4 Carat Diamond Rings Buying Guide | 2021 Reviews

Best 4 Carat Diamond Rings

A high-quality 4-carat diamond is a rare gem with a significant carat weight. In fact, seeing one in real life is a really beautiful sight to see. Compared to the average carat weight of 1.00 carat, a 4.00 carat is significantly different and stunning in both size and carat weight.

Although it can be difficult to understand carat weight in the light of size, a 4-carat diamond is recognized as a ‘big’ diamond in terms of national and international averages. With the right shape and setting, 4-carat rings are perfect as engagement rings on those special occasions, or for evenings and everyday wear.

If you need to have a further thorough understanding of these beautiful diamonds and are looking for excellent-quality choices, you came to the right place.

Let’s look at some of the best 4-carat rings from the top diamond retailers, James Allen and Blue Nile.

Top 10 Best 4 Carat Diamond Rings Reviewed

  1. Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum – Best Overall
  2. Blue Nile Signature Comfort Fit Diamond Eternity Ring – Best Value
  3. 4.07 Carat Pear Shaped Pave Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold – Editor’s Choice
  4. Scalloped Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold Diamond Ring
  5. 4.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum
  6. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold
  7. 18K White Gold Ladies Trellis Diamond Eternity Ring 
  8. 4.36 Carat Round Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold
  9. Blue Nile Studio French Pavé Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring in Platinum
  10. Floating Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

#1. Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum – Best Overall

Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum



  • Carat Weight: 4.03
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS1 Clarity
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape (Center Stone), Pear Shape (Side Stones)
  • Settings: Prong Setting
  • Color: G Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 1,197,988 dollars

Starting our list today is a diamond engagement ring that is exceptionally crafted with two aesthetically matched pear-shaped diamonds, both prong-set in platinum as a frame to your center diamond. Both diamonds are of one-half-carat weight in total, which is perfect to complement your 3.51-carat round center diamond.

Aside from its round shape, the center diamond can also be interchanged with other diamond shapes, including princess, cushion, emerald, and marquise. With that said, you can always choose based on your preference.

Its 2mm-width is perfect for accommodating ring sizes from 3.5 to 8.5. Plus, with its 950 Platinum ring band and platinum prongs, you can have a strong, durable white metal that complements your diamond’s colors and keeps it securely in place.

For a luxurious price of more than a million dollars in total, this ring brings the best value that does not compromise for less. Its H color is part of the near-colorless grade, which indicates excellent value, with color only noticeable when compared to much higher color grades. Plus, its VS2 clarity shows minor inclusions that are only easily seen under a jeweler’s loupe at 10x magnification.

With its exemplary quality and brilliance, you will surely appreciate this stunning ring for its wonderful essence and shine. If you have any questions about this diamond, Blue Nile’s staff offers great customer service and would be happy to accommodate you.

Great customer service and smooth diamond processingSmall pear side stones for larger center stone carat sizes
Beautiful setting and shape
Some complaints about the ring sizing running large
Well-received by customers
Relatively expensive
Overall stunning appeal
Tall center stone
Exemplary quality

#2. Blue Nile Signature Comfort Fit Diamond Eternity Ring – Best Value

Blue Nile Signature Comfort Fit Diamond Eternity Ring


  • Carat Weight: 4 5/8 
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS2 Clarity
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Common Prong Setting
  • Color: F Color
  • Material: 950 Platinum
  • Price: 459,540 dollars

This amazing eternity ring features Blue Nile’s signature ideal cut diamonds, which sets optimized brilliance in a low-profile setting. With this, you can have a stunning ring that is comfortable to wear on any day. More importantly, this ring is accompanied by a GCAL certificate report, significantly adding more to its value.

With an outstanding height of 3.4 mm and width ranging from 3.4 to 4.8 mm, this ring is big enough to make a statement on your hand. It can also fit for a ring size of 4 to 8.5, with the number of diamonds varying from 13 to 16 based on your ring size.

Its 950 Platinum metal helps to make your ring both brilliant and strong; it is heavyweight and has a natural development of patina over time makes it a fine choice for jewelry that stands out.

Apart from all the rings in this list, this ring comes with one of the best average colors, which is F. This color is part of the colorless grade, whose features are best featured in platinum and white gold. The faint color will only be detectable by a trained gemologist.

