Aquamarine is a March birthstone described as one of the most sophisticated and beautiful jewels in the world. Aquamarine is derived from the mineral beryl, same as emerald. This aquamarine gemstone varies from light-greenish blue hue to bright blue tone. Aquamarine’s etymology is, “Aqua” meaning “water” and “Marina” meaning “sea” which translates as “sea water”. March birthstone hue is one of the determinants of its value. Aquamarines that are deeply colored blue have higher values. Aquamarine derives its color from the traces of Iron on its structure. And for aquamarine to achieve its deep blue color, it undergoes a process of heating to eliminate the traces of its natural green color impurities. Also based on Moh’s hardness scale, (with 10 as the one with highest resistance and 1 as the lowest), aquamarine scored 7.5 to 8. Meaning it is good for jewelry manufacture since it is strong enough to withstand the process.

Aquamarine is not only a March birthstone but also a symbol of the zodiac sign Pisces and the epitaph for the 18th wedding anniversary.

The March birthstone aquamarine, is mostly mined in Brazil. It is in Brazil where you will find the most priced and most vibrantly blue aquamarine. It is called the Santa Maria, which is also the name of the specific place in Brazil where you can find this treasure. Brazil is not only one of the biggest suppliers of aquamarine but also it is where the largest aquamarine was found. The largest aquamarine was found in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, which was in 1910. It was 110 kg in weight, 19 inches long and 17 inches in diameter. Mexico, Africa, and Middle East are some of the countries that supply the March birthstone aquamarine. Aquamarine’s supplies are really abundant in our natural resources. These gemstones are cut to perfection after mining. They are faceted into different forms to make them look fancy and suitable for fashion jewelry production.

For over centuries, aquamarines have been considered as a lucky stone, especially for sailors, since it gives protection from the turbulent sea. It was also believed that the gemstone aquamarine embodies the spirit of the oceans. It is believed to be the symbol of purification, trust, sympathy and harmony. Aquamarine also radiates calming and peaceful effect to the owner. The blue shade of the March birthstone gives relaxation from stress like starring from the deep blue ocean or looking up the vibrant sky.

These beautiful and sophisticated March birthstone makes formal eveningwear extravagant. It adds a sophisticated look and radiates a deity appearance especially for blue or green-eyed women. Aquamarines are easily paired with any outfit. It complements the outfit giving you an edge and glamour.

The March birthstone aquamarine is the true symbol of beauty and elegance. It is the symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. Aquamarine is perfect for people that frequently travels by sea, since it gives an instant beautiful look as well as protection from the forces in the sea.

Another march birthstone – bloodstone, symbolizes strength and healing. Bloodstone can increase physical strength of athletes and warriors.