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Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument Experience

In Central Oahu, there is a 5 acre State Park listed in the National Register of Historic Places known as the Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument. However, if you are thinking of finding sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds, then you could have a disappointing experience. There are about 180 stones lying around a half acre site […]

Turquoise Gemstone

 Turquoise can be described as an opaque, blue to green mineral which is a hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper. Owing to it’s scarcity and unique hue, the mineral has been prized as an ornamental stone for thousands of years dating back to the First Dynasty probably 3000 years ago. The word turquoise was coined […]

Peridot: Interesting Facts You Should Know

Peridot is the gem form of the mineral olivine, and its beauty results from the extreme conditions that facilitate its formation. The green gem is found in rocks created by volcanoes and in some cases, it forms as a result of meteors that land on the earth’s surface. However, the extraterrestrial peridot is much less […]

The Value and History of the Opal

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October. In the Zodiac, it corresponds with Aries, Scorpio and Libra. Opal is also used as the gemstone gift for 18th wedding anniversaries. Like other special gemstones, Opal is associated with certain qualities. In this case, those qualities are hope, faith and confidence. It’s important to remember […]

Topaz Gemstone

Fascinating and Fun Facts Surrounding the Topaz Birthstone The Topaz Birthstone is beautiful and symbolizes the month of November and the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This stunning, precious gemstone, is amber in color, however, in the pure form it is often colorless. As more minerals are mixed with the stone, the distinct yellow, golden color is […]


A Moonstone Is One Of Nature’s Treasures. With a seductive and sensual aura, a moonstone is one of Nature’s treasures. These stones are so named because of the bluish-white spots in them and when held up to any light, there is a silvery color play projected, very much like our moonlight. Simply move the stone […]


Pearl – The Unique Birthstone Of June June is month to be treasured, as the starting point of the summer and the month with the longest day of year it is a favourite of many, but for people born in this month it is even more special. There are many ways that people can celebrate […]


In today’s modern culture, the Aquamarine is recognized as the birthstone for the month of March. However, in ancient Hebrew, Roman, and Arabic cultures, this gemstone was considered the birthstone for the month of October. This modern March Birthstone is a member of the beryl family of minerals and is a beautiful bluish-green or aqua […]


Amethyst is one violet variety of quartz normally used in jewelry. Its name comes from two Ancient Greek words “a-methustos” which can be loosely translated to mean “not intoxicated“. This was in reference to the myth that it offered its owners protection against drunkenness. The Romans and ancient Greeks wore amethyst and had their drinking […]


Before 1912, birthstones weren’t standardized. People might be surprised to learn that in that year the National Association of Jewelers held a meeting to do so. The list of official birthstones has obtained since then, though in 1952 it was updated a bit by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. Garnet has been the official […]


The Astrological Significance And History Of Zircon As A December Birthstone Embracing your Zodiac sign and birth month are deeply symbolic acts if you believe in Astrology. Wearing birthstone jewellery is a popular way to harness the power of significant gems, and December children are privileged with a choice of stones. One of the more […]


No Stone Left Unturned When it comes to different gemstones, most of us are familiar with the common ones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, and pearls. These gemstones have been around for centuries, and are therefore the most familiar to us. Pirates and thieves have coveted these gemstones, and their stories have been […]