2 Carat Diamond Rings Buying Guide | 2021 Reviews

best 2 carat diamond rings

Investing in a two-carat diamond ring is a one-time shot that your favorite person will wear for the rest of her life. So, to make a statement that fits just right for your future bride-to-be, a two-carat diamond ring is a great idea for a big stone without a big price.

A two-carat diamond ring is usually weighted from the ring’s center stone or the whole ring itself. Either way, diamonds are beautiful representations of your promise and lifetime love to your partner.

It may be tedious for some to look for the perfect craft and design that fits the budget but worry no more. In this guideline and review, we reveal the best choice from two of the most popular brands – James Allen and Blue Nile.

So, kick-off your best choice for this year, we give you our top eight picks for the perfect two-carat diamond ring.

Top 9 Best 2 Carat Diamond Rings Reviewed

  1. 2.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold – Best Overall
  2. Sleek Diamond Dome Eternity Ring in 18k White Gold – Best Value
  3. 2.01 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold – Editor’s Choice
  4. French Pavé Diamond Eternity Band 
  5. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum 
  6. 2.01 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold
  7. 2.01 Emerald Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold
  8. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold
  9. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

#1. 2.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold – Best Overall

Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold


  • Carat Weight: 2.00
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: SI 1
  • Cut/Setting: Good, Solitaire
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: I
  • Price: 10,530 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

This fine diamond solitaire engagement ring is crafted with a solid 18k yellow gold metal and an exquisite 2.00-carat diamond center stone. An excellent craftmanship from James Allen, this beautiful ring is the most well-received and best-selling ring from the said brand.

It has a unique, secure designer style setting from which it emits each shade of light with a good cut for a natural diamond. Like all James Allen products, this solitaire ring is inspected by in-house gemologists before proceeding to shipment. With this, the ring is also GIA-certified as conflict-free.

Although more expensive than 2 one-carat rings combined, larger gems like this are of high quality and found less frequent to those compared. Adding to its value is the diamond’s I color, which gives you the right amount of slight coloration to make it more visible and attractive, especially with its inclusions only visible under 10x magnification.

Perfect as both an engagement ring or a right-hand ringPossesses slight inclusions
Aesthetic I-color for the right visibility
Great quality

#2. Sleek Diamond Dome Eternity Ring in 18k White Gold – Best Value

Sleek Diamond Dome Eternity Ring in 18k White Gold


  • Carat Weight: 2.1
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Setting: Prong-Fit
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: H
  • Price: 2,688 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

Built for a comfortable fit, this ring comes is made with endless dazzles, with rows of seamless diamonds placed on 18k white gold metal, for a dynamic sparkle that is built to run eternally. The ring’s inside surface features rounded or beveled edges, giving it a more comfortable fit for constant wear.

It comes with a unique prong setting that allows metals to lift the stone as it is cut to fit perfectly, bending over the stone to secure it. Plus, this highly-valuable ring has a near-colorless grade that only goes noticed when compared to much higher color grades.

Compared to our first 2 carat diamond ring, the Sleek Diamond Dome Eternity Ring has only very slight inclusions (VS2) that are somewhat easy to view at 10x magnification. Made with 18k white gold (75 percent gold), this ring has a soft yellow color alloyed with other metals for more strength and durability. 

On top of that, this ring is also made with an exceptionally rare and valuable metal from the platinum family, rhodium. Therefore, this ring uses rhodium as a protective plating to sterling silver and white gold. With its resistance to corrosion, rhodium helps to prevent tarnishing and protects your metal for longer use. It also gives the ring a silvery-white finish.

Aesthetic look from surrounding gemstonesPrecious metals and rhodium wear overtime
Needs refinishing services for restoration
Comfortable fit

#3. 2.01 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold – Editor’s Choice



  • Carat Weight: 2.01
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: I1
  • Cut/Setting: Excellent, Solitaire
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: J
  • Price: 10,602 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

With a great size that is just proportionate to its weight, you’ll never doubt quality as promised by another fine craft by James Allen. It features an excellent cut that you’ll surely appreciate for an aesthetic wear. As a diamond solitaire ring, your center stone will have a spotlight that makes a statement for a significant occasion in your life.

