October birthstone can be considered as a gemstone in form of a jewel given to a person born in October. Birthstones have existed for a long time in our society; different people believe they possess given qualities that are associated with them. For instance, to the people who are born in October their birth stone is usually the Opal. The gemstone is considered as the most colorful and some have gone a step further to refer it as the queen of gems. The availability of this gem is scarce, which makes many consider it as a precious stone. Over the years, it has never failed to capture the interest of many who have had a rare chance to possess it. Tourmaline is October’s alternate birthstone, it is said that this stone can calm the nerves and fight genetic disordersTourmaline is a favorite gemstone among jewelry designers, and gem collectors all around the world over.

The October birthstone is an amazing gem that has a rich history concerning it. The name is said to have come from the Sanskrit name called “upala” which meant it was a precious stone. Not only, had that the gemstone’s ability to show different colors but was also believed to symbolize ill or good health. Other went ahead to regard it as a luck sign for those blessed with a business. On matter pertained to love some communities believed the wearer of the stone had a high chance of finding true love. It was widely believed bad fortune would hunt anyone who wore the stone if it did not belong to them.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the opal gemstone is the different color it boosts. Many have tried to explain the occurrence of these colors by referring it as the play of color. Opal comes in different colors ranging from orange, red, black, and transparent. However, not all opals are of a higher quality since they are some that lack the display of color. A good example is the rare transparent Opal which is plain in appearance, unlike the other opals which are widely known for their color play.

The origin of these precious stones can be found in cavities and cracks inside the rocks. Opal is formed from small particles called amorphous silica, which are closely connected to each other. The opal is also considered as a mineral that happens naturally in the ground. Other properties that one is likely to see in the gem stone are; it is brittle; it is in addition sensitive to the heat, and lastly, It can be scratched easily making it lose its astonishing looks. Should it be entrusted in the hands of a person great care is required to maintain its amazing display of colors.

Lastly, October birth stone Opal is widely mined in Australia where 98% of the world opals is found. It is also mined for economic gain as well. The largest opal ever mined in the world was found in Australia. In closing, for a person who love unique precious stone choosing the opal can be a great gift for them. October birthstone is readily available in the market and anyone can get their good luck stone and enrich their lives.