Pearl – The Unique Birthstone Of June

June is month to be treasured, as the starting point of the summer and the month with the longest day of year it is a favourite of many, but for people born in this month it is even more special. Pearl ringThere are many ways that people can celebrate the month of their birth but one of the most popular, particularly for women, is to wear jewellery containing their birthstone. For June children this means celebrating the beauty of the pearl or June Birthstone.

The history of the gem
This gem is one of the most symbolic of all the birthstones because it is prized so highly as an element of many types of jewellery. It is not just a sign of the month of June; it is a sign of wealth, elegance and beauty that stretches back not just through the centuries but through civilisations. Pearls have been highly regarded by so many different cultures, with the Romans and Victorians treasuring the flawless white stones equally, the Greeks believing they were the solidified tears of joy of their goddess of love and the Chinese holding the magical view that they were the brains of dragons. Today the stone is understood for the natural wonder it is but is no less appreciated and is widely received as a 30th wedding anniversary gift or communion gift for girls.

The truth about these stones
There are many elements about these stunning gems that may surprise people, for a start they come in many more colours than the traditional white. Rather than originating from the heads of mythical beasts, a pearl is actually the creation of a mollusc. Pearl trinketWhen an invasive element, such as parasite, enters the shell, layers of calcium and nacre form around it to protect the animal and encase the threat. It is just coincidence that this leads to such a beautiful, desirable stone. It is not hard to see why so many people are drawn to this birthstone for its natural beauty but another fact that may surprise people is that around 90% of these gems are actually created artificially by injecting foreign bodies and tissues into the shells to stimulate growth.

Embracing the gem as a birthstone
Whether the pearl comes from an oyster in a foreign ocean or a specialised facility, nothing can change the fact that these creations make attractive birthstones. If you are a June child you may not believe in adopting this stone as your own – Moonstone and Alexandrite are perfectly acceptable alternatives – but there are great benefits to choosing this gem and not just in the range of jewellery that is available. Pearl trinketsAs well as symbolising beauty and elegance – as would be expected given the history of the gem – this birthstone is also associated with friendship and related qualities such as loyalty. Interestingly, it is also said to be helpful for heart and digestive problems.

As with all birthstones and months, the decision for which stone to use depends on personal preference, however there are many advantages to using this unique treasure to celebrate the month of June. There is no other stone that has the history, amazing origin and significance of the pearl.