With a color that comes last of the near-colorless grade, this ring’s color may be slightly visible to the naked eye, most especially that it comes with a diamond of over 1 carat. Moreover, it has minor eye-detectable inclusions that may not be preferred by some individuals.

Nevertheless, the quality will not fail you, as this ring is certified by the GIA, and its excellent cut gives it more value as a round-shape ring. Made with 58.3 percent (14k) gold crafted with alloyed metals for a durable look, this round-shaped diamond ring is indeed a piece of fine jewelry for the price.

The solitaire setting for more focus on the gemstone
Has eye-visible inclusions
Slightly visible color
Excellent cut

#4. French Pavé Diamond Eternity Band

French Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum (1 ct. tw.)


  • Carat Weight: 2.21
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Setting: Pavé-fit
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: H
  • Price: 4,554 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

A love that transcends lifetimes is best celebrated with a ring with diamonds that reflect every light in the room. Say it right with the French Pavé Diamond Eternity Band by Blue Nile. This ring features round, brilliant-cut diamonds handset into platinum using the French pavé method, allowing light to spill in and hit the diamonds from every angle.

With that said, this ring is made from a rare, naturally white metal that is strong and durable. It is known as 950 Platinum, which translates to platinum that is 95 percent pure and hypoallergenic. At this rate, Blue Nile recognizes that the heavy weight of platinum, along with its natural development of patina with time, makes it an ideal choice for fine jewelry.

You’ll surely have a comfortable fit with its 3.8 mm width and beveled edges inside the ring. Plus, this ring is surrounded by at least 17 center round diamonds, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. Its pavé setting allows these diamonds to stay closely spaced while set with tiny prongs to make it appear as paved with these gemstones.

You can have great value for a relatively lower price. It is evident with the ring’s near-colorless grade, and very slight inclusion (VS2) features that are only visible under 10x magnification.

Pavé diamonds runs smoothly over a strong platinum design.
Weight is slightly heavier than the range for 2.00 carat
Inclusions not visible to the naked eye
Wider width compared to others
Comes with a discounted price
Comfortable fit

#5. Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring in Platinum (1/4 ct. tw.)


  • Carat Weight: 2.00
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Setting: Prong-Fit, Petite set
  • Shape: Asscher
  • Color: H
  • Price: 1,290 dollars
  • Certification: GIA 

If you’re looking for elegance with a touch of class, then the Riviera Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring is your best bet. It features pavé-set round brilliant diamonds mounted in enduring platinum for a finesse look.

More so, this ring from Blue Nile has received multiple good reviews, which proves its satisfying value and excellent quality. Plus, you’ll be amazed and confident to make your purchase with the brand’s excellent customer service.

This particular ring, just like any other Blue Nile ring, is made of 95 percent pure and hypoallergenic platinum, which makes it a fine choice as a strong and durable foundation for your ring. This metal also applies to the ring’s prongs.

Its 2.0 mm width may vary depending on style, as all measurements are approximate and possess unique craftmanship that varies. Furthermore, it is made with 18 round diamonds of a near-colorless H-grade that is only noticeable when compared to much higher color grades. 

Aside from round diamonds, this ring can go with any shape and has sizes available from 3.5 to 8.5. You also don’t have to worry about the quality for its price as it only has minor inclusions, which are visible at 10x magnification.

Comes with excellent customer service from the company
Relatively big prongs and lacks symmetry
Beautiful details with brilliant 18 diamonds
The band may seem thick for some
Can go with any diamond shape
Perfect as an engagement ring
Great quality and cut

#6. 2.01 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

2.01 Carat Cushion Modified Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold 


  • Carat Weight: 2.01
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Setting: Ideal, Channel Set
  • Shape: Cushion Modified
  • Color: J
  • Price: 10,437 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

If you aim for symmetry with a big center stone at the top, this ring gives you a satisfying piece of jewelry that you can proudly wear on any occasion.

