is not the same as a carat size, most 5-carat diamonds come in a very beautiful big size. This carat weight lets everyone know that you mean business when it comes to quality and service. Although it also comes with a big price, it’s big enough to have eyes peeled and focused on your hand. This carat size is for the elite at heart.

Great Pawn Price

Whenever you need money for tough times, pawnshops will definitely be more than happy to pay you an excellent price for a natural 5-carat diamond that you own. It may be difficult to part with your ring, but this reason is a very practical one.

Truly Affordable

Diamond prices increase exponentially, and this diamond carat ring is definitely more affordable compared to its 6-carat counterparts. A full carat mark will increase drastically, so a 5-carat diamond is definitely more affordable.

If size happens to really matter to you, then you can try shopping for fancy shapes, lab-grown diamonds, and diamonds of lower clarity and color grades so you can have a wider selection.

No Extra Costs Applied

Any carat weight for a diamond ring does not cost you extra when it comes to shipping. So, adding a little carat weight may not really hurt. Shopping for a 5-carat diamond ring can also be a great experience, especially if the right vendor has an amazing staff that is on point in giving you exemplary customer service.

Top Brands for 5 Carat Diamond Rings: Blue Nile vs. James Allen

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers an astounding diamond quality along with the most elegant jewelry settings. This company involves a storage of loose diamond choices of different carat weights, clarity grades, and color grades. The company provides a 360-degree view of some of their loose diamonds, many of which are not very alluring.

Nonetheless, they have a huge collection of fine diamonds, gemstones, and even men’s wedding rings in different metals. All of these come with a 30-day return policy, except for anything special ordered. 

With that said, they also offer one of the biggest advantages with their price match guarantee, wherein they’ll match a GIA-certified diamond with the same kind of their own. Additionally, they provide upgrades for your diamond engagement rings, but the policy requires the diamond needs to be GIA or AGS certified.

For instances where you encounter manufacturer defects with your ring, Blue Nile offers you a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The company also gives free resizing throughout the first year and complimentary cleaning and inspection, where they’ll check all your prongs and search for any loose stone using a jeweler’s loupe. On one hand, you need to pay for routine maintenance and the return shipping fee.

James Allen

James Allen has a bigger collection of loose diamonds, with almost 300,000s stones, compared to Blue Nile, with less than 200,000. Moreover, the company has loose gemstones and fancy-colored diamonds along with a fair collection of fine jewelry, which may not surpass Blue Nile’s popular styles.

Unlike Blue Nile, James Allen offers both HD pictures and 360 view technology on all their diamonds, and this gives you more confidence in making your purchase. Although the company does not buy your diamonds, they offer a lifetime upgrade policy, which allows you to trade your loose diamond for full credit on a diamond that is twice your diamond’s value.

Another benefit you’ll get from the company is their 30-day money-back guarantee and free return shipping. More so, they place a great focus on customer experience in their business and offer great prices for incredible diamond imagery. To give you great confidence with every purchase, all of their diamonds come with high-quality certification from GIA or AGS.

Compared to Blue Nile’s manufacturer’s warranty, James Allen gives its customers a lifetime warranty for all their jewelry. With this, both routine maintenance and manufacturer’s defects are covered, and all you have to do is pay the shipping fee of 35 dollars if you’re in the US or Canada and 50 dollars for other countries.

Resizing is free for the first year, but you still need to pay the shipping fee. However, you’re not obligated to ship your jewelry. Instead, you can bring it to any approved Jared location and allow them to work on the issue, offer free cleaning and inspection.

What to Consider When Buying 5 Carat Diamond Rings (Buyer’s Guide)

Finding the perfect 5-carat diamond ring is a fun experience for most people. More so, looking at the right characteristics will ensure that you’ll have your ideal 5-carat diamond ring. This ring will not be precious if not for its exemplary 5-carat weight. Other than that, some other fine qualities to focus on include:


While this factor can significantly impact a diamond’s beauty, a lot of imperfections cannot be recognized by the naked eye. You can closely review the diamond yourself or have an expert assist you in closely reviewing the diamond yourself to detect any imperfection.

The difference between two clarity grades, such as VVS2 and VS1, are rarely recognized by an unaided eye, but the prices can significantly differ. Moreover, eye-cleanliness also plays a role here, wherein an eye-clean diamond with a lower grade than a flawless diamond will look similar as a result. The differences, therefore, lay in the price.