The rings VS2 clarity indicates that minor inclusions are present but are somewhat easier to spot at 10x magnification. Its common prong setting allows two or more of the sixteen beautiful diamonds to share a common prong, allowing them to display a clean, bright line of brilliance with the minimal space between them.

Receives perfect 5-star ratings from customers
Applies to only one diamond shape
Accompanied by a GCAL report
Tall height
Made with durable platinum
Beautiful colorless grade
Comfortable fit

#3. 4.07 Carat Pear Shaped Pave Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold – Editor’s Choice

4.07 Carat Pear Shaped Pave Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold


  • Carat Weight: 4.07
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS1 Clarity
  • Cut/Shape: Pear Shape
  • Settings: Pave Settings
  • Color: D
  • Material: 14K White Gold
  • Price: 118,390 dollars

This 4-carat engagement ring is one of the rare, clear beauties on our list. It comes with an exceptional and quality that fits its price. So, you don’t need to worry about spending too much on something less, as this ring is surely worth every dollar spent. 

From every angle, you’ll see a hint of spark with a brilliant colorless sight that perfectly matches the ring’s platinum metal. With its outstanding features, this ring is deeply astonishing to the eye.

Among all the rings in this list, this diamond achieved the highest, completely colorless grade that is exceptionally rare for any type of diamond carat weight. This D coloration makes it a highly valuable diamond, leading to a very reasonable price. 

The diamond ring possesses very minor inclusions that you can easily see at 10x magnification when it comes to clarity. By looking at the diamond, you’ll surely appreciate the amazing spark of its pear-shaped center stone, surrounded by much smaller bits of high-quality diamonds. With this kind of product, you can surely tell the size differences and the dazzling beauty crafted to perfection.

The ring also receives great customer reviews on James Allen’s site, mainly because of its great customer service and exemplary quality. Therefore, you’ll feel confident and supported for every purchase.

Great service and experience in purchasing
Complaints about paved diamonds falling out of the ring after months
It can come in different diamond shapesProblems with poor construction quality
Amazing overall quality
Thicker ring than what is advertised
Reasonable price
Some minor problems with sizing
Stunning design

#4. Scalloped Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold Diamond Ring

Scalloped Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold Diamond Ring


  • Carat Weight: 3.94
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS1 Clarity (Center Stone), SI2 (Side Stones)
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Pavé Setting
  • Color: G Color (Center Stone), I Color (Side Stones)
  • Material: 18K White Gold
  • Price:1,164,158 dollars

Simple yet full of sparkles, this diamond engagement ring comes with fourteen round diamonds pave-set in an astonishing 18k white gold for added strength and durability. 

The white gold material has a soft yellow color that you can plate with a hard, shiny white metal known as rhodium. However, these precious metals and rhodium plating can wear over time, so you may need some refinishing services in the long run.

When it comes to your center stone, you can have a diamond shape of your choice, including pear, oval, heart, and Asscher shapes. It is one of the great things to love about this ring. And, its 2.4 mm-width makes it fit for sizes 3.5 to 8.5.

This 3.51-carat diamond center stone is ideally cut and is of G coloration and VS1 clarity. With this, its minimal inclusions are hardly visible through a jeweler’s loupe at 10x magnification, while its near-colorless grade makes its color only noticeable once compared to higher colorless grades. Still, this diamond is of excellent value.

On one hand, its pave-set diamonds have an average I color grade, where color may be slightly detectable with close examination. With these qualities, the diamond offers the overall quality of the exceptional ring value. Its SI1 clarity proves that it has inclusions noticeable either to a keen naked eye or magnification at 10x. 

Overall, this ring has several great features that scream out the best of your personality and style. With that t said, you can proudly wear this beautiful ring on any occasion.

Extra shine from the side diamonds and ring bandComplaints with black marks
Customizable based on customer’s preference
Some problems with sizing
Beautiful ring design and setting
Easy and simple transactions
So many options available

#5. 4.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum

4.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum 


  • Carat Weight: 4.00
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2 Clarity
  • Cut/Shape: Excellent Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Prong Setting
  • Color: G Color
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 70,730 dollars

Another fine gem from James Allen, this 4-carat diamond ring is a popular choice among individuals aspiring to have a big carat weight for a fair and reasonable price. This ring has been purchased by many satisfied customers and thus has received plentiful good remarks.