Its 2.01-carat diamond is cut using one of the recently developed methods for a cushion shape. This shape features shortened star facets, which you can see at the bottom of a diamond’s map. These shortened and modified facets give a cushion style that saves most of the original diamond crystal.

This engagement ring from James Allen is made with 14k rose gold band, which 58.5 percent pure gold with an additional copper that creates a rosier, bright pink color. More so, this metal is tougher and more damage-resistant, though it needs annual professional care.

You can feel a relatively thicker metal with its channel setting than the pavé setting with a snag-free design that does not include prongs. With its J color, its graded color may be slightly visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, it has very slight inclusions that can only be visible in 10x magnification.

Enhances the ring’s sparkle with symmetrical side stones
Numerous channels make it challenging to repair and resize
Maintains a sharp design without losing stability
Can hide diamonds more that prong settings
Securely holds and protects diamonds
Often requires more time and effort to clean
Unlikely to snag on clothing
Beautiful rose gold color

#7. 2.01 Emerald Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

2.01 Emerald Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold 


  • Carat Weight: 2.01
  • Brand: James Allen
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut/Setting: Good, Channel Set
  • Shape: Emerald
  • Color: F
  • Price: 17,467 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

Are you searching for a brilliant diamond ring for your fair and rosy white skin? Then this James Allen masterpiece is the finest gem to look at. It features a fine emerald-shaped diamond placed on a very beautiful 14k white gold band finish. Surely, this is a good choice for a piece of particularly stylish jewelry that you can proudly show on different occasions.

With its channel setting, you can have a comfortable ring that does not get caught on any type of wardrobe you choose. Plus, it takes a stronger hold on your diamond without needing any prongs for support. With this, you can have maximum comfort combined with effortless style.

Although it may come as pricey, you can guarantee an excellent-quality value that is GIA-certified. Product-wise, this ring is made with an F-colored diamond, which is best compatible with white gold or platinum. Its colorless grade shows a faint color that is only detectable by a trained gemologist. More so, you won’t be disappointed with clarity that only has very slight inclusions.

Complements both rosy and fair skin tones, as well as white diamondsUsually contains nickel, which causes allergic reactions for some wearers
Uses a more popular metal than yellow gold
Requires dipping every few years to retain color and luster
More durable and scratch-resistant
More affordable than platinum
Mixed with stronger metals

#8. Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold


  • Carat Weight: 2.00
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Cut/Setting: Micropavé Set
  • Shape: Heart
  • Color: I
  • Price: 1,390 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

This beautiful and delicately-designed engagement ring is perfect for presenting on that very special occasion. This ring is designed with two intertwined rose gold bands of micropavé-set diamonds that frames your center diamond.

Made with an aesthetic 14k rose gold color, this ring surely stands out with its soft touch on a 2-Carat brilliance. Thanks to the high proportion of copper in its metal alloy, you’ll get this beautiful pink color on your engagement ring.

With its 4 mm width, you can have a more comfortable, wider fit that is approximated with unique craftmanship based on style and measurement. With that said, this ring fits sizes of 3 to 9. More so, you can also customize it with a particular diamond shape of choice, including heart and pear. All these aspects allow for a more flexible and personal choice for the perfect engagement ring.

Additionally, it has a beautiful I-color that can only be detected upon close examination, and such a feature makes this ring exceptionally valuable. More so, it has one of the best-value for clarity grade, which is SI2. This means that it only has slight inclusions, which are only noticeable at 10x magnification or to a keen naked eye.

Comes with great customer service from the company
Wears over time; needs refinishing services
Just the right proportion of the center stone and band
Wide range of options for customization
Great value for the money
Beautiful design

#9. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold


  • Carat Weight: 2.00
  • Brand: Blue Nile
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Cut/Setting: Prong set
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: H
  • Price: 1,590 dollars
  • Certification: GIA

Whether it’s self-love or romantic love, this stunning 14k rose gold engagement ring captures any kind of love and its essence, with an elegant drape of pavé-set diamonds around a center stone and twisting shank for a captivating look.

