May birthstone emerald, is a precious gemstone, which is like aquamarine, derived from the beryl family. Emerald comes in a mesmerizing green hue. Emeralds are one of the most unique gemstones in the world. They have the most beautiful and vibrant green in the world. It gives peace and serenity to the owner. Emerald’s etymology was from the French word “esmeralde” meaning “green stone”.

May birthstone emerald’s green hue symbolize success and happiness. It gives fresh, peaceful, and soothing effect just like looking and breathing the fresh air of the grass fields. The deep green color of emeralds is the hue of springtime and the tone of life. It is the color that reflects harmony and love for our Mother Nature.

Emerald is a May birthstone and it also represents Taurus, a zodiac sign. Emerald also symbolizes the 55th wedding anniversary of a couple. May birthstone emerald is believed to be the gemstone of love as it is the favorite gemstone of Venus, the Roman goddess. Centuries ago, the Indians believed that the precious green gemstone has the power to heal them. They believe that it gives them good look and success in their life.

May birthstone emerald is found in Brazil, Zambia , and Columbia. It is in Columbia where you can find the most source of emerald since they are the number one supplier of the gemstone. It is also where the finest emeralds were mined. These emeralds are decorated with deep green color and a touch of blue. Emeralds are similar with any other gemstones. It is evaluated according to the Four C’s that represents the color, clarity, cut and crystal. The color of a May birthstone emerald is subdivided to three categories namely saturation, tone , and hue. The color of an emerald varies from yellow green to blue green. For a gemstone to be called an emerald the color should be medium or deep green. Since if the color of the gemstone is light it is referred to as a green beryl and not necessarily an emerald. Creators of fine jewelry see to it that the clarity of the May birthstone emerald is without any flaws. They treat the emerald to eradicate the imperfection before they cut it to multi-faceted shapes. The price depends on how deeply green is the end product. The greener it is the higher the value.

Picture of Mogul Emerald

One of the largest emeralds ever mined was the gemstone called “Mogul Emerald”, dated 1695. It weighs 217.80 carats and the height was 10 cm tall. Engraved in it are prayers and ornaments said to be used by the Indians long time ago. It was sold at Christie’s Auction for $2.2 million in 2001, buyer preferred to stay anonymous.

According to Moh’s hardness scale, (with 10 as the one with the highest resistance and 1 as the lowest), May birthstone emerald averaged from 7.5 to 8, meaning it is suitable to be made as a fine jewelry.

With breakthroughs in technology, people developed a method to compensate with the scarcity of high-demand gemstones such as an emerald. They have produced a synthetic emerald that has the same chemical features as compared to the real emerald. This makes it better for our environment.