Its versatility includes being compatible with many different diamond shapes, and the popular among which is the round shape. Nevertheless, any of these diamonds can be accommodated by a large, tall platinum prong setting made from a heavy-duty metal built to secure the diamond in place. 

Its G color is considered the highest of the near-colorless grade, showing the diamond’s excellent value. With that said, you can also achieve great clarity with minimal inclusions, thanks to the diamond’s excellent cut.

With all these great features in an appealing look, it’s no wonder why this 4-carat diamond is well-received by many people.

Cut and shape both complements each otherChipping of prongs for some individuals
Comes in different diamond shapes
Some problems with craftmanship
Well-received by several buyers
The diamond may be too tall
Great buying experience
Complaints about shipment
Gorgeous design

#6. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold 


  • Carat Weight: 4.18
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS1 (Center Stone), SI2 (Side Stone)
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Pavé Setting
  • Color: G Color (Center Stone), I (Side Stone)
  • Material: 14k White Gold
  • Price: 1,168,008 dollars

If you want a ring that shines across the room, then Blue Nile has this ring for you to show off. The Riviera Pavé diamond ring is a timeless engagement ring featuring pavé-set diamonds that puts a beautiful emphasis on your center diamond.

This diamond is prong-set in a durable 14K White Gold, whose soft yellow color is protectively plated by rhodium to prevent tarnishing, keep your metal long-lasting, and provide a bright silvery-white finish. This ring is available for ring sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8.5, thanks to its 3 mm-width.

One of the major components of this 4.18-carat ring is its marvelous 3.51-carat round center diamond. This diamond is ideally cut with outstanding VS1 Clarity and G coloration. With that said, this ring only has very minimal inclusions that are difficult to spot at 10x magnification. Its color may be only noticeable when compared to much higher “colorless” grades. This gives the ring credits for having superb value.

On the other hand, it comes with ten pave-set round diamonds that are most resistant to scratching and is ideal for everyday wear. The combined carat weight of these diamonds is 0.67 carats, and each of these exhibits exceptional value with its average I color grade.

Finally, given the clarity of these diamonds, there are only slight inclusions that are visible at 10x magnification or to a keen naked eye. With that said, this diamond ring is compatible with any type of diamond shape, including pear, heart, and cushion.

Outstanding brilliance and shine
Relatively more expensive
Great value and versatility
Exceptional Quality
Beautiful design
Worth the price

#7. 18K White Gold Ladies Trellis Diamond Eternity Ring 

18K White Gold Ladies Trellis Diamond Eternity Ring 


  • Carat Weight: 4.00
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS1-VS2 Clarity
  • Cut/Shape: Brilliant Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Trellis Style Setting
  • Color: F-G
  • Material: 18K White Gold
  • Price: 14,710 dollars

For a price less than 15,000 dollars, you can get this stunning 4-carat eternity ring from James Allen. It features round, brilliant-cut diamonds placed in a unique trellis style setting. This type of setting involves prongs interwoven to hold each round diamond in the ring securely. Unlike a typical prong setting, these prongs are curved to crossover and form a common connection between the diamonds.

Moreover, each diamond is brilliantly cut, which translates to a particular cut that includes many facets that provide an exceptional look for a diamond. Each diamond has a cone shape that reflects lights around inside the top of the diamond, creating an outstanding brilliance in line with the contemporary idea of beauty.

With an average clarity of VS1-VS2, this ring possesses inclusions that are either difficult or easy to see at 10x magnification. Plus, its average color reflects outstanding value with a color grade that falls within the range of the highest near-colorless detection to a colorless grade with a faint color only detectable by a trained gemologist. 

Both color grades are suitable for an 18K White Gold metal. Therefore, it fits best with the ring’s unique setting, making this ring a complementary type with the most impressive appeal.

Comes with a unique, beautiful trellis setting
Changing the setting may be a difficult process
Excellent overall design
Great clarity and color
Brilliant cut diamonds
Astonishing shine

#8. 4.36 Carat Round Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

4.36 Carat Round Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold 


  • Carat Weight: 4.36
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VVS2
  • Cut/Shape: Excellent Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Channel Setting
  • Color: G
  • Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Price: 73,020

If you’re looking for excellent quality that does not break the bank, this James Allen ring is made for you. It comes with excellent proportions and certification from GIA. 