Made with precious metal that shines a fascinating number of round diamonds, this ring surely strikes a balance between class and elegance. Since this ring is ideal for everyday wear, you can easily store them separately to avoid damaging other pieces of jewelry or materials.

It features an excellent value with a near-colorless grade of H color. Best of all, its SI2 diamond clarity grade makes it a great item with inclusions that are only visible to a keen unaided eye.

Has one of the best, unique designs in our list
Requires effortful and expert cleaning
A beautiful touch for very special occasions
Rose gold material wears over time
Well-received by customers
Great quality for the price
Looks better in person

Top Pick – Best 2 Carat Diamond Ring 

When you opt for a 2-carat diamond that has a rare quality, then fix your eyes on James Allen 2.00 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold.  This ring makes the top pick for its exceptional value and overall quality as a diamond ring. 

Perfect for any occasion or any individual, this ring showcases quality that is timeless and effortless. Simple as it may seem, it surely makes a statement that leads you to one of the best experiences in your life.

With this ring, you’ll have your eyes focused on the hallmark of the craftmanship – the 2.00 Carat Diamond stone. Quality-wise it’s the best of the best, a true gem for that special person in your life. Plus, its fantastic cut makes a slight inclusion that can only be visible for a keen naked eye.

James Allen and Blue Nile: Top Brands for 2 Carat Diamond Rings

James Allen

Your list of the best jewelry brands won’t be complete without the famous James Allen. The online jeweler is well-known for great prices, 360-degree videos, and a wide selection of beautiful jewelry pieces. More than that, James Allen also allows its customers to design their own engagement ring, to create the best memories with quality that fits the budget.

With a 24/7 open line chat with jewelry experts for any inquiries, you can be sure of their excellent customer service.

Making their humble beginnings back in 1998 as an online store named as DirtCheapDiamonds, founder James Schultz and Michele Sigler aimed to provide their customers with a variety of engagement rings for an affordable price. From then, they became one of the first successful online diamond retailers.

To ensure that they maintain an emphasis on quality, design, and customer experience, the store was renamed JamesAllen.com in 2005, where they become one of the first sites to offer 360-degree views of their actual diamonds. After Signet Jewelers takes ownership of the brand, James Allen remains an affordable online choice whose legacy still continues today.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is known as the biggest online jewelry retailer in the online market. The brand specializes in diamond rings, and you can choose from over 180,000 diamonds in their inventory. 

If you’re looking for the best, affordable prices, Blue Nile now offers cheaper prices for the best quality. This is possible due to its exclusive agreements and established relationships with some of the biggest diamond wholesalers over the years. It currently stands as the online diamond business leader, with more competitive prices for a much wider selection of diamonds.

Consistent with James Allen, Blue Nile also apply a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. With that said, Blue Nile only purchases diamonds from the biggest and most respected suppliers who clings to a certification program known as the Kimberly Process. It ensures that all approved companies abide by the set of standards on human rights.

More so, each diamond is GIA-certified; thus, with a massive number of options to choose from, you don’t have to worry about finding the best quality for the price that you can definitely afford.

The Four C’s Guide to Find the Perfect 2 Carat Diamond Ring (Buyer’s Guide)

The Four C’s, namely Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity, are the industry-grade standard released by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Although each individual has their own standard and budget to follow when it comes to preference, all diamonds are graded using these features.


Color is considered the most subjective aspect of the Four C’s, and it is where people are usually most flexible. Diamond colors come in a spectrum, usually D-K, so any grade can be recommended based on this feature when it comes to two-carat diamonds.

J-colored diamonds can come in warm hues, which customers adore, but they may seem off with a yellow or rose gold setting when you want to achieve a whiter appearance. If you want an icy white brilliance anywhere, a D-H color is your best bet.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a great value at a budget-friendly price ranging from 15,000 dollars to 30,000 dollars, diamonds ranging from G color to I color is a great choice to go for clarity that ranges from VVS2 to SI1. 

When you want to have an exemplary value that is your money’s worth, then a G color paired with SI1 clarity is usually the best value for a diamond ring. 