A VS2 is a stunning clarity grade that guarantees an almost-spotless look for a 5-carat diamond when it comes to carat weight. More so, this clarity grade balances the budget and beauty in your ring. 

What matters most is to have an eye-clean diamond when dealing with carat weights as that of a five-carat. So, a clarity of VS1 to VS2 grades gives you the best value, as imperfections go unnoticed with the naked eye.

However, it becomes more challenging as carat weight increases because larger diamonds can be less forgiving in showing flaws, and finding one without any flaws is a rare find. With this in mind, make sure that you look for this at high-resolution imaging to guide your search.


A G color is a good grade to consider for individuals who are sensitive to colors, specifically those who sense yellow or brown hues more quickly. It is placed at the exclusive, high-end ranking of the ‘near colorless’ class, allowing it to display a soothing snow-white glint. 

A G to I color grade is a great way to have a, but generally, H color grade and above is ideal for a brilliant, glistening white 5-carat diamond without spending more than you should. Diamonds with this color grade will have colors that very few people can detect. These diamonds appear clear to the naked eye, and they cost less than diamonds that fall within the D to F range.

However, if you use warm metals such as rose and yellow gold, a J color maybe even more suitable.


The cut is the prime feature for any diamond, as it plays a major role in shaping the overall look of what we expect from a majestic gem. Cut quality dictates a diamond’s fire, brilliance, and shimmer, so you must not compromise this feature, nor have substitutions for an exemplary cut.

Not all cuts are the same. In fact, badly-cut diamonds have an odd, boring, and unpleasant appearance. So, to ensure that you have a great quality for a diamond, choose diamonds that have an ideal cut or excellent grade on the GIA scale.

For a 5-carat diamond to achieve its well-known look, it requires a great cut to optimize both brilliance and fire. A beautifully-cut diamond with a shape that optimizes carat weight will help you make your diamond appear bigger than a poorly cut, 5-carat round diamond. With this, only choose diamonds with an ideal cut or excellent grade on a GIA scale, as this will help optimize your diamond’s fire and brilliance.

Underestimating this prominent factor will reflect the opposite of brilliance. Thus, we should always take this factor into consideration as it greatly affects the overall look of the diamond. So, you need to make sure that your money is invested well in something more valuable.


Settings are personal touches to emphasize your diamond’s beauty. These parts of the diamond ring create the right set of balance between style and durability and even focuses on function for bigger carat weights. Jewelry settings also provide stability.

A prong setting is a commonly secure means to set your diamond. When it comes to a 5-carat diamond ring, it is recommended that you have at least six prongs to securely hold the diamond in place. On the other hand, several designer settings feature platinum prongs for added durability, and this will give you confidence while wearing the ring.

Having mentioned secure and durable settings, a bezel setting is a great example of these kinds of settings. This setting protects your diamonds from many possible scratches and catch, and it gives you a striking, modern look that you can use on your large diamonds for everyday wear.


This factor is always based on your preference and style. Five-carat diamond rings can come in almost any shape, and you can have customization for yourself. If you want to achieve the shape that gives you a larger appearance, consider the table surface area of each diamond shape.

When you need some suggestions, fancy shapes are often nicer than their round counterparts. Although round diamonds give you an outstanding sparkle, other shapes will give you a more stunning look for your five-carat diamonds.

Still, round and cushion-shaped diamonds give the best look for a classic style, while a princess-cut diamond can have a more modern look. A cushion cut’s soft corners offer a timeless look, while a round cut is beautiful enough as a status symbol for perfection.

On the other hand, oval cuts are more popular for their elongated shapes and amazing sparkle, compared to radiant-cut diamonds. In fact, oval cuts are the most in-demand diamond shape for this year. However, be careful when buying larger shapes, as it can be less forgiving in showing more flaws and inclusions.

Pear and marquise cuts are fancy shapes that give you a striking look that you can appreciate for a 5-carat diamond ring. These elongated shapes are very flattering, and its rarity involves only one beautiful pear or marquise shape out of every one hundred. More so, clarity is your best bet for these stones, as they can hide inclusions well.