More so, this ring comes with excellent clarity that you will surely appreciate. This ring is characterized by very slight inclusions that are difficult to see under a 10x magnification, or even to a trained gemologist. Thanks to its excellent cut, you can appreciate a beautiful diamond with the right kind of brilliance. 

With a remarkable 4.36-carat diamond, this ring stands out from the crowd. Plus, it looks even better with the ring’s 18k yellow gold metal. When it comes to color, this ring achieved excellent value from a near-colorless grade that is only visible when compared to higher colorless grades.

Adding to its aesthetic appeal is its beautiful channel setting. This setting adds more sparkle and personality by presenting an attractive row of diamonds along with the ring band. Regardless of what diamond shape you choose, this setting type holds diamonds securely in place.

Outstanding value and customer service
Some inconsistencies in the actual product and photo
Perfect for everyday wear
Minimal complaints about sharp edges
Sturdy, Beautiful Setting
Gorgeous design
Excellent Price

#9. Blue Nile Studio French Pavé Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring in Platinum

Blue Nile Studio French Pavé Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring in Platinum 


  • Carat Weight: 4.51
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS1 Clarity (Center Diamond), VS2 (Side Stones)
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: French Pavé Settings
  • Color: G Color (Center Diamond), H (Side Stones)
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 62,806 dollars

This French pavé diamond ring features small “Vs” cut into the prong settings to significantly reduce the amount of metal in the ring and give it the pleasing look of a continuous row of diamonds set in a platinum prong setting. 

Therefore, this platinum ring from Blue Nile Studio comes with a trail of diamonds that complements a gorgeous center stone of your preference. This metal is a very strong and durable material, and at Blue Nile, all their platinum is 95 percent pure and hypoallergenic.

With its 2.5 mm-width, this ring can fit limited sizes of 7 to 8. Its center diamond is ideally cut with clarity that involves minor inclusions that you can hardly see at 10x magnification. More so, this diamond possesses the highest near-colorless grade where color is only noticeable when compared to other diamonds of much higher quality. Additionally, this indicates excellent value.

Now, its twenty-five 1-carat pavé set diamonds come with lesser grades, but it does not hinder such to contribute to this diamond ring’s exquisite quality. The said diamonds come in a near-colorless grade and clarity with minor inclusion easily detectable at 10x magnification.

Beautiful Setting and appearance
Differences in the diamonds are viable to an observant eye.
Easy processing of diamondsLimited sizes to fit
Well-received by customers
Gorgeous design
Excellent quality

#10. Floating Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Floating Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum 


  • Carat Weight: 4.29
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS1 Clarity (Center Diamond), 
  • Cut/Shape: Ideal Cut, Round Shape
  • Settings: Common Prong Setting
  • Color: G Color (Center Diamond)
  • Material: Platinum
  • Price: 62,322 dollars

Excellent at every angle, this diamond engagement ring presents six round diamonds that are surprisingly narrow in size yet are made with a complex hand-set placed in staggering platinum. Concerning this, the diamond ring’s width of 4.8mm makes it an ideal fit for sizes 3.5 to 8.5.

This 4.29-carat diamond is ideally cut to meet outstanding clarity that involves only minimal inclusions that are least recognizable to the naked eye. Moreover, it also manifests excellent value with color only noticeable when placed with much higher colorless grades.

Alongside this, the ring comes with six pavé-set, round diamond rings that are of the same color grade but with a slightly lower grade when it comes to clarity. 

Because of its platinum setting, this ring is considered a durable and strong choice. Best of all, you can customize this ring with a diamond shape of your choice; some options available include shapes like oval, heart, and princess. With excellent features like these, this diamond ring can make literally “stand out” when it comes to both finesse and class.

Great customer service for the ring
Relatively higher price compared to near-similar diamonds
Beautiful setting and design
Diamonds of lower carat sizes will not fit the same design
Exceeds all expectations
Shines remarkably
Variety of choices

Top Pick – Best 4 Carat Diamond Ring 

Made for the queen of your heart – the Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum is surely a gem worth every money spent. For an outstanding price, you can have exemplary value that does not compromise any of the four c’s qualities that make the cut. 