When it comes to the 2-carat diamond’s clarity, a grade of VS2 and higher is the most recommended. Diamonds with this clarity level is eye-clean and free of unnecessary inclusions. However, diamonds of SI1, SI2, and I1 should be visually inspected to identify any inclusions visible from the top.

“Eye-clean” is a term used for diamonds that are clean to the naked eye in a face-up position, from a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Simply put, these are diamonds that have no visible inclusions to an unaided eye, but it can have, to some extent, diamond inclusions for some under 10x magnification.


Cut determines how effectively a diamond reflects light to a viewer’s eye. If a diamond is well-cut, it appears brilliant and fiery, while poorly-cut stones look darker and dull. Because of this, well-cut diamonds often appear larger compared to other stones of the same carat.

Other than that, a diamond’s cut usually refers to either the physical cut or the diamond’s shape. If you are going for a 2-carat diamond, do not compromise on this feature.

Carat Weight

Carats are measurements that determine a diamond’s weight. One carat is equivalent to about 200 milligrams, and each carat can be divided into 100 points. Carat weight is usually expressed in points, but most of the time, they are mentioned in weights like half, quarter, one-third, etc.

You also need to be aware that point systems play a role in determining the price. For instance, a 1.90-carat diamond center stone may differ minimally from a 2.00 one in size, but another scale will show a huge difference when it comes to its price.

Nevertheless, a 2-carat diamond is usually diamonds weighing roughly around 2.00 to 2.20 mm. Keep in mind that a diamonds’ price per carat goes up exponentially when its weight goes up, so 2-carat diamonds are more expensive than two 1-carat diamonds together.

‘The Fifth C’ – Certification

Diamonds that are GIA or AGS certified should be your top priority when it comes to choosing the best value diamond ring. These laboratories are internationally recognized. They provide consistent and accurate grades.

You can be confident to purchase a certified diamond, as it has undergone a series of tests and quality analysis by an established laboratory that performs diamond verification and grading. Several laboratories around the world offer these services and issue a diamond certificate.

Certain laboratories accommodate selected markets and countries, and only a few are recognized globally. The two arguably most important laboratories in the world are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories).

Some Practical Tips When Purchasing Eye-Clean Diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are often mistaken as fake diamonds when, in fact, they are a hundred percent real diamonds that happen to be 20 percent cheaper compared to mined diamonds.

 People who want to have a fine diamond that won’t break their banks may choose this option. Honestly, there is no such thing as a high-quality diamond at a cheap price. If these “high-quality” diamonds happen to be sold for a cheap price, they are either fake or low diamond grades.

Gemologists discovered ways to recreate conditions where diamonds form in a lab, which will only take weeks to grow. This process is better compared to usually mined diamonds, which takes billions of years to form. Because it’s easier to create and less rare, lab diamonds come at a lesser cost. 

However, these diamonds don’t have any resale value in the jewelry industry. Another jeweler won’t be able to buy this back as sellers of these diamonds don’t provide any upgrade benefits for mined diamonds.

So, if you’re looking for a less costly option without needing to take diamond grades down, then you may try to consider lab-created diamonds.

Diamonds Online

The best way to save a huge amount of money when purchasing eye-clean diamonds is to buy them from a reputable online retailer, which allows you to choose your diamond and customize the diamond ring of your choice.

With various options to choose from online, it may take time for you to pick the right diamond. Nevertheless, when it comes to online selling, James Allen and Blue Nile are both excellent options for a great view of their diamonds up close.

You can never run out of ideas, as these two companies have huge inventories for different carat weights, clarity grade, color grade, and cut grade.

Warranties and Returns

Warranties and return policies are both important when purchasing eye-clean diamonds online. Some companies provide warranties that cover routine maintenance for your diamond rings, including resizing, prong re-tipping, stone tightening, and many more. Buying diamonds from retailers with this feature will save you plentiful money over the years.

Although every diamond seller on the internet is legitimate, still be on the lookout for some sellers on the internet. Note that it is recommended to purchase online than in payment options expanded past your credit card, like in Paypal.