Price Expectations

When buying a 5-carat diamond, prices usually vary substantially based on several factors. You should expect to pay a minimum of 45,000 dollars. Though the price depends on the quality and the company you are dealing with. The features of a low budget diamond focus more on the cut quality, while the color would fall between the I to K range and clarity range would be in the SI grade. This results in a lack of accuracy and elegance that a 5-carat diamond must possess. 

If you decide to catch the spotlight’s attention with an enormous gem, then you can go for a lower cart weight with a shape that maximizes your choice. Other great alternatives are those with halo settings, which can add more to your diamond’s ‘bigger’ appearance. Plus, you can have both quality and a size that is fit for your taste.

A realistic price with spectacular light performance, hue, and clarity would cost about 145,000 dollars.


Jewelry warranties are one of the most important benefits to look for in jewelry retailers. It’s undeniable that you need a warranty with your diamond ring because, over time, your diamond jewelry will start to wear and will thus be needing routine maintenance to keep your jewelry shining and in good shape. Plus, a warranty helps you to cover even the possible costs for maintenance.


A five-carat ring is an extremely rare beauty to look at. This carat weight is more than enough to be prominent in giving an incomparable, unique glow, especially if it is excellently or ideally cut. As carat weight increases, it can be more unforgiving, leading to a different guideline in finding the perfect diamond for your needs. 

5-carat diamonds possess a great capacity for brilliance, sparkle, and fire with their exceptional carat weight. An astounding 5-carat diamond will turn heads and make the receiver feel wonderful. However, carat weight is not enough. If you want to have the result you want, the other aspects of 4C’s and the other surrounding factors, like price and certification.

Companies like Blue Nile and James Allen are great companies to consider when it comes to these factors. So, we hope that this review and guideline helped you get a glimpse of the ideal choice. What matters most is you have great quality that matches your style and budget.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can you buy a 5-carat diamond ring?

Investing in your ring online will save you money. Plus, it will let you find a wider selection of diamonds and settings while their experts guide you to making your ideal choice. Therefore, we introduce two of the most-trusted jeweler retailers in the market, Blue Nile and James Allen. 

Diamonds of this size are very rare, and you need to achieve the best quality to make the most of the carat weight. Fortunately, Blue Nile and James Allen offer you certified diamonds and great customer service topped with reasonable prices, which gives you more confidence with every purchase.

How big is a 5-carat diamond ring?

You can find the diamond’s actual size, expressed in millimeters, in a lab certificate. However, the carat expresses the diamond’s weight, and it does not indicate how big a diamond will appear. Differences in shapes and cut qualities influence the diamond’s face-up size. Overall, a 5-carat diamond weighs around 1 gram, the same as that of a paper clip. 

Although it can be considered a large diamond compared to an average engagement ring size, it is still a highly wearable carat weight. It is not heavy on hand; rather, the metal setting makes it heavy.

How can you ensure to get the best value for your 5-carat diamond ring?

You can either review every 5-carat diamond yourself or have an expert assist you. To ensure that you have the quality as advertised, verify if your diamond comes with a certification from a well-known certifying source, like GIA or AGS. If you are encouraged to purchase with a different certifying body, then it’s best to look for another company that gets it right.

You would not want to spend most of your money on less than an exceptional 5-carat diamond quality. So, it would be best if you kept an eye out for all factors that matter, especially the four C’s.

How rare is a 5-carat diamond?

When it comes to 5 carats, only a few hundred certainly exist. Anyone can be captivated by its beauty in person. Still, for someone who would go out of his or her way to purchase such an exquisite diamond, that person is a true diamond aficionado. 

A 5-carat diamond is matched for a person who wants a precious, exclusive gem. An excellent 5-carat diamond recognized as world-class and is designed for extravagance. Compared to their popular 1-carat counterparts, 5-carat diamonds are less rampant by number, making them extremely rare.

What are other good alternatives to 5-carat diamonds?

If a 5-carat diamond goes beyond your budget, there are other choices for you to put on a show with your sparkling ring.

You can size down to either a 3-carat or 4-carat diamond ring, which are both great options at a more affordable price point. This weight of a diamond is of a great size and sparkle for your metal ring.

Some diamonds with poor clarity often receive laser drilling treatments or high-temperature (HPTP) treatments to remove imperfections in a diamond. With this, you can have a ring that beautiful as untreated diamonds, but at a lesser cost.

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