If you want to express your love with a complimenting large stone, then this amazing ring from Blue Nile is a kickstart to your road of love that lasts for a lifetime. As the best 4-carat diamond for the best person in your life, this ring showcases all the fine qualities that make a perfect gem for you to present bent on one knee. 

Its stunning look is a great sight to look at, as it captures the essence of the outstanding 4-carat weight, along with two pear side stones that are just lovely to look at every angle. It is also crafted with durable metal and a brilliant stone, so you can ensure satisfaction with quality that fits any style.

Top Brands for 4 Carat Diamond Rings: Blue Nile and James Allen

James Allen

James Allen is considered as the pioneer for HD videos and a large inventory for virtual diamonds. It is a great place to search for diamonds that are of fancy shapes. More importantly, this brand focuses on customer experience, great prices, and high-quality diamond imagery.

By going with this brand, you can choose from more than 200,000 certified and conflict-free diamonds, 24/7 diamond experts who can help you make a purchase, lifetime warranty, free shipping worldwide, and hassle-free returns with a hundred percent money-back guarantee.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile has the largest virtual inventory of diamonds and high-quality jewelry settings. Plus, it is a great place to look for Fancy Color Diamonds. However, it may be a challenge to find high-performance diamonds on their site. 

Nevertheless, Blue Nile emphasizes an exceptional diamond quality, so every diamond from this company comes with either GIA or AGS certification.

What to Consider When Buying 4 Carat Diamond Rings (Buyer’s Guide)

If you opt to go for a 4-carat diamond ring, then you’ll notice these guidelines are a bit different. When purchasing a precise cut 4-carat diamond ring, you need to have an in-depth understanding and realistic comparison of diamond quality to your budget. More so, you need to consider these important factors when buying the perfect ring.  


For diamonds with bigger carat weight, it is important to look into color and quality. It is because a bigger diamond will become less forgiving and more visible to the naked eye. With that said, the specific recommendations for 4-carat diamonds’ color grades would be an H color or above, specifically a G or I in color. These grades are colorless to the naked eye and are less expensive than those in the D to F range.

An H color diamond is at the center point of the ‘near-colorless’ range, and the presence of yellow/ brown hues tend to go unnoticed by most people. The increased surface area in 4-carat diamonds emphasizes yellow tones of lower grade diamonds, so it’s best not to purchase a diamond of a lesser color grade than an H color.

Diamond colors are usually graded by the GIA on a scale from D to Z, with D as the clearest, colorless grade and Z as a noticeable yellowish or brown tint. Although the difference in grade is hard to detect, differences in price too great to go unnoticed.

When it comes to color, also make sure that your diamond looks white in its setting. Another great color to consider us a G-graded color, as it will appear white in any setting of your choice, whether it’s yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.


Either a VS2 or VVS2 is most suitable for diamonds of this beautiful size. A clarity of VS2 in diamonds would involve inclusions that are only visible through a jeweler’s loupe at 10x magnification.

Going for better clarity than VS2 will give you outstanding clarity. As you aim towards flawless and internally flawless clarity, there will be bigger differences in price because diamonds of this clarity and weight are very rare. 

An eye-clean SI1 diamond is also a great choice, but it is nearly impossible to find. So, it may require you to do some research and inspection so you can save thousands of dollars.

The setting often hides inclusions around the diamond’s edges, so it’s crucial to also keep an eye out for them. 


A diamond’s cut is the most important feature for any diamond, as it has the greatest impact on price and appearance. If deemed necessary, purchase the diamond with the absolute best cut that you can afford and prioritize this feature, along with light performance, over the other four C’s. 

An exceptional cut brings out a diamond’s stunning attributes of brilliance, shine, and fire. With 4-carat diamonds, these attributes can even be more noticeable and optimized.


No matter how brilliant and beautiful your 4-carat appears to be, diamonds certified by leading gem laboratories such as GIA and AGS will give you more assurance regarding their authenticity and quality. These top tier labs provide accurate and consistent grades across the board. 

These labs add more value to a diamond and protect you from spending more than what you should on a low-quality diamond. They focus on the consumer as well and provide in-depth analysis and information for the grading process.


Prices of 4-Carat diamonds usually range from 30,000 to 250,000 dollars or even more, depending on the diamond’s cut, quality, color, and quality. Generally, the higher the quality of the diamond is, the more that it will be expensive.