You should only buy from someone with a good return policy, but take note that people have different preferences when it comes to this. For example, brands like James Allena and Blue Nile do not accept returns from special orders, so that you might opt for other ring options with this knowledge.

When processing returns, make sure that the company has a strong policy for it so that you can have better protection for you and your money. In return, this will come in handy for purchases that you are not completely satisfied with.


Regardless of the reason, you plan to purchase a diamond ring, know that several options and customization are offered for you. Usually, 2-carat diamond rings range from 8,000 to 70,000 dollars. On top of that, this range excludes extraordinary rings on opposite ends. 

How much you’ll spend and your choice of scale depends on several factors, but the most common options are those of 1ok, 15k, and 20k.

When it comes to either fashion rings or engagement rings, which includes 2-carat rings, you can do at least three things to find the perfect ring for you:

Plan Your Budget

Beginning your choice based on a set clear budget will help you recognize the number of proportions that you are willing to spend for the diamond ring. You can find diamond rings in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and their price comes from a range of a thousand dollars to millions of dollars for more expensive ones.

Decide Well on a Design

Making your significant person’s dream ring a reality is one of the most beautiful things you can do for them. A ring is a physical symbol that marks a significant moment in both of your lives. So, when it comes to design, you need to consider your personal preference, as well as the limitations on some diamonds.

Finalize the Carat Weight

Now that you have decided on a design, it’s time to consider whether a 2-carat diamond is a right size for you.


These best-selling rings from James Allen and Blue Nile are a must-have when it comes to quality that is worth the price. With all the different styles and designs both companies offer, you can have various rings that suit your preference and budget.

More importantly, in choosing your 2-carat diamond rings, you should not compromise important specs, such as clarity and GIA-certification, when it comes to making your purchase.

Apart from the knowledge you acquired by reading this article, you must choose what fits the person you’re giving the ring to. Indeed, diamonds are precious, and they become even more valuable when you pick the best diamond that speaks your heart out.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a 2 Carat Diamond?

A diamond’s weight is expressed in carats. It does not directly reflect the size. One diamond carat is translated as one-fifth of a gram, so 2-carat diamonds are specifically diamonds weighing from roughly 2.00 to 2.20. 

Diamonds come in different diamond cuts, shapes, and designs, and sometimes smaller diamonds weigh more than those that appear bigger. If you cut it correctly to its ideal shape, you can estimate that a bigger carat would also mean a bigger diamond.

What are AGS, GIA, and IGI diamond certificates?

The American Gem Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and International Gemological Institute (IGI) issue diamond certificates to assure the value and quality of your diamond. Additionally, these companies provide the gold standards when it comes to diamond grading. Their reports specify key characteristics for each diamond.

Why do nearly similar diamonds differ in price?

Companies such as Blue Nile are constantly searching for diamonds to provide the finest quality at the most competitive prices. Prices are often based on the supplier’s buying capacity and the market conditions at that same time. These are based on the cost, rather than the ring’s size and quality, and the current market. 

Fortunately, these companies have great customer service, so you can call their diamond experts to inquire and compare characteristics on any selected diamonds of your interest.

How does the shape of a diamond affect its price?

Round-shaped diamonds make the most sales than all other shapes combined, so they are deemed as more expensive. With this, the other designs give you a bigger advantage, especially when it comes to price. 

Pear- and oval-shaped 2-carat diamonds cost about 10-15 percent less compared to a round diamond with the same weight. Cushion cut, emerald cut, and princess cut 2-carat diamonds cost 30 percent less than round diamonds.

This means that you can get two beautiful 2 carat princess cut rings for less than 15,000 dollars, which is better than purchasing one round brilliant 2 carat solitaire diamond ring for 20,000 dollars.

When should you purchase a 2-carat diamond?

Diamond prices in the market are usually fluctuating, and sometimes these changes are abrupt and without notice. But if you currently have eyes on a certain diamond, you can make some reservations before deciding on the final purchase. However, with the dynamic fluctuation of prices, some purchases can be subjected to price errors. 

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