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Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument Experience

In Central Oahu, there is a 5 acre State Park listed in the National Register of Historic Places known as the Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument. However, if you are thinking of finding sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds, then you could have a disappointing experience. There are about 180 stones lying around a half acre site […]

November Birthstone

The Beauty and Healing of the November Birthstone Primarily, birthstones carry good luck and protection. Birthstones incorporated in jewelries symbolizing a birth month are believed to provide the wearer astrological benefits such as healing, fortune and a shield from possible harm. Birthstones can also provide a personal definition of the gem bearer. Birthstones have an […]

October Birthstone

October birthstone can be considered as a gemstone in form of a jewel given to a person born in October. Birthstones have existed for a long time in our society; different people believe they possess given qualities that are associated with them. For instance, to the people who are born in October their birth stone […]

September Birthstone

If you are still youthful enough to consider your birthday celebration, you probably keep in mind the unique birthstone assigned into it. But at the age, we bet you do not really know the importance of your own birthstone as well as what energy the ancients felt will be bestowed regarding you through wearing this. […]

August Birthstone

The August birthstone known throughout society is the peridot. This is a birthstone that has a yellow-green look to it. It is an interesting stone that has many special meanings to it. It is particularly interesting among many kinds of birthstones because it offers one of the most possible looks for anyone to enjoy when […]

July Birthstone

Ruby is one of the most unique gems in the world. It is also known as the July birthstone. This gem features a unique look that is famous for its bright red appearance. Ruby is a gem that features a dark red appearance. It has some violet hints to it but it is mostly red. […]

June Birthstone

Astrology and star signs are widely used to determine the traits and characteristics of the people they categorise. Part of this involves birthstones, which are used to create personalised jewellery to celebrate a month of birth. Gemini’s are privileged to have three different June birthstones available to them. The birthstone most commonly associated with the […]

December Birthstone

December Birthstone: Cool and Calming Who does not love the month of December? December is the month of marry-making, holidays, gifts and snow. For those people born on the month of December, it is always a double celebration for them. ┬áDecember babies People born on this month are divided into two zodiac signs, the Sagittarians […]

February Birthstone

The Lovely Purple Stone: Amethyst The allure and mystery of birthstone jewelry is that each stone has its own wonder and personality. It goes without saying that there is power attributed to each stone for the wearer, as they attract certain forces and people into our lives. Wearing of birthstone jewelry can be a great […]

Peridot: Interesting Facts You Should Know

Peridot is the gem form of the mineral olivine, and its beauty results from the extreme conditions that facilitate its formation. The green gem is found in rocks created by volcanoes and in some cases, it forms as a result of meteors that land on the earth’s surface. However, the extraterrestrial peridot is much less […]


The Astrological Significance And History Of Zircon As A December Birthstone Embracing your Zodiac sign and birth month are deeply symbolic acts if you believe in Astrology. Wearing birthstone jewellery is a popular way to harness the power of significant gems, and December children are privileged with a choice of stones. One of the more […]


Citrine is a birthstone given to those born in the month of November. Topaz, a more expensive gemstone, can be used in its stead. The name is adapted from the word “citrin” which means lemon in french. This precious stone is often given for thirteenth and seventeenth anniversaries. The stone does not commonly occur in […]