January birthstones – talisman of protection, ensures success and possesses curative powers

For each of calendar months there is specific gemstone called birthstone, people born during for example January can wear January birthstone. Many people and astrologists think that these jewels can bring luck and success. Except good fortune and luck these precious gemstones can reflect personality and nature of the wearer.

So as we know each month of the year has its own birthstone which symbolizes nature of the people born in specific month. In the past people were paying a lot of attention to the astrology, this fact gave us many different sets of birthstones, also each culture and time provided their own unique look at birthstones.

As we know zodiac consists of twelve different and individual signs, your zodiac sign depends on in which month you were born, so there is specific birthstone, which is recommended to wear for specific zodiac signs. Astrology is a very complicated subject, it helps to understand what is your nature and what kind of man you are, how should you plan your life and which professions would be better for you. In order to determinate individual personality of each zodiac signs and their character astrologists observe movement and relative positions of celestial bodies and what kind of effect or influence can it bring to the human nature. So in order to understand which zodiac jewelry fits your sign best you need to determinate is with a help of your birth date.

January’s birthstone, Garnet – all positive powers will double for people born in this month

So first post on this web page is going to be a review of January birthstone because it is the month when our blog was created.

Garnet is a symbol of January or with other words it is a January Birthstone, let us see what kind of properties it has and how can it influence holder.

Garnet is the most beautiful when it has deep, rich red or purple-red color, but you can see this gemstone in nearly all colors from pale orange to dark red and violet, only color which doesn’t have Garnet is a blue.

January’s birthstone, Garnet – history and religions

January Birthstone or Garnet is known from ancient times, it was discovered thousands of years before Christian era. However, it had different names in past: granatus (seed like), ruby and carbuncle. Garnet is also called gem of faith, many thinks that it represents constancy and truth, it is also believed that this precious gemstone possess curative powers, in the ancient times different color variations of Garnet was used to cure different diseases and illnesses.

As an amulet it is very popular among travelers because many think that it can protect and preserve honor and health, if you add its curative powers too, you will get a perfect gemstone for travelers which can guard and protect.


In different religions garnet has different symbolic meanings, for example: Christians think that Garnet (blood-red color) symbolizes Christ’s sacrifice, also it is said that this gemstone was used by Noah to illuminate his ark with light and this gemstone was fourth stone in Aaron’s breastplate. This gemstone was used also as a light for fourth heaven in Koran, as a talisman of protection for Egyptians and as an offering to gods for Aztecs.

Garnet‘s specific blood-red color gave birth to many legends and myths, while ones were using this gemstone as a cure for all possible blood disorders others were trying to cure all mental diseases with it. Warriors and soldiers of the past were wearing these gemstones as an ultimate cure for open wounds.

As you can see January Birthstone, Garnet has many symbolic meanings; it also appeared in different religions, its beauty and stunning look attracted many people for centuries. However, in modern world it is pretty popular gemstone used for people as jewelry, there are many different variations of this stone, the most expensive among them is the brilliant green variety called Demantoid (view picture below).