The Lovely Purple Stone: Amethyst

The allure and mystery of birthstone jewelry is that each stone has its own wonder and personality. It goes without saying that there is power attributed to each stone for the wearer, as they attract certain forces and people into our lives. Wearing of birthstone jewelry can be a great financial investment as finding true gemstones becomes a real venture at times. Today we are going to speak about February Birthstone-amethyst.

In selecting a beautiful amethyst, it might be good to use the purest forms of the stones available. There are some that are mined as well as laboratory created. Either can be gorgeous, but the mined stones are inevitably the ones that have the attractive forces that are contained in them. Amethyst is a member of the quart family and easily demonstrates longevity and durability.

Some of the historical connotations associated with the amethyst stone is that it would relieve the wearer of excessive drinking. The ancient Egyptians also employed amethyst in intricate engravings, mummy cases, as well as an art form known as intaglio. These engravings have withstood the test of time and beauty, and are for the most part have been found without damage. Amethyst has also been associated traditionally as a healing stone that would heal the wearer of anxiety and keep them calm.

The purest forms of February Birthstone have been associated with mines in Brazil and Bahia. North American mines have been found in Yellowstone National Park, as well as Thunder Bay, Ontario. The most coveted form of amethyst is of the Deep Siberian variety, having the deepest ultraviolet hues, and the greatest clarity. There are laboratory varieties which are available, but once again the value is not comparable. The mined varieties of amethyst are readily available from reputable jewelers and retail merchandisers and are affordable at every level. Some of the basic rings, earrings, and even pendants can be purchased at a basic investment and have many varieties of settings and design. The amethyst can be lovely with the simplest as well as the most complex designs, and the more expensive varieties can be successfully engraved.

This February Birthstone was used for rings, and earrings as well as pendants. This stone has been successfully combined with gold and silver in simple settings. Amethyst is easy to maintain and clean. Amethyst is also a stone that is reasonable to purchase and can range in affordability to even less than fifty dollars to well into the thousands. Again, the stone has to be judged on clarity, cut, and the elaborateness of the setting. It is important to purchase this jewelry from a reputable jeweler. Amethyst is a durable and resistant stone, but it is easy to purchase poor quality from those retailers who do not have a firm understanding of customer needs. Amethyst could be considered a commitment and investment jewelry purchase for which it would be easy to purchase additional pieces at some time later.

If there is a way to say it best, a gift of a February Birthstone-amethyst is simple, understand, and quite elegant as well as affordable. It can make a lovely starter piece of jewelry as well.

Hope this article will help you to get your February birthstone-amethyst.