Astrology and star signs are widely used to determine the traits and characteristics of the people they categorise. Part of this involves birthstones, which are used to create personalised jewellery to celebrate a month of birth. Gemini’s are privileged to have three different June birthstones available to them.

The birthstone most commonly associated with the month of June is the Pearl, and with its significance and desirability it is clear to see why. These stones have been highly prized and presented as a gift for a long time, with the natural beauty and purity being seen a great way to herald a birth or marriage. The other qualities that pearls are said to represent are health and longevity, suggesting that people embracing this June birthstone will benefit from these properties. This idea of health is understandable given the origin of the stone. The creation of pearls are the mollusc’s way of dealing with dangerous, foreign bodies, with layer upon layer of nacre covering the threat. The fact that this produces such a beautiful effect is purely coincidental. Unfortunately, thanks to their popularity, the majority of pearls sold today are cultured and not completely natural.

An alternative birthstone that people born in June can wear is Alexanderite, a stunning gem originating in Russia and named after their Tsar. The meaning behind this stone is different to that of Pearl, with joy and good-fortune supposedly being bestowed upon its wearer. Pearl may be the most widely recognised of all the June birthstones, but perhaps this should be replaced with Alexanderite given the jewels characteristics. Alexanderite is the perfect birthstone for Gemini‘s because it is a stone with two very different sides. By day, the stone has a soft, green tone, but by night, under harsh light it glows purple-red – transforming from a natural, calm entity into one that shouts and blazes. This dramatic colour-changing effect ideally suits the split personalities and characterisation of twins associated with the star sign.

Finally there is Moonstone, another stone that shows the changing mood and tones of people born within this month, altering greatly from pearl yet holding the same meaning of health and longevity. It is a stone renowned for its beauty that was once held as something sacred and an element for the lunar gods, and is today used as the state stone for Florida. Moonstone is actually a form of feldspar, but it has been more commonly referred by this name because of the sheen that is reminiscent of the moon. It is claimed to change in tone depending on the phase of the current phase of the moon, again reflecting the shifting personalities of the astrological sign.

There is no better month than June to have such a range of birthstones available. These three stones hold different properties and create a different look – with the elegant simplicity of the Pearl, the extrovert qualities of Alexanderite and the shimmering beauty of Moonstone – that mean anybody born within this month can find a June birthstone that suits them best.