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Citrine is a birthstone given to those born in the month of November. Topaz, a more expensive gemstone, can be used in its stead. The name is adapted from the word “citrin” which means lemon in french. This precious stone is often given for thirteenth and seventeenth anniversaries. The stone does not commonly occur in […]


The Enchanting Colors of the October Gem Tourmaline Tourmaline is October’s alternate birthstone along with opal, and it is famous for it’s variety of colors beyond compare. According to an Egyptian legend, the gem traveled a long journey to reach the top coming from the center of the Earth. It passed over the rainbow and […]


Sardonyx is a stone which has been highly valued since ancient times. Sardonyx is a very inexpensive stone but its unique banding and smooth finish gives it quite a luxurious look. This makes it one of the most popular stones used in jewelry. It is also cut in cabochon and worn in strings of beads […]

March Birthstone – Bloodstone

Legends Behind the Bloodstone Bloodstone, as the name suggests, has a long history of association with blood. In the past, the mineral was also known as “heliotrope,” from the Greek word “helios” for sun, and the word “trope” for direction or turn. Literally, the name means “sun-turning.” This comes from an ancient belief that a […]

June Birthstone – Alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the jewels that can be used as a birthstone for June, the others being pearl and moonstone. Alexandrite is a form of chrysoberyl, which forms in the earth’s crust due to the action of magma. It’s unique in that, unlike other chrysoberyls, Alexandrite contains not only impurities of iron and titanium, […]