As aforementioned, these diamonds are very rare and are the fastest ones to sold out. If you are searching for the best quality cut and light performance, then around 65,000 is a reasonable spend for diamonds with this carat weight. 

Moreover, the 4 C’s factors will likely influence the price of a diamond of this size as these factors are more likely visible in bigger diamonds like 4-carat diamonds. Like any diamond, prices can vary by tens of thousands of dollars depending on quality.


Settings come in many sizes and shapes, so it’s best to pick the best setting for your own preference, especially if it goes with a four-carat diamond. However, note that not all settings can accommodate a diamond with this size, and not all styles may suit your 4-carat diamond.

If you prefer a prong setting to go with your ring, it’s best to choose either platinum prongs and double prongs. It is because 4-carat diamonds are large diamonds that need a durable setting to keep them securely in place. If you opt for this choice, then it is recommended to have about six to eight prongs.

On the other hand, halos and bezel settings are also suitable for 4-carat rings. When going for this option, you need to ensure that they are crafted with the highest standards to avoid tension setting, lacking the level of protection needed for this diamond size.


A four-carat diamond is suitable for all kinds of shapes, so this feature will depend solely on your preference and style, as well as the setting’s stability to accommodate the stone. No matter what shape you pick, the diamond shape does not necessarily affect the price per carat.

Although a classic round shape is a popular choice, other shapes can make your four-carat diamond more attractive. If you want to achieve a large-sized appearance, look into the differences of diamond shapes based on the surface area.


Four-carat diamonds are extremely rare beauties to find, so it will surely be indispensable once you already made your purchase. There are several factors for you to consider when opting to make the best pick, which includes having the best possible cut and a great setting for maximum security.

It is also important that you purchase from well-trusted shops that sell diamonds certified by GIA and AGS. This will give you more assurance and confidence when investing in a high-quality 4-carat diamond ring. Fortunately for you, James Allen and Blue Nile happens to create one of the most popular and well-received, certified designs for a 4-carat ring. 

Hopefully, this list and guide have helped you find the perfect ring for that special occasion. Remember to choose wisely, as this beautifully large ring will last to mark a lifetime of happiness and love.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How rare are four-carat diamonds?

All diamonds are rare and unique, but 4-carat diamonds are extremely rare ones. It is very unlikely that you will spot many of them in bricks and mortar jewelers unless you consider the top seller who can easily avail them. Only a few of these jewelers sell them due to the cost of buying them. 

For many people, purchasing this diamond is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so these rings will not be sold at the same pace as a 0.5-point solitaire.

Where is the most convenient place to look for a 4-carat diamond ring?

You can have a lot of benefits in searching for a 4-carat diamond rings online. But not all online diamond sellers are equally based on qualifications and capabilities to give you a wide selection of high-quality, 4-carat diamond rings for the best price.

To find the best diamonds in the market, consider those with great qualities, such as high-resolution 360-degree videos, GIA or AGS certified diamonds, extra services, consumer-friendly policy, performance, and various diamonds and settings.

Is a certificate or grading report necessary?

Yes, surely. One of the things you need to ask from your vendor first is whether the diamond you’ll purchase comes with a certificate. You can also use this if you plan to sell your diamond in the future.

 Concerning this, the diamond should not only come from any vendor, but it should be a highly recognized certificate from a distinguished institute, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). 

However, be aware of diamonds from labs such as EGL or IGI, as the accuracy of the diamond’s reports will be unreliable to consider. 

How can you tell if the price paid is fair?

Using the four C’s as a basis for comparison, you’ll surely know how each aspect directly impacts prices. Afterward, browse through different diamonds from different stores and vendors, then compare diamonds’ prices with those of similar qualities.

Also, note that only fair deals, and not bargains, occurs when an ad shows you the diamond as 90 percent off. This is purchasing online is the best way to save your money while gaining better quality diamonds.

How do you find the best value for your 4-carat diamond?

There are many ways to ensure that you have the best possible diamond for the best price. You may start by considering fancy shapes than round shapes, as they are typically less expensive yet more fashionable and symbolic. You can also purchase online and consider buying loose diamonds elsewhere if you have already chosen a setting. Sometimes, a package deal can be more expensive than if bought separately. Lastly, never settle for less than a GIA-certified diamond, as these diamonds underwent a process and assessment that truly marks them as a high-quality gem.

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