The Beauty and Healing of the November Birthstone

Primarily, birthstones carry good luck and protection. Birthstones incorporated in jewelries symbolizing a birth month are believed to provide the wearer astrological benefits such as healing, fortune and a shield from possible harm. Birthstones can also provide a personal definition of the gem bearer. Birthstones have an ancient history, even dating as far as the Bible stories have started. In the book of Exodus, there are twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Those stones are the topaz, carbuncle, sardius, diamond, emerald, sapphire, agate, amethyst, ligure, jasper, onyx and beryl.

In the 18th century, a considered modern idea of wearing a gemstone corresponding your birth month was made popular by the Jewish gem dealers. Since then, it had been a tradition to use birth months in deciding what kind of gemstone to put on. Finally, in the year 1912, the list of modern birthstones has been established. There had been no change until 2002, the American Gem Trade Association included Tanzanite as a gemstone for the birth month of December.

The month of November shows Topaz as its traditional birthstone and also Citrine as a secondary birthstone. This November birthstone, Topaz containing aluminum fluorosilicate can be found in China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil and Sri Lanka. However, the word Topaz came from Topazos which is a small island in the Red Sea. It is where the Romans acquired a mineral which originated as the Topaz. The mineral is colorless but has the touch of green, blue, yellow and brown. It comes in a trimetric shape of crystallization with a big, solid make. The Zodiac sign Scorpio uses Topaz as its birthstone. This is true for people born on October 24 – November 22. Topaz is usually colorless but options from violet, yellow, gold, pink, peach, red, green, brown and light to medium blue are available. The rarest and most precious of all Topaz stones are the color-mix of orange-red and pink. The topaz gemstone has its own share of fame and popularity. The Portuguese Crown has a big piece of Topaz stone called Braganza. It was initially thought by spectators as diamond due to their resemblance when Topaz is in its colorless state. Another world-renowned piece of Topaz is the topaz set integrated in the collections existing in Green Vault, Dresden.

The November birthstone possesses the characteristics of loyalty, constancy, friendship and faithfulness. Spiritual transformation, happiness and feelings of rejuvenation are also connected with Topaz. It has been linked with traditional metaphysical qualities of providing strength, balancing feelings and emotions, and in the release of stress and tension. Its healing features are associated with providing treatment for asthma, insanity, blood diseases, hemorrhage, gout, insomnia and tuberculosis. In the early days, Greeks believed Topaz has the ability to provide strength and power in times of need. It was also deemed to vary in color during food poisoning. Topaz was believed by the Egyptians to have been colored with a golden radiance by the Sun God Ra. By which, it gave the gemstone great influential shield to guide and protect the faithful. On another note, the Romans connected Topaz with their God of Sun and the biggest planet, Jupiter.

There are many jewelries to choose from if you’re under the November birthstone, Topaz. This gemstone is regarded as affordable considering its karat weight. You can get it on earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, pendants, pins and cufflinks which can be worn by both males and females. Over the years, technology provided ways on how to make topaz gemstones look more classy, exceptional, interpretative and different among other precious stones. Topaz now presents an amazing multihued end product featuring a rainbow color, different cuts, extraordinary sparkle, luminosity and a superb clarity. Topaz like diamond is hard and tough but can be split with one strike, proper care avoiding hard blows is needed. Currently, Brazil is the leading topaz provider in the whole world but there are other sources such as Australia, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Myanmar, Russia, Namibia, Pakistan, United States, Zimbabwe, and Ukraine.