Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as the saying goes, but there is more about diamonds that we should know. While diamonds are lovely and cute, it can tear a sturdy glass with just one slice. Things you might not know about diamonds, might be here. Read more and you’ll find out the essence of a diamond.

The April birthstone diamond is a very precious gemstone that is widely used for sophisticated jewelry all over the world. Diamonds are well known for its durability. This strong gemstone is derived from Carbon. April birthstone diamond is the hardest material ever yielded in the world that suits Diamond’s etymology that is derived from the Greek word “adamas” meaning “invincible”. The diamond gemstone is so durable, thus, it is widely used in cutting hard metals and glasses. The April birthstone history tracks back in India over a thousand years ago where it was first discovered. Thus, as years pass by it became the widely popular gemstone in the world.

April birthstone diamond is categorized according to the “Four C’s”. The “Four C’s” refer to its color, cut, clarity and carat. Diamonds serve a variety of purpose as jewelry. It gives a sophisticated look for elegant dresses and occasions. Also, it is the preferred gemstone for engagement and wedding rings as a symbol of indestructible love. The color of the diamond as referred, is one of the factors that determine its value. The scale for diamonds varies from D for colorless to Z for light yellow. According to the Moh’s hardness scale, (with 10 as the one with highest resistance and 1 as the lowest) the April birthstone diamond scored 10 since it is the most durable gemstone in the world. Also, the Moh’s scale was based on diamonds durability.

The April birthstone diamond also provides a good capital or investment since it increases value over time just like the Hope diamond that increased its value over the years. However, Hope diamond might be valuable but it has a curse that’s why it is famous. It bestows bad luck and death to whoever owns it.

Half of the April birthstone diamond’s supplies are mined in Southern and Central Africa and the other half are mined in Brazil, Australia, and Canada. South Africa is known as the diamond mine in the world. It is also where the largest diamond was found. It was in Cullinan, found in South Africa in 1905. The weight of the diamond is 3,106.75 in carats and uncut. Parts of the largest diamond are now seen as part of the British crown jewels.

With a lot of breakthroughs in technology, these innovations opened its doors to the creation of synthetic diamonds that has the same molecular structure as compared with the original diamond. These innovations provide good alternatives for the real diamond that in return saves our environment from further damage.

The diamond gemstone is considered a gemstone that gives its owner protection from evil and poison based on Greek beliefs. The April birthstone diamond is also associated with the 60th anniversary and the Zodiac sign Aries.