In Central Oahu, there is a 5 acre State Park listed in the National Register of Historic Places known as the Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument. However, if you are thinking of finding sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds, then you could have a disappointing experience. There are about 180 stones lying around a half acre site which are more lava rock stones. These lava rock stones were believed to be able to ease labor pain for the noble chieftesses when they give birth to the noble bloodlines. So, these birthstones serve a more important role than just precious stones.

The monument is situated on the northern side of Wahiawa town near the Kamehameha Highway. Driving from Waikiki , it takes about 50 minutes to reach there.  The site is somewhat barren and flat with a number of these lava rock stones all over the place. The experience was serene and peaceful and you can somewhat feel like it is the Hawaiian version of the Stonehenge. However, only the entrance is paved and prepare to have a dirty shoe experience trying to walk through what seems to be red clay. For some visitors, they may be quite disappointed because there is really nothing but a few trees and rocks. For those who appreciate cultural history, it could be interesting to contemplate the meaning of these birthstones to the native Hawaiians of